UK elections – neither this nor that

The local elections were a mixter maxter result with Tories losing to Labour in London but holding up elsewhere with gains for the Lib Dems which is not unexpected for an election with voters disillusioned with both main leaders.

  Given the state of the Boris Government, Keir Starmer should have ratcheted up the wins but his lacklustre leadership chart, 4 April 2020 10.45am with a dithery Neptune on the Midheaven says it all. What’s worse he was elected with a Mars Saturn conjunction square Uranus, guaranteed to cause setbacks, road blocks and aggravation. That is coming to a head over the next two to three months as it moves to exact by Solar Arc so there may be fall out from less than sterling results.

  His own chart is downbeat in 2023 with tr Saturn in Pisces opposition his Sun Pluto in Virgo and conjunct his Jupiter; with disastrous Solar Arcs in 2025/26.

  Ed Davey, the Lib Dem leader, was voted on on 27 August 2020 when again there was a setback Mars square Saturn and Pluto in place which never augured well and will cause headaches from August this year and on. His own personal chart looks disappointed this year and discouraged by failures in 2023, worse in 2024.

  Boris Johnson’s Term chart, 13 December 2019 11 am, was always due for a shocking setback from the 10th of this month as tr Uranus opposes the Mars running till the 27th and returning throughout December and across the New Year and mid February to mid March 2023. It does feel as if the walls are closing in with the Solar Arc Saturn closing the conjunction to the Pluto exactly now. Though whether it will be enough to oust him is another question since his bravado appears impenetrable.

  His own chart has the coming-down-to-earth-with-a-bump tr Uranus hitting on his Jupiter Neptune opposition, same dates as above – now, December/NY and Feb/March. His Solar Arc Saturn opposes his Moon exactly in a few weeks which can affect a politician’s public approval; and tr Pluto squares his Moon from March 2023 on for two year.

  Emmanuel Macron is hardly a shining example of anything but he slid through on a not-right, not-left ticket which appealed to an electorate fed up with warring politicians. Toss them all out and start again might be a thought.

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  1. Macron won because enough people felt they had to vote against le Pen, even though it was voting for neo-liberalism. Macron is not popular, although his recognition of that fact, that people who hate him voted for him, has garnered him some grudging respect.
    Starmer – lacklustre indeed. Is it time to look at Andy Burnham’s chart? He is again being tipped to replace Starmer.

  2. Mercury Neptune in the Starmer term chart = Beergate? Sloppy judgment by his team if that’s what brings him down. Especially after making such a big performance about Partygate and doing the right thing.

    • With hindsight such a tight 10th house Mercury Neptune, especially in a political chart, could indicate the likelihood of scandal, smears and confusion, as well as disappointment or loss of one’s reputation/ status. But because Starmer has such a squeaky-clean public image, scandal or deception is not the first thing one thinks of, unlike Johnson.

      • Law-breaking, secret parties (Partygate) in the Johnson term chart: Venus sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto in the 12th house?

        • Yes, SK, I agree. Also – Sue Gray and Cressida Dick are both female -Venus – representatives of ‘law and order’ – Saturn and Pluto. In the house of hidden enemies!

          • It fits perfectly. The 12th house is also known as the house of self-undoing.

            I think you can also see the birth of Johnson’s baby, Romy, in Johnson’s 2nd term chart. Moon is at 6 degrees Cancer in the 5th (birth of a baby girl) opposition Jupiter in Capricorn (father is the PM). This opposition picks up Romy Johnson’s natal Asc/ Desc axis (her chart was on here a while ago), she has 0 degrees Capricorn Ascendant/ Cancer Desc.

  3. I think that this is a very poor result for the conservatives. I think they are showing a lot of wishful thinking- that this a usual mid term dip, that electors will forget the Boris cannot be believed or that things have gone brilliantly if only the BBC did some proper reporting. They also believe that Boris is a great campaigner but this was only against such opponents as Ken Livingstone, David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn that he succeeded.
    Boris and his crew seem to be helped by the Jupiter trine Uranus in the term chart in that whenever something goes wrong a distraction comes along- pandemic for Brexit, war for pandemic failures and so on.
    I think given the astrology they are all looking at trouble in the years ahead. I certainly expect Boris to come a cropper. His position is curious: like Thatcher Labour would rather face him than anyone else but they have to say he should go, the Conservatives would like him to go but have to say that he should stay.It looks like a very egocentric government run for Boris not the country.

  4. von Munchausen is an unflushable turd, and will remain where he is until the coup d’tat that was Brexit is finally sealed, then his masters will let him go. Britain, esp England, is now run by a very dark, right wing cabal and the human sewage that is Johnson will be allowed to continue irrespective of the calamity he is visiting on so many, until such time as he is deemed to have served his purpose. Neptune and Pluto are a malevolent combination as far as politics in the UK and beyond is concerned.

  5. Would it be possible to look at Lisa Nandy’s chart? A few months ago she was on Question Time and she was brilliant. In response to her reply to a question a man in the audience said he said he had never voted for the Labour party in his life, but she would definitely get his vote if she became leader.
    It’s certainly all very depressing at the moment we need a glimmer of hope!

  6. Interesting read! Finnish Civil War of 1918 is interesting too, since we have exact time for declaring hostilities. Reds light a red star on tower of Helsinki Worker’s House 11 pm January 27th, 1918. White guards got mobilization order 3 am January 28th. Obviously, the beginning wasn’t this clearcut, there were hostilities especially in Karelia prior to the date, but I think that astrologically, declarations matter.

    I also think it’s interesting, because these 4 hours may indicate the difference between winning and losing side, so will look at this later today.

  7. My thinking. I never saw Boris as a stayer. I think he’ll leave of his own accord. Move on, resign. Possibly a change of his priorities, or maybe just get bored.

    • Initially I agreed wth you and didn’t see Boris as a stayer either and also thought he’d leave of his own accord. However, I think the taste of power has corrupted him further (if this is possible!) and it will take a further series of dubious acts and revelations to oust him. Fortunately, he is both so arrogant and clumsy we can almost guarantee more stories will emerge from the woodwork.

      • I have a feeling that there will be a concerted effort to dislodge Johnson with increasingly compromising and common leaks. ‘A leak a day until Johnson goes away’

  8. He lost a lot of votes from women, who either spoilt their ballot or didnt vote.
    That Neptune on the midheaven for his leadership literally says it all as to why.
    Sometimes Astrology is a beautiful thing 😉

    • How do you know the number of spoilt ballot papers? And how do you know they were spoilt by women?

      The turnout at local elections is always low though not usually as low as this year – an average 25% in my local area. The turnout for general elections is usually around 70%.

      The next by-election at Wakefield should show the way the land lies behind the Red Wall. It turned blue at the last GE after 80 years of Labour dominance but Khan’s forced resignation might turn it red again. Incidently one of the reasons for turning blue was the way the Labour Party central office imposed an all female candidate list on the local constituency party. The choice for constituents was a local Tory who had been born and raised in the City or an Islington female who had been born and raised in Ireland. Surprisingly, or not, it was largely the women who voiced opposition to the female candidate – and to Corbyn who was then leader of the LP.

      NB Labour and Lib Dems gained one seat each at the local elections – though with an average turnout of 25% the results are not a predictor of a by-election result. Who knows whether the change was due to Khan or to Johnson’s partygate. I suspect the former.

      • How do I know? Because there was a concerted cross party national campaign with that aim, and feedback.
        Given Boris and the conservatives record, length of time in office etc, he could have done much better.
        Nor can he rest on his laurels and straddle the fence.

  9. Thanks Marjorie. Neptune continues…. lots of complaints about Starmer’s lack of policies but there has been even less policy info from the Lib Dems….

    would there be any chance of some chart analysis for others in the Labour Party at the top – Rayner, for example, and Burnham?

  10. Thank you Marjorie. Starmer is now being investigated, as his Durham visit is not adding up. Northern Ireland looks like it is going to be United or torn apart and Boris Johnson is either incapable of acknowledging his dire circumstances, or is so enthralled with himself, he can’t see it. So the mess has just got messier. It would be interesting to see Boris’s Chart, the Conservative Party’s chart and the Northern Ireland Chart compared. The fall of the Conservatives strongholds with Wandsworth, Westminster and Northern Ireland falling all in one day. Is some achievement. Johnson’s keeps destroying his party. Brexit was always going to damage Northern Ireland’s link to the U.K. it looks like NI has decided the EU and an United Ireland may be the better bet.

    • In case some don’t know the Conservative Party is actually the Conservative and the Unionist Party. As Mrs May reinforced when she was elected. It doesn’t get more interesting then this.

    • Starmer is only being investigated because of pressure from the right wing press, whilst the Met drags its heels over multiple lockdown actual parties in no 10. Perhaps they should look into Cummings and his lockdown break as well, while they are at it? Double standards everywhere from the police and the government.

      • Whilst I agree that the right wing gutter press has Starmer in it’s sights, I also smell the foul odour of illegal Governmental intervention to re-open the case. This is the same illegal Governmental intervention which may have closed the Dominic Cummings case previously. I also mistrust the provider of the “significant” new information (apparently a student who provided the photos). Why wait until now to release the pictures? I wonder if the Police will check his bank accounts and general cash flow to investigate for bribes – I doubt it.

  11. Obviously having Sir Keir Starmer as Labour leader, Sir Ed Davey for the Lib Dems is quite emblematic of Pluto in Capricorn with Capricorn’s association with hierarchy and status. Perhaps it is too much to expect change just yet but it is gruelling. Starmer (exact Sun Pluto) comes across as very blocked when expressing himself; petrified of saying the wrong thing. It is almost as if he wears or wants to wear the cap of invisibility (Hades). Not ideal for a leader. The way he often speaks – blockage followed by expelling his words with great force and over-emphasis feels very Plutonic, and is quite uncomfortable to watch.

    On a separate note the craze for the colour grey has coincided with Pluto in Capricorn.

  12. I think everyone has banked what they feel or want. “It is what it is” is a phrase I hear everywhere. Meanwhile we wait for something, someone or circumstances to change.
    Masses is going on, but too much, too fast, beside a logjam of stuff that won’t shift. So far it hasn’t coalesced into a shape to get hold of.
    Local elections aren’t really an indication of anything. Trump and Boris are symptoms not causes.
    Beware the wish to start again, attractive though it is. That’s what people said while voting them in.
    Interesting Starmer is so ineffective. In normal times he’d probably be ok.
    Macron slid through largely because of the election system, but the take away is that abstentions/white votes continue to grow, alongside an increased combined extremist vote from left and right.

  13. With Keir Starmer, it always strikes me that no matter how many times he explains his policies and no matter how many different ways he tries to explain them, no one seems to really know what his policies are! The Mercury Neptune conjunction in the 10th in the leadership chart, on the negative side, seems to cloud or obfuscate any attempt he may make to clarify his position. Admittedly, I’m not a dyed-in-the-wool Labour supporter, but in recent years I have tended to vote Labour and I don’t really know where he stands either!! I don’t know how he overcomes this.

  14. 200 plus councillors lost ( and counting ) is a very poor result by any standards
    Yes the votes have not all gone to Labour but to the Lib Dems and Greens , both progressive and pro EU parties.
    Probably won’t be replicated in a GE using the outdated FPTP voting system . Only Belarus uses this now.
    Still perhaps a glimmer of hope for England.

  15. Thanks Marjorie. Interesting to see these charts all together. I noticed that the Term 2 2019 chart has the Moon in Cancer with the North Node there. It’s close to opposing the UK 1801 Sun Capricorn (10) and aligning with the UK MC at 9 Cancer. So it seems as if there’s a rooted desire in ‘the people’ to feel safe and secure, which many appear to associate with a Tory government – even one as hopelessly chaotic as this one. A kind of Mum and Dad vibe…

    As for Keir Starmer’s leadership chart – the MC and Neptune Mercury describes a lot, as you say. It’s hard to know what solid plans or ideas Labour has, other than the ‘windfall tax’ idea for the likes of BP – very Neptune. Rather vague, and concerns oil and gas. The Saturn/Mars conjunction is not helpful either, especially with Saturn so strong in Aquarius. It opposes the UK 1801 Jupiter – so all quite descriptive of the legislature and parliament, and apt for an opposition leader but perhaps not a future PM. He seems like a very decent, likeable human being, and has already been very successful in his former career. But somehow lacks ‘bite’, and has failed to move fast enough to counter the Boris trickster whirlwind.

    “Toss them all out and start again might be a thought.” Yes indeed!

  16. It seems the Johnsons and Trumps of the world just keep dragging on without much consequences for their actions.

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