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  1. A comment in light of today’s argy bargy about Priti Patel and Cressida Dick’s continued employment….Back in 2021 Marjorie wrote:

    “The Metropolitan Police, 29 September 1829, is not having a good year with worse to come in 2022/23”

    And here we are. Infinitely depressing really.

  2. With all the furore over Prince Andrew, it is amazing that very few have written about Peter Mandelson’s jnvolvement with PA and Epstein. Evidently during Epstein’s first incarceration in prison for paedophilia, PM had a hotline directly to him. This was when he was finance minister. He evidently wanted an introduction to someone at Goldman Sachs.

    Marjorie I would appreciate your input on this. Mandelson was about as slippery as it gets. It seems strange that he has gotten away with it for so many years!

  3. Any thoughts of Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy? He always came across as the relatively benign purveyor of smut but recently much darker stories have been coming out about what really went on in the Playboy mansion.

  4. Would you look at the charts of Jacob Rees Mogg & Steve Baker? I feel these guys yank Boris’s chain, that keeping him in power suits their ends.

  5. You know, eventually the jack-in-the box Trump will pop out no longer wanting to be ignored. Legions here will pepper you with requests for forecasts. He’s now dangling pardons for all January 6 participants in hopes of securing (carving?) his share of votes. And you know, if he loses, he’ll send in the armed forces to confiscate all voting records.

    It is frightening to see how low he will go to become Amerika’s first dictator…but likely the last.

    Not bad for a former television reality show host.

  6. Hi Marjorie,

    Would you consider looking at the chart of recently deceased UK comedy writing legend Barry Cryer. Everyone seems to agree that he was the most naturally and effortlessly funny and charming man. It would be nice to see how that shows up in the astrology, especially as we seem a preponderance of rotters’ charts at present. Many thanks – Bear

    • I met Barry when I was a contestant on Tom O Connors I’ve got a secret, a show in the 80s. He was on the panel. Charming man and very sweet. He put me at my ease. He guessed my secret at the 11th hour!

  7. Would you please look at Ginni Thomas and her spouse, SC Justice, Clarence Thomas?
    Recent article by Jane Mayer in the New Yorker, delves into Ginni’s involvement with the 1/6 insurrection. I came of age when Judge Thomas was nominated for the the SC. And now Biden is Prez. after Biden mishandled those hearings and disallowed other witnesses from coming forward with other allegations. Interesting times. Thank you.

  8. Feb 6th is ascension day anniversary for Queen Elizabeth, kicking off her platinum year. It also happens to be Waitangi Day in NZ – 182 years after treaty signing with the northern tribes and victoria’s representatives. Any insight or comments would be appreciated

    • Could you please look at the chart of Gaspard Ulliet, the French model and actor, who has tragically died in a skiing accident aged 37. Thank you

  9. The conman Robert Hendy-Freegard (1.03.1971) and the illusionist and mind control expert Derren Brown (27.02.1971) seem to have a similar skill set albeit one used for ill, the other for entertainment. I thought that this might be worthy of astrological analysis.

  10. Boris the madam and the policeman. GM &CD went Oxford High School at the same time. They both subsequently attended Balliol College, Oxford in the early 1980s as did BJ. It seems strange that all three are running out of luck at the same time.

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