Political smoke – and a serendipitous police inquiry

Various questions spring to mind about the delay to Sue Gray’s Boris Partygate report or its dilution to the point of worthlessness  after police demanded there should be ‘minimal reference’ to lockdown breaches in it, which they are now – belatedly and mysteriously – investigating as potentially criminal. Is it a government/Boris tactic to duck out yet again since it pushes any judgements weeks if not months ahead – and if so why are the Met allowing themselves to be danced on a party political string? Why didn’t the Met take action at the time since their officers were in situ and would have known? Why did Home Secretary Priti Patel leave Cressida Dick as Met head after a long catalogue of disasters and controversies – the Daniel Morgan murder, Sarah Everard, Operation Midland (Carl Beech paedophile fantasist) amongst others.

  And coming at it from another angle – is Cressida Dick any more likely than any other civil servant to want to topple a government, especially one to whom she owes her continued existence in the top job? When did the UK become so like the United States?

 Cressida Dick, 16 October 1960, is a Sun Libra on the focal point of a (very) lucky Mini Grand Trine of Jupiter trine Uranus. She also has a hard-bitten Mars in Cancer opposition Saturn. Her Mars does sit almost exactly on Boris’s midheaven which can bring a competitive interface though also a strong professional bond. Her Mercury in Scorpio is conjunct Boris’s Neptune and opposition his Jupiter so she will be susceptible to his amiable schtick and believe the best of him.

  Her Term chart, 11 April 2017, is in panic-mode this month to mid February and will be destabilized within three months as the Solar Arc Pluto squares the Uranus, which can be a sudden exit. One scenario is Boris going and his replacement replacing her. Her own personal chart indicates April to be a month of turbulence and disruption.  But she shares Boris’s ability to rise above any failure and keep trucking so who knows?

  The Metropolitan Police chart is not having a good year with a panicky sense of failure from late February onwards. And Cressida Dick’s relationship with it looks even less settled with a sullen mood from March onwards and jolts and jangles in April and beyond.  

PS Apologies for more Boris – it is getting like Trump. 

46 thoughts on “Political smoke – and a serendipitous police inquiry

  1. I am intrigued by this line in the article, for two reasons.

    “Cressida Dick, 16 October 1960, is a Sun Libra on the focal point of a (very) lucky Mini Grand Trine of Jupiter trine Uranus.”

    To me, it does not seem that there is a Grand Trine, even though all the three planets (plus Venus and Mars) are at about the same degree in various signs. So could you explain that particular line in more detail, Marjorie?

    Secondly, as it turns out, I have a (Water) Grand Trine with the exact same three planets, even at the approximate same degrees (in the late 20s). I hope that is lucky for me too.

  2. Thank you for the Charts Marjorie and your article, along with some illuminating comments. Pluto transiting Capricorn is drawing to an end and like the old saying ” it is always the darkest before Dawn”. The UK politics could not get any more dire than we have now. Yet it is not only politics, our financial situation is nearing bankruptcy and health system is imploding. Our country is being transformed. The Empire is dead and our Politicians will need to rely on their own skills and not hide behind the EU – blaming them for their own bad management. I would like to think that Pluto will make us all think about who runs this country in the future. Is there any chance of a Parliamentary Chart for the first years of Pluto in Aquarius?

  3. Your astrological investigations are very, very necessary-and, had you been working (in the then real times) long ago on the then politicians, I guess the considerations would have been much the same! Hey Ho! When, oh When, will World really begin to wake up? Same Old, Same Old is getting a tad boring!

  4. I hadn’t realised the party (Venus) stories and investigation have coincided with the Capricorn Venus retro that began with it conjunct (Pluto).

    The story has been intensifying this week as Venus stations. It goes direct today so let’s see where that takes us.

    • I’m glad you find it interesting too – I find it fascinating and was worried that I need to get out more (if only I had all these parties invitations, eh?) 😀

      Didn’t the parties start during the 2020 Venus Rx? Jupiter also stationing at 27 Capricorn during that time.

      Then last summer, do you remember we talked about that Venus/Mars conjunction being part of a Yod, (during the New Moon in Cancer, wasn’t it or thereabouts?). We were remarking on all the cool patterns around that Venus/Mars conjunction.

      Then, as you say, the Venus station conjunct Pluto at 26 Cap last month.

      What’s unusual, and I’m not sure I can remember observing this before, is the way that Mars is catching up with Venus. It’s the Mars approach that’s applying for this next conjunction. So, even though Venus is going direct, it’s still slow and can’t outrun Mars as it normally would.

      So, just before Valentine’s Day, We’ll get another Venus/Mars conjunction that will linger for an usually long time until Venus can get herself going again. Mars will overtake Venus, until Venus catches up for the second Cap conjuction in early March at 27 Cap – exactly conjunt Pluto.

      Venus in Capricorn does suggest female civil servants/authorities (police?), reviewing things. Any ideas about what all this suggests?

      • So much going on that we forgot about Mercury – stationing on similar Cap degrees to Venus. Will all those letters to the 1922 committee, that have been sat on for a while, get sent?

      • It’s very fascinating! That Venus/Mars at 27 Capricorn with Pluto booster is not far off. Obviously it has sexual and romantic potential, but also perhaps some sort of financial fight/scandal/upheaval? Maybe even in the art world? This theme hovers around – when Boris became PM in July 2019 we had Mercury at 26 Cancer retrograde, Venus 24 Cancer, and Pluto 22 Capricorn. For the snap election that December we had Venus/Pluto conjunct at 21 Capricorn, plus Saturn at 19 Capricorn.

        Additionally, Prince Andrew (19th Feb 1960) has Venus 28 Cap, Mars 27 Cap, trine North Nodes 26 Virgo. Ghislaine Maxwell has Saturn at 28 Capricorn. This might be a sensitive point for the Royal Family – Venus was at 28 Capricorn opposing Pluto 28 Cancer at Edward VIII’s abdication in 1936. The Met haven’t been keen to investigate much about this scandal, or have backed away from it.

        What is also curious to me, as I’ve mentioned already, is the Met’s Nodes at 28 Virgo/Pisces, with Cressida Dick’s Term Venus at 27 Pisces. The Venus/Jupiter (a female leader?) conjunction in Pisces in April is 27 Pisces – at the time of the Solar Eclipse at 10 Taurus, opposing the Met’s female detective Venus in Scorpio. The nodes symbolise paths or lessons in life, but also connections with others, meetings, and people – so could have much to do with public responses or opinions?

        • There have been some shattering statistics recently released around the rise in sex crimes in the uk, the failure to prosecute offendes and a raft of former police being prosecuted for rape in the aftermath of the Sarah Everard case. Along with the ongoing Prince Andrew legal to-ing and fro-ing, I wondered if this was connected to Venus’s long stay in Capricorn and the build up to that Venus/Mars/Pluto (and briefly the Moon) conjunction at the end of February.

          • Yes, VF, I think you’re onto something here. We could add in another Venus/Pluto theme – the stalker, and various problems and horrible cases mishandled, with some shocking outcomes. In terms of the current government and it’s ludicrous shenanigans, there’s also the distinct possibility of some people seeking Plutonic revenge by leaking information. Plus this week’s news (again) about oodles of Russian cash in London’s “laundromat” – very Venus/Pluto, also that Pisces Venus/Jupiter (foreign investments) and Neptune.

            It’s also maybe relevant that the Moon’s Nodes are now in Taurus (Venus) and Scorpio (Pluto and Mars). They trine the Capricorn conjunction. And trine the relentless detective researcher Mercury/Pluto conjunction in mid-February – some kind of information leakage then seems likely!

          • Yes I’ve had my eye on that retrograde Mercury too, Jane. With that and the retrograde Venus we’re currently stuck in the midst of the delayed report. Also today the Guardian have an article about fresh allegations coming out of the Jennifer Arcuri inquiry; “hundreds of page of notes and documents were handed to officials at the Greater London Authority (GLA) overseeing two separate investigations into their affair.” Moreover, Black Moon Lilith is also now in Gemini, close to Johnson’s Mercury and approaching his Sun.

          • I should add that I don’t know anything about BML transits or even if there are such things, just that I note that BML is approaching his Sun/Venus and will be conjunct within one degree of the PM’s North Node in May, which coincides with the May local elections. Make of that what you will.

          • I think BML is worth noting VF, if it fits a pattern. The theme seems relevant. Andrew’s BML is about 21 Gem I think? Venus stationed there in 2020.

        • Thank you for this Jane. 27 Pisces….with 27ish Capricorn, that would be a sextile with a yodal point of 27 Leo (I don’t know if “yodal point” is a thing, but I’m going with it.)

          It’s weird, isn’t it? The government (Cap), the Met (Pisces here) and the Royals (Leo) all facing scrutiny. All the parts of the state. Then that eclipse around the UK’s 8th house (Venus ruled) Mars, following the Uranus and Saturn transits.

          Traditionally, 27 Pisces is the exalted degree of Venus, it’s her favourite place to be and so is said to be very lucky and fortunate. Mars is exalted in the 28th degree of Capricorn.

      • And lo, with the moon just into Aqua and on its way to the new moon, the report is handed over.

        I’d assume with the Aqua, either it’s going to be unsettling for the authorities or inciting more unsettlement among the masses

        Mercury still retro for the week though

  5. I’m always taken aback how many sun Libras are attracted to leadership roles for which they are so often poorly suited. Its very intriguing. Maybe its the politicking that appeals, and operating through the opposite pole of Aires.

  6. Is it to do with the close Balliol College connections at Oxford? She would have known Ghislaine Maxwell, who was in her year at school and also attended Balliol after her dad paid for her to get in. Dick’s father was a lecturer at that particular college so her illustrious family would have been an essential networking contact for the aspirational elite. Johnson attended the college at the same time as Maxwell and all of their paths would have undoubtedly crossed. You never know when someone may come in handy.

    • Undoubtedly that Balliol link between Johnson and Dick is convenient. However, there are other interest groups involved. Everyone who attended the No 10 lockdown party broke the law regardless of who authorised it. One of the issues is that Downing Street is not just the Prime Ministers residence but also a Civil Service office with its own management structure. The political office and the government office sit side by side but are distinct. Any investigation into a breach of COVID rules will concentrate on how it arose. It would appear that many of those attending were in fact Civil Servants which would mean the whole Civil Service management structure at No 10 will be implicated particularly because they should have had their own Health & Safety Officers Risk assessing the workplace. This means lot of people are looking at both a potential charge and fine for breach of lockdown or a disciplinary for breaching the Civil Services own rules. The latter could lead to the careers ruined and jobs lost. As this has become apparent the Civil Service unions such as the PCS have realised that this is not just going impact Boris Johnson and the Tory Party but a lot of their members. No doubt they are keen for these people to be removed from the report. What you are now seeing is that their is suddenly a convergence of interest between different groups such as the politicians, the Civil Service and the Police to minimise the unpleasantness. Astrologically I think it probably has a significance wider than just Johnson or even his administration as it touches on the very structures of power and how they relate to the way the people are governed. Clearly both Pluto in Capricorn and the 2021 Uranus Saturn squares are playing out here.

  7. How might you cast a chart for the UK proletariat?
    Seems the only way out of this mess is for the people to rise up….but how do you cast a chart for ‘the people’?
    I recall the huge protests against both the poll tax and the Gulf war (not that they changed the outcome!). Maybe those dates would give an indicator of a ‘peoples chart’?
    Thank you for your consistent articles Marjorie.

    • I believe the people are usually taken to be represented by the moon (of the UK chart). Which as I recall is somewhere around 19 Cancer. Happy to be corrected on both points.

    • I did have a look at those two charts. Briefly, both charts have stressful Mars/Pluto aspects and both have Sun/Uranus stressful aspects. Poll Tax Riot chart has Sun in Aries square Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn and Mars in Aquarius square Pluto in Scorpio.

      Stop The War march has Sun conjunct Uranus in Aquarius and Mars conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius. The Stop the War chart has a different energy to the PT chart, in that it’s a host of oppositions. PT chart has the Aries Sun at the focal point of a Cardinal T Square along with a Capricorn Uranus/Neptune and Cancer Chiron.

  8. Really? You’re discussing the astrology of the UK’s latest political crisis, and instead of taking responsibility for your own dysfunction, you deflect to a backhanded criticism of America? I get the desire to dump on America–everybody’s doing it nowadays, including Americans–and I understand that it must be somewhat comforting for Brits to symbolically share the blame for their political and social troubles with us; but really, a look at your history shows you have more than your share of coverups, dark secrets, and not-very-believable government spin to your account, quite apart from anything that happens here.

    Face it, folks: like us, you have a decidely home-grown mess on your hands.

    • The USA is a great country, but if you know the UK you know that it’s always been a very different country – it has tended to be slightly less right wing and less capitalist, with more state involvement. Not as much as other countries, mind, but the difference is still there for now.

      The prime minister has always been nothing more than a public servant – but they seem to be getting more and more presidential in their attitude. UK civil servants, even senior ones, are non-partisan – they serve the Queen – but I don’t think that’s the way that it works in the USA? The point is we have a different set-up, but it’s changing and it doesn’t work here, for various reasons. That’s the way I took the comment, anyway.

      Why is everyone so sensitive at the moment? No one is out to have a dig at anyone.

      • Tara, Agree everyone is on a hair-trigger at the moment which is tiring. Though to be fair Boris’s NY birth says less about him than his Middle Eastern forbears and his multi-cultural European upbringing and upper class UK education.
        What I had in mind in the original comment was William Barr, who contaminated the heretofore impartial Attorney General’s office by his blatant manipulations on Trump’s behalf. Which appears to be the case with Cressida Dick. The Met isn’t there as No 10’s creature.

      • Stress – Covid and lockdown has made some people on edge. I have friends who have become depressed since lockdown. This, plus financial worries. Bills are going up as well as food. Even my Grandchildren are beginning to get stressed. Each day they have to have a Covid test before school, if the school has an outbreak. Not to mention the News is all dramatic, possibility of War, Boris’s constant dramas, Brexit etc. The UK has had six years of no stop Drama. People are becoming tired.

      • Tara, in the US the vast number of government employees are civil servants, not political appointees subject to presidential appointment or whim for their appointment or dismissal. However, Trump attempted to politicize the civil service as well. I grew up around Washington, DC, and both my parents were civil service government employees. At that time, and until recent years, federal government employees, under the Hatch Act, were not allowed to engage in partisan political activities. Now limited political activity is allowed.

  9. Basically the Met will issue some fines after their investigation because that’s all they can do about illegal “indoor gatherings”.

    The Tories will then say “there’s no point in having Sue Gray’s report now because the Met have dealt with this”.

    The Tories will then tell voters before local elections “This was no big deal because it only resulted in fines”.

    The Met themselves are as complicit in this because the officer(s) in and around No10 must have known about all these gatherings. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a part of why they want Sue Grey’s report suppressed.

    Pluto in Capricorn doing a fantastic job of tearing down our key institutions. Uranus in Aries began demolishing the patriarchy but in the process took out all the gatekeepers who would have stopped integrity-less chancers like Johnson from ever getting into power. Sadly I only noticed yesterday Pluto still makes a retrograde into Capricorn until November 2024. We may have a few more years of this.

    Vive la revolution!

    • Unless it’s a revolution by social media ie Tick Tock. Instagram and influencers, not to mention Reality TV, we’re screwed. Lol

      Not to be funny but all the oldies but goodies too tired and all the younger ones have their heads in their phones. The in-betweeners juggling both ends and stuck in traffic. Wheres there time for a revolution? Just saying

    • I think the Tories and maybe the other 2 mainstream parties have now started to eat their own dragons head. 2024 does seem a long way off but maybe the Tories have to keep going until they literally destroy themselves. I think revolution will come sooner than anyone thinks. The huge cost of basic living cannot go on for ordinary working wage slaves, still Tories like wars to hide that fact!
      Uranus in Taurus won’t always have Pluto trine, pity that it has Neptune sextile though. I just need the lottery numbers then I personally won’t care

  10. Thanks Marjorie, so helpful to have some astrology on this – I was astonished by this news until cynicism kicked in! Do they really think the public is so gullible?

    I noticed that the April 30th Solar Eclipse at 10 Taurus opposes the Met’s founding date Venus at 10 Scorpio, and is close to Cressida Dick’s natal Neptune at 8 Scorpio – a ‘smokescreen’ woman shaken by this eclipse perhaps? Or more information neatly hidden away?

    The April eclipse date also has a very fishy or sacrificial Venus/Jupiter conjunction at 27 Pisces, Neptune 24 Pisces, and Mars 11 Pisces. What’s interesting about that is how close it is to the Met’s potentially fateful South Node at 28 Pisces, and the Term chart’s Venus at 27 Pisces. The Term chart also has Saturn at 27 Sagittarius – another connection with the Met’s Moon’s Nodes, suggesting difficulties or restrictions when relating to the public perhaps?

    • Jane. Yes they do think the public is that gullible and they also know the public have short memories too.
      Plus, no opposition that’s worth mentioning.
      I voted Lib Dem for over 20 years then Clegg sold us out to the Tories, result virtual extinction, Labour no use either. That’s the problem. Bring back Screaming Lord Sutch, at least then you know you are voting in an idiot.

      • How could Labour be any worse than this elitist, mendacious, self-serving government? Imagine the outcry if Jeremy Corbyn had written off billions in government loans? Precided over the worst covid infection in Europe, the £1.5 billion Carillion debt. But hey, what the hell.

    • Jane I looked at all the front pages this morning – even the Daily Star is calling it out, so if that’s the plan I don’t think it’s worked.

      The public have been watching Line of Duty, they know how it works 😉 (This would be a boring series, wouldn’t it?)

  11. Thanks for the post Marjorie. Please can you see if Priti Patel will be staying in the job by the end of April? I have a feeling that she might face a reshuffle this March-April. And that could be something to do with Cressida Dick’s fate too.

  12. Marjorie we didn’t need astrology to tell us the Sue Gray would not be seen. Yet! Boris government very used to stopping any bad news. When did we get an American government, easy answer Boris is an American by birth.
    Peppa pigs flying over London carrying rhubarb. Seeing Liz Truss who is another Boris flying to Oz at cost of £500.000 makes my blood boil. Have those idiots not heard of Zoom etc, same for climate change conference in Scotland, they really are despotic dictators, the Tories.

    • Not sure that ‘by birth ‘ American has anything to do with it. He is still very much English or British by heritage. Very important to acknowledge. Not to say he is not at liberty to adopt or affiliate to the American way of politics if that is what rocks his boat. Wasn’t it his gift of chat with no substance but sounded good that got him where he is? And the public voted him in? Slick!! Very American.

      Anyway, the delay smells orchestrated to suit him and his office most definitely. Nine lives? Not sure but he has taken advice from Trump for sure…. not psychic but … hmmm i bet.

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