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  1. Hello Marjorie
    Can you look at the chart of Vincent Van Gogh? He had such a sad life with so much struggle. A special soul. I just watched Loving Vincent, an excellent film and all ‘painted’ in his style. Thank you.

  2. Hi Marjorie

    I suggest to take a look at Xiomara Castro as she is inaugurated the first female president of Honduras on Thursday.

    Also, interesting because she is the wife of Manuel Zelaya, the president ousted by a coup in 2009. Something, Hillary Clinton as secretary of state didn´t bother to do anything about.
    After the coup, Xiomara Castro was the leader of a protest movement against the illegal government. The protest movement transformed into the political party Libre. The party that backed her candidacy. So politics in Honduras are now coming full circle back to social reform despite of what happened in 2009.

  3. Good Morning Marjorie. I note with high amusement that William Wragg MP has referred the recent Tory whip blackmail allegations to the Met Police (these stories really are the gifts that keep on giving!). Is it worth looking at Mr Wragg and/or the Johnson/Tory situation again? Many thanks

    • Wragg’s exact Mars/Pluto conjuction in Scorpio….you’d never know that looking at him would you? 😀

      Johnson really needs to be wary of those out-of-bounds planets, first Dominic Cummings, now William Wragg with his OOB Venus. Rishi Sunak will be one to watch with his (very) OOB Venus. These people aren’t scared to go out on a limb.

      • Thanks Tara. Since I posted the above, the ‘Islamaphobia’ issue and a revelation of Johnson’s birthday party came to light. As I said, the stories around this Government are “the gifts that keep on giving” from the Opposition, press and astrologers point of view. However, it’s proving difficult to keep up with it all!

        • I definitely can’t keep up, I’m grateful to Marjorie and others here that seem to manage it.

          Normally, you’d suspect these stories of being drip fed for maximum damage, wouldn’t you? A rebellious Tory or civil service cabal slowly leaking things to stay in the press for as long as possible – exaggerating the scale by making it seem unremitting.

          However, I think it’s just a case of there being so much arrogant, appalling behaviour – on such a massive scale – that it doesn’t take much digging any more.

  4. Sadly, Meat Loaf passed away today. Such an incredible performer and a life of many setbacks. I would be interested to see his chart – if there is time given the many other requests here! TIA

  5. Hi Marjorie,

    As I have said before I am not an astrologer, although I have become interested in it after following your generally very accurate predictions.

    I have had the feeling that Boris Johnson would cease to be PM in February this year since the end of 2019. This being based on studying past events in history which seem to indicate that in the UK, particularly England, someone always appears at the right time either to effect changes or prevent an event which at the time appears to be inevitable.

    Churchill in WWII is the obvious example, but in the 1930’s there was another unexpected event which was just as, if not more significant. That being the relationship between Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson. If Edward VIII had not abdicated we would have entered WWII with a king who openly supported Hitler. He would also have had the support of Lord Halifax, and others like him, with the result being either the surrender of this country, or an agreement that we would keep our empire while giving Hitler a free hand in Europe.

    Apologies for the long preamble which leads up to this question. Is there any astrological correlation between Henry VIII unexpectedly leaving a Europe dominated by an unelected organisation, the Roman Catholic Church and Brexit, which was equally unexpected, leaving the EU, where the real holders of power are also unelected?

    To partially quote William Shakespeare “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances.”

  6. I have been itching to ask, and hoping somebody else would have. Could you bear to do another update on Prince Harry with his latest drama in trying to take action against the UK on security?
    I appreciate you may have had enough of this topic & the comment influx that ensues!

    • Will look tomorrow. It has been all of six weeks since the last Royal story popped up – apart from Andrew of course. Seems like once a week.

    • Thanks for asking Belle, I was also wondering what the stars said about his reported legal action against the UK Government on security. Didn’t ask as I thought maybe Marjorie couldn’t cope with yet another Harry question. Did love the reminder as an example of Princess Anne who doesn’t have what he us suing for yet actually went a traumatic experience re security and kidnap not to mention intrigue. This guy however is buying into Hollywood just a little too much?

  7. Hi Larryc, yes I agree it’s not totally conclusive. Especially as it could have been any member of The Jewish Council. Except for the fact that all the other members would have done it in 1943, as they were being rounded up. Arnold van den Burgh was still in Amsterdam in 1944 when information was received that Jews were being hidden at the pertinent address. If you think it was someone else, I would would love to have your take on it!

  8. Hi Marjorie,

    I noticed one commenter, Neige, asked a question similar to what I was about to ask you. I recently read an article from Mongabay – an environmental and wildlife conservation news publication, and it’s being reported that scientists predict that we only have about 5 years left to save the Amazonian Rainforest due to the accelerated rate of deforestation in the region.

    The same article reported that an area of approximately the size of Belgium (which means, that would be about 11,849 square miles) was cleared last year alone with Brazil (not surprised) being the main ringleader in deforestation….with Bolivia and Peru following closely behind.

    The only countries in South America that have appeared offer some glimmers of good news with regards to the Amazonian Rainforest have been Guyana (where conservation efforts have been enforced and many Indigenous Amerindian peoples have been hired to monitor the forest)..and Colombia to a lesser extent.

    Since Brazil has been the main culprit in this environmental tragedy – due to the that far-right populist idiot Jair Messias Bolsonaro and his atrocious policies, I was wondering if you could take a look at the upcoming presidential election in Brazil.

    According to another article I read from Reuters, former leftist President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is running again and he’s consistently been polling comfortably ahead of Jair Messias Bolsonaro.

    I was wondering how things appear astrologically for former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva; does it appear that he has a sincere chance of reclaiming his Presidency?

    I know Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is far from perfect….but he is, at least, more of an environmentalist and he did implement many environmental protection policies back in the late 2000s that helped reduce deforestation in Brazil for many years. I hope he wins again.

    Anyway, any thoughts of insights you could share could be greatly appreciated.

  9. The capital of Indonesia has been moved—thought it would be interesting to see the astrology of this. Apparently Jakarta is sinking into the ocean.

  10. Marjorie, I would be interested if you could chart if at all possible Arnold van den Burgh, an Amsterdam notary and local businessman who shopped Ann Frank’s family to the Nazis to save his own family.

    • Hello Linda, I read several articles on this and it is not conclusive who exactly ratted out on her to the local SS.

      I feel many would welcome closure and nailing the peoper person to his crucifix.

  11. Hi if you have time can you look at Celine Dion who is very thin and just cancelled her tour. Also, Kenye West seems to be unraveling in his divorce from the Kardashians.

    • Kanye hasn’t been the same mentally since his mom died years ago.
      He also stopped taking his mental meds years ago and now it is really showing now that he and Kim are splitting.

      • I’m not a Kanye fan and take away from his eccentric personality with control issues, for me something else is going on here. I think he is battling/reacting to a narrative that is being consistently spun against him, and as his frustration increases he doesn’t handle the way he reacts well. I sense an undercurrent of undermining him given his delicate disposition, which will have a great effect on his access to those children on a joint basis. We already hear him touching on the issue recently. So….. hmmm! Food for thought.

        Marjorie, did you ever do a chart on Kris Jenner? I’ll do a search.

  12. Hi Marjorie

    What’s your take on the Draconic chart? Interested to hear if you have time between more serious matters. Thanks greatly

      • Thanks for responding. It’s seems a really interesting angle apparently on a more spiritual level and some say, ‘… connected to our unconscious motivations that affect our daily life.’

        ‘Instead of representing psychological traits, it displays those recurrent emotional responses and inner impulses that we feel are beyond our control, which have to do with hereditary issues or early childhood experiences.’ (Astro.com/Draconic Astrology)

        Anyway, I look forward to hearing what you have to say after you’ve read Olliver’s book.

  13. Good morning. News chatter of late about Hillary Clinton as the Dems’ best chance at retaining the White House. I would hv thought other, younger Democrats (Buttigieg, Klobuchar) would be preferred but we still seem to be stuck with electing old white men as presidential material. Thanks.

    • The only people floating Hillary are Newt Gingrich and the trolls at Faux News.
      The same people who thought that Liz Cheney being Biden’s running mate in 2024 would be a winner.

      This is just a distraction from Trump attacking DeSantis and Trump fighting McConnell by recruiting U.S. Senate candidates who would vote to dethrone McConnell as the Republican leader in the Senate.

    • I doubt Hillary Clinton is planning to run again – the U.S. has become a cesspool of far-right and far-left idiots and freaks…. Hillary Clinton deserves better than a country like this.

      Hillary Clinton also follows protocol and it’s been conventional wisdom for years that if a candidate receives the nomination and doesn’t win the general election, then they decline from running again.

      That being said, if Hillary Clinton did, for whatever reason, decide to run again, then I would definitely support her and vote for her again like I did in 2008 and 2016. She’s much more qualified than the likes of Biden or Harris in my opinion.

      Anyway, I highly doubt she would run again. So…it looks like I’ll be stuck with voting for either Joe Biden and Kamala Harris again – and I’m not enamored by either of them anymore.

      • Hillary knows that the right-wing hate machine is even more revved up now than ever in recent history and is still intent on destroying her and “locking her up.” I seriously doubt she’s up for that. Besides, her time is past and we need a younger standard-bearer.

        • Nicole Sours Larson,

          As I said in my original comment, I don’t believe Hillary Clinton has any plans to run again. If she did, it would mean she’d have to primary challenge Joe Biden (whom she was one of the electors for in 2020 and she worked with in the US Senate and in the Obama Administration) and she’d also be primaries Kamala Harris (who is a close personal friend of hers). In other words, Hillary Clinton isn’t the type of person to betray those closest to her. She’ll rally behind Biden and Harris in 2024 like most of us Democrats will do (even though I’ll be faking a smile and gritting my teeth when I caste my vote for Biden and Harris the second time around).

          With regards to age, I’ve never been the type to fall for the “shiny new thing” (as President Obama once described Bernie Sanders). I’m actually a Millennial entering my “quadragenarian” years and I have a history of supporting older, more experienced candidates with regards to politics. I’m a policy driven voter. The “youth factor” is irrelevant to me. As long as the candidate supports policies I like, has experience, and conducts themselves in a professional matter, then they could be 100 years old and I’d be fine with it.

          • Chris, I have no problem with supporting someone with age and experience, but sometimes we do need a fresh set of approaches to on-goimg problems. I’ve always liked Hillary, but after two runs at the office her time is past. I doubt she’d want to subject herself to another run. We need new leadership all around — I say that as a Boomer — who embraced the Clintons and Obama when they ran. I was an Elizabeth Warren supporter but I supported Biden enthusiastically.

      • Everything went wrong in 2000 with the stolen US election and the failure of the Democrats to contest it. And astrologically the next two decades back this up.

        The Age of Aquarius dawned in 2000, but with Bush/Cheney taking the White House and Congress and being in charge for 9/11 (which occurred with Pluto conj USA Ascendant by transit). That meant instead of Gore responding more sensibly, we got Iraq 2 and the banking business.

        Obama got elected in 2008. But the problem here was that he got inaugurated on a void of course moon (if you start projects under one of these, they don’t work very out well). Although he did re-do the inauguration the next day, so there is some dispute about which chart one should use.

        But really, the pattern should have been: Gore winning 00 and 04, followed by the Republicans getting in and then being hobbled by the VOC Moon.

        This might well have led to the Democrats getting back in in 2012 or 2016 (when Sanders instead of Trump could have taken advantage of the “outsider win” influences of that year). Then assuming the Republicans got control of the Presidency again in 2020, the candidate would (as Biden was) have been inaugurated on another VOC Moon, which would have led to an ineffective Presidency. The Democrats would be in the box seat for 2024, and might have won. Then their candidate would have been inaugurated in 2025 with a Sun Pluto conjunction in Aquarius (which would lend itself well to an FDR style candidate).

        But because of the 2000 election the reverse happened, with the last 2 Dem presidents being inaugurated under VOC Moons, and the Reps fuelled by 9/11 and voter disillusionment able to capitalise on everything.

        2000 also marked the point when Putin took full control and Blair went insane. This is definitely the darker timeline.

  14. Good evening Marjorie
    Would you care to give your astrological take on a few south American countries, such as Brazil (with Amazon’s worst deforestration in 15 years), Costa Rica (where more and more foreigners have chosen to live), Mexico (2021 was the fourth hottest year on record there) and Chile (with a new 35-year-old left-wing president).
    Thank you very much.

  15. Marjorie-Chris Evert, dob 12/21/1954 4:30 pm Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Recently ovarian cancer diagnosis. What are your astrological comments?

  16. Hi Marjorie, I would like to ask if you would do the chart for Tobias Ellwood, please? I would very much like to know how ambitious this guy is and what his aspects look like at the moment. Thank you kindly.

  17. Thanks,Marjorie for “Norway & Sweden – catching an icy wind from Russia”
    Now drones,size big ones over our nuclear power plants,over the Royal Castles,Not shooted down,yet
    Perhaps an odd question?Drones ,sort under which planet?

  18. Marjorie – Get Back on the Beatles from the late 60;s has a huge following – how do you see the legacy of the Beatles and the charts of those still here – Paul Ringo – and also YOKO –

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