Ukraine – on tenterhooks in the midst of a global impasse

Ukrainian army

The heat is rising on both sides over a possible Russian invasion in Ukraine. Moscow has already stationed more than 100,000 troops near Ukraine’s border and more are heading for military exercises in Belarus. Biden is weighing up options, none of them attractive. One suggestion was to hit Russia with bank sanctions but that would damage Germany and other EU countries that trade with Russia.

The UK Foreign Office is in “crisis mode” as weapons are being flown from Britain to Ukraine to defend it from a Russian invasion. Though Germany has refused such help saying it would inflame the situation. Ukraine says it has evidence that Russia was responsible for a cyberattack that paralysed government websites, defence, education, emergencies and foreign ministries, among others, recently as part of a “hybrid war” aimed at destabilising the country before a possible invasion.

The Kremlin is demanding that Nato withdraw forces from former Warsaw Pact and Soviet countries, as well as guarantee that Ukraine will never become a member of the western military alliance. It is considering a number of potential responses, including the possible deployment of unspecified military infrastructure to Cuba or Venezuela.

  When Putin moved in to grab Crimea in February 2014, the Ukraine 24 August 1991 2.30pm chart, was showing signs of consternation with tr Pluto sitting on the Uranus/Neptune midpoint and moving to the devastating conjunction with the Ukraine Neptune shortly after; plus Solar Arc Uranus opposition Saturn; Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the Moon; and tr Uranus square the Uranus exactly, moving on to square the Neptune after. So a deal of upset, losses and panic.

  There is nothing as stark at the moment though the Solar Arc Midheaven was rattled by the December Sagittarius Solar Eclipse – and the Midheaven at 13 degrees Scorpio is catching a discouraging tr Saturn square exactly now for a few days, followed in April by an all-systems-change tr Uranus opposition midheaven. From May onwards there is a panicky-failure tr Neptune opposition the Ukraine Mars; and then  major disruption from June onwards as tr Uranus opposes the 10th house Pluto, with the likelihood that power will change hands – and maybe rebellions will break out. Those influences run on into 2023.

  The two recent Eclipses located to Kiev both have Uranus on or near the IC so domestic upheavals were on the cards. The Lunar Eclipse in particular was disruptive and risky for Ukraine with Mars on the Midheaven opposition Uranus square Saturn.  

   Putin’s 4th Term chart, 7 May 2018 11.05am Moscow, does have the aggressive and ruthless tr Pluto conjunct Mars exact this month and returning August to December this year.

  The NATO chart, 24 August 1949 11.42am looks rattled over the next few months and having to rethink its future direction from late May onwards with tr Uranus square the 10th house Pluto, on and off into 2023.

  Troubling but not as pointed as 2014.

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11 thoughts on “Ukraine – on tenterhooks in the midst of a global impasse

  1. According to UN Refugees, the conflict with the Russian Federation has lead to over 1.5 million Ukrainian refugees between 2014 and 2017. Majority of them have fled to other parts of Central and Eastern Europe while others have fled to Western Europe.

    Given the continual political instability in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and the Middle East, it’s not unforeseeable there could be more ethnic Alawites, Arameans/Assyrians/Chaldeans/Syriacs, Circassians, Druze, Kaka’i, Mandaeans, Maronites, Shabaks, Ukrainians, Yazidis, etc. living in Western Europe than in their native lands.

  2. Ukraine and the Russian Federation need to work towards reconciliation. They are both predominately Slavic nations with similar cultures, languages, traditions, and histories. There really is no need for such animosity between those two nations.

    I feel the same way about the nations in the Caucasus and the Balkans. I hope all of these nationalistic disputes can be settled peacefully and constructively.

    • Chris – there is deep mistrust between Russia and Ukraine. Tho both countries were occupied by the Nazis and suffered greatly during WW2, Ukraine was abused afterwards by Soviet Russia. Neither country ever really bounced back. The situation is far from being reconciled by quick diplomacy, politics, and “gestures”.

      • LarryC,

        I’m familiar with the history of all countries in Europe. And I never said the reconciliation would be a quick or easy process. However, it is absolutely imperative that steps are taken now in order to negate further conflict.

        Ukraine, indeed, endured many injustices at the hands of the Imperial Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and even the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

        The Ukrainian Famine (which resulted in millions of deaths) of the 1930s has yet to be recognized many nations, the Russians continue to occupy the Crimea Peninsula, and the plight of the Indigenous ethnic Crimean Tatars (who were forced to leave in Soviet Central Asia for many decades before being allowed to return to Crimea) has also been ignored.

        I’m not suggesting that Indigenous ethnic Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars, and other Indigenous peoples of Ukraine should simply forget all of these wrongs done to them….but I do hope they’ll demand and pursue justice in ways that will bring the Russian Federation to the table rather than to the battlefield.

        Whenever there’s war, it’s usually the civilians, art, and cultural heritage sites that suffer the most. I don’t want that happening in Ukraine or anywhere else for that matter.

  3. Biden today said “Putin has to do something” but doesn;t know precisely what to do. Likely “he would invade.” Certainly didn’t make anyone’s day. Putin sees NATO as obsolete and a threat on Russia’s western border. Throwing a war, like an unliked neighbor throwing a party, is a bad distraction from what Putin wants. His aggression in the north toward threats from the Arctic and Scandanavian countries is exacerbating his need to “bust a move”.

    He and Trump would clearly be best of bro’s for 2024.

  4. Thank you for this reading Marjorie. Hopefully there will not be any major war-like confrontation, as Ukrainians have already lost so many lives since 2014.

  5. 9th century astrologer Sahl describes non-reception in relationship. Ukrainia’s Sun is in Virgo. The Moon
    rules Ukraine’s partnership house, 7th, which is also open enemy. If Ukraine would accept the Moon’s Aquarius
    sign, her Sun would become Sun in Aquarius, which is the FALL of Uke’s Sun.
    This technique is known as “Non-Reception”, very useful in horary when you ask the question…..
    should I marry this guy?

  6. This might be in the previous post but interesting to see Ukraine’s progressed moon is teetering right at the end of Pisces and will, in early Feb (by which time it is in Aries) make an opposition to the progressed Sun.

  7. The Capricorn Ingress chart located to Kiev has Pluto, Russia on the 7th, open enemy, opposition Moon,
    the Ukraine public on the Ascendant. But Venus is also on the Descendant, indicating negotiations and
    hope for peace.

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