BBC – reeling from a political sideswipe ++ Rupert Murdoch

The BBC has become collateral damage in the government’s deflect-and-distract desperation to direct attention away from ‘partygate’ with a two-year licence freeze and a bombshell about removing funding altogether by the charter renewal in 2027.  The latter is being rowed back since it would depend on every household having access to high-speed broadband for alternative streaming options which won’t happen in time.

  The BBC chart, 14 November 2022 6pm London, does look shocked by the ‘collision’ of Solar Arc Mars opposition the Scorpio Sun this year, exact in four months; and tr Uranus in an equally shocking and self-esteem-denting square to the BBC Mars this month into early February.  Tr Neptune is also in an undermining opposition to the BBC Virgo Moon across this year into early 2023 – and the Taurus/Scorpio Eclipses this year will rattle up the BBC’s Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio. As if that wasn’t enough tr Saturn and tr Uranus will both make a high-anxiety hit on the BBC Neptune; and finally tr Saturn will make a discouraging square to the BBC Sun this year with tr Uranus opposition in 2023.  All in all, not a fun time.

  The BBC are arrogant, their own worst enemy, self-defeatingly stubborn when faced with legitimate criticism and needed a sharp wake up call to scythe through their overweighted and stratospherically expensive management amongst other things. The pro-Brexit and Tory government have had it out for them with accusations of left-wing Remainer bias so political motives are partially suspect. But a day of reckoning was overdue.

   The Royal Charter renewal theoretically goes into effect, no doubt after aggravated discussions beforehand, on 1 January 2028. But it is 2029 and 2030 which show up as the face-reality and forced-change period with the Solar Arc Sun conjunct the 10th house Uranus; the Solar Arc Moon opposition Pluto; and Solar Arc Saturn square the BBC Jupiter. New technology will force through a radical rethink about programme delivery.

   The BBC chart does have a talented and creative Water Grand Trine of a confident Pluto trine Jupiter in a risk-taking trine to Uranus, which has a good many plus points but its downside is a tendency to live within its own bubble detached from outside realities.

 The corporation is important to the UK with the BBC Pluto sitting on the UK Midheaven with the BBC Grand Trine  in favourable aspect from Uranus and Jupiter; plus the BBC’s dynamic Mars falling in the UK’s entertainment 5th.  But there will be a few dips in the road ahead.  

Add ON: Boris’s sister Rachel related that Rupert Murdoch had asked the prime minister (on a Chequers visit when he dandled baby son on his knee) to get rid of the BBC – and then she had to hastily withdraw the claim saying it was a joke. Murdoch has made multiple visits to top Tory ministers recently and has a long standing connection with Michael Gove.

  Murdoch’s Jupiter is conjunct the BBC’s Pluto so there will be a tussle for the upper hand. But it is Murdoch’s relationship with Boris which is interesting.  Boris’s Pluto Uranus are conjunct Murdoch’s Midheaven for an influential, if chaotic, career connection. Boris’s Venus Sun fall on Murdoch’s Descendant which will make for a friendly interface.  Their relationship chart is even more intriguing with a chained-together-by- circumstance and unbreakable composite Pluto Midheaven opposition Saturn square Sun – that is being battered every which way by the tr Saturn square tr Uranus through coming months and on into 2023. With an unnerving tr Neptune square the volatile composite Uranus from May onwards – and it isn’t improving thereafter. 

To be remembered Murdoch is very old and Boris is on his last and final warning. But even if both stay the course for a while, it will be a less than amiable chemistry between them.

  The Tory Party 1912 chart isn’t too specific via a vis Murdoch and what there is of a link is sliding downhill this coming year.

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  1. David Dimbleby makes the case that The TV License should be based on the band that you pay Council Tax. He evidently hasn’t come across the concept that you can be house rich, yet cash poor! My house is falling down and needs a lot of repairs. So I have to save what little we have for things like a boiler or a washing machine and tumble dryer. BBC luvvies should live in the real world!!!

  2. Perhaps Marjorie would do the Johnson siblings? It would be interesting to see the interaction between Rachel and Boris. I would expect a lot of Gemini and Leo in it. Murdoch sold Sky a year or two ago. There is also a new channel coming on air in February, which I believe Murdoch owns. Oddly enough it is Rachel Johnson I feel the most irritated by. I think she has an edge and yet is quite childish like Boris.

  3. How interesting. So Murdoch has visited Boris 44 times most in the Covid restriction times I assume. I thought we had something called Covid restrictions both here and USA in the period in question Did Murdoch fly in and out whenever and did he isolate in both Countries or was he in a special bubble with Boris or don’t the rules apply to either of them

  4. The Tories are terrified now that the Labour party is ahead in the polls in UK
    They are starting to panic . They are dragging up all sorts of things from the past This is what all this stuff about Tony Blair is about They think that by dredging up all the detritus f it will change our minds about this conservative government .
    They are getting desperate.

  5. Once upon a time, I used to love the BBC and its output, and would have defended it to the hilt.
    As a schoolboy, I well remember having a trifecta of favourite programmes lined up on a Thursday evening, namely, Top of the Pops, The Kenny Everett Show and Tomorrow’s World.

    Now, all we get is utter utter trash and garbage.
    They don’t even pretend to cater to youth anymore.

    Its all ‘celebrity’ trash, karaoke contests and soap opera.


    Don’t feel sorrow or pity for the BBC.

  6. Re Murdoch dangling the baby on his knee I can only say I hope that child wore a mask.!
    When you think about it, wearing a mask is exactly what Johnson, Fauci, Murdoch , Gates and all the despots around the world wear, all of the time.

  7. Talking about Murdoch it was, of course, “Labour” Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who was the self styled Murdoch Posterior-Kisser-In-Chief.

  8. Sorry, I can’t take all the pompous protestations from the BBC about ‘quality’ seriously, as these are the same shower who bombard us with saturation trash such as wall to wall EastEnders and 101 endless iterations of Masterchef to compete with their singing contests, dancing contests and cooking contests.
    I’ve given up on TV a long long time ago, YouTube is a far more satisfactory alternative.

    Also, living in London, I find that BBC local London TV news is so obviously and appallingly political biased not only to be offensive but to be laughable.

    Give up your TV, save the licence money, and purchase yourself a nice tablet computer.

  9. I wonder if the recent potent Cancer full moon, tightly opp Pluto, in Johnson’s 10th will point to his political execution? Matters “coming to light”? We can but hope.

  10. What I don’t understand is how someone who isn’t even a British citizen has been so enabled in his quest to destroy everything about the UK that doesn’t fit with his personal agenda. It’s almost as if he is acting out of vengeance for some past snub. Like he wanted Britain out of the EU because no one in Brussels ‘listened to him’. And now he wants the BBC abolished so he has no competition for his crass media empire.
    I agree the BBC may find itself overtaken by technology in the near future but I think the British people may baulk at seeing Auntie Beeb reduced to a political mouthpiece of the so-called the ruling class. I know people who are already getting active on that last point.

  11. It sounds as if more than one thing is going on here with this Murdoch story. Sinister indeed. I noticed something in the charts here that connects them in a thought-provoking way. I wonder what anyone thinks of this:
    BBC Saturn 15 Libra
    UK South Node 14 Libra
    Murdoch South Node 14 Libra
    Boris Asc 11 Libra, MC 12 Cancer

  12. Please would you explain two expressions of which I don’t understand?
    “The pro-Brexit and Tory government have had it out for them”
    “had it out for them”.
    Secondly, the word “dandled”,

    I am English and grew up in England, O.K. 74 years ago.
    The two expressions are foreign to me.

    • 1) ‘dandled his son on his knee’ = move (a baby or young child) up and down in a playful or affectionate way.

      2) ‘Have it out for’ = to persistently try or desire to criticize, cause harm to, or harass one, especially due to a grudge.

  13. Thanks for the Murdoch thoughts. I have incorporated and added on. Sigh. Scum surely rises to the top – sleazeballs everywhere you look in No 10 and the environs.

  14. Thanks for the post Marjorie. I am wondering if there is any connection between the Conservative party chart and Murdoch’s? Conservative’s Pluto at 15 Taurus being hit this year? Also, any impact on Murdoch empire?

  15. Thank you Marjorie, so interesting to see how the UK chart and the BBC (100 years old!) mesh together. I agree the BBC needs to change, although something like the World Service is wonderful – much of their tv output is quite annoying.

    I notice that the BBC Saturn is conjunct the UK S Node in Libra, which might suggest setting itself apart from the UK or closing off – something I think does happen with some of it’s news coverage. The BBC Neptune, ruling film and tv, makes a t-square with the UK Neptune/Venus square – some programmes are outstanding and compelling, even beautiful. But all of that awaits the Saturn and Uranus transits this year, and suggests reality bites regarding some of the madder and most extravagant salaries. Be interesting to see what April’s solar eclipse in Taurus ignites, right on UK Mars, and square BBC Mars in Aquarius.

  16. Thank you Marjorie. This plays firmly into the hands of Rupert Murdoch. A long time hater of both the BBC and Europe as well button pusher in chief for the lamentable Baron Munchausen currently running UK. Murdochs man Gove is also pretty matey with Cummings. A malevolent and poisonous stew. Finally, Pluto may be giving us the levelling we need. A general election is called for, any thoughts on that possibility?

    • I remember on 12th November 2021 it was reported in DailyMail quoting Rachel Johnson that Murdoch had asked Boris Johnson to get rid of BBC, as Murdoch wants to launch his own channel. Rachel Johnson later backtracked from that statement. I guess this might be a move in that direction to favour Murdoch. The said meeting between Johnson and Murdoch took place at Johnson’s Oxford residence. I think the article is still there if you Google it.

      • Ann, according to the writer and comedian David Schneiders twitter feed, Murdochs people met Johnsons govt representatives 42 times in the first six months of its existence. Wonder what they talked about?

        • This really stinks! This BBC business is not at all what the government is portraying it to be. I guess Johnson is using the public sentiment against BBC as a front to carry out Murdoch’s orders. Going by current events, Johnson needs Murdoch and his press now more than ever!

    • I agree, this is a sinister, not to say Trumpian move and one that benefits Murdoch even though the Beeb is far from perfect and the country have always had a sort of love/hate relationship with the organisation.

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