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  1. Hello Marjorie, I enjoy coming to your website everyday.

    Can you do a chart for Chandra Ann Levy (born 14 April 1977), the young intern that was murdered while having an affair with Congressman Gary Conduit (born 21 April 1948).

    Can you also do a chart for Amy Lynn Bradley (born 12 May 1974) who disappeared on a cruise ship in 1998.

    Many theories on the internet about her disappearance over the years, from her being kidnapped and smuggled off the ship and put into white slavery to her falling off the ship in the early hours of the morning.

    Anything in her chart that may provide an answer?

  2. Marjorie
    Signification of an Hermit?
    What signs are involved Always alone.Not loneliness.Chosen or not.
    Know there is a combination of signs here but can’t see it,though.So so much Aquarian,but still..

  3. How is the chart of Joe Root the England cricket captain looking? (Hopefully better than the team’s current prospects!).

    Many thanks Marjorie and a Happy New Year to you.

  4. Uri Geller, 70’s mentalist and psychic, is back in the news.


    I’ve watched some older TV shows in which strings were locaed to “aid” his ability to lift and bend spoons, etc.

    What does his chart show – is he accurate or something else?

    Born in 1946, 20 Dec 1946 @ 2:30 AM local time, in what was then British Mandate Palestine, near Tel Aviv.

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