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  1. After Boris Johnson’s lamentable and scarcely credible performance at today’s Prime Minister’s Question Time, I had a look at his personal chart, transits, progressions and solar arcs. There are some stresses, but nothing overly relevent. I know you look at things like term and 2nd term dates plus relationships with Tory Grandees (like Graham Brady). Is there anything that stands out in these charts?

  2. Today is the 100th Anniversary of the Anglo-Irish Treaty signed at 2a.m., in Downing Street.
    Would you have any thoughts on it Marjorie?
    Thank you if you do.

  3. Hi Marjorie
    Please could you have a look at house of lords peer and entrepreneur Michelle Mone? She has been in the news twice recently, and not in a good way. Thank you.

  4. Hi Marjorie,
    Belated American Thanksgiving gratitude for your rich, nuanced insights and the forum for intelligent, humanistic discussion you provide.
    Would love your take on the Cuomos — Andrew, Chris, and various well-connected partners.
    The astounding rise and fall seems like fertile ground for astrological analysis.
    Did the South Node eclipse hit Chris hard?

  5. Trump and Maxwell – why is he so silent abt her?

    From your post 15 Jul 2020, “Of the names who have been associated with Epstein – Trump oddly looks most stressed vis a vis Maxwell. There is a composite Neptune Mars opposition Saturn square Uranus which is being heavily pressured by the tr Saturn Pluto conjunct his year and then on with tr Pluto till 2024. Though I had thought from all accounts he and Epstein parted company many years back.”

    Will she spill some beans abt his visits, if any, related to extra-curricular activities? Or would it come out on its own? Trump is going thru plenty of activities to raise a billion dollars for his next ventures…Thanks.

    • What would he say about her?
      Their relationship looks even more stressed next year and the year after.

      I wouldn’t hold my breath about this trial. they can go badly sideways despite all the evidence. Needs must wait and see.
      He’s got financial woes and a v trapped and scary Mars square Pluto coming up in late 2022/23. So all the bombast and bull**** is a distraction. Every time he raises money chunks tend to end up in the family coffers.

  6. Marjorie could you give some insight on Carol Vorderman and why at her advanced age she feels the need to promote herself as a sort of glamour model. Is it just self-promotion or is she just incredibly needy? Either way, it really makes me cringe!

  7. Hi Marjorie

    As always thank you so much for your very interesting astrological contemplations (I know not really a word but anyway ..). I really appreciate this forum and the time you must take to give us an astrological perspective and explain it in a way so clear it’s refreshing! Just wanted to give you your flowers!

    Looking at your write up 15 Sept, you started by saying ‘China’s micro-managing and communist government still oversees an astonishingly capitalist economy.’, which they are now clearly expanding/have expanded to broader fields where they can create opportunity to do same even if behind the scenes.

    So, if you have time, could you give us an updated astrological ‘solo’ view of China for the next approx … (you pick the time-frame)? Apologies if you have done this already – I couldn’t find anything related to just China in the search.

    I am particularly interested so I can consider it in relation to the Caribbean/African countries perspective.

    Many Thanks
    Much love x !!

  8. Marjorie, you said in 2018 that Stacey Abrams “looks to be coming into her own through the 2020s”. She’s running again for governor of Georgia. Care to take another look at her prospects next year?

  9. I think the loosening of ties with the UK has more to do with Theresa May’s appalling actions toward the Windrush generation. I don’t believe anyone condemns HM . For a vicar’s daughter brought up to have regard for the less fortunate, she was amazingly dense. You only have to look at her handling of the Grenfell tragedy and the bombing at the Ariana Grande’ concert. For a bright and well educated woman, her lack of sympathy was extraordinary!

    • She does have that obsessively conscientious and rigid Saturn in Scorpio square Venus Pluto and probably Moon – totally constipated when it came to compassion or even common sense.

    • I hate to be depressing but I think the US is going to hell on a handcart – even strait-laced, dinosaurish UK managed to get abortion and homosexual rights sorted out decades back.
      It may be the Pluto Return has a slide-backwards effect in order to precipitate such outrage it tips the Supreme Court into the waste bin and knocks some sense into the religious zealots (or at least gets them out of a position to wreck lives with their misplaced piety.)
      See post October 30 2021

      • I think if there are women who are not treated and die like the poor woman in Ireland a few years ago – it might make a difference and an outcry

        • The religious zealots will just say it’s God’s will, that she’s being punished for promiscuity. These zealots are truly evil.

  10. Another “anger” motivated shooting? Or once again, living out the Wild West dream?

    Ethan Crumbley, 15 yrs old, living in Pontiac, Michigan. Will be charged with terrorism and premeditated murder. Will be tried as an adult. Used his father’s 9mm hand gun. Parents visited the school the morning of the shootings b’cuz of the shooter’s disposition.

    Shootings happened at ~12:51 pm local time 11/30/21. Surrendered to police but refused to cooperate w/them.

    • Currently has pleaded “not guilty” to terrorism and murder charges.

      If someone has DOB it would be helpful but the complications of his “age” will make it difficult to obtain accurate natal info.

    • Updated data on Ethan Crumbley – only that his b’day is “1996.”

      Background leading to the shootings triggered by being bullied in the school.

  11. An an unusual request. I am intrigued by a story I came across on the net. By the Beast. It was about a James Alexander, who stated he was swapped for a Prince Harry double. He wrote a book in 2015 and the book sold 50,000 copies, yet suddenly stopped being sold. He was shot dead in Dublin a couple of years. Is there any astrology knowledge about this man?

  12. Apparently the Chinese are very interested in Barbados. They didn’t have a people’s Referendum, just a Parliamentary vote. They are increasing their oil production and Barbados is in range of a Nuclear hit on America. Interesting times. Is there any inclination of trouble brewing? Uganda are in debt to the Chinese as is Kenya. Some commenters are posting online that the Republic of Barbados will not turn out well.

    • Some commentors are saying black countries i.e Caribbean and some African ones are heading back into a form of economic slavery under the Chinese this time. Lots of dodgy contracts signed by Government officials that some can’t find a way out of. Worrying!

      • A number of Latin American countries are also very beholden to the Chinese, who own a lot of ports and have built lots of infrastructure, especially roads in poor, indebted countries all over the world. Yes, economic servitude.

        • The ‘Belt and Road Initiative’. I looked at the astrocartography map for the new republic chart and the Mars MC line (conflict) runs through central China and the Sun-Mercury MC line (leadership, communication) runs close to Beijing suggesting that is indeed where direction will be coming from.

        • Chinese interests have invested in all major European ports. It is estimated they control 15-20 per cent of European ports’ traffic. In the huge port of Piraeus, Greece, they own 67% for example. Felixstowe, in the UK, has been Chinese-owned since 1994. I can’t help but think this is a very long game…..

          • They own the commercial Port of Ensenada, Mexico, the port closest to the U.S. in Baja California, MX, 60 miles south of San Diego, CA, not well known in SD.

        • Absolutely how they are getting their toes into in all these countries, then fingers into their politics (and US was worried about Cuba/Russia connection …. hmmm)?! Not to mention all the ‘Made in China’ products we (1st and 2nd world countries) enjoy!! Food for thought.

  13. Any astro analysis / expectations for Barbados becoming a Republic?

    Apparently it declared independence 55 years ago – 30-Nov-1966
    According to wikipedia, the first British ship landed on 14-May-1625 and settled on 17-Feb-1627; but there were other groups there before then.

    • Great question! How could this Saturn/Uranus square play out down the line too?
      In any event, well done to them. I wish them all the best and may they be a beacon for others to get their act together and aspire.
      Looking forward to Marjorie’s response.

    • I looked at the 1966 chart for Barbados and was intrigued since Canada also has a Pluto-Saturn opposition across its 1st and 7th houses with Saturn in the 7th often seeming to represent ties with our allies including Great Britain. (And Neptune in the 1801 UK’s chart is conjunct that Saturn.) In Barbados’ case in the 1966 chart, Saturn in Pisces was also conjunct Chiron suggesting the painful nature of its connection with Britain because of slavery and colonialism. Neptune is currently transiting that Saturn/in the chart of the new republic which I’m thinking reflects a weakening of the ties with Britain although with a symbolic connection remaining. Funnily enough Neptune and Chiron are both in the 7th house of the chart for the new republic set for midnight which I assume is correct since it was a midnight ceremony. I would be a bit worried about the Saturn-Uranus square within 3 degrees in the chart for the new republic.

      • That’s so interesting. What house does the Saturn-Uranus square sit in? (Makes me curious about the Jamaica chart 1962 chart now)

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