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  1. Hi Marjorie, I’ve been thinking for some time that Kier Starmer will not last past 2022 as leader. He just keeps making mistakes and If you follow the logic then surely the next LPL will be a woman. Yvette Cooper has just been appointed to shadow Home Secretary any clues in her astrology?

  2. Hello Marjorie. I was wondering about the fabulous Josephine Baker, 3rd June 1906, who will be the first black woman to be honoured at the Pantheon in Paris. I had a quick look at her chart on Astro, (rated B), and she has Black Moon Lilith at 25 Taurus, and midheaven 28 Taurus. The MC might be doubtful of course, but it’s interesting that BML aligns with the eclipse.

  3. Hi Marjorie

    Operation Sirli. Newly disclosed classified French official documents revealed a joint military surveillance operation between France and Egypt, on Egyptian soil in 2016. Abdel Fattah al-Sissi then used the info to target innocent civilians, all in the name of war on terror. His solar return was on November 19th, same day as the eclipse. I know you previously wrote that his chart is incredibly fixed but will Egypt finally be rid of him?


    Much appreciated.

  4. Jimmy Hoffa rumors surfacing again after some years of quiet. FBI digging into the meadows of a horse farm, checking out concrete foundations of swimming pools (mysteriously constructed at night), and somewhat recently, underneath highway overpasses.

    Searching the website doesn;t bring up anything specifically. Another holiday red herring ? Thanks.

    Wiki birth 2-14-1913, Brazil Indiana. Various death and “disappearance” dates and locations.

  5. In the recent Meghan thread, you were explaining about how Saturn going from IC to MC is the time when your plans come to fruition (or don’t).

    I was thinking about Boris Johnson who has MC at 12 Cancer. He became Prime Minister as Saturn crossed his IC. Most people would consider this a pinnacle yet he’s done it at the nadir. That said there’s no doubt he’s concurrently been having Saturn in 4th transits with divorce/marriage/children/Downing Street refurb.

    What are your thoughts about this? I’m not challenging the theory just interested to hear any deeper explanations you may have.

    • It is a general rule of thumb which does hold good though not always the way you imagine.
      Highly Saturnine types like Maggie Thatcher (Saturn on her Asc) became a cabinet minister when Saturn moved above her Descendant and prime minister when it reached her midheaven. Years later after it descended below her Ascendant into her less successful First Quadrant she started sliding on banana skins and eventually went before it crossed her IC.
      Richard Nixon resigned when tr Saturn was moving through his 10th proving the old karmic rule from Saturn that you reap what you sow.
      I have seen people get to tr Saturn across their midheaven and through their supposedly peak upper quadrant in the years thereafter who achieved little, presumably because they hadn’t put in the foundation-laying work beforehand.
      What is clear is that tr Saturn on its 29 year cycle round a chart, divided into four quadrants, sees the ego and outer activity at its strongest peak in the final quadrant (through 10th to 12th houses) so outer problems are easier to cope with and more success and respect comes for those who are due it.
      When Saturn dips below the Ascendant old ambitions start to hold less interest.
      I’m not sure Boris marches to Saturn’s drumbeat though it moving into his 4th would coincide with a higher visibility phase career-wise.
      It won’t tell you how high they will fly though it generally means that retirement won’t come in Boris’s case anytime soon.
      I’ll stick up an old Saturn transit post with other thoughts.

      • Thanks for the detailed reply, Marjorie.

        I’m intrigued because Saturn is hitting my 10th and it’s not really shown up much. It seems like I had more success when Saturn was around the IC. Certainly no lack of effort or potential on my part, answering every call of the universe and would say I’m more accomplished than I was twenty years ago yet no rewards for it. Not complaining just mystified.

        That said, your comment about “outer problems are easier to cope with” certainly applies. Nothing fazes me and problems are solved easily and with minimum of fuss.

  6. Good evening Marjory
    An increasing number of countries and commercial companies are investing in technology to venture into the heavens.
    Entrepreneurs like SpaceX’s Elon Musk and Virgin Galactic’s Richard Branson are setting their sights on space tourism, mining asteroids and sending astronauts to Mars. What once seemed like science fiction is quickly becoming true… or won’t it ?
    How successful will these projects be in the coming years ?
    Thank you if you can delve into that.

  7. Hi Marjorie,
    This is completely shallow. But, I have two colleagues who will not stop debating why Taylor Swift is still so hung up on Jake Gyllenhaal given the many partners she has had before and after him more than 10 years ago. If you or anyone who reads this would care to offer any astro insight, I would be most grateful.
    Since I could attempt to put the kibosh on this ongoing topic at work. Kind regards to all 🙂
    Jake G 8:08PM Los Angeles, CA. USA
    Taylor S 5:17AM Reading, PA. USA

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