Amanda Knox – still defending her innocence

Amanda Knox vilified after the murder of Meredith Kercher in 2007 in Italy and convicted in one of the most notorious trials of the past half-century was then acquitted with the spotlight turning on a shoddy police investigation and sensationalised prosecution.  She has never quite disappeared from public view since, nor been totally exonerated in the court of public opinion. Tales of her odd alleged behaviour at her arrest and media-fanned scandal about ‘Foxy Knoxy’ did her no favours. She subsequently became an author, an activist and a journalist with her memoir, Waiting to Be Heard becoming a best seller.

    She married and has recently produced a baby and has an active social media presence with copious photos of her in her underwear which hardly helps to boost her gravitas. Stillwater, a recent movie with Matt Damon, which is a fictionalised version of a story similar in some respects to hers has raised her ire.

  Born 9 July 1987 2.47 am Seattle, Washington, she has a 2nd house Sun, Mercury and Venus in Cancer across from Neptune in Capricorn in her 8th. Neptune in the 8th occurs in film stars’ charts, giving them an unconscious ability to project an aura. In her case it clearly propelled her onto the public stage in a different way. Her Sagittarius Moon in the needs-a-partner 7th is conjunct a ratchety Saturn Uranus conjunction so she won’t find close relationships easy. She also has Mars in flamboyant Leo square Pluto in Scorpio which carries overtones (or undertones) of brutality and ruthlessness. That may be one of the reasons she attracted such a bad press, since energy of that intensity, carried at an unconscious level, will still seep out to be picked up by others.

  Meredith Kercher, 28 December 1985, also had a hard Mars Pluto in a conjunction with her South Node and conjunct Knox’s Pluto – so quite a tangle. And Meredith’s Capricorn Sun was exactly conjunct Amanda’s 8th house Neptune. There was some weird karma going on in there even if the murder was all drifter Rudy Guede’s doing. He has just been released from a long prison sentence and wants to disappear into anonymity.

  Knox has had tr Pluto moving through her trapped 8th house since around 2010 during her trial and four year imprisonment and has only recently emerged from that long tunnel.

  Her scapegoat 12th harmonic is powerfully aspected. The meaning of this number is sacrifice. Being sacrificed or becoming a victim to other persons’ intrigues. 12 warns against being a victim of circumstances or dragged into other people’s affairs to suffer the consequences. It can be the harmonic as well of the victim/healer.

Mars Pluto can also carry the meaning of having the misfortune to suffer brutal assaults.

An old tale destined to keep being retold.

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    • Some astrologers go heavily on reincarnation mainly through the North Nodes, past lives and future journey.
      I’m not into reincarnation and tend to use ‘karmic’ for seemingly fated links. Which doesn’t illuminate or explain much except there seems to be a spooky connection between people who might not otherwise be tied together.

      • The whole “karma” issue, and how it often seems to be tied into the nodes and their aspects, is fascinating. There’s the psychology theory of “lock and key” for instance:

        “Basically, we unconsciously—and sometimes quite consciously, although not necessarily in the spiritual sense—seek out the people and places where we fit together like a lock and a key, and, very often, that’s a two-way street.” Psychology Today, 2019

        And as we’ve discussed before, there are amazing family patterns of planetary aspects, signs, and so on through generations of ancestors, where dates of birth are available. A reason to study the Royal Family, with their pretty accurate birth data.

        I keep an open mind about what it might mean. But then there are intriguing patterns everywhere, in biology, physics, and so on. Seems to be how life works at some mysterious level…..

  1. This awful case was a terrible mess in so many respects. It will always prompt doubts, particularly around the forensics. I agree with others here that Amanda Knox provokes unsettling reactions. I heard the interview with Emma Barnett, and although I understood AK, I had to really think about it! Her gaze in photos is also quite blank, which adds to the confusing responses she evokes in others.

    What is also curious is that the recently released perpetrator, Rudy Guede, was born on 26th December, 1986, so there’s almost exactly a year between him and Meredith. He, too, has Sun conjunct Neptune in Capricorn, like Meredith. They both have Mercury/Uranus conjunct in Sagittarius. His conjunction is at 23 Sagittarius, aligning with Amanda’s Uranus/Moon in Sagittarius. It squares Guede’s Mars in Pisces. His Pluto at 9 Scorpio obviously connects to both AK and Meredith’s Plutos in Scorpio and the aspects it makes.

    The June eclipse at 19 Gemini opposed Meredith’s Uranus, Amanda K’s Moon, and squared Rudy Guede’s Mars. In April 2022 the 10 Taurus eclipse resonates with all three charts too. Weird karma of some kind would appear to link these individuals, and the truth may remain elusive.

  2. If anyone’s interested, the Behaviour Panel on youtube have covered Amanda Knox and some of her interviews quite extensively. It’s really good to hear the different perspectives here, especially in relation to mental health. My previous work often took me into drug and alcohol projects, mental health projects and prisons and so am used to factoring in these considerations. Ordinarily, my compulsive “see it from the other side” 3 planets in libra in the fourth completely dominates – so I’m left wondering why I find her more disquieting than almost anyone I met in those situations. My problem I guess!

  3. Marjorie, that’s terrific astrological insight, thank you. I also suspect the same systemic blind spot vis-a-vis Shamima Begum (jihadi bride apparently completely unfazed by the beheadings she witnessed) and Mary Kay Letourneau (her bipolar disorder diagnosis finally given more attention only when her 2020 death was reported), among others. Doesn’t/shouldn’t absolve these individuals from the full force of the law but improved awareness around mental health conditions could yield fairer and more effective outcomes for all, one would hope.

  4. Ugh, it was always an ugly scenario but why has it come up again? There are people who are purely Machiavellian who persist in their ‘innocence’ – she was always heavy, cold and righteous. What I loathe is the hell the parents of Meredith had to suffer…..lets hope there is justice, even if (as they say) it is not always seen to be done.

  5. I rectified Meredith Kircher to 11:07:37 AM, Asc 15Pisces, a victim sign. Asteroid Amanda sits in her 1st
    House at 22 degrees (relying on wrong people, being deceived, a death degree). Kercher has natal Mars-Pluto-S.Node exaactly on her 8th cusp….susceptible to brutality, past life karma.
    At death, she had tr Uranus on her Asc, trans Sun and Solar Arc Kercher were on her 8th cusp.
    Trans Toro, sexual abuse, was sextile her natal Sun while trans Guedes, the perpetrator, was 30 her MH.

  6. I have said it here before, but as someone with a natal Mars (11th h) square Pluto (2nd h) it always chills me to read about all the potentially unfortunate outcomes. Although I have already experienced many brutal assaults courtesy of my parents. Saturn will soon enter the mix when it transits
    the 8th house opposition Pluto. Ah the joys of astrological anticipation!

    Although, I am trying to lever that Mar/Pluto square out from my subconscious into usage, and hope that will ‘use up’ the explosive energy that’s lurking there.

  7. Thanks Gnarly dude for the insight into the cancerian aspect. With 3 planets in libra in the 4th I think I’m usually willing to see things from the viewpoint of others, but perhaps have seen too many interviews with her that I’ve experienced as very odd and am biased because of it.

    • I’ve always thought her Neptune in the 8th opposite all those watery Cancer planets spaced her out into a parallel universe which is why she won’t sound exactly on point when asked direct questions.

      • I wonder if it’s difficult to separate thoughts and feelings with a watery Mercury, particularly one in Cancer which is also retrograde. Her Mercury also squares her nodal axis.

  8. I just saw a clip of Amanda Knox being interviewed by Emma Barnett for Woman’s Hour. Emma asked her if she thought her case would be viewed differently now and if #me too would in anyway change people’s perceptions. Amanda’s response is one of the weirdest I’ve ever heard and Emma Barnett who’s quite a competent presenter looks like she has absolutely no clue what to do with it.

      • Er, I can’t really as it was kind of indescribable. If she had said the same words in a language I’d never heard of I could at least get my bearings by acknowledging I couldn’t understand it because I didn’t know the language. I’ll try and find it again. It’s recent.

    • Just watched it on here …

      It’s a rambling reply but I understood what she was saying. Basically that people took sides, either for or against her, and they judged her on who they thought she was rather than who she really is. But she struggled to say that straightforwardly. The interviewer wanted to hear her talk about it in context of #metoo, Knox talked about how people have become polarised and tribal in their opinions.

      It sounds like the type of answers I give when I’m asked something on the spot. She’s probably an introvert (Cancer sun/mercury/venus) who is trying to gather her thoughts rather than just saying what the interviewer would like to hear.

      • My impression from a distance is that she did herself no favours at any point which gave hostages to fortune with a skewed police investigation and undisciplined media.

      • She also has a retrograde Mercury in Cancer opposition Neptune. Having the conjunction, plus a retrograde Mercury myself, I sometimes really struggle to make myself understood.

      • Not diagnosing Amanda Knox but there’s been news coverage of family members’ responses (in the immediate aftermath of the murder) mentioning that her sometimes bizarre affect was nothing new, pointing to Asperger’s/autism spectrum disorder. As someone who has worked in the mental health space, I feel that there’s a huge knowledge gap amongst the media (and the general public) on these conditions, and hence a significant “blind spot” in the analyses… not only in this case but others.

        • Kate, Thanks for that. I almost added a comment this morning saying to me she seemed quite derealized or dissociated – detached from reality – which can have various causes. The day after the murder she evidently (if true) went off to buy lingerie with her boyfriend which would not be a normal emotional reaction to such a horrific event. Mars Pluto could be childhood trauma but could also point to the autistic spectrum, which would bamboozle the police when interviewing her. And they drew the wrong conclusions from it.

        • The fact that she was stoned out of her mind at the time of the interview, and that was a heavy marijuana user as a teen in Seattle can explain why the public, the press, the police could never understand her. (I only read about that later, and then it made more sense.) She was immature for her age, too, a reason why her stepfather never thought she should be allowed to go abroad. It’s possible that she is also on the spectrum, but the constant pot use — although greatly accepted in the rainy winters of the Puget Sound — flattened her affect considerably.

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