Pluto – a walk on the dark side +

In less than eighteen months Pluto will shift sign for the first time in sixteen years, moving into Aquarius from March 2023 and after a hover on the cusp will enter fully in 2024 to stay till 2043.

   Some random thoughts. In mythology Pluto was Hades, lord of the underworld and the realm of symbolic death and rebirth. The sacred river into his domain was guarded by Cerberus, the three-headed dog representing the past, the present and the future. Entry into Pluto’s territory is not to be taken lightly since it strips away the past, reducing it to rubble out of which the new emerges over time.

Pluto amplifies the essence of the sign through which it passes, for good or for ill – transforms, destroys, reconstructs. What is fascinating, looking back, is how apt the changes and themes that occurred:-

Pluto in Taurus, 1851 -1882. London’s underground railway had its first short test tunnel built in 1855 and it opened in 1863. London’s sewage system was being discussed in 1856 and got underway in earnest after the Great Stink of 1858. Construction took several years all under Pluto in Taurus.

Pluto in Gemini, 1882 – 1912. An Air sign (I think and I talk) and Mutable – communicative, restless, friendly, a multi-tasker and often high-ranking amongst the wealthy, not always straightforward.

The emergence of modern cities and skyscrapers. Telecommunications. The Electrical age starts. Tabloid Journalism. An age of prosperity.

Pluto in Cancer, 1912 – 1937. A Water sign (I feel) and Cardinal, family-oriented, ruled by the Moon, mother and female associations.

  A darker time with World War 1 (20 million dead) – it started with Pluto at zero degrees Cancer – with the Wall Street Crash/Great Depression in the middle. As an unexpected consequence women were emancipated, went to work, got the vote. The old family and conservative lifestyle values were destroyed.

Pluto in Leo, 1937 – 1956. A Fire sign and Fixed, (I am),  ego-centric, attention-demanding, inspirational, a grandstander.

Fascism, promoting  ultra-nationalism along the way, led to World War 11. Nuclear bombs, culminating in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. “If the radiance of a thousand suns Were to burst at once into the sky That would be like the splendour of the Mighty One…I am become Death, The shatterer of worlds.” That was Pluto in Leo. Baby Boomers.

Pluto in Virgo, 1956 -1971. An Earth sign and Mutable, practical, health-conscious, communicative, restless.

Major medical advances with polio & measles vaccines, heart pacemakers in place as well as President Johnson Medicare Act. There was also a deadly Asian flu pandemic. The EEC trade pact came into being. Suez Crisis – was the symbolic end of British and French imperialist ambitions (and a Pluto Return for the England 973 AD chart). Pluto is often a marker of rise and falls.

Pluto in Libra, 1971 – 1983. Air and Cardinal, the relationship and justice sign.  

The divorce rate jumps noticeably with changing expectations of marriage and more independence for women. The first domestic violence shelters open and USA Equal Rights Legislation gets underway. The wedding of the century between Prince Charles and Diana.

Pluto in Scorpio, 1983 – 1995. Water and Fixed, intense, determined, rules money, sex and crime.

Economic shift into laissez-faire capitalism. Also the crime of the century, the Brinks-Mat bullion Robbery – equivalent of $150 million in gold/diamonds stolen in London, most never recovered. On the sexual front AIDs emerged with devastating and deadly effect. Also child sexual abuse was dragged into the open – the emancipation of women in Pluto in Libra helped to expose the scale of it.

Pluto in Sagittarius, 1995 – 2008. Fire and Mutable, communicative, adventurous, a traveller, a thinker, can be self-righteous, opinionated and a religious zealot.

Globalization and multiculturalism was in full swing; with the EU Schengen cross border travel in operation. Terrorism became a foreground issue with Al Quaeda ramping up attacks in the late 1990s before 9/11. The Oklahoma bombing was white supremacist terrorism in the USA.  Rabin assassinated in Israel by a homegrown extremist. And the Sebrenica Massacre in 1995, a religious genocide, killed off 8000 Muslims.

Pluto in Capricorn, 2008 – 2023. Earth and Cardinal, rules money, business and government, conservative. Banking was founded by Charlemagne under a Pluto in Capricorn in the 8th Century; and two Pluto cycles later Kublai Khan introduced paper money. This time round paper has been replaced largely by plastic and cyber currency.  

The financial crash. Migrant crisis stemming from political, economic and climactic pressures. Rise in populism & neo-nationalism as the ultra-conservative streak in Capricorn is amplified. Global warming

Pluto in Aquarius, 2023 – 2043. Air and Fixed. A thinker and communicator, curious, stubborn, scientific, interested in the future and the distant past, individualistic, rebellious, androgynous (gender/sex not as relevant), humanitarian but can be an ideological extremist.

Previous Pluto in Aquarius, 1778 – 1797. Rebellions, revolutions, enlightened thinkers, scientific advances.

American colonies rebelled against British over taxes during later stages of Pluto in Capricorn and declared independence. The French Revolution triggered by wealth inequality, based on high ideals of liberty, equality and brotherhood, turned bloody in the Reign of Terror. Industrial Revolution in full swing – age of prosperity. Scientific advances, chemistry.  Explorers – James Cook and William Bligh. Philosophical and social thinkers – Emmanuel Kant and Thomas Paine (Rights of Man.

Pluto in Aquarius, 1532 – 1552. The Protestant schism with Roman Catholicism got under way in earnest, which led to centuries of conflict. Henry V111, Luther, Calvin. A clash of ideas. Scientific advances in earth and medical science. Exploration.

  As ever there were additional factors during these times from the other outer planets. Neptune Pluto in the Pluto in Gemini late 19th Century phase is scandal-prone which would slant the communicative drive towards sensationalist journalism. Pluto at the start of World War 1 had a tr Saturn Pluto conjunction as the war got under way; and ditto for World War 2. Saturn Pluto hard aspects also oversaw 9/11 and the Wars on Iraq/Afghanistan.

Further thoughts:

Significant atrocities/disasters came at the start of each Pluto transition into a new sign.

Virgo 1956 – Suez crisis. Russia invades Hungary.

Libra 1972 – Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland. Munich Olympics massacre by Palestinian terrorists of Israeli athletes. Watergate underway.

Scorpio 1984 – Indira Gandhi assassinated. AIDs.

Sagittarius 1995 – Srebrenica massacre. Rabin assassinated. Oklahoma bombing.

Capricorn 2009/10 – Gaza War. Haiti earthquake, one of worst in history. Horizon oil spill, one of largest ever.

GAME CHANGERS:  Historical figures whose influence/effect changed the course of history during a Pluto transition often had their natal Pluto at a cuspal degree.

Henry V111 had his Pluto at 29 degrees Libra and was a major player in triggering the Protestant schism when Pluto moved into Aquarius.

Thomas Paine (Rights of Man) born with Pluto at 0 Scorpio was central to the Pluto in Aquarius USA and French political scene.

Jean Jaques Rousseau, father of the French Revolution, was born with Pluto at 0 degrees Virgo (conjunct Uranus).

William Herschel born with Pluto in early Scorpio discovered Uranus when Pluto was in early Aquarius. [Percy Lowell, whose Observatory discovered Pluto was born with Pluto at 2 Taurus.]

Jonas Salk whose polio vaccine marked Pluto into Virgo, was born with Pluto at 2 degrees Cancer.

Queen Elizabeth 1 was born with Pluto at 0 Aquarius and Neptune at 29 Pisces.

  So the Pluto transition does throw up influential individuals who often make their mark when tr Pluto moves into a later sign.

 On the basis of very few examples tr Pluto through an Air sign appeared to coincide with a time of prosperity.

Pluto through a Water sign is a much darker energy.

  Events which carry the essence of what is to come can occur in the final degrees of the previous sign. The financial collapse can be timed to Pluto in late Sagittarius but carries the theme of Capricorn.

  These are trimmed down notes from a recent lecture on Pluto. I thought it useful to have a precis.

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  1. “Industrial Revolution in full swing – age of prosperity.”
    Just wanted to say that for the average worker, for example in the UK, it wasn’t really an age of prosperity at all.

    Not particularly about this article or your Orr, but I’ve always disliked how people into astrology like to emphasis Aquarius/Uranus as “liberal” – Aquarius is contrarian. When society was more conservative, Aquarians played huge roles in liberal movements, that’s true. Now that society (at least in the West) is increasingly liberal, you can find many Aquarian types in the alt-rigth and such movements. I think people are going to become very aware of this when Pluto enters Aquarius.

    • A very important comment, Soph!
      Your point cannot be overstated, and it is a bit worrisome to think about the upcoming Pluto in Aquarius transit with your observation in mind.
      However, our times and society are also marked by hyper capitallism. And if Aquarian energy is contrarian, Pluto in Aquarius would be opposed to that. Could Pluto in Aquarius maybe bring a rebirth of Communism or Socialism?

      • Astrologer Richard Tarnas has linked Saturn-Neptune conjunctions with developments relating to socialism and communism (and perhaps Marjorie has too–sorry, Marjorie, haven’t been following you long enough to know) and we do have the once-every-36-year Saturn-Neptune conjunction coming up in 2026 . There are already attempts being made to redistribute wealth more equitably, i.e. the global corporate tax, and further wealth redistribution will likely be necessary to fund plans to deal with global warming. I think this will work hand in hand with Pluto in Aquarius (societal transformation) and Uranus in Gemini (technological innovations especially in transportation and telecommunications).

        • Thank you Laurien, for pointing out the relationship between Saturn-Neptune and developments regarding socialism and communism. Very interesting and makes a lot of sense!

        • Actually I must correct myself–it was astrologer Andre Barbault who strongly linked Saturn-Neptune conjunctions with communism in his book Planetary Cycles in Mundane Astrology. Tarnas links the Uranus-Pluto cycle with the rise of communism in his book Cosmos and Psyche. My mistake–memories are getting blurred!

  2. Thank you Marjorie, so much to think about here. And all the comments add another layer!
    For some reason I wondered about Mesmer (23 May 1734) and his controversial work on “animal magnetism” that was a precursor to hypnotism. I was thinking about electricity and energy (Aquarius) and power (Pluto).

    Franz Mesmer hit the 18th century headlines when Pluto was in inventive, quirky Aquarius. He believed that there was a magnetic fluid in the body. When it flowed freely the patient was healthy, disease and afflictions resulted from lack of flow. His work attracted great attention, both positive and negative.
    In his natal chart Mesmer has Mars at 1 Aquarius. When Pluto began to transit that Mars, massive scandal surrounded him in Austria. Mesmer had to leave Vienna and move to Paris, in 1778, where he established a medical practice. Pluto trined his Gemini Sun at this point too, so although his life was uprooted, it was not utterly destroyed.

    I was also amused to see that the world’s first underground (Pluto) railway was begun, and then opened, with Pluto in Taurus – at 9 degrees in January 1863 when the Metropolitan Line opened in London. Uranus, meanwhile, was busy being inventive in Gemini, sign of short journeys! Work on London’s underground sewers were also begun around this time, in 1859, with Pluto in early Taurus. I’ve read that Pluto is associated with sewage, as well as what lies beneath.

    • Thanks Jane. Mesmer certainly fits with Pl in Aqua scientific advances.
      Underground railways and London sewage systems also very Pluto – and in Taurus too, so apt. Will add to the bottom of the piece for later reference.

      I renovated a house when tr Pluto was just into my 4th house and the trouble I had with main drainage system. Urgh. Dragged on for years.

      • Mercury rules my 4th house, when aspected by Pluto we had an enormous wasps’ nest hidden in the front wall of my old house. Plus a self-sown hemlock plant appeared by the front gate. Lovely!

        Re sewage: it’s been in the news a lot lately, owing to raw sewage discharging into the rivers, and the sea here in the UK – and no doubt elsewhere. It’s curious that raw sewage in the Thames caused the “Great Stink” of July and August 1858. Pluto at 7 Taurus, and Neptune at 24 Pisces. Neptune returns to this degree, exact in 2022, and Uranus and Saturn transited the Pluto degree of this event in February. Horrible and disease-spreading though this was, it did lead to the amazing engineering triumph of the new Victorian sewers, which have lasted longer than anyone might imagine possible.

        • Such interesting comments. I was thinking about the ‘Big Stink’ the other day in relation to Neptune in Pisces, Jane. Of course Pluto in Taurus saw an age of remarkable engineering — Crossness Pumping Station, opened in 1865 is a beautiful example, as well as all of those magnificent Victorian municipal buildings, public bath houses, etc — and in the UK these structures have stood the test of time, a testament to the fixed and enduring qualities of Taurus, no doubt.

          • Just one other thought, Pluto in Taurus sees the High Victorian Gothic aesthetic/Gothic Revival in the 1850s and 60s at its peak. All that luxuriant plant-form embellishment is earthy, Venusian and Taurean, but heavy and rather gloomy and oppressive, Plutonian by today’s standards and the style is often associated with the horror genre and subcultures such as Steampunk.

        • What good points VF. The Great Stink must have been grim, but generated some wonderful cartoons. I’ve been thinking about it recently with all the sewage related news.

          And yes, Pluto in Taurus includes my favourite station, St. Pancras, opened in 1868. And when it reopened with the Eurostar platforms etc completed, transiting Uranus in Pisces was sextile that Victorian Pluto position in mid Taurus. That does symbolise a sympathetic and imaginative blending of old and new I think. There’s also all the pianos there, that anyone can play – I think three? Pisces and Taurus both being musical signs, it seems appropriate. The pianos often create a kind of spontaneous magic – I’ve seen such a variety of pianists there, from a very gifted homeless man to an Asian concert pianist playing Chopin. Always heartwarming, and thought provoking too.

  3. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2020 was very nearly conjunct my Sun. This ended a harrowing five-year period when Pluto deconstructed my life almost completely and simultaneously Neptune entered my 4th house and Uranus was square my Sun. I lived through years of great psychic suffering I would not wish on anyone. I am slowly being reborn at age 66. I remember reading a Sagittarius niece’s chart when Pluto was in Sagittarius, was severely ill and thought she was going out of her mind. I told her everything would turn out fine, better than it was before and it did. She is very happy and fulfilled today. But she was 30 at the time. I told her she was lucky she was going through this at a young age, and I could see in my own chart it might be harder when I would go through it later. Little did I know. Nothing could prepare me for what was coming. My chart now indicates a resurrection, and it is slowly happening, but the nightmare has been so profound I have a hard time accepting these better times are real.

    • 66th birthday is symbolically a rebirth and 72th can be the expression of the majored Breath if one is open enough to life mysteries and subtle implementations. Warm greetings Andre!

    • Hoping things improve from here for you, Andre.

      Hoping also that my Pluto-Sun conjunction next year is the culmination point of a testing 15 years, which also had Neptune transiting my 4th (leaves for the 5th next year) and Uranus squaring my Sun from the 6th house (serious illness 10 years ago).

    • Hi Andre, you did not have just Pluto on your Sun, but also Saturn as a ‘bonus’. It must have been gruelling indeed. Congratulations for making it trough this, and best wishes to you!

  4. Thank you for this, Marjorie…it’s great! Interesting to know that one of Henry VIII’s missions while he was here was to demonstrate some of the darker side of the marriage contract.

    • Hi, Barb, I would be really interested to know — and I’m not being facetious at all — where you picked up that “one of Henry VIII’s missions while he was here was to demonstrate some of the darker side of the marriage contract”. (Hard to think of a darker side to the marriage contract than the judicial murdering of TWO wives!) Also, possibly from your same source, what other missions he may have had on earth? My father was a historian who said that only technology kept Henry VIII from being a Stalin. What a monster!

      • Hi Cathy, no “source” besides Marjorie saying above that he was born with Pluto at 29 Libra. I’ve never been curious about his chart so never looked before but seeing that makes sense as that Pluto there dredges up all that is “toxic” in regards to the marriage contract. I tend to think of things in terms of karma and that each of us has a mission while we are here and his life certainly demonstrates the most perverse abuse of that agreement. Hope that explains it but let me know if you need anymore clarification.

  5. Dear Marjorie
    Thank you for this overview and thank you as well to the forum contributors on this topic. On a personal level I have had my concerns with Pluto soon to be hitting opposite my Sun and triggering a T square. And an excellent reading from you Marjorie has helped me prepare. At the same time Pluto has in my lifetime hit my ascendant/Moon/Neptune so I know what its like. Collectively, I hope we can learn to work together to save one another. I hope we can learn to share because then we will all have more of what matters.

    • One problem with astrology is it can sound horrific in advance and when the influences descend they are often not as bad as anticipated.
      I had tr Pluto conjunct Uranus crossing my 12th house Sun when I sat my university finals – and admittedly I thought Armageddon was coming – but I got through somehow much to my surprise and emerged into daylight at the far end.
      The next time round was the tr Pluto (opposition tr Saturn) opposition my Sun and square Moon Uranus – which was when I moved lock, stock and barrel to France. It seemed like a great adventure at the time though looking back was horribly risky and could have gone completely pear shaped.
      Perseverance and stamina seem to be what’s needed. Hang on in there when it hits personal planets and eventually it moves on and you can relax again. Though it is a game changer, for sure.

    • I had Pluto and Uranus hitting my ascendant followed by all my personal planets, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and finally Neptune from birth until my late 20s. The worst of those transits was Pluto conjunct Moon.The first half of life was mentally tough. When Pluto squared my Sun a few years ago, I underwent a gruelling period of intense therapy, which yielded some very positive results. I would certainly echo Marjorie when she mentions ‘perseverance and stamina’ as being one of Pluto’s gifts.

    • I finally had a chance to look and I see what you mean! Four outer planets at 4° of their signs–Jupiter at 4° Leo opposite Pluto at 4° Leo, while Pluto trines Uranus at 4° Gemini and sextiles Neptune at 4° Aries and Jupiter trines Neptune and sextiles Uranus! And early on the 19th the Moon is opposite Neptune too while trining and sextiling the other planets! Very cool! It will be fascinating to see what unfolds!

  6. Do you think you are maybe just selecting relevant facts to fit in with the theory and discarding what doesn’t fit? Problem is this : it is all too easy to make the ‘evidence’ conform to what we already believe, and therefore want to find ; we search
    for confirmation of a pre-established idea rather than looking objectively, and comprehensively, at the complete picture of a period in time.

    • Do feel free to give your ‘objective and complete picture’.
      I didn’t expect to find anything to be honest. Keep your eyes open, your wits about you and try to see the patterns. It is complicated since there are always other forces at play – and the world is always a churning mess with atrocities, disasters and wars somewhere.
      But if you look, to take an example at Pluto in Libra, the divorce rate did spike then upwards and fell back in later years. Etc etc.

    • Jane. I would suggest looking at the Reformation to see how Pluto seems to influence on affairs. There was a Saturn Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn January 1518. In that month Christoph von Scheurl and other friends of Luther translated the Ninety Five Theses into German, since it was originally written in Latin. They then printed and copied it, making it one of the first documents to be done with the help of the printing press. Within two weeks, copies of the Theses had spread throughout Germany. Within six weeks of that, the Theses had been copied across Europe. Luther’s writings reached France, England and Italy by 1519. The architect of the English Reformation Thomas Cromwell rose to power in the government of Henry VIII just as Pluto made its ingress to Aquarius in 1532. He became chief Minister in 1534 when Neptune entered Aries which was the year the Act of Supremacy made Henry VIII head of the Church of England. Interestingly the Boudiccan revolt of 60-61 CE in Britain coincided with another set of ingresses by Pluto to Aquarius and Neptune to Aries. Rather eerily her father Prasutagus appears to have become King of the Iceni in 47 CE which happens to be when Saturn and Pluto made another conjunction in Capricorn. Now this may all be coincidence but it does see that for Britain at least these astrological events seem to coincide with significant turning points particularly in its relationship with Europe. In one case England broke with with the Roman Catholic Church that had dominated western Europe for over a thousand years. In the other case the crushing of the revolt by the Iceni confirmed that much of Britain would be incorporated into the Roman Empire for over three centuries.

  7. Neptune the planet of mystery, transcendence and religion will be in fiery pro-active Aries for much of Pluto’s transit through Aquarius. This combination may well bring revolutionary times, which hopefully will be an improvement on our current age of irrationality.

    • And Neptune and Saturn will be conjunct at the 0° Aries World Point in February 2026. I like to think this symbolizes a reduction (Saturn)of our use of oil and gas (Neptune). This conjunction will form the focal point in a minor grand trine with Pluto in Aquarius trine Uranus in Gemini. I like to think this means massive social changes (Pluto in Aquarius) connected with new modes of transportation (Uranus in Gemini). Of course it will mean other things too but I am pinning my hopes on that, especially since Andre Barbault identified this as a very positive time for humanity. I think astrology can give humanity hope that we can and will tackle our climate problems.

  8. Very interesting post. Thank you. The Pluto’s in Aquarius mentioned were all in the Pisces Age. This will be the first Pluto in the Aquarian Age. This will make it quite an interesting one. Also for each Pluto transition, there is the opposition sign. With the advent of the Aquarian age and Leo (the self), it could be quite a time for exploration in what the self means.

  9. Thank you for such a great post.
    Your analyses are so stellar!

    When Pluto was conjunct my child’s sun, his entire life (no joke) came crashing down with a thud at the age of 17.

    That was three years ago and he’s still rebuilding…
    Such tough lessons. So intense.

    • I have Pluto conjunct my sun right now in my 5th H.. I can empathise. My world has crashed around me. I’m too old to rebuild. He has time and youth. I wish him well.

      • Lena B, It will work out. Pluto can be challenging but it usually provides the grit and perseverance to go along with tough conditions.

        • I’ll add that I’ve noticed a subtle feeling of “drive and confidence” with my Pluto conjunction coming in orb. Hard to articulate, as you can see, but like a layer of spiritual strength unfolding. The grit, hopefully.

          I have this transit sextiled by a Mars-Jupiter conjunction natally, so hoping for as smooth a passage as I can under stormy skies.

        • Now I am really concerned.

          I calculated when tr. Pluto will be conjunct my Sun and it will be right at the time of my Uranus return.

          What would be the impact of both these events happening at the same time? Does that indicate a major accident in life (at that age)?

    • With natal Pluto at 0 Virgo in the 8th house, my only choice in this life has been to meet this fellow directly. I remember thinking as a kid that the one thing I wanted to know how to do was to face evil and be able to hold my ground in integrity. I was a serious kid!!

      In 2000, I saw that Pluto would cross my ascendant in 2005 in Sag. I decided to test astrology.. did it pay to know? Was there any choice in this? For 5 years I tackled everything that would hinder my freedom in 2005. I got my finances in order, sold my house and property, bought a new car, dove into therapy, etc. I even took the month previous to the first pass of Pluto over ascendant off! Oddly, I fell into deep despair, actually. Sure enough… on a certain day… my close friend died in a plane crash. I was supposed to be in the plane and was at the scene. EVERYTHING changed after that, but you know?

      It DID help to know… even as it was happening, I could place the experience into a bigger frame. My life was still profoundly changed and took at least 9 years to sort out, but I had this knowledge of “something more” going on. I could put one foot in front of the other more easily.

      In 2016, transit Pluto was opposed my Sun.. and continues to hit my chart now and for years to come. I focus now on making Pluto my Ally! Of course Life will happen, however… there seems to be an invitation for us.. for me… to invite this Pluto more directly into me… to ground in my power in a very real and tangible way. My path has been through martial arts.. applicable, internal, deep power.. at every level.

      Others of you will find a different way.
      So far, although the transits and SA have certainly opened up Pluto’s doors… I just keep bringing it to the field. i am also careful.. full of care…. in my words, my actions.

      It is about taking on a very deep responsibility, I think.
      and I do think it matters to the world that I do this.. somehow, some way.

      Meet that Pluto, I say!!
      all the best,

      (add to this my SA Mars is SMACK on Algol!!!….)

      • Sandra – intrigued by your account of preparing for Pluto hitting the asc in 2005 i.e.”For 5 years I tackled everything that would hinder my freedom in 2005…”

        Sounds like a perfect description of Pluto going through the 12th. You were working with the energy of letting go ready for the new start!

      • So very brave of you Sandra! You really describe it well and sound as though you have chosen, rightly, to master this thing before it masters you. Not everyone can manage “taking on a very deep responsibility” but it is worth it and I hope that you continue to see the worth of it everyday. I’m bruised and battered by my own battles with Pluto but the feeling of hardiness and inner strength I’d never gotten to any other way. Best wishes.

        • hey Barb,
          I am smiling at your comment.. a smile of connection.
          “bruised and battered”….oh yes. “hardiness and inner strength”…. yes again.
          Pluto transits are life altering and I understand.

          I do appreciate that mine did not kick in until I was 26. I did find that it helped to have the counsel of an older wise woman mentor around that time. When I talked of my depression with her, the first words out of her mouth were, “That’s GREAT!! NOW it gets interesting… this is where the treasures are!” She encouraged my courage, guided me to Jungian therapists, talked of her own journey. I was blessed to be in her wake.

          I think I mean by being deeply responsible you commit to being more Present in your life. Over and over.. in my life, my friends who have died, my clients…. when they are Present IN their suffering, everything shifts. More space. More love.

          I do have a very good sense of humour.
          And I am always aware of the moments of Beauty around me. That is a Pluto gift!!

          And.. I am very aware of my privilege in being able to approach life this way.
          There is choice. I worked bloody hard on all this!…… and there is also privilege.

  10. Great post which I am sure I will reference often. I have been thinking that Pluto in Aquarius signifies the intense collective effort that will be required to confront the existential threat of climate change. Love it when you do the ‘big picture’ stuff. It gives us so much to think about! Many thanks!

    • Hi. I totally agree. I think the energy will be “all hands on deck.”
      And I think the collective hard work will have a huge and incredible pay-off for all of us.

      I wonder if Covid helped to lay the groundwork for some people to go inward, reflect, withdraw and then grow because so much group energy will be required (of/by people who worked on themselves) by Pluto in Aquarius.

  11. Thanks Marjorie, very interesting.

    For me, the stand out themes in your ‘Previous Pluto in Aquarius ….’ para are ‘… inequality’, ‘Industrial Revolution ….’ and ‘scientific advances …’ Now in the 21st Century we are faced with big ticket conversations with the same themes, i.e. the widening gap in inequalities identified and disparities within first world countries and the recent testings of the beginnings of civilian space trips. At the same time we are now actually seeing the true picture of the other spectrum of the Industrial Revolution and it’s prosperity on an environmental level. Just a thought or two.

  12. Evangeline Adams died in Nov 1932. In her 1931 book she predicted the U.S.A would enter into war in 1942,
    a full 9 yrs after her death. She based her prediction on the cycle of Uranus in the USA Gemini chart.
    She noted that during the American Revolution & Civil War, Uranus was in Gemini. Checking her
    ephemeris she noted that Uranus would again enter Gemini in 1941-1942.
    She also noted that Uranus turning Rx then direct would make a series of ‘evil’ squares to the MH of
    her USA Gemini rising chart, specifically on May 21, 1941, 23 January 1942 and again on Feb 14, 1942.
    The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941.

  13. A great read, thank you Marjorie! I just read/studied Andre Barbault’s forecast for the decade ahead yesterday. He loves 2026 and the amount of Outer Planet sextiles and trines starting in July 2026 looks astonishing.

  14. Excellent and interesting article about Pluto through the signs . Aquarius going in to Pluto GIVES ME THE CHILLS though . All that detached heartless icy anarchy of Aquarius at its worst, from the sign directly opposite Leo -the sign of the heart

    • Aquarius is cool and detached yes, and unsentimental, but not heartless. In my experience Aquarius can be very kind and is the sign least likely to be a bully.

    • Jackie – I feel somewhat similar although I think we probably need some detached iciness to start dealing with some of the planet’s real troublemakers instead of those they point their fingers at. Off with their heads!! My fear of the era is it becomes all about conformity, witch hunts and an ever more virtual world.

      DavidW – good points. Aquarius can be kind, it’s just not very good at letting anyone get close to it which feels unkind to those who like things to be personal! It’s not much of a bully because it won’t let itself get drawn into a fight. Again, it would be nice to get away from this constant reactiveness we currently see in the world. Maybe we can find some co-operation and consensus rather than turning everything into a fight.

      Personally speaking, I have placements in both Leo-Aqua so know both sides of the energy. I am hopeful it will be a positive time for me personally. Although, by how oppositions play out, I will probably spend my time wishing for more Leonine-type interactions.

    • I love—from a distance! the heart-level engagement and dignity that Leo can embody at its best. My North node is there. But I struggle with having my South Node in Aquarius conjunct Saturn. It should be noted that Leo’s shadow side can be pathologically self-centered.

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