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  1. Nikole Hannah-Jones won the Pulitzer prize for her 1619 project. She has just now had the privilege of declining an offer of tenure at UNC and is now off to Howard University instead.

  2. The new Chile Constitutional Convention was declared open on Saturday, by the secretary, at 12.44 PM. see link below.


    Already delayed almost 3 hours by demonstrations clashing with police, the chart seems to promise something feisty and spicy. The Sun right on MC sextile Uranus and the Moon in conjunction. Mars and Venus in the Leo 11 house. The assembly could simply be racing ahead to a radical result? I wish them well.
    Though, as the 1 house is in Libra and Sun, Moon and Uranus must work through Cancer and Taurus there must be some brakes on this proces. Also, the dark forces of the past are lurking in the 4 house as Pluto.

    On the first day, an indigenous woman, Elisa Loncôn, was elected to chair the convention. She was traditionally dressed to make clear her Mapuche origin. That gives to me an impression that confirms the chart.

  3. Thanks for your answer Majorie ( i misspelt you last time sorry!) I expected it to be Neptunian influences to be honest. I got so excited when Pluto hit Capricorn expecting there to be some sort of utopian end result after a few years of scorched earth flattening of corrupt institutions and people who do not have the general publics best interests at heart. Its been a let down in the end, maybe i do not have the understanding of Pluto I thought i did, to me a Pluto opp Mars would have been an individuals will thwarted by organisations that had control over them (the courts)

    Very interesting that Epstein had the same Eclipse energy going on, I hope you are right about others being ready for a downfall, if Pluto cannot get corrupt power bases levelled in Capricorn, when can it?!

  4. The midpoint of Gareth Southgate’s SA Venus (16 deg Sagittarius) and SA Jupiter (22 deg Sagittarius) is picked up by the solar eclipse at 19 degrees of Gemini that took place in June this year.

  5. I think it’s ‘interesting’ from an astrologocal viewpoint that Cosby, Franco and Allison Mack ( from NXIVM sex cult) all managed to avoid true justice on the same day for protracted sex related crimes. Mack could be argued to not be acting autonomously but she seemed very proactive in the cult.

    Margorie, I thought it may be Eclipse energy in action, but cannot see any connections in their charts to either Eclipse in Gemini. Is it coincidence or do you think another particular astrological effect is in play that can explain it?

    • The recent Gemini Eclipse had a slippery New Moon square Neptune. And possibly more significantly for these events a Mars opposition Pluto which isn’t exactly a shining beacon for fairness and justice.
      Oddly enough having looked it up the previous Solar Eclipse to Epstein’s slap-on-the-wrist sentence in 2006 for multiple underage sexual assaults which he spent in a holiday camp – also had a Mars opposition Pluto.
      I’ve also a faint sense we are seeing the end games of Pluto about to clear a sign. In 2006 it was moving towards the end of Sagittarius. Pluto is lord of the underworld, associated with the criminal classes, power, lust, rage, greed in its negative form. There will be an almighty battle going on in the mythological/celestial world between the forces of good and evil, right and wrong, as Pluto tries to leave its stamp on the era. No saying which will get the upper hand but it will throw a good deal of sh** up from the bottom of the barrel.
      On a political level several of the thuggish/bully-boy leaders are in trouble – Bolsonaro, Erdogan, Modi as well as Trump, Boris Johnson etc. Some will live to fight another day through this decade but Pluto will clear some off the stage for good.

  6. Ms. Orr: As a Native American from the States, I would be very interested in your interpretation or reading of the news regarding the discovery of unmarked graves at Canada’s First Nation’s reeducation facilities, and how it relates to Canada’s arc of history and perhaps the country’s future as it addresses (or tries to forget) these acts of genocide.

  7. Marjorie–Have you done a post re Allen Weisselberg, Trump’s now-indicted CFO? If so, can you provide the date? Would love to know your analysis of his prospects. Thanks!

  8. Does planet Earth have a chart?
    I feel like she deserves one.

    As an astrologer, how can you look at natural events (the heat dome, loss of coral reefs, glacier melts etc.) and analyze them with astrology?

    I see that you use country/location “birthdates” but the land, waterways & the air have existed before any villages or towns. So how does it work? And what does astrology say about humans and what we’ve done to the natural environment and what is occurring right now? (Weather events & pollution events-China nuke plant accident, Japan’s accident, plastic & man-made chemicals contaminating so much of our world.)

  9. The end is finally here…Prosecutors say Trump Org gave Weisselberg approximately $1.17 million in untaxed income. “https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/trump-organization-charges-07-01-21/index.html”

    “The indictment says the company maintained internal spreadsheets tracking the amounts it paid for Weisselberg’s rent, utilities and garage expenses, and that it accordingly reduced the amount of direct compensation to account for the expenses it was paying for him. The company didn’t withhold income taxes on the indirect compensation, and Weisselberg reported only his direct compensation on his tax returns, according to the indictment.”

    That’s not a light at the end of the tunnel…it’s the steam locomotive heading toward Trump et al. Finally.

    Trump 2024 – The Reckoning. In-line with the astrologics.

  10. My husband is a libra and not slimy at all. But he does carry the libra indecisiveness. And since he has had multiple strokes it has become worse. So instead of asking, “do you want a tea or a coffee?” I have to ask, “Would you like mug of tea?” And if he refuses I do the same request with coffee etc. It may take a while but nowhere as long as asking him to make a choice.

  11. The long awaited and late(understandably) Pew Research breakdown of the 2020 voter and demographic profile is finally here. As expected, Biden achieved the same 43% of white voters that Obama got in 2008. Which means this is the ceiling for Dems among white folks at this time and risky to dip below this number to win. Hillary got the same 39% of this group as Obama did in his 2012 reelection. And contrary to popular belief, black voter turnout for both were roughly the same. So the major deciding demographic seems to be….Independents.
    What shocked me was Trump actually improved among white women and lost ground among white men than 2016! What the…&@#€¥.
    I stand corrected in this regard as this is surprisingly backward.


    • Wow, yes very interesting about the increase in white women voters for Trump. I wonder what’s behind that. Maybe he made them laugh??? You know they say women in general like when a man makes them laugh. Anyway, anything in his astrology vs transits of the time to indicate??

  12. Hiya Marjorie have you any new insight into the court case ruling here today in n.ireland that the protocol and Brexit didn’t break any laws.and what may come out of it …as we here in n.Ireland are back to “unionists fury” and unionists are planning protests at drumcree to show their fury..as it’s the eus fault and Ireland’s and USA and now the courts fault for coming to their conclusion (typical though)

    • To be honest none of them – Kane, Sterling or Southgate – are showing much on their charts – without birth times

    • Transits wise Southgate has transiting Pluto trining his natal VirgoPluto is a very positive influence, but also squaring his Libra Venus. I think he’s out of contract or they’re considering extending him. He’s a good corporate man with that Libra moon/venus and after the debacles of McClaren, Capello, Hodgson and Allardyce I’m sure the FA will renew him if he’s willing to take it.

      But in a year or two, transiting Neptune opposes that Virgo Pluto so I won’t be surprised to see it all fall apart for him whether he’s England manager or moved on somewhere else. Also a Uranian shake-up to his Taurus Saturn due around that time.

      His chart is so full of Virgo (Sun, Mercury, Pluto and probably Mars), saturn in Taurus it’s no surprise that he’s accused of being cautious and playing boring football.

      • In 1996 Neptune was where Pluto is now. I find it interesting how a different outer planet transit can bring such a different result to the same issue/theme. Yes both trined Southgate’s Pluto/MercRx, although he has quite a lot of virgo midpoints as well.

        Other factors in 1996:
        -He also had that lingering tr Pluto square to his natal Mars/SN/BML – no surprises there.
        -Venus was retrograde and had stationed in a square to that natal Merc/Pluto

        Other factors in 2021:
        Tr Jupiter on NN, opposite natal Mars/BML

        That Saturn in Taurus does at least have some interesting astro features, being the handle on a bucket and stationary.

  13. ” A top US commander warned Afghanistan risked sliding into civil war as the last US troops leave.” See previous post: April 14 2021

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