Canada heatwave – Eclipse markers

Dozens of people have died in Canada amid an unprecedented heatwave with temperatures up to 20 degrees above average. Lytton in British Columbia reached a record 49.6C on Tuesday, more than five degrees hotter than Canada’s former highest temperature, which, until this week, stood for 84 years.

 The Canada national chart isn’t too informative but the recent 10 June Solar Eclipse set for Vancouver certainly is. It puts a can-be-destructive Pluto conjunct the Midheaven in a brutal opposition to Mars in the domestic 4th.

  The Lunar Eclipse of 24 May, still in effect, is much the same with Pluto in the 10th opposition Mars in the 4th on the IC; and disruptive and ‘unique’ Uranus on the Ascendant.

  Vancouver itself was incorporated on 6 April 1886 and it has a ‘collision’ Solar Arc Mars square the Sun exactly now. British Columbia, 20 July 1871,  is in a tumultuous time of change picking up last year with tr Pluto opposition the Uranus and in a confused square to Neptune, continuing through this year and then tr Pluto opposing the Sun in 2022/23 so there will be challenges ahead.  

  For events like this often Eclipse charts are the most useful.  

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  1. Some further technical explanations for the Canadian heat dome. Includes reasons why the jet stream actually keeps it “in place”.


    Nothing conspiratorial about it.

  2. Yes it is newsworthy. But if you look at the weather in Utah or Nevada and other southwestern states where it can become unbearable in the summer, it might have some bearing on the situation.

    Just because it has been given a different name, ie global warming or climate change doesn’t mean this is an unnatural occurrence. But it might mean that those that live in these areas might have to relocate in the summer months. Which is what migratory behaviour is all about. I am sure that the British Colombia chart will bear this out.

    • This would be the equivalent of Utah or Nevada hitting 150F in the summer. Its just not normal, cyclical, or sustainable. The pacific northwest is where people relocate to in the summer to avoid the unbearable heat & humidity elsewhere. We are running out of places to migrate to.

      • Not just the heat but the intense, dense smoke from wild fires in the regions surrounding us. Couple yrs ago, visibility here was down to 1/2 mile. Even without intense heat domes, there’s no palce for the smoke from forest & wild fires to go…when prevailing winds blow the wrong way. Punks and people who light off fireworks are the causes of some fires.

        I hv a face mask with charcoal cannisters which I wear during these periods. Otherwise, I develop horrible sinus infections, and my throat closes off. No fun! Times like today, it is only 65 degrees, nice and cool, even for summer.

        Still, it wasn’t like this in the late 1980’s when I moved here. Global volcanos spouting off dust, etc do alter the weather patterns significantly.

  3. 49.6 is an astonishing temperature for such a high latitude. It would be newsworthy here in Australia which absolutely bakes in summer.

  4. The Canadian border remains closed to the US, so far fewer people are affected (no tourists).

    I’ve lived in Seattle for 35 yrs; this is new territory for this region. The odd weather patterns are the main culprits but what caused the high pressure dome to appear at all?

  5. Christ, 49.6 celsius? We in the coastal North East of England would struggle at 30 celsius. My mother was whingeing recently when it hit 24 celsius in the car with the windows down! And here’s me having dreams of visiting Havana someday. I’m not sure now I could deal with the heat. Do they know the particular why’s of such a freakish heatwave?

  6. How intriguing, Marjorie!!… the BC birth chart! And that eclipses are the thing to note.

    That natal Pluto in Taurus in the 8th…. mega resource extraction for sure. I just found out that there are MANY mines all along the BC / Alaska border… some active, some not… leeching deadly toxins into local streams and rivers.. with no government effort to hold these companies accountable. Likely because these were all approved by many different provincial governments in the past. The SA Pluto!!… conj nMars and nAsc… and also quincunx nPluto.

    The Earth is giving a big shrug… you can just feel it.

    It may be okay in Vancouver/Victoria, but the Interior of BC… where Lytton is, plus the highly populated Okanagan valley from Osoyoos to Kamloops to Lytton…. they are still baking. My Mom is on the 3rd floor of a nice senior’s residence.. top floor.. NO air conditioning…. this is not good.

    I work in health care and am certainly seeing a lot of people who are quietly, deeply stressed.
    Me included as the days go by….
    I DID see a teenage heron perched on a log in the lake… newly off of the nest.
    Had a long visit…. that was something nice!

    • I appreciate your thoughtful post. I live in S. California near the ocean, but I had lived in Pasadena for many years & we’d have heatwaves up to 10 days of over 100 (up to 110–sorry, Fahrenheit-I’m a Yankee). 120 here would be record breaking too.

      Isn’t Uranus in Taurus right now? (My sun is Taurus) It reminds me of an old TV ad—Don’t Mess With Mother Nature! I guess “we” aren’t going to listen to her-we haven’t for a long time.

      I know this is a time of great change. For me, I’m sad that we humans are such a disappointing species in terms of caring for….everything & everyone.

      I have butterflies & birds , squirrels & wandering cats visiting and am grateful to live in beauty & peace.

      • Hey Kg it’s very sad human greed and disregard
        I too am very lucky to have over 10 species of bird visit daily aswell as resident squirrels visiting butterflies and bugs ☀️ Nature is truth we must take comfort preserve what we can!
        If the birds stop singing then we know it’s game over hope always for wildlife

  7. Yesterday, Vancouver cooled to a balmy 32º which was a blessed relief from days of 39º.

    From my window I can see a bike priority street. An average summer day will see a steady flow of commuters and hobbyists. During the recent heat there were only a few tortured souls.

    24º is forecast for the next ten days or so, it’s back to seasonal temperatures.

  8. Marjorie is that why the vancouver property prices or so high? An average old family home is over a million dollars. Will it ever go down ?

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