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  1. 2-0 Well done to Gareth Southgate, Raheem Sterling & Harry Kane! Jupiter on Southgate’s North Node and trine his natal Jupiter in Scorpio is really paying off.

    • Yes, VF, wild excitement here!
      I have looked at the planetary line up for England, 5th March, 1870. What’s interesting is Sun/Mars at 14-15 Pisces, sextile Jupiter/Pluto at 16 Taurus – I suspect tr Uranus at 13 Taurus is already helping raise the energy levels. Plus, curiously, Pluto is now two degrees away from conjuncting England’s South Node, with BML trine from 27 Taurus. Tr Jupiter in Pisces is conjunct the England 1870 Venus at 29 Aquarius. I thought the Pluto transit to the S. Node was appropriate for such a loaded game with Germany.

      • Oh, many thanks for that interesting Astro information Jane. I had been worrying about Harry Kane’s Mars in Virgo with Transit Neptune currently in opposition, but he came good today.

        • Yes you can really see the manifestations of that Neptune transit to Harry Kane’s chart I think. He is not himself at all, but today’s goal was wonderful.

      • And PS – I think this 5th March 1870 chart might work quite well. For the famous 30 July, 1966 England vs W Germany Jupiter was conjunct the England Uranus, with tr Uranus and Pluto sextile, and trining the England Jupiter/Pluto in Taurus. Interestingly, BML at 13 Pisces was conjunct the England Sun and Mars. There are more aspects than these I’ve mentioned, but you can see what I mean I hope?!

  2. Marjorie, are you banning me from your site? I apologise if I have caused you or anyone else offense. But I can’t fix it if I don’t know what it is that I have done.

    • Linda, This is an astrology site not a chat forum. I’m ok with some non-astrological background but within limits. Nor is is a murder case forum. While the Elizabeth Short background is interesting up to a point there’s little the astrology can add to what’s already been said.
      If you’re interested in the astrology I suggest you pick up more info – the net has a wealth of sites that can broaden your understanding of it.

    • Linda, Marjorie is quite fair and relaxed to a point in terms of the flow of conversations that take place here. However I think my understanding is it’s okay to comment off astrology to a point but link it to such by way of asking or referring to a particular astrological point or question. Or at the very least weave the comment so someone can. Non astrological comments mostly are done so whether at the beginning or at the end, or piggybacking to clarify any given comment. Others much more savvy will drive it along and then the conversation is interesting. I read a lot of your comments and I thought, okay what does that mean and how does it do any of the above. Hope that makes sense. Just my thought or two.

      • *sorry meant to say … or piggybacking off the astrology ….

        To add. Even a basic understanding helps to enjoy and learn from the posts, and makes you more curious to les more.

  3. Kim losing weight, and pics of him show someone in distress. I read your April update for NKorea…not looking good anytime w/i the next 5 yrs. Is his health tied into the NKorea astrologics as well? If he falls, woe to the common people there… ;-(

  4. Don’t recall my posting this, so pls forgive if a repeat…

    **** Mike Pence to run for president in 2024 ****

    So how does “Trump’s lapdog” identify himself as having integrity and competence to do the job, if elected?

    All the best, legally-registered-and-living American voters.

    ‘supposed to be 110F+ here in the seattle area on Monday. Toasty.

  5. Sajid Javid is new Health Secretary 5 December 1969 Rochdale. Marjorie, I think you did something on him? I will search and see. But what you think re an update in this latest role. Must be slim pickings.

  6. After some research on The Lady From Shanghai on the imdb trivia site, it appears that the studio was shut down on the 15th January 1947 by strike action brought about by Orson Welles with the help of friends painting a set when one of the studio bosses refused to pay the enormous overtime that would have to be paid if they had worked on the Saturday.

    However on the same site there is given three different time frames when he did all this painting. One says it was just the Saturday, another that it was the whole weekend and the last says it took a whole week. If it had taken a week would the studio have been closed down during this time?

    Anyway it appears I was wrong about the studio being used for a snuff film. Unless Elizabeth Short had been murdered elsewhere and kept on ice elsewhere presumably after she had bisected and mutilated. Then that would make sense.

    Now the Colombia Studios were on North Gower Street along with 2 cemeteries that had funeral homes, crematoriums, crypts, and gardens if remembrance. Separately one of them opened in the latec19th century and the other in the 1920s. They went under the umbrella title, The Hollywood Memorial Park. They were run by the notorious Frederick Roth also known as Jules Roth. He also ran other cemeteries and .I believe The Holy Cross Mortuary. Let us just say a lot of embezzling took place. And that there were found to be a lot doubling up of graves. He is worth reading about as one of the notorious people in Hollywood.

    The other mortuary was The Hollywood Mortuary on Sunset Blvd. This was also close to the Studios and Hodel’s home on Franklin Street. What makes this interesting is that the haberdasher next door was the office of the notorious gangster Mickey Cohen. He was an associate and enforcer for Bugsy Sieges. Which I suppose makes the mortuary rather convenient.

    Ivwasn’t able to find out who if anyone famous was employed at these establishments. But as for Leslie Dillon, I could only discover that he had been a mortician’s assistant in Oklahoma.

  7. I have tried to access the site that houses all of Orson Welles collection. I am just not savvy enough for I keep getting the fields wrong. But anyway it is The Lilly Library that holds his archive. And evidently it is an application to register as a mortician’s assistant. The library is located in Bloomington Indiana on the University campus.

    In this particular time, what with Covid restrictions, actually going there might be easier then the digital site that handles archives for a multitude of libraries and universities. So you have been warned.

    But if anyone is keen to do it, I would be grateful if you kept me in the loop.

    • Thank you for all your research on the case, Linda. You have certainly given me much food for thought on Welles and others who may have been involved.

  8. Re- The Black Dahlia

    Steven Hodel doesn’t agree with my theory that Orson Welles was involved in Elizabeth’s murder by virtue of making a snuff film. He assumes that I got my information from this woman whose last name is Pacios. I didn’t.

    He doesn’t refer to any of the points that I made concerning the mortuary assistant registration document, the destruction of the original footage: the house of mirrors sequence in The Lady From Shanghai; or that the replacement footage features Rita Hayworth is posed as the Minotaur with wounds that mimic those on Elizabeth Short. And finally he doesn’t refer to the fact that Welles had shut the studio down on the 15th January 1947.

    He claims that his father and Orson Welles were only passing acquaintances, through John Huston. And although I didn’t mention it in the emails that I sent, it is known that Welles attended Hodel’s sex parties.

    I’ll leave it for those that are interested to make up their own minds.

  9. Will and Kate know perfectly well that they and their children shouldn’t travel together for security reasons. And I think they need to take it more seriously now. Though Ms ambitions, which know no bounds , for once hits the nail squarely on the head.

  10. Lady C. Has also mentioned that MM has been buying thousands of her own book and donating the said books to libraries. Presumably to avoid paying back the half a million advance. Evidently this has been usual since the 40s and 50s.

  11. Evidently just prior to their appearance on Oprah, Prince Charles told Harry and Meghan that in an effort to slim down the monarchy he wouldn’t be making Archie a prince when he (Prince Charles) became king. Hence, Meghan’s hysterical performance.

  12. Hello…Derek Chauvin will be sentenced sometime today. His lawyer requested a new trial for illogical reasons. Was re-reading the blogs of Chauvin’s astro-cartography; doesn’t look too upbeat for him. Plus, additional charges for overly aggressive manhandling of a 14 yr old, and other inappropriate police group activities.

    Boy, this guy has it coming.

  13. Well I fear we might look to look at Matt Hancock’s chart again, fairly sure there are about 10 plays on his name I could use but we can all imagine what they might be. He seems to be Teflon coated I have to say. Sleaze on sleaze.

  14. Would you please look at Oprah’s transits again? She enabled so much lying by H and M. I’ve read that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and their children have been receiving death threats since M’s allegations against Catherine aired. I think Oprah has some culpability in some of this. Also, Lady C mentioned that M was overheard stating, “we are one plane crash away from inheriting the throne.”
    Any transits showing that H and M will be held accountable and indicted for crimes, such as treason (if proven that they have interfered with line of succession)?
    Thank you.

  15. I dont usually mention personal stuff, but by golly this full moon in Cap is breaking my heart. Its directly opp my moon and venus. Also its at the exact degree that transiting Saturn was on the day my father died.
    I feel this sea of tears inside that I dont know what to do with, and it physically hurts. My mind is going to dark places.

      • Yes it was a real toughie.
        The Tower archetype was if full view with all those poor souls in Miami.
        And then Hong Kong is absolutely gutting.
        But thank you Louisa, for me the pain is receeding.
        And while Im not a big fan of vengeance, for the first time after four years of aural bullying, I serenaded my noisy student neighbours with the Sex Pistols, Led Zepplin, The Jam, The Animals, Laurie Anderson, Jimi Hendrix, Massive Attack, Tricky and Grace Jones in quick succession and at TOP VOLUME!

        Its strangely quiet around here now 😉

  16. Dear Marjorie,

    Just want to follow-up on your post on 10th August 2020, about the Hong Kong tabloid Apple Daily and its owner Jimmy Lai. Unfortunately, Apple Daily has announced its closure, and it has just printed its final edition today (24 June).


    It seems that the reality is far worse than you predicted. Any further input please?

    • Just to say before Marjorie answers, its truly awful Johnny and I cant tell you how much I feel for you.
      Not just me, I’d wager there are millions of Britons who are looking on with alarm and horror for you all.

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