John McAfee – living on the edge

John McAfee, the antivirus software pioneer has killed himself in a Barcelona jail after learning he would be extradited to the US on tax evasion and fraud charges.

  A troubled but inventive maverick, he had been beaten by his alcoholic military father, who shot himself when McAfee was in his teens. He himself developed a severe addiction problem, doing acid before work, snorting cocaine off his desk while drinking a bottle of whisky in a day. He got clean in his late thirties and started his field-leading anti-virus software company which he ultimately sold for $7.7billion in 2010.

   But his life despite being drink/drug free was hot mess, with three marriages, the final one to a former prostitute and he had a harem of lovers. He settled in Belize to avoid tax evasion charges but fled after being implicated in the murder of a neighbour.  He made no effort to hide that he didn’t pay US tax, saying repeatedly that he didn’t believe in the system.

  He was born 18 September 1945 12 noon (rectified time) Cinderford, England, and had a Virgo Sun square an experimental and rebellious Uranus in the 8th. His Uranus was also in a wide Air Grand Trine to an Aquarius Moon trine Neptune Jupiter in Libra, formed into a talented Kite by Moon opposition Pluto. Such a prominent Pluto would make him obsessive, stubborn to the nth degree with extraordinary staying power and considerable issues around sexuality and control. A bulldozer who disliked any authority figures. 

  He also had his Mars in Cancer conjunct the North Node square Jupiter Neptune and Chiron in Libra. Jupiter Neptune is often found in high-finance charts or where there are illusions, delusions and dreams beyond sense.

  If his birth time is reasonably accurate then Mars and Uranus both in his 8th would get his hackles up about paying taxes, never mind having a control-freak Pluto.

  This year he has had tr Saturn and tr Uranus both in hard aspect to his Moon and Pluto, the driving rod of his Grand Trine which would stoke up his wilfulness and refusal to be boxed in to unbearable levels.

  He had a strong businessman’s, get-it-together 5th harmonic; an experimental/genius/breakthrough 13H; a global superstar 22H; and a wheel of fortune, good and bad 10H.

An intriguing and impossible man.

Pic: Gage Skidmore  

9 thoughts on “John McAfee – living on the edge

  1. There is nothing merciful about US justice. There are people in some states that get locked up and do hard labour for minor debt problems. And when they get out will return to prison if they don’t get a job, a place to live and finish paying off the debt and paying the fine, if there is one, within an extremely short period of time. So of course far too many just don’t have a hope of doing that at all!

  2. Marina, I read that too. Yet as I understood it he has been suicidal in the past. So it is difficult to gauge whether he did or didn’t. Some suicides don’t really want to cause their loved ones any pain. But it certainly would cause problems in Spain if there was thought to be a hit man loose in their prison. I personally think while he meant what he said that he wouldn’t commit suicide he did do so in a moment of weakness.

  3. Also by all accounts he did NOT suicide. He left tweets in his twitter account saying if he was found hanged, it would not be by his own hand.

    • It’s just been reported that a Q image (meaning Q-anon) was posted on his Instagram account after he died. No doubt he’s been hacked by these dangerous crazies to prove a point. Or a close friend of his was told by John to do it should he die while in custody. He sounds from the astrology like he was a very talented creative but a monumental, angry, self-entitled arsehole who craved his privilege and luxury lifestyle. These are the kinds of arrogant elitists who won’t be missed. I wonder who will receive his money?

  4. He once twittered that he has Scorpio rising. With 9 events Starkman rectified his chart to 10.41.26 BST Asc 4Sco50′.
    MC conjunct Pluto, sextile Uranus. square helio Mars. Helio Mercury, 8th ruler, conjunct Pluto and square Asc. Mercury square Uranus in 8th.
    Converse transit Pluto is square MC, converse transit Neptune is trine MC.
    This suicide event gives Dido, suicide, exactly conj Starkman’s rectified MH.
    Transiting Lynch, hanging, exactly trines his natal Venus, the neck.

  5. It says a lot for the US “justice” and prison system if he committed suicide rather than be subjected to its tender mercies.

    • I don’t disagree with your underlying point but he is also 76 years-old.

      According to Marjorie’s profile, he was never going to accept being boxed in for the rest of his life. After giving the States the run around for all these years, I doubt he would get a decent plea bargain, even if he was willing to compromise himself and negotiate one.

      He knew he’d had his fun and went out on his own terms!

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