Britney Spears – caged in a legal nightmare ++ mother ++ Sam Asghari

Britney Spears let fly with both barrels in an impassioned court testimony about the ‘abusive’ conservatorship that has governed her life for 13 years, giving her father control of her finances and her personal life. This is the first time she has been able to speak out publicly. She talked of wanting another child which had been denied since she had no control over her medical care, was forced to take medications she did not want and had been forced to perform against her will. She said it “made no sense” that the conservatorship deemed her able to perform at the highest level of the entertainment industry, but she was unable to make basic life decisions or spend the money she is earning.

   Even given the lunacies of the American legal system it does seem bizarre and inhumane in the extreme no matter how finely balanced her mental health is. Fuller details of her stressed relationship with her controlling father are below from an older post.

  She’s not looking too happy in the immediate future with an undermining tr Neptune opposition her Mars till early 2023 and emotional challenges from tr Pluto conjunct her Venus and square her Pluto till late this year. The Eclipses are also jarring her Sagittarius Sun, Mercury through this year casting a shadow over the start of 2022.

  Her relationship with her father, disruptive and resentful at the best of times, is on a long swampy slide with tr Neptune opposition the Uranus and Pluto this year and next, and then the Sun in 2023/24. It’s a one-sided, harsh relationship with hints of unfair treatment or downright cruelty.

 Jaimie Spears, 6 July 1952, is a rebellious and can-be-fanatical Sun Venus Uranus in Cancer square Neptune Saturn; with a pushy Jupiter in indulgent Taurus square Pluto. He’s in an up and down year with losses and setbacks from tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint now and till late 2022; but he’ll have a lucky break from July onwards for a few weeks with good news. 2022/2023 look a good deal less cheerful with financial cutbacks and frustrations. He stands to lose a healthy income if he loses control.

  Her mother Lynne Spears, 4 May 1955, has been divorced, reconciled and separated from her father. She’s a downbeat and stubborn Taurus Sun opposition Saturn in Scorpio with her Saturn in an unyielding square to Pluto and trine a lucky Uranus Jupiter in Cancer. Her Sun falls in Britney’s 8th so it’s a deep connection and with her Sun Saturn falling across Britney’s 8/2nd houses there will be financial issues to the fore. And Lynne’s Uranus Jupiter falling in Britney’s 10th does suggest career success is also an issue. 

  The relationship chart between Lynne and Britney has an elusive and confused composite Sun square Neptune with a strained Sun inconjunct Uranus Pluto. And another unkind/unfair composite Mars square Saturn, reflecting the relationship with her father.

  Lynne’s relationship chart with Jaimie is head-in-the-clouds with a composite Sun Jupiter trine Neptune sitting side by side with a domineering, resentful, power-struggling composite Mars Pluto sextile Saturn Neptune – that wasn’t a healthy relationship.

Post November 11 2020

The #freeBritney campaign and pleas from Britney Spears herself have failed to sway a US judge into removing her father as conservator of her estate. It seems an odd decision since her lawyer said she was “afraid” of him, had no “viable working relationship” with him, had not spoken in a “long while” and that she would not perform so long as he remained in the role. Her mother who appeared at the hearing described the relationship between Britney and her father as ‘toxic’.

  Since her breakdown in 2007 she has not controlled her financial affairs or many of her career decisions under the court-enacted agreement. Her father and attorney have managed her assets and personal life – including being able to restrict her visitors and communicate with doctors about her treatment.

  The relationship chart with her father is strikingly difficult   – with a power-struggling and unstable composite Sun, Pluto, Uranus conjunction and a one-sided, ‘unfair-treatment’ composite Mars Saturn conjunction. It certainly wouldn’t foster a co-operative or amiable mood between them. It’s also tied together in a fated way with a composite Yod of Neptune sextile Uranus Pluto inconjunct Venus in Aries; with Venus opposition Mars Saturn. Relationship Yods tend to lash together individuals in a life-changing way which irrevocably affects the trajectory of both their lives. The Hard-edged, aggravating Mars Saturn may also square the composite Moon.  All in all not a great chemistry.

  His Sun, Venus, Uranus in Cancer fall in her career 10th, his Mars in ultra-determined Scorpio in her financial 2nd and his Jupiter in her business-finances 8th. And his Neptune is conjunct her Saturn which will induce suspicion.

  She looks, not surprisingly, very uptight now with Solar Arc Pluto conjunct her Mercury putting her under mental strain; plus discouraging tr Pluto square her Saturn/Pluto midpoint and then in a career-losses square to her Jupiter/Saturn through February and on and off till late 2022. She will start to cheer up from late April 2021 onwards in patches. And some of the family tensions and tug-of-war may diminish slightly as tr Saturn and Jupiter move out of her 4th into her performing/sociable 5th from this New Year. But it’ll be an emotionally intense and not always supportive year with tr Pluto conjunct her Venus and tr Neptune opposition her Mars.

Her present beau Sam Asghari, a personal trainer and former model, has been around since 2016. Born 23 March 1994 in Iran, he has an Aries Sun exactly on her Descendant and his Venus in Aries also in her 7th both of which are ideal and chime well with her Sagittarius Sun as does his Leo Moon. There will be some tricky moods to overcome since his highly strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn is conjunct her Venus and square her Saturn Pluto. His Jupiter in Scorpio matches hers and falls in her 2nd house of money, so both will be extravagant.

  Their relationship chart has a marked mutually supportive composite Jupiter Pluto conjunction square the Sun and trine Venus as well as probably opposition the composite Moon. While they hold together with common aims all will be well, but if it ever slides into a oneupmanship contest it can get awkward with Jupiter Pluto which can be controlling.

 There will be some undermining moments through 2022 to 2024 with tr Neptune square the Mars/Saturn midpoint, then Saturn then Uranus.

18 thoughts on “Britney Spears – caged in a legal nightmare ++ mother ++ Sam Asghari

  1. I don’t know if this is too late to ask, Marjorie, but is it possible to look at and add Britney’s boyfriend, Sam Asghari, to the post to see if the same family money grabbing and controling pattern has followed into her relationship or if he is a genuine help in her life. They’ve been dating since 2016 and have had a couple of hiccups but seem to have weathered the storm. He was born March 23, 1994, Tehran, Iran. No birth time unfortunately.

      • Thanks very much!

        Just saw some pap shots of them in Hawaii where they are staying at the moment and he was doing muscle poses for the paparazzi, for Christ’s sake, yet pretending he wasn’t aware of the long lenses. Someone who clearly knows they are being watched and loving every second of it and probably called the paps out himself and told them which appartment balcony they were on to know where to point their cameras. And probably pocketed the cash himself?

        Britney just looked her usual dishevelled, distracted and anxious self. I was on the fence about him before but now I think he just wreaks of opportunism as well as narcissism (which go hand in hand). Interesting that his Scorpion Jupiter falls in her 2nd House. The baby they so want would unlock that key! I think Britney’s ex-husband, Kevein Federline, is getting $70k a month for their 2 sons. While Britney is allowed $96k a year and told what she can and cannot spend it all on and must have the receipts to prove where the cash went. What an awful situation to be in at almost 40!

  2. While it’s easy to say “end the conservatorship” (and I think it should), I’m not sure doing that will makes thing any much better for Britney. The problem I foresee is that she gets her freedom, and ends up in a series of terrible relationships / situations that mirror her father. I think she’s emotionally still that little girl at the Disney Club – always performing for validation.

    (Side note: I wonder if the birth time is a few minutes off. She has a very early Cancer ascendant but I think her public image is much more Gemini. Tall, thin, slightly scattergun, but active and fun. The two music videos I recall of hers were dressed as a school girl and an air hostess – which are both Gemini themes)

  3. She has pluto saturn conjuct in the first house. She has been restricted all her life. Not to say the responsabilities put on her shoulder from a very young age. Poor girl.

  4. She’ll be 40 this year. That would probably put her solar arc Saturn (father and professional life) at 29 degrees Scorpio, 1 degree/year away from changing into a brand new sign (a new life chapter) and conjuncting her Uranus – Freedom! She’s starting the shouting now, good for her!

      • It came before that. Her SatRet was circa 2011-12. The conservatorship was placed on her in 2008. That’s around the time transit Pluto was moving into Capricorn and therefore crossing her IC and into her 4th – prisoner at home / to family.

        It’s the sort of transit that expects you to look deeply into your past, your roots and figure out what matters to you. To undo all the family baggage and begin to build your own life. It’s possible the conservatorship may stay in effect until Pluto moves into Aqua and her 5th in 2023-24.

  5. I think Britney has been used by people her entire life. Not least the justice system! At the very least he could change her conservatorship to someone that could actually help her on her way to independence, so that she isn’t suddenly cast adrift.

    When a family member becomes a conservator, that person isn’t supposed to profit from it. In any case what he has done is to turn his daughter into a slave. I wish Britney well in her endeavours in becoming free from this monster. And I hope the first thing she does is change her slave name Spears to something else.

  6. I’m horrified that Britney’s father has been able to get away with this kind of perverse misogynistic behaviour and been abled by the courts (probably for financial backhanders, no doubt!). He is the personification of the male archetype in the The Handmaid’s Tale. Other celebrities have had public breakdowns and haven’t been put through this monstrous situation by their family members and courts.

    Knowing what we now know it really does put her public meltdown and hairshaving incident into full clarity – who wouldn’t have done the same thing out of desperation? I’m thinking much of her mental and emotional problems are down to his presence in her life and her family sitting back when the abuse has taken place. He hasn’t become like this because she became famous. He has been like this in some form way before she was even known.

    I think with the MeToo movement having taken place people are more likely to take Britney’s situation seriously than before it happened. She’s been crying out for years and I’m hoping now is her time to get her control back. I can only imagine if the courts rule in her favour what a controlling and evil horror this disgusting excuse for a father is going to be to her. NOTHING he did was in her best interests or done out of any semblence of love he had for her. He loves her money and that is all. All his daughter is to him is a bloody show pony to afford his lifestyle. I can only hope he lives out his days in poverty after this.

    The fact her family also stood by and did nothing just highlights the disturbing pattern that family members have when it comes to family and generational abuses. I hope Britney finally gets what is rightfully hers and the help she wants…on her OWN TERMS. Just like the rest of us take for granted. Only then can the poor woman start to heal from this toxic abuse that such vile men happily put their own kin through.

  7. What an absolute mess.

    A family therapist would struggle to figure out the dynamics at play here. Where’s her mother in all of this?

    I have to wonder how much she actually enjoyed performing as a 10-year-old and how much of it has been living out one or other of her parent’s dreams.

    Father with Cancer sun-venus and Cap moon must believe he’s doing the right thing for her. I’m sure he thinks he’s protecting her from herself given what happened in the years leading up to the conservatorship – still treating her like a child rather than the 40-year-old woman she almost is. Interesting they both have Sun-Uranus conjunction.

    • I haven’t yet read or heard if she is supporting Britney’s fight in this current court case but so far she comes across as a wet, simpering female who hasn’t really fought her daughter’s corner in this horrible mess. She even divorced Britney’s father in 2002 and yet there is no evidence of a mother coming out like a raging tiger to protect her own blood from the sinister, controlling ways of her ex-husband. She too probably benefitted financially from this situation as Britney has stated her family did ‘nothing at all,’ to help her.

      • Did Britney help her Mum escape and then is the whole mess her Dad’s (subconscious?) raw masculine (driving anger, punishment, and revenge)?

  8. Shocked and appalled that her father can force her to have an I.U.D. What century is this? Interesting that natally, Pluto squares her Nodal axis because it’s almost like she’s living out the Pluto myth.

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