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  1. It is a long, long, long shot and time away, Marjorie, but apparently parts of the Brexit deal (primarily on fisheries and on energy supply) will be back in play in 2026.

    And of course, the 2024 election (assuming it will still happen at that time) may lead to a completely different Prime Minister and political environment in the UK.

    How do you see relationships between the UK and the EU in 2026?

  2. Marjorie, this may or may not be of interest to you, but Neal Katyal published a really troubling article in the NY Times essentially expressing hope that Vice President Mike Pence, whose Senate function really should just be ministerial, does not go rogue and certify phony (but submitted) “electoral” slates supporting Trump, instead of certifying the official, certified electoral votes for Biden. Apparently Trump is pressuring Pence to do the unthinkable. If you had any insights into Pence’s probable behavior on January 6, I know many of your U.S. followers would be interested in your thoughts.
    I hope that your holiday was lovely.

  3. Hi Marjorie,
    Just for potential end-of-2020 comic relief, would you care to look at the chart of “Hilaria” Baldwin?
    Born Hillary Hayward-Thomas January 6, 1984, Boston, Massachusetts.
    Yes, that’s Boston, Massachusetts, not Majorca, Spain, where she’s been pretending to be from – complete with Spanish accent and five Spanish names for her children – for over a decade.
    Her parents are both white Americans with deep American roots — her father’s predate the American Revolution. She grew up in a privileged environment.
    Last week she was ratted out on Twitter after she posted a rambling video sans accent.
    Is there something in her chart that would possess her to adopt a fake bio, accent, and persona?
    Mind boggled. “Hilarious.”

    • Hi I’m missing something about this story. She spent some of her childhood in Spain and part of her family still live there. What’s so weird about claiming to be Spanish – and where does white come into it? She’s not claiming to be Native American or like Rachel Dolezal or Jessica Krug claiming to be black.

  4. There’s a new Netflix 4 part documentary on Dominique Strauss Kahn called Room 2806 The Accusation
    regarding the background/circumstances/verdict of his arrest and the charges being dropped over the incident in the Hotel Sofitel in NYC in 2011.
    He was born on 25 April 1949 in Neuilly Sur Seine, France at 11.10a.m.
    Any thoughts Marjorie? And thank you if you do and wishing you a very Happy 2021
    and hope you had a lovely Christmas and holidays so far!

  5. Paul McCartney’s new album, McCartney 3 has gone to the top of the US Billboard charts and garnering
    rave reviews.
    1st time in 31 years (Egypt Station did also go number 1 2 years ago, but was sold along with tour tickets),
    any thoughts on his current transits/progressions?
    Thank you if you comment.

  6. Marjorie you wrote “Hitler was empowering himself throughout the 1930s as tr Uranus moved across the conjunction to the Germany Pluto stirring up deeply buried archetypal energies which repeats in 2022”. Could you take a look at Klaus Schwab born in Germany see if he will be leading the new charge?

  7. Merry Christmas Marjorie, and a happier New Year for all of us, I hope.

    I have a question that I’d be grateful if you could consider.

    Regarding the Brexit Deal, The New European writes:
    “The EU and UK agreement over Brexit allowed both sides to review the deal in four years time – enabling the government to choose a no-deal Brexit or closer alignment
    The ‘break’ clause will allow the European Union and the UK government to bring the agreement to an end if they are not happy with the arrangements.
    But it could also allow the UK to look at a closer relationship with the European Union should the political will be there.
    The 2024 review period is likely to come after the next scheduled general election, meaning positions on Brexit could still dominate the next public vote.”

    So it looks like Brexit will still be an important factor in the next General Election. You’ve mentioned many times a hard few years ahead of us, financially. Is there anything to indicate that by 2024 there will be an appetite for returning to full membership of the EU? Alternatively, is there anything to suggest the massive divisions and polarisation in the country will continue?

    Thank you. I don’t have the astrological understanding of your regular commenters, but I’ve taken comfort from your posts on political matters over the past years.

  8. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021 Marjorie! I’m mostly a silent visitor here – I don’t understand enough astrology to make an intelligent comment – but I’ve learned and been so entertained by your prolific posts. So many, many thanks, and cheers!

  9. Seasons greetings Marjorie.
    How are the prospects for the DoJ A.G main candidates(Yates, Garland, Jones and my dark horse Letitia James) looking?

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