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  1. Ooh Marjorie, sure you’re already on it but what is going on with Tom Cruise? Personally, I am not as horrified as some people seem to be: all the staff sign contracts before going on set and I’m sure they are now updated to include social distancing policies which they have to agree to. Perhaps it was the hundredth time they had been told that day and he blew his top because previous warnings had gone unheeded. I know very little about his chart but he obviously has a bit of a spark(?) to him or maybe it’s just being triggered by current aspects — curious to know. Thank you, Barb

  2. Please would you look at Julie Birchill’s chart in the light of Little, Brown cancelling her ‘Woke’ book.
    Pluto bringing her down maybe?

  3. Hi, Marjorie! If you can stand any more Trump-related queries, I wonder if you could look at his relationship with Putin/Russia and what this might foretell? I suspect that once Trump is of no more use to Putin, the Orange One will be thrown under the bus. (Shades of the 1930s when Soviet spies knew that if they didn’t perform well, recall to Moscow meant execution.) All kinds of horribly implicating materials may be “discovered” by American journalists in dribs and drags through 2021 after being planted by Russian intelligence. That Bob Woodward learned in March that Trump knew how infectious and deadly the virus was, yet he downplayed it… That Jared Kushner made a complete hash of anti-Covid efforts he was supposed to lead… leads me to suspect that Trump’s Covid mismanagement was on Moscow’s orders. This would be the worst treason in American history, resulting in staggering amounts of suffering. Hence Trump’s need to achieve a pardon for himself and his crime family before leaving office. Thanks for your consideration!

    • @Cathy, there is the problem Putin’s official DOB might not be his real one. He certainly has gone to great lengths covering all possible records of his early childhood. There is a theory on him having been adopted by Putins, a couple in their early 40’s with an impeccable party pedigree who’d lost their young sons in the 1930’s and during Siege of Leningrad. He does look like his supposed mother, though. But there were numerous reasons people might have “forged” DOBs or simply been confused on who they were in Stalin years, with millions of children orphaned and misplaced.

      Anyhow, from the viewpoint of someone who follows Russia closely, they’ve been relatively quiet as of late. It might be due to Covid-19 situation, which is grim enough even officially. But there are reports from reputable Russian news source on Putin having been holed up in Sochi for months, as well. These seem much more credible than the recent Parkinsons’ disease rumors. While he obviously receives briefings, there might be a lot semi-official chatter he misses not being in Moscow. And people in Moscow might not be as motivated as with him around.

  4. Finally!
    “Tim White
    International Criminal Court decides #Russia will be investigated for possible war crimes in #Ukraine
    The threshold has been met.
    Russia illegally annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 and started the war on the mainland
    Statement of the Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, on the conclusion of the preliminary examination in…
    Today, I announce the conclusion of the preliminary examination in the situation in Ukraine.

  5. I am wondering just what houses and planetary aspects signify what we here in the USA refer to as bad sportsmanship. Trump seems such a glaring example of this. He seems so entitled to a victory in all that he does and pouts whenever he doesn’t get his way. It will be interesting how he demonstrates that “poor sportsmanship” to the public at large sometime between now and February.

    • He has Leo mars on ascendant.

      Leos can be poor losers showing their true feelings where say a Capricorn or Libra would be more concerned about what others think and do the socially acceptable thing. Scorpio wouldn’t want the emotional vulnerability of letting you know that losing had hurt it. These are generalisations obviously.

  6. A comment on Lincoln Project post from August 2nd brought forward by comments on how media lives of drama, and how this is pervasive in social media as well: Seemingly bad transits of Lincoln Project and member baffled many people at the time, seem quite obvious now. It seems that their message had little relevance on electoral outcome, even in the limited target group. Not only, as soon as the election was over, their ability to make money through donations – they seem to have gathered something in region of 70 million US$ – has been all but taken away. Steve Schmidt in particular has been pretty frantic on Twitter trying to call for an alliance with everybody at Democratic Party, up to AOC. Smells truly of desperation

    • Was just reading his most recent thread!
      Perhaps he is truly remorseful

      That said, even without “moderate” republicans trying to work with Dems—it would be nice if ppl could at least assume good intentions

      That was a rallying call of my school district as it had to deal with teachers been judged by students’ test scores. The pressure from that (begun in Bush #2 years) had an awful effect on the learning environment & most teachers did not trust their employer, which made it difficult for the district to do professional development activities. I suspect some of the fallout from all the testing had an effect on the angry disgruntled Trump supporters—who, for the most part, don’t look like they scored well on those tests (reading, writing, math, science & history—mostly literacy & math.)

      • “That said, even without “moderate” republicans trying to work with Dems—it would be nice if ppl could at least assume good intentions.”

        I actually think Schmidt is honest (unlike Rick Wilson and George Conway, as I wrote in response to August 2nd post). Doesn’t make him any less gullible or tone deaf, though. Interestingly, he is not alone in this “communications and pr specialist” category. In Finland, Green Party leadership, consisting of people who are supposedly “communications specialists” have had major issues responding to a accusations of Foreign Minister having exceeded his duty of care having transferred tab official he had a disagreement on how children with Finnish nationality should be transferred out of Al-Holy camp. Foreign Minister was officially notified for this by Parliamentary Judicial Committee. Yet these “specialist” seem to have completely forgotten the first rule of crisis management, admitting an error and apologizing.

        This is probably due to Sun/Mercury in Sadgitarius, I’ve written about Sadgitarius’ complicated relationship to reality, and interestingly enhanced by Critical Degree Saturn in Capricorn, seriously rocking foundations to reality of some establishment types (look at Boris at Brexit negotiation right now).

  7. So relieved to read an interpretation of Brexit which acknowledges at least one of its sources as the acting out of Boris’s unworked through childhood legacy of anger and hatred. I believe one of his most traumatic childhood experiences was when his mother had a breakdown and had to return to London. The family lived in Brussels at the time and Boris was soon sent off to boarding school in England. I wonder if this negative association with Brussels/Europe plays out in some sort of unconscious revenge/ punishment scenario? Which personal astrological aspects incline an individual’s inner demons to be played out on such a grand scale? Trump obviously is the biggest example of this.

    • Anger of the hatred variety tends to be Mars Pluto hard aspects. Though Boris has a doozy of an afflicted Mars squaring Saturn as well as Uranus Pluto, so he’s a boiling cauldron underneath. His Mars is also 8th house which suggests a legacy issue in terms of a generational problem that has never been resolved and has built up over time. Boris’s problem is his wayward father and though he’s followed in his footsteps in terms of infidelity that’s partly where his rage stems from. Father Stanley is a Sun Mars in Leo square Uranus in Taurus; with Jupiter Saturn in Taurus and Mercury Pluto in Leo so quite impossible as a personality.
      And there was also a paternal great-grandfather who was Turkish and a journalist who was brutally assassinated by a mob (see wiki ) – and I suspect Boris’s 8th house Mars is also a reflection of a dark energy from way back in the family.

  8. Sorry to bore you with our US crazy

    What’s the future of the GOP?
    The states in the Texas lawsuit?
    The succession threats?

    I’m in an elitist blue state—one w/majority of tech, science, entertainment, top universities, & agriculture
    The blue states would, if a separate country, still be 1st world, the red states, not really

    (I’m finding it less stressful reading astrology sites than reading the news!)

        • I’ve many, many sources for news (including bbc).
          The reason I said I am looking at astrology sites is because “news”—public life has turned into a reality-show, stupid comedy, horror movie, spy intrigue, adventure story.
          Comedy is good entertainment & I enjoy all sorts of novels, movies & TV—the current “entertainment” is exhausting & highlights the worst traits in my fellow humans.

          (Reader of L.A. Times, Washpo, the Atlantic, New Yorker, Vox, AP—was a journalism major in the 80s—glad I ended up teaching young ppl instead of being a reporter.)
          Gave up my NYT subscription because they missed so many things that they should have found out before Trump was elected (NY is full of mafia-how did NYT not know about Trump & mafia?)

          • I learned about the Pfizer anaphylactic reactions on BBC last week. Nothing in the American doemstic news; “let’s not frighten any one away from the vaccine,” I suppose. Or risk Trump’s wrath on new topics. Had I not read abt such reactions I would inadvertantly step right up. Doctor’s response, “you should not receive any because you’re hyperallergenic.” Guess I’ll hv to continue to be careful until one of the other vaccines has lower risk of such a reaction. They are not easy to endure and have been quite frightening.

    • Agree, the news sites even if relatively reliable ones do verge on the brink of hysteria relentlessly pounding out bad news. Not that astrology avoids bad news but it does at least put it into a context so it doesn’t feel as overwhelming.

      • Thanks
        I find astrology to be like poetry
        It allows for person interpretation
        And meanings tap into deep human/life truths

        Because the movements of planets & stars go on and on and on
        It reminds me that this moment is tiny in the span of time
        Which is comforting

      • Agreed. They need clicks to drive media sales, and people tend not to click on “good news”. This is true for social media, as well, at least for controversy driven platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook. I’ve noticed the time I’ve spent on Twitter has halved from what it used to be a month ago, and I’d bet it’s a trend among people whose main draw was “all things Trump” (I must admit I was one of them, prior to 2016, I only ever checked in to see comments on TV series or sporting events, and even forgot under which e-mail I’d created my first handle, because I didn’t check in for months after a device change, so had to start afresh)

        I would still

        • I joined Twitter when my teacher’s union went on strike.
          I enjoy the access to professors, journalists, public figures
          But it can be a hellhole

          Probably more healthy to stay away—but it’s addicting!

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