Boris’s wrecking mission backfires

The Brexit lies are coming into sharp focus – the “oven-ready” EU trade deal; the “absolutely zero” chances of no deal; and the “totally and utterly absurd” prospect of EU tariffs on British goods – as the possibility of a UK/EU détente appears to be receding straight off the edge of a cliff.

  It hasn’t been lost on EU leaders that Boris made his name and reputation in his early journalistic days in Brussels telling whoppers on an industrial scale in bashing EU institutions. No doubt bored with the minutiae he discovered that punting colourful and most often false stories produced an amazing effect on the Tory Party. He said later “it gave me this rather weird sense of power.“ He likened it to “chucking rocks over the garden wall” with the sound of broken glass echoing back from an enlivened English right wing.  

  His Mars square Pluto just revelled in the destruction and allowed him to give full vent to the volcanic reservoir of anger and hatred instilled in him by his childhood that needed an outlet. Quite by chance he tripped into Europe as a target, but frankly it could have been anything. It gave him a vehicle to propel him to prominence and he continued the same tactic shamelessly in the Brexit campaign. The arguments he and others churned out leant heavily on much that had nothing to do with the EU – hospital waiting lists, the dearth of decent jobs, racist tales about foreigners getting free cash, poverty – and rabble-roused the disenfranchised by suggesting leaving the EU would solve all their problems.  

  Boris is in the line of fire from the Solar Eclipse on December 14th rattling in opposition to his Gemini planets. Like Trump he’s learning with his Gemini Sun in opposition to the Eclipse that he’s not always right, and needs to shake himself into taking a new approach. In opposition to his Venus he’ll feel unloved; and will need to find the tolerance of other viewpoints to be able to compromise. In opposition to his Mercury, he’ll be running around trying to sort out things that have gone off track, getting embroiled in communication muddles, and finding negotiations run into resistance. Again the motto is step back and rethink.

  His Term chart, 13 December 2019, has its Sagittarius Sun conjunct this Total Solar Eclipse which hints at a major crisis, which will leave the collective government kicking and screaming about what’s being done to it. Irrevocable choices are at hand and there’ll be no going back.  The Eclipse effect usually lasts for several months,

  This particular Eclipse is in a Saros series that produces a strongly emotional mood. There is a sense of fatedness and individuals feel they are caught up in situations or relationships beyond their control. This will bring acute frustrations and the advice is to avoid rash actions. It was around before in 2002, 1984, 1966, 1948, 1930, 1912.

   The Boris Term chart in addition has a catastrophic and disastrous tr Neptune square the Mars/Pluto midpoint till late January 2021 with an undermining tr Neptune square the Sun picking up a few weeks later and staying around into 2022. The cabinet won’t be bouncing around raising champagne glasses.

  Boris’s personal chart has the Solar Arc Uranus about to conjunct his Moon within weeks which will bring an emotional or maybe financial shock; and his Solar Arc Midheaven conjunct his Uranus (birth time dependent for exact timing) still has to show its colours for a radical change of career direction.

  When the UK joined the EEC on 1 January 1973 tr Pluto was conjunct the UK Libra Ascendant with Solar Arc Neptune just over the cusp into the 8th house of business finances; the Solar Arc Pluto was conjunct the legislature 11th house Saturn; and the Solar Arc Moon conjunct the IC and Sun. It suggested a revisioning of image, a shift in trading with some trepidation, and challenges for parliament.

  This time round the Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct the Ascendant with the Solar Arc Uranus on the cusp and moving into the financial 8th house; and the Solar Arc North Node conjunct the financial 2nd house Neptune. There are certain similarities – at least in terms of identity (Ascendant) and financial viability in co-operative commerce (8th house).

   The die is cast, the deed is done and what comes next will have to be coped with. Though the 2021 economically challenging tr Saturn square tr Uranus colliding with the UK’s 8th house Mars is not reassuring. All countries will have a troubled period trying to recover from Covid damage, but the UK will have it worse with a double hit from Brexit on top. Tr Uranus will stay in the UK 8th house until 2027 for a roller-coaster phase of financial ups and downs, made worse by tr Uranus in hard aspect to all four UK Fixed, mainly financial planets – Mars in the 8th plus Venus in the 5th, Neptune in the 2nd and Saturn in the 11th until 2025. It’ll be a rocky ride.

  Final astro-thought – for now – a commentator remarked on Brexit “Setting up sovereignty as the issue and interpreting the result of the referendum as a mandate for no interference is not the way the world works — unless you want to be North Korea.” It fits into the raging power issues in Boris’s chart and several others in that camp; and indeed reeks of those who are still wallowing in nostalgia for a superpower UK/England that has crumbled into dust long since.  

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  1. Like Candy, I wonder about Jupiter in the term chart and in the UK. In some ways Jupiter helps Johnson and his government but I suspect it will merely emphasise and expand its faults albeit in the jokey way they have operated hitherto. It will also help that we lose Mars in Aries soon and Jupiter will square Uranus.
    One of characteristics of this government is that they have no air signs which may account for their tendency to ignore warnings, take an optimistic view and then be surprised when things don’t work out as they had envisaged. They have relied on the goodwill of the country so far but this may be running out.

  2. Thanks for this, Marjorie , this is fascinating ! I am not sure that I am altogether reassured that the next few years won’t be as bad as this. I am also wondering what the astrological odds are that BJ might be murdered by his bride on his wedding night?!

  3. With regard to the pressure coming to bear on the UK’s financial houses, we read this on Bloomberg this week:

    “Morgan Stanley plans to move about 100 billion euros ($120 billion) of assets to Frankfurt, the latest Wall Street bank to shift business away from the U.K.

    The planned asset shift is the latest sign in recent months of business moving from London to the European Union as Britain’s transition period nears an end without a financial-services deal in sight. That’s fueling worries among some U.K. financiers that London’s dominant position will gradually be eroded in the coming years as the realities of Brexit set in, hampering one of the country’s biggest industries.”

  4. Jupiter is moving into Aquarius at the end of this month. It will aspect the UK Uranus in Libra and the UK Jupiter in Leo. So revolution and luck mixed? With tr Saturn also in Aquarius indicating a bit of struggle at the same time.

    And then at the end of Jan Jupiter will cross the ascendant of the Boris Term 2 chart. That sounds positive!

  5. Marina Hyde should be applauded for her common sense and shocking insight…..the feeling in Europe for the UK is still affectionate….couldn’t they just drug him and force him into a Big Meeting – he would only say one sentence (quite a stretch I know) and it would be “The EU has said that they love me (I mean us) and that all is forgiven if we (the we that is them) stick to what One agreed in the first place….we have to let them fish in Our Waters as apparently it has been going on for centuries, etc. without too much conflict, so in the interest of One (everyone) we are signing the original and Northern Ireland retains it’s astronomy – autonomy, that is….”

  6. News piece from the FT: ‘Brussels has warned EU governments not to break ranks, urging a firm line in order to force the UK back to the negotiation table “as soon as possible” after January 1. A senior EU diplomat said “A deal would, of course, be preferable, but it is beginning to look like the question is not whether we can stop the Brexit ship hitting the rocks, but how it can be refloated.”
    Sigh, and the agony stretches on.

    The columnists are in paroxysms of disbelief and outrage – well apart from the Telegraph and DMail ones.

    For a laugh albeit slightly hysterical, Marina Hyde is on especially wicked form in the Guardian.
    On Boris: ‘lying is not second nature: it is nature. Even on the occasions he wants to tell the truth – a rarity, but imagine it momentarily aligning with his self-interest – he has to make a vast, almost physical effort to override his psychiatric biology. It’s like watching a cat try to bring up a six-kilo hairball. For most of the time, the prime minister exists in a space far beyond truth, a horror category all of its own.”
    “I mean, honestly, call up a photo of the current cabinet. Look at their little faces. They are simply the lowest calibre things ever assembled round that table – including the chairs.”

    Camilla Cavendish in the FT :
    ‘Regardless of how anyone voted in 2016, we all want our country to prosper. But now we’ve reached the eleventh hour, I’d like someone to say what the plan is and to be reminded: why exactly are we doing this? Most Tories have been unwilling to accept the implications. As a result, the UK is now underprepared for the situation it has triggered.’

    Matthew Parris in The Times:
    “Do you believe that – we shall be richer, happier and more free than we were before? I don’t; most former Remainers don’t — so far, so unsurprising. But here’s the truth that shocks. The British government doesn’t believe it either, not really. The prime minister doesn’t. Very few in his cabinet do. Most of his ministers don’t. Can there be a sadder disgrace, personal as well as political, than for those in power to pursue a project for which they have no enthusiasm, in which in their secret hearts they do not believe, and which most of them suspect, and some of them know, will damage the nation they lead, the ordinary men and women who placed their trust in them?”

    • Lest we forget….. the Brexit problem has echoes in all neighbouring countries. I live in the middle of the Hague, a kilometer from the Palace, and half akilometer from Malieveld, where Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, Pink have performed but also there are carnivals, and many dog walkers there…..the Dutch manage space exceptionally because there is so little of it. However, the last months on a regular basis the farmers have been arriving with their tractors, protesting against the system, subsidies, etc. Every month they arrive at 4 a.m. rattling their sabres and occupy the Malieveld, people sympathise, but in today’s headlines they are beginning to boycott the biggest national supermarket Albert Heijn… I think Blighty should remember that in all of Europe there are local problems, large and unsolved, which have a knock on effect…..two of their shops are in the street I live on…on the other side of Malieveld is a huge park which many homeless people live in. There are many Poles, the Dutch government pays for Polish social workers to come here to try to convince them to return home. Comparatively, NL has a wide and sympathetic view on Europe, yet there are still huge problems. In the last month two farmers’ protests have stuffed up the traffic flow for most of the day. They are allowed to protest, people tolerate it, but clearly they are even more unhappy and now the supermarkets may be hit….its a knockon effect, people, Tesco was prescient in getting a stock in but after that……..what?

      • In France as well, if they held a referendum on Frexit tomorrow they’d probably vote for it and would be enchanted to get their beloved franc back. It’s just the tedious ultra-righters still hankering after the ‘ruler of the waves’ days long since consigned to history. It’s a globalised world and co-operation makes sense but as in all relationships there are sacrifices and compromises.

    • The fifth century
      412: Saturn¬Neptune–Pluto–Jupiter in Taurus.
      440–44: Uranus–Pluto–Saturn in Gemini and Cancer
      The Dark Ages • The Fall of Rome • Attila the Hun • The Jin Dynasty

      The start of the Dark Ages begin with a bleak century of confusion and mass migration – the fall of the Roman Empire, the Barbarians taking over the European continent, and the Romans leaving Britain; this latter event leads to a revival of Celtic culture but also allows Picts, Scots and Anglo-Saxons to invade and settle in large numbers, forcing many Britons to flee to Brittany.
      Attila the Hun, the legendary megalomaniac ruler, is born in about 406 under the early Neptune–Pluto conjunction (also the astrological stamp for Hitler, Mao Tse Tung and Stalin). Having murdered his brother, he devastates the countries between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean between 434 and 453, until he himself dies, perhaps murdered by his bride on the night of his wedding, resulting in the disintegration of his empire. Elsewhere, Slavs raid and settle in the Balkans, and in China the oppressive Jin Dynasty falls in 420, giving way to 150 years of confusion.

      • @Marjorie, I remember having been on a history buff board where someone asked about period people would have wanted to live the least, and 5th and 6th centuries topped the poll. 5th century for overall violence and decay, 6th century for a major, global climate crisis and Plague of Justinian. I personally think 17th century extending to early 18th century was particularly bleak, as well, and could qualify as “the worse time” for those who relied on earth for their livelihood. I’ve been studying New Sweden Colony in Delaware as of late due to my interest in genealogy. Unlike Puritans on Mayflower, Swedish and Finnish settlers were not fleeing religious prosecution. Yet there were more people willing to make a 2 month Ocean crossing to a place they probably thought they’d spend the rest of their lives than places aboard. Tells you everything on how harsh the conditions were in “Little Ice Age” Europe.

    • @Cathy, Oddly not quite a strong astrologically as you might imagine. There was a Saturn Uranus conjunction in Leo opposition Neptune in Aquarius. It’s powerful enough since Uranus opposition Neptune was around for the San Francisco earthquake and adding Saturn in wouldn’t improve stability. But not quite as earth shattering as you might expect for a destiny changing moment. Pluto was in early Capricorn and the Eclipses were in Virgo.

  7. The trouble is people are still under the assumption that the world will be the same in five years time but that will not be the case as there will be no E U it will have crumbled long since and a totally different set of rules will apply to how the country is run. I also believe that there will not be another prime minister as such.

    • I think you’re right that the ‘zombie’ political system in the UK could undergo immense turbulence. If the two party system does eventually collapse – that maybe partly attributable to the dissolving influence of Neptune in Pisces as much as the effects of Pluto in Capricorn.

    • @Sarah Baker, I think you are overestimating on what can, effectively, happen in World poltics in 5 years. It has now taken only Britain 3 and half years to negociate an exit. Imagine this for 26 remaining countries with very different legislation and political situations, and “long since gone” isn’t likely. This also different from Soviet Union, which dissolved quick exactly because they had one legislation.

      If you want any proof on strenght of The EU, just look at Marjorie’s thread on Orbàn from November 17th. Poland and Hungary were stucking their heels on budget negotiations gor being demanded to follow EU guidelines on Rule of Law. This was, according to some commentators, going to start dismantling of The EU. I was confident some sort of a compromise, allowing Orbàn especially to claim victory (because Hungarians are a rare linguistic “isolate” in Central Europe, with older generation often with very limited language skills, and Orbàn already has a total control of media). And a compromise was, indeed, reached this week.

  8. Hi Marjorie At the risk of being challenging is there anything at all in the UK chart from 2021 onwards that is positive? ( Asking in some desperation!)

    • Keep cheerful. We’re not living in the 5th century BC when there were two horrific triple conjunctions on top of one another. Nor is it as bad as 1929 and after, or 1914-18, or 39 to 45.
      It’ll just be a bumpy ride financially – which will be critical for a chunk of society with little elastic in their system. But Jupiter and Saturn moving into the UK 5th should provide some movement in the right direction.

      • @Marjorie, I agree. I’m mostly just upset for vulnerable sectors of British society who were told downright Neptune in 6th House lies on NHS to get them aboard of Brexit, and will now be the ones to suffer the most.

        Looking at Saturn cycles, this ties to early 1990’s and 1960’s, when Britain was looking for its’ place in International Community. Jupiter will help.

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