Trump and USA – facing up to the Eclipse challenge ++ foreign boltholes

For an aide-memoire of Trump’s star-crossed path of the moment, here’s a rerun of an earlier post. The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius tomorrow, the day of the Electoral College is conjunct Trump’s Moon and opposition his Sun.  It is also opposition the USA Mars in Gemini so will bring a combative mood with arguments flaring and compromise won’t be the mood of the country.   

  Where Trump is concerned, an Eclipse conjunct his Moon will test the foundations on which his life has been built with his public image coming under scrutiny. If he’s not standing on solid ground and is hanging on to old habit patterns it could all crumble to dust. An Eclipse opposition his Sun indicates a major turning point and crisis, which will force him to face that he is not always right. If he fights the need for change it will leave him kicking and screaming.    

  Trump’s chart detail: Tr Pluto from November 20th till December 26th will oppose his Mars/Node for trapped and enraging setbacks, with the discouraging uphill-slog of tr Pluto opposing his Saturn at the same time. Then 26 December to 27 January he has more tantrum-inducing aggravations from tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Mars midpoint; his poisonous-rhetoric and lying Mercury/Pluto; and his wounded Venus/Saturn midpoint. He’ll be like a cornered cobra.  His Solar Arc Saturn will also within weeks be on the degree of the conjunction to his 2nd house Neptune, a harbinger of the financial meltdown to come later in 2021.

  Joe Biden, birth time being accurate, loses one of his two panicked Neptune transits to separate Mars midpoints after November 20th.  The other trails on until 26th January. He’ll experience an upheaval from tr Uranus square his Pluto from 18th November to 19 December which can go either way – as with Netanyahu into power – or it will bring a rocky ride.  He looks marginally upbeat with tr Pluto trine his Mercury/Jupiter midpoint November 20th to December 26th. And very definitely looking enthusiastic and confident from January 26th to late February with tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter; and that successful phase rolls on through till August with tr Pluto trine his Sun/Jupiter and Venus/Jupiter, plus tr Uranus square his Jupiter/Node across mid year and on. Whatever happens he looks in better spirits in 2021/22 with the exception of an insecure tr Uranus opposition his Mars late May on and off for a year.

This Solar Eclipse is in a Saros Series that Bernadette Brady says has a strong emotional intensity and acute frustration, a sense of fatedness and not being in control. Avoid rash action until it settles down.

  December does look extremely fraught and bad-tempered in general for everyone with the final Mars in Aries square Pluto running to the 23rd, which won’t be fun. Mars moves out of its long stint in Aries where it has been causing havoc for some months on January 6th. But just to be un-useful it moves into Taurus and immediately rattles up Mercury in Aquarius, squares Saturn and is conjunct Uranus so January won’t be a peaceful month.

The USA chart and Eclipses: The Lunar Eclipse on 30 November at 8 degrees Gemini Moon/Sagittarius Sun will collide with the USA’s Uranus in Gemini which may spring a few surprises, spark off a few rebellions and wild claims. Mishandled Uranus on an Eclipse can limit freedom, though there is the potential for taking a new road. That Lunar Eclipse in addition to having the see-saw Full Moon also has a Uranus opposition Uranus and a frustrated Mars square Pluto – so the divisiveness of recent times won’t have settled much.

   Apart from the Eclipses the USA chart also has a blocked tr Saturn conjunct Pluto November 14th to 26th which will be discouraging. Tr Uranus square the Leo Node 21 December to 8 February 2021, which may be more significant than it sounds since the US ‘leadership’ Leo Node does get rattled easily, viz tr Neptune in opposition for 9/11.

  There’s also a return of the toxic-rhetoric and hostile-debate tr Pluto opposition the USA Mercury 26 December to 27 January 2021 (repeating later in the year).

Will Trump refuse to leave the White House? Given his past record anything is possible,

Trump and Failure: Past experience of how Trump faces losing battles are scary and instructive. Chicago Trump Hotel ran into huge debts in 2008, which for most would have meant ruin. But he counter-sued the lender Deutsche Bank for “predatory lending practices” and sought $3 billion in damages. He was then forgiven $270 million worth of debt.

 In 1973 he slammed back at the US government over its charges that Trump’s rental properties had racial discriminatory practices and counter-sued them for $100 million. Two years later it was settled in private with an agreement that the Trump properties change their practices.

He follows Roy Cohn, his early mentor’s diktat – Attack, Don’t Settle, Never Apologize.

In the unlikely event of him fleeing abroad or more likely starting up financial/business connections abroad his astro-cartography indicates:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has his Sun Midheaven line directly through it – President Bolsonaro might come in handy.

Otherwise the Middle East is reasonably good with Jupiter in his 10th there and much secret goings on from the 8th with Pluto, Venus, Saturn there. More the Gulf States than Saudi Arabia. But his super success Jupiter Midheaven line goes through Kazakhstan (Prince Andrew’s chums) and Uzbekistan.

Trump won’t be too cosy with Mohamed bin Salman of Saudi in 2021 and even Jared is facing a few hiccups there after mid year.

See post November 1 2020.

34 thoughts on “Trump and USA – facing up to the Eclipse challenge ++ foreign boltholes

  1. @solaia I soooo hope you’re right! I read your earlier post on the candidates & Stacy Abrams. If it’s very close there will be recounts & challenges so we may not know until well after Inauguration Day.

  2. Hi Marjorie, wondering where you’ve gotten Biden’s birth time as 8:32am? I’ve only seen it as 8:30am. 8:32 changes his lot af spirit so this is significant!

  3. Marjorie, I saw another astrologer looking at Trump’s zodiacal releasing and she shows Trump having a peak in 2024 and says he may very well run for president again. I say his brain will be mush and he will be bitterly embattled in both criminal and civil court cases. What says you?

    • @Troy, she’ll never get confirmed unless Dems take both Georgia seats. My bet is they will, the rerun astrology is great for a shakeup. In case they won’t, Doug Jones could be an easier sell, “combatting White Supremacy” (note, not the same thing as ending voter surpression by sweeping structural changes) as the main theme is something that at least half a dozen GOP Senators can get behind without alienating their base too much.

      • @Solaia: She’s not the lightening rod like Susan Rice so the likes of Mitt, Murkowski and Collins likely would vote for her, as these 3 would have nothing to gain or lose politically and is all the Dems would need for success. If Biden can summon the spine for Neerha Tanden then Long tall Sally(R.I.P Little Richard) should be no problem.
        Doug Jones is a good man, but from what I hear through the grapevine is the current DoJ staff is clamouring for her as she was recently there and clearly highly respected; hence, already knows the ropes whereas Jones would have to adjust. Plus, he’s a politician, and she’s not!

  4. @Roderick, for those 400 million, I think he might have already secured financing from Gulf Region. The idea behind the election grift, I think, is to make money to keep up appearences. There are many indicators Trump Org is short of actual cash – it’s typical in their line of business, where capital tends to be fixed. Also, DJT is notariously cheap, so if he can make other people to pay for “perks” like his hair or Melania’s Hermés bags, he is not going to say no.

  5. I wonder if trump can be charged with inciting riots,I wonder if when trump does leave will melania ask for a divorce ,since she’s seen what trail of destruction her husband has left behind as a human tornado,plus if the irs,and other groups are gone to deep six her husband, why not leave before she’s ruined if not already,and a couple of media outlets here in the states have stated the more democratic leaning republicans might break up from their darkside trump side leaning republican brothers to rebuild a more moderate coalition with a more moderate group of democrats,so hopefully when trump is out,more calm can return to the USA,and then the world,so we can use a good vaccine,and calmer fellow humans to repair us as a species,and then our world,until some of us decide if we want to roam outerspace,and stay here on earth,either way as next week is the winter solstice,since it represents the return to light,after standing still,hopefully we as humans can return to our better nature’s,since 2020 as to paraphrase the star trek series voyager episode a year of hell 1and 2has been a year of hell,and I’m pretty sure we need a vacation from covid19,trump,and all the chaos both caused,not that it will be easy,but maybe we need to start thinking of a brighter future,and maybe do what each of us can once the vaccine has done what it can to help our human bodies slow down if not stop covid19,and its future viruses,not to take Joe Biden’s slogan,but we can rebuild us,and the world better if we believe we can,and hopefully indepth astrology can show us a better road,not just the dark path we’ve viewed around us lately,and hopefully we can keep down the better path even through all this,since I was born at the end of 1971,and was told I wouldn’t make it since I was born premature,but here I’m almost 49,in 13 days from now,but like a timex watch,I’ve taken lickings,but my belief in a more upbeat future has kept me ticking,and if I can,so can all my fellow human beings,hopefully this message at end helps you guys realize as indepth astrology has shown,we all have good,bad,and moderate days based on our phases,and spatial positions,and if are we willing to go foward,then we can live this stuff we call life, instead of hiding in fear.

    • Oh, sorry – understood it now.

      Thought you were replying to another of my posts.

      So it’s Denise (seeing a video of her right now). She’s saying it may take about 2 years in total untill we feel safe (about covid).

      So another YEAR – of. THIS.


      • what are you looking for from the universe?

        what do you define as “feeling safe”?

        What happens if 100 million die overall from this virus and the vaccine doesn;t work…but for politicians? What will you plea back to the Universe?

        Will you petition the Lord …with prayer…!?! (The Doors)

        A former colleage once stated, “Gotta break a few eggs to make an omlet…”

        • I might be wrong but you seemed a bit – agressive.

          What I want? For me and my loved ones to live.

          And if vaccines don’t work – well, my paranoid side tells me it might be the end of the human race. (But I’m Scorpio Rising, so…)

  6. This Solar Eclipse will Also conjunct my 2nd House Sag. Moon (26º) And Square my Progressed Virgo Moon. (It’s like the Universe is Triyng to tell me something…)

    I’m so tired of this whole f*cking year (sorry for the swearing).

    So, so, so very tired.

  7. There is another spectre looming over Trump and one that won’t be easily distracted.
    The IRS will be looking at Trump’s tax avoidance, and since he will not have the
    the immunity that came with his previous role, he will be very worried indeed.

    This is one foe that hasn’t been beaten by anybody, regardless of status.

    That may explain the financial meltdown which is likely to take place in 2021.

  8. Secret service will remove Trump if he fails to leave. We are not having martial law as the military have sworn an oath to the Constitution, not Donald Trump. Some are saying he will go to Mara Lago soon for the rest of his term. There is controversy over that since he signed an agreement that it was a business and not a residential property. He is only allowed to stay a set number of visits and days each year. Jared and Ivanka are said to be buying an expensive property in Florida but people who know them well say it’s a distraction from the fact they will flee.

  9. 2020 is exposing these Gemini men for the trash they are. Donald, Kanye, Johnny Depp and now Shia LaBeouf (currently being sued for abusing FKA Twigs and supposedly giving her Herpes).

    Uranus in Taurus is not playing with them. I think the wild card will be played when Mars conjunct Uranus

    • Looking at Shia LaBeouf’s astrology, he will also be affected by the eclipse on the 14th since it will conjunct his volatile Sun/Uranus opposition. I also see that Pluto is currently conjunct his Capricorn Mars and opposing Venus in Cancer.

    • Gemini’s also haven’t had a good time of it due to Neptune in Pisces. Muddled thinking, delusions. Trump will going through the square to his Sun, Moon and Nodes over the next 3 years. The transiting nodes and eclipse tomorrow kicks it all off for him. He’s not adapting to loss well.

  10. “Mars moves out of its long stint in Aries on January 6th”

    Interestingly, that date on the Christian calendar is celebrated as the Epiphany

  11. Two online astrologers who focus almost entirely on U.S. politics are saying that the inauguration–on or around Jan. 20–will be chaotic in the extreme, marking some kind of major calamity requiring the enforcement of Marshall law. One of them
    predicts with absolute certainty that Trump will refuse to leave the White House, thereby necessitating the mobilization of federal agents to forcibly remove him from the premises and imprison him. At first, I thought, “Oh no, that will never happen.” But this astrologer has been incredibly spot-on re all things Trump, plus she showed his hugely challenged chart on inauguration day. So I’m thinking, “Well, maybe.” Much of this mirrors what Marjorie has predicted about the fraught lead-up to the inauguration in terms of Trump’s mood, etc. But jail? I wonder. (Marjorie: I hope my reference to other astrologers doesn’t offend. Just thought the above might be of interest.)

    • Hi You’re more than welcome. I’ve added a couple of paragraphs on Trump’s past reactions to failure which were in the Nov 1 post. To describe him as brass-necked is a galactic under-statement.

      • The Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus squaring broadly Sun/Mercury/Jupiter/Saturn in AQ on the day of the Inaugural has always been a big concern. Seems voluble, reactionary, unwillingness to accept reasonable solutions to problems. That transiting Mars/Uranus conjunction squares Trump’s unaspected Pluto in Leo in the 12th, so he definitely won’t be taking the loss well at all. Marshal Law and the rest? Not sure we’ll go that far, but he will certainly be inciting his followers to action.

      • @Marjorie, DJT is also notorious for blowing everything up and then just walking away and leaving “his people” to deal with his mess. Barbara Res, the first female VP and effectively Project Manager of Trump Tower New York, has a story on this on “Dirty Money”. Mary L. Trump several. Michael Cohen knew what was coming when he talked.

        Right now, he is blowing up GOP. He has already exposed many leading figures in the party for what they are – essentially supporters of an oligarchic system where THEY get to decide who has a saying in things. But I’m thinking that “walking away” (and this means him just leaving for Mar-a-Lago and never been seen in Washington – I think he will sell the hotel now, it’s profitable, but doesn’t serve him any purpose) stage is just around the corner. Apparently, Stephen Miller, instinctively unlikable winner of “The Apprentice: White House Editions” was at Fox News a moment ago telling they were staging an “alternative Electoral College Vote” today. Miller does particularly poorly on TV, and is never sent anywhere when there is a choice, so I’d guess even Kayleigh thought this was too much and excused herself.

  12. Something I noticed about current short term “astro weather” I noted in comments: Sun/Mercury is almost conjunct in Sadgitarius these days. I’ve written a lot about Sadgitarius’
    sometimea complicated relationship with ugly reality. This is, notariously, hitting Trump’s Moon the very moment of Electoral Collage vote. We also have Critical Degree Saturn in Capricorn, seriously rocking foundations to reality of some establishment types. I’m looking especially at GOP operatives who either joined or were awestruck by Texas AG’s petition to overturn vote in certain States, even if it meant to put he legitimacy of their own election to question. Another manifestation would be The Brexit talks.

  13. Thank you Marjorie. I don’t know how many times he has to lose in court. As a Florida resident I’m not far from Mar A Lago. I still wonder if he would resign and have Pence pardon him. My Christmas wish is that everyone in the US can heal and move on. 2020 has been so stressful overall.

    • @ Ava, did you hear that Ivanka and Jared have purchased a cushy plot on Indian Creek Island on Biscayne Bay, and Ivanka is thinking about running for the U.S. Senate?
      Please, please do and challenge empty-suit Marco Rubio and maybe a Democrat can finally win a state-wide race.

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