Queen Elizabeth – duty, commitment, loyalty

Peter Brookes: The Times

A trooper to the end, the Queen lived up to her Saturnine Midheaven by swearing in a new Prime Minister two days before she died. An unrelenting sense of old-fashioned duty saw her through seven decades on the throne. She was described as the ‘keystone’ for the UK which gives a pointer to the void she leaves between for a country already in a turmoil of uncertainty.

The time of death was given as 2.37pm by Lady Colin Campbell but is yet to be confirmed.

  At the moment her obsessively conscientious Saturn in Scorpio on her Midheaven which gave her cast-iron resolve was being softened and undermined by Solar Arc Neptune conjunct to within minutes of a degree with Solar Arc Jupiter in opposition. Her Progressed Moon was exactly conjunct her Mars, perhaps a hint of the suddenness of her passing.

  Her Coronation chart, 2 June 1953 11.20 am London, was also being undermined this year by tr Neptune square the Mars Mercury. And the Solar Arc Pluto was opposition the Venus for an emotional ending. The Midheaven around 18 Taurus was also in the line of fire of the history-changing tr Uranus Node Node in Taurus which picked up in early August.   

  Prince Charles, 14 November 1948 9.14 pm London, was always due for a challenging crisis in a crossroads year with the approaching October Scorpio Solar Eclipse opposing his 10th house Moon North Node in Taurus. The 10th house Moon fits him for a public career. An eclipse opposing the Moon will bring emotional shocks and relationship tensions. The astrologer Robert Jansky writes: ‘Under this transit mama’s boys suddenly find their manhood’. He also has his Solar Arc Mars opposition Saturn, which can often accompany a death.

  Tr Saturn is also squaring his Sun this year and tr Uranus opposing it in 2023 and squaring his Pluto this year and next – so his life is in an upheaval. With a fair amount of panic ongoing as his Solar Arc Neptune opposition his Solar Arc Midheaven is sitting on top of his Jupiter opposition Uranus – a hint of not only his anxiety about whether he is man enough for the job, given his 4th house Neptunian father; but also the effect his new role will have in squelching his adventurous streak. Tr Saturn is heading for his 8th house from February 2023 for two years which will throw him back on his own emotional resources and could be a testing time.   Even more significantly tr Pluto will square his 10th house Moon from late March 2023, on and off till late 2024, which will be emotionally anguished and very pressured career-wise and in his personal life.

 The UK chart has a Solar Arc Pluto square the Capricorn Sun at the moment, a hint of the paralysis that comes as old structures are dismantled and before the new structures can be put in place. The last time there was a hard Solar Arc Pluto to the Sun was in 1929 during the Stock Market Crash; and the time before was over the Coronation of Queen Victoria, still in her late teens.

  When Queen Elizabeth 1 died in 1603, having reigned for 45 years, tr Uranus was in Taurus as now and the North Node was in late Scorpio. When Victoria died in 1901 after 63 years on the throne the North Node was also in late Scorpio. Now as Elizabeth 11 goes the North Node is in mid Taurus.   

All a bit astro-heavy but covers the basics and no doubt there will be much more anon as the ripples spread out.

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  1. Hi Marjorie

    As the time of the Queen’s death has been made public, being reported on the BBC website as at 15:10, would it be possible to have a revised chart and analysis of King Charles III reign?

  2. Hi Marjorie. I notice you have used the time of The Queen’s death as 2:37pm, saying it is to be confirmed. The UK Prime Minister has said she was informed of the death at 16:30 BST (widely reported here in the UK), which would be almost 2 hours later. It seems hard to believe the Palace would wait almost 2 hours to report the death of the reigning monarch to the PM. Also there are no other websites, media, or anyone else giving this time of death.

  3. I love all the comments about rainbows below (sorry, just managing to catch up on laptop; I struggle to read sub-threads on my phone).

    One thing I’ve always managed to overlook about the Queen’s chart is her Sun/Chiron conjunction, which is odd really as it’s so obvious with her love of animals and regard for service. Chiron is sometimes given a rainbow bridge symbolism, the bridge between the old and new, orbiting as it does between Saturn and Uranus. I think some of us had a discussion about here during the pandemic and all the pictures of rainbows in people’s windows.

    • Just to add – the Queen had her Chiron return during her silver jubilee year 1977, Chiron itself being discovered towards the end of that year as it moved into Taurus conjunct her Sun.

      Chiron square her Sun during her “Annus horribilis” 1992

      Chiron trine Sun – Golden Jubilee 2002

      Chiron sextile Sun – Diamond Jubilee, London Olympic games 2012

      [Chiron/BML conjunct her almost stationary Mercury – 2020 pandemic]

      Chiron also transited her ascendant during her coronation.

      • Interesting about Chiron in HMQ’s chart – Charles also has Sun conjunct Chiron in Scorpio and transit Chiron has been transiting Charles’ MC over the past year.

  4. Interesting to note that Diana died a couple of days before the new moon in Virgo [partial solar eclipse] and the Queen died a couple of days before the full moon in the opposite sign of Pisces, and obviously Sun in Virgo for both deaths, the sign of service.
    Mercury was retrograde for Dianas death, and in the shadow to retrograde today for the Queens.

    • Yes, well spotted Marina. I think the retrograde also fits with the return back to service of the title Princess of Wales, now held by Kate.

  5. Looking at Queen Elizabeth’s natal chart, her North/South Node axis is less than 1 degree away from her Ascendant/Descendant axis, and in a direction that would seem very difficult. Marjorie, in addition to the house and sign placements, would you please comment on the significance of this.

    • North Node in Cancer – the lesson is to learn to be a giver and care for others needs. Has a tendency to be private and self-protective about personal matters. Conjunct the Descendant/in the 7th – cooperation oddly does not come easily but has to be worked at. Doesn’t like to be dependent. Marriage isn’t easy.
      But she also had Moon in her 7th and Neptune in her 7th/8th so she’d be highly ambivalent – the Moon there would make her seek a partner for security yet Neptune would make her uncommitted and evasive – so one-to-one relationships would be an area where she had contradictory needs and demands.

  6. The Queen’s great gift to the country and her saving grace was her unflappability. Keep calm and carry on, stiff upper lip and the old blitz spirit are strangely unfashionable virtues. Yet she was a walking example of why they are indispensable. Even most recently when the UK was sinking into a pandemic panic, her Christmas message hit the right note of compassion and sangfroid and wound down the hysteria.
    The paradox is that precisely those battened down characteristics which made her a rock of solidity would not make her close relationships easy. Dogs and horses made her relax. People less so.
    My concern moving ahead would be that Charles for all his eco-virtues is visibly angst-ridden, a worrier, more inclined to indulge in sentimentality and has questionable personal judgement where personnel and his projects are concerned – plus he gives the impression of being bad at taking advice, or surrounds himself with those who won’t steady him down.
    Cometh the hour —- and you never quite know what will emerge.

    • I love this story 🙂

      I expect she was very different in relaxed, private situations with a close circle. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be the most recognised woman on the planet for 70 years, with all the intensity of the TV and digital age that her predecessors did not face. I suppose she must have developed a public mode, with some kind of barrier, just to be able to cope psychologically. “Dunbar’s number” springs to mind.

      I know what you mean about Charles. Perhaps he has matured into the role and learned from his mistakes in his 70 year apprenticeship, we hope

      • To Marjorie and Tara
        Yes, we will never know what will emerge, but I agree that Charles may indeed “mature into the role”, as you say. If you look at Charles’ secondary progressed chart, you will see that Charles’ Mercury went Retrograde at the beginning of Jan 2020 and will remain retrograde probably for the rest of his life. Let’s see if that doesn’t slow him down a bit and make him a little more thoughtful and introspective.

    • Re: Charles being angst-ridden. I noticed yesterday when he met with Liz Truss, he could barely keep from wanting to pull her towards him. And somewhat unbelievably on the first arrival at Buckingham Palace, he was actually kissed on the cheek by a woman in the crowd.

      But having studied his chart in detail for the first time, I see the 10th Taurus moon conjunct North Node while Scorpio Mercury is conjunct the South Node in the 4th. So he was always pulled towards overthinking and introspection than to dealing with the anxiety. With The Queen’s Sun conjunct his moon, she would have picked up (and provided) the stability end of the opposition thereby making it harder for him to learn the self-resilience required. With her attitude of “never complain” or respond in public, and her Saturn on his Sun, he will have believed that’s the way to act.

  7. To Irish American,

    You should know that there are very many people who love and respect the Queen, in Eire. And the grief they feel for her is genuine! Have you never heard of, her work in the reconciliation? If Gerry Adams could speak highly of her, then you might want to rethink your hateful attitude.

    • The Americans passionate conviction that they are true irish or understand the history is observed with hilarity by all the Irish I know.

  8. Vid article from BBC.COM – “‘We will never see a Queen again in our lifetime'” by young people.


    Many Americans never realize global affairs on their lives. I saw it today during evening rush hour: everyone in a rush to hit the highways, one idiot leaving the local Boeing factory and gesturing with his finger at me cuz I wasn’t driving fast enough – sorry dude, I hv a 5-speed, not an automatic transmission.

    I’m sad for her passing and for the impact it has had on my self. I wonder how others from my generation feel… Born 11-1955. As others have posted, she was always there but now…

  9. Sincere condolences for The Queens loved ones especially her children. Don’t really understand the worldwide grief- life was clearly a struggle for her, and she will be overjoyed to see her husband, mother, father, sister and others. There is a changing of the guard, movement at the station, and time for others to show their worth.

    • Respectfully, I don’t think the worldwide grief is for the Queen or her family, actually.
      I think it is a focus for the deep grief we are all feeling for much more…

      We’ve been pummelled with so much change; manipulated by so many politicians and corporations; war and climate refugees dominate the news; ideological polarization is more aggressive; and then the catastrophic climate changes are overwhelming. Add to that the last 2 years of Covid…. it’s a mess!

      Every client I have had in the last 2 years is grieving… and we have comfortable lives in Canada!

      The Queen stepped into the very centre of her astrology chart and lived it truly… with honour and care. With her privileged upbringing, she still offered a humility and devotion to service that leaves me in awe. I honestly cannot think of another world leader now who holds this kind of Good Leadership.

      My sense is the grief the world is expressing is that we all know that her death symbolizes something big. For sure things will move on, a changing of the guard and such…. however….. this is more and deeper. I wouldn’t be surprised that she KNEW she was the last one to offer this… hence her tenacity to carry on.

      Maybe Pluto at the end of Capricorn is also the end of this world role? I’m Saturnine enough to wish it wasn’t!! The world seems particularly rudderless right now.

      How lovely the Queen was given a rainbow.

  10. There was also a double rainbow in Sydney yesterday afternoon 3.30pm. It was so bright and colourful. Coincidence?
    I think not. I stood there taking photos thinking of the Queen.

  11. She is New Zealands Head of State. As a child in the sixties we stood for the God Save the Queen. We were born British subjects until 1994. This is why the Commonwealth countries, offer their condolences, she is also our Queen. She was the Queen of New Zealand for seventy years. Charles is now the King of New Zealand.

  12. I was very disappointed to read the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death. I’m almost 40 years old and I’m so used to reading about her and hearing about her – she feels very familiar to me. It was nice to see people living in the Commonwealth and other parts of the world offer their condolences. For example, I saw posts on social media from people from Dominica, Ghana, Canada, New Zealand, and many from people right here in the United States.

    I miss Queen Elizabeth II and her influence, but I am confident King Charles will do his best to uphold his mother’s legacy.

  13. Watched the coverage throughout yesterday and into last night and the tears flowed. Very sad to see her passing.

    I’ve never thought deeply about the Queen’s chart but it’s all there. Pluto in 6th, the dedication to service. The Scorpio Midheaven and how she always hid her feelings from others. The Aquarius Mars-Jupiter highlighting her dedication to the people of the UK and Commonwealth. Despite the Taurus Sun, Leo moon; I think the Neptune in Leo being part of the fixed t-square undermined that sense of being royal and prevented her from lording it over others.

    With her passing now, only six months before Pluto ingresses into Aquarius, I believe we get some insight into one of the ways it will play out.

    Rest in peace – Queen Elizabeth II

  14. People around the world were celebrating yesterday from Ireland to Africa, to India and beyond. How can the British Monarchy survive when the rest of the world loaths them for the attrocities they committed and continue to benefit from?

    Will Charlie or Wills even acknowledge the anti-monarchy sentiment expressed so loudly? I don’t see how the monarchy continues beyond William and really, his Earthshot prize is so strange considering how many homes for so few occupants the family powers every day.

    • I’m sorry but this is utter nonsense, and offensive at that
      Time and again Americans weigh in without any understanding or comprehension of other countries culture traditions geopolitics or history, or eventheir own for that matter.

  15. The sky opened up in London yesterday afternoon (some serious rain, almost tropical style) and didn’t stop until around 3 am this morning, as if the heavens cried too. I saw the pics of the rainbow over Buckingham Palace, and then the sky opened up again. It cried all night. Truly amazing. You couldn’t make this up.


  16. Thank you Marjorie.

    What a huge moment this is. The rainbows last evening were extraordinary too. It does feel as if time stopped, as Hugh says. And that the twentieth century has really ended, as Solaia says. I felt so deeply moved by it all, more than I’d imagined I would. And the global response is quite amazing, and wonderful.

    The Queen somehow linked us all back in time, as far as the 19th century when her parents and grandparents were born, and her PM Winston Churchill (1874) grew up. That Saturn of hers with the MC describes service and duty, loyalty and steadfastness. And there, too, is longevity and the Lord of Time himself, all very much part of her life direction. None of these qualities are fashionable at this time, yet there’s much to be said for them.

    It will be a while before we all really realise she’s gone. RIP, and God Save the King……

    • Meant to add – Mercury turns retrograde on 10th September, one degree off the UK ascendant – a time of national reflection. Also a full Moon rises at 17 Pisces – musical, mystical, and full of emotion. It squares the UK Mercury exactly.

      • Good point about Mercury retrograde and the UK ascendant and the full moon. It feels to me subdued and shocked ,largely internalised emotion still. Iceberg underneath the water at the moment. I could be wrong, what think you?

        • Yes, Marina, I agree about the subdued and shocked response. To some extent that happens with a personal loss, even when you’ve been expecting it. Magnified here by everyone seeing the Queen at Balmoral on Tuesday with the new PM.Yes she looked frail, but she was smiling away and doing her job. Her death didn’t seem to be quite so imminent.

          If the 19th September is the date for the state funeral, it has the Moon in Cancer, so symbolic of motherhood, and all our notions of what home, and the Queen herself, might mean too.
          The Moon travels across the MC, opposes the UK Sun (a symbolic full Moon?), and squares the Nodes (connections and direction of travel) from midday, and then reaches a conjunction with the UK Moon – the people – at midnight, Tuesday. Venus in Virgo that day will oppose this Pisces full Moon, squaring UK Mercury again. The Virgo/Pisces axis would speak of sacrifice and also of healing.

          Almost the Equinox – a real turning point this year, and a month to October’s eclipse. The Queen’s death will stir up a lot for people I think, and there’s been a lot of personal loss through the pandemic too. We’ll see, eventually, what’s still frozen inside the iceberg underwater you describe.

          • Especially significant given her Pluto in the 6th conjunct North Node Descendant in Cancer, close to the descendant. Fated destiny of servitude and Mother to the nation and commonwealth.

    • Rainbows. I used to know a Hawaiian healer and told him of seeing a magnificent rainbow up in the mountains, both ends visible as it met the ground when I was with someone who died a few days’ later. He said in their belief system the rainbow was the bridge to the other world.
      On the morning just before I heard of his passing I saw a glorious double rainbow and was thinking of him. The news came through that he had gone. Resonances you can’t explain.
      Iris was the goddess of rainbows and the asteroid Iris as far as I can gather at the moment is at 23 degrees Virgo which tr Neptune is opposing.

      • A beautiful story. The ‘resonances you can’t explain’ always give me pause for thought. Synchronicities and symbols are so meaningful, and do seem to occur around times of death and departure. Although I could have done without a large picture falling off the wall on the evening my Mother died! However, it was in character…..

        • Such beautiful stories and so much symbolism. I realised yesterday, it was in September of last year that the white stag was killed in Liverpool, and I remember the interesting thread on here as we discussed the meaning and mythology of the white stag and Cernunnos, N Europe’s pre-Christian horned god.

          The Queen’s final birthday photograph showed her holding the reins of two white horses, in the background is a tree covered in white blossoms brings to mind the white horses of Celtic myth transporting the soul on its journey to the otherworld. (Even in American folksong, two white horses appear as a harbinger of death, as does the motif of the Wild Hunt – ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’, for eg). in Christian myth. Saint George is always depicted upon a white horse and in the book of Revelation Christ himself appears upon a white horse. I wonder if the Queen knew this would be her last birthday.

          • Thanks VF for that reminder of last year. I believe the Queen did know it would be her last birthday, that photograph is very powerful because of the choice of white horses, and their association with death and the journey to the afterlife. Rhiannon, and her lunar white horses, spring to mind. The symbolism of the Moon and the Nodes for the Queen and the UK seems quite prominent at the moment. Plus, her love of symbolism can be seen in her choice of brooches, and sometimes colours of outfits, for different public occasions.

            There’s also the festival of scouring the White Horse of Uffington, which is in the Berkshire downs about fifty miles from Windsor. The festival is at midsummer, but apparently the old festival took place around Michaelmas, at the end of September. The White Horse is about three thousand years old.

            And at Windsor Great Park, there’s Herne the Hunter or Cernunnos, who’s said to appear at moments of crisis or importance for the royal family. There are twentieth century reports of sighting him amongst the trees, but I don’t know if anyone has (or will admit) seen him recently.

            Prince Philip was very interested in the mysterious, and is said to have had a large library on a wide range of paranormal subjects. He invited all sorts of people who wrote or knew about such things to small private dinners. I’d guess he must have told the Queen about some of these things during the course of their long marriage. Possibly, and probably, Scorpio King Charles shares that interest.

          • Thank you, Jane – yes, Philip had an interest in Fortean matters and he must have shared his views. There’s such a rich seam of myth in our country, it resonates at times of profound national transition and I think we’re blessed to have our mythic heritage. The Uffington white horse would have been a totem, a kind of brand logo for the long-lost late bronze age tribe who inhabited that territory. It’s deep within our land. The horse was sacred to those people, a divine creature of the Sun. The Queen must have chosen to go to Scotland to end her days and it seems more than coincidental that the contingency plan in place if the Queen died at Balmoral is named “Operation Unicorn”.

          • VF – of course! You’ve given me the shivers! Operation Unicorn, perfect. I agree we are blessed to have such rich, ancient symbolism here, it is a magical thing at times like these when everything is in flux all over the world, and our identity and purpose is changing. I went walking in some woods today, partly just to feel that sense of nature and continuity – beneath this full Moon in Pisces, a bit of earth is much needed!

      • Thank you Marjorie for the astrology and this story.
        The rainbow was also outside Balmoral as they dropped the flag to half mast.
        Bifrost the rainbow bridge to Asgard

      • In my faith, we believe in a bridge (not necessarily a rainbow) that opens up for the departed soul to pass on to other realms.
        I noticed the rainbow half an hour or so before the official announcement and I instinctively *knew* that she had passed on. To be honest, the BBC cancelling its programming and all TV presenters in black tie were better indicators, but the rainbow somehow seem to make it final.
        As the Twitter account TheTweetofGod said “I don’t break out My Noah bit for just anybody.” 🙂


        • The rainbow bridge for animals is a comfort. When they die they go over the rainbow bridge and they are no longer tired or in pain and they can run about and enjoy themselves. You will meet them again too when it’s your time.

    • Marina – your interpretation of Pluto conjunct the NN in Cancer is spot on, and is especially significant as Pluto is the planetary ruler of the Queen’s Scorpio MC. TBH, I don’t understand the nodal axis, particularly the south node. Whenever I try to look up the nodes online I invariably run into a barrage of vedic interpretations which go over my head.

      • Thank you Sara and yes re Plutos rulership. I agree about Nodal axis, but it really does seem to be our relationship to the world, and maybe our fate/path/destiny.
        Im not sure about the overemphasis on the SN as a point to be left behind. Not sure that makes sense in observation.
        But it seems as her life progressed she became less attached to the pomp circumstance and Paternalistic duty of the SN in Capricorn, and became more focused on the importance of family and personal interactions/feelings as she aged, which of course is normal.
        I expect Diana helped facilitate that process for good or ill with her Cancer Sun and Mercury close to the Queens Pluto, and all the rest….
        But one thing is indisputable, she inherited from a long line of Kings[Capricorn] and became our maternal figurehead, and the worlds Queen [Cancer NN, Moon in Leo/Neptune in 7th].

        And I have Aquarius SN and Leo NN and Im becoming more and more of a Royalist as I type 😉

  17. She was a classic Taurus. The bull hangs in there while others are prone to cut and run. They’re not going anywhere…..I have a couple of Taurus relatives and, like the Queen, they don’t easily budge—to put it mildly. Hence Her Majesty’s long, long reign. I’m not a monarchist, but I look upon her with fondness.

  18. I too have been astonished by the expressions of admiration from around the world. As Solaia notes, yesterday was somehow a door closing on the past, tangibly marking the end of an era as we all face an uncertain future, wherever we may be. Nothing will ever be the same again, most especially for the people of the UK most of whom have only ever seen her face on their coins, banknotes and stamps, among other things. I was in the UK for the Jubilee weekend in June and when I saw her then looking so frail I did wonder if she would be delivering her Christmas message this year.

    • The media are emphasising her innate conservatism and her role as a symbol of continuity. There is a tendency to forget that the first decade of her reign was actually regarded at the time quite differently. Elizabeth as a young monarch was seen as symbol of a new post Second World War Britain trying to break away from its imperial past.

      • Hello Hugh.. and all

        I was just reading about the Queen’s early reign and the focus on “the new” path of Britain post WW2. Her Uranus is in a strong trine to the MC, so that would have supported that.

        My goodness she was an extraordinary woman!…. bringing in the new PM and then dying 2 days later!!??… As many have said, her death marks a profound turning point for the world.

        My husband… solid American Midwest boy from Ohio… just said,
        “She was the Moses for Britain”.

    • Yes, and the French particularly have been wonderfully kind generous and respectful and Macron honoured our Queen as she deserved. Very touched.

  19. “The UK chart has a Solar Arc Pluto square the Capricorn Sun at the moment, a hint of the paralysis that comes as old structures are dismantled and before the new structures can be put in place. The last time there was a hard Solar Arc Pluto to the Sun was in 1929 during the Stock Market Crash; and the time before was over the Coronation of Queen Victoria, still in her late teens.”

    Interesting dates, Marjorie. Hugh Fowler would be able to confirm this, but both those periods also saw a change in the Royal Title because of territorial loss. Queen Victoria becoming Queen meant that the monarch of the UK was no longer Elector/King of Hanover, which passed to her uncle (as that kingdom’s succession was male only).
    In 1927 (so just before the 1929 crash), the Royal Titles Act changed following the independence of the Irish Free State, as then.
    Was there a similar aspect in 1947-48, when the title “Emperor of India” was dropped after Indian independence?

  20. The Queen did not always have an easy relationship with the people of Wales particularly after her response to the Aberfan disaster, which many thought was too little too late. However the Welsh media this morning is wholehearted in uniting in praise for Her Majesty.
    All but the most fervent anti royalists could fail to shed a tear after hearing the church bells ringing out across the land at mid day.

    • Mary J
      I think the Queen recognised that it had been a mistake not to visit Aberfan earlier than she did. I think she did not want to go too soon and intrude on their grief and while the search for survivors was still underway. It may have been her advisers who delayed her visit.
      She learnt by her mistake though and was at the Grenville Tower fire before the PM and was visiting children in hospital soon after the Manchester Arena bombing. We don’t always get things right but I have never doubted her compassion for her people.

  21. I’m American and was in a training class yesterday week, when someone stated the Queen had died. My eyes filled with tears. My husband sent me a text as well. His grandmother was named after her.

    She was an elegant, beautiful and selfless person. I wish king Charles III and Queen consort Camilla a smooth transition. He has very big shoes to fill. God bless them all.

  22. It feels like the 20th Century truly only finished yesterday afternoon. It’s also easy to see why this would be a shock for Brits, given most have never sang National Anthem to words “God Save the King”, and have used money and stamps with her on them their whole life. Even for the Republicans, these are things where changes will seem incredibly odd.

    But one thing that has truly surprised me is how profoundly admired the Queen was in different parts of World, in my case I have a great visibility to Italy and Finland. In Italy, people literally voted for end of Monarchy, and most of my friends are from areas where support for Republic was overwhelming. Yet, many friends who I know are very leftish, seem to have carried a deep admiration for Elizabeth II. And here in Finland, I see Gen Z people took this heavily. Amazing.

    • What is all the odder is that she was not a woman who was that comfortable in her own skin on social occasions or with wider interactions outside the family. She always seemed faintly surprised when there was an outpouring of public acclamation for her. So definitely not a public relations charmer like Diana and yet she touched an extraordinary range of people whose lifestyle could not have been more different from her own.

    • True indeed. I’m not a huge fan of the French, but the French reaction to the death on Twitter was faultless.
      M. le President’s “To you, she was your Queen. To us, she was *the* Queen”, Liberation’s “La Peine d’Angleterre” (a play on “La Reine d’Angleterre), even the Pompiers (firefighters) de France tweeting out a particularly apt image; I’m deeply touched.


  23. Faithful to the last, she kept her promise to her people.

    When her death was announced yesterday it was almost as if time had stopped.

  24. It is testament to a remarkable sense of duty that the Queen was able to swear in a new PM on Tuesday as I think she may have been suffering from an extremely serious illness that took her life yesterday. Her physical decline was very rapid in the past year. No details were ever revealed but that may now change over time.

    Humility (not necessarily a trait she shares with some of her family) was a key word I heard mentioned in describing the Queen yesterday – I wonder if that went hand-in-hand with the strong religious beliefs which are apparent in the Queen’s chart. On the eve of the Platinum Jubilee, the Queen wrote a letter which she signed off as ‘your Servant’.

    An experienced astrologer, who I very briefly listened to last week, associates the process of being humbled with Pluto – the Queen had Pluto conjunct the NN in Cancer in the 6th house. Not sure if being humbled and possessing humility are the same thing? But it was a noticeable trait of the Queen.

    Prince Charles will have tr Pluto squaring his Moon in 2023/4. Pluto will oppose Prince George’s Sun in the final degree of Cancer, and William’s Jupiter (his chart ruler) at 0 degrees Scorpio will be squared by Pluto at the same time.

    • Indeed. if there is one thing that shows her dedication to duty, it is that she carried out the change of Prime Minister personally on Tuesday, something that could easily have been delegated to Princes Charles and William.
      If there is one image of her that deserves to be framed, it is not of her Coronation, but of her shaking hands with her new Prime Minister two days before her death.
      Liz Truss can’t possibly have imagined this on top of her already heavy in-tray when she took over.

  25. There were pictures of Rainbows over Balmoral and Windsor yesterday. A most fitting tribute. Even the younger members of my family cried. She was a world legend and now an historical women, to be placed amongst the male giants of our cotemporary History. Whether a monarchist or not, she was someone we all knew and was respected. Her Saturn on the cusp of 10th/MC was her hard work. Her Moon/Neptune in the 7th was her service to us.

    • The rainbow was extraordinary, wasn’t it? I noticed the moon was exceptionally beautiful last night, as it approaches its fullness. Particularly luminous and silvery, quite low in the sky and veiled by translucent cloud. It just felt such a sad and profound moment. The Moon was conjunct Saturn in Aquarius when she passed yesterday.

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