King Charles 111 – a Neptunian Full Moon reign

Charles 111 was proclaimed King at 10.04 am this morning in London on the exact Full Moon conjunct Neptune. This sounds indecisive, unstable, overly dewy-eyed. Except that the Full Moon is the fulcrum of a determinedly practical and business-like Earth Grand Trine of Virgo Sun trine Uranus (North Node) in Taurus trine Pluto. It won’t be easy to integrate two such divergent energies and Moon Neptune in Pisces as the driving planets are not instantly obvious as helpful or constructive.

  There will be arguments with Mars in Gemini in the 8th over money amongst other things with Mars square Venus and trine Mercury.

 Uranus Node in the 7th doesn’t leap out as cooperative or supportive of relationships, quite the opposite. Uranus Saturn can be autocratic and with Saturn in the 4th it may point to family tensions.

  The other point of interest is the Black Moon conjunct the Midheaven in the 10th which could give him the ‘ desire to accomplish great things in order to prove to a parent that he is worthy of love.’ It can lead to an obsession with living up to expectations by making a difference, so driven and ambitious, not wanting to settle for mediocrity. Making an impact will be important to him, stemming from a fear of failure in the public eye, scared of what others might think. Wanting to be an influential person and in control.

  It is a very different chart to the Queen’s Accession at 5 pm on 6 February 1952 which had an unbudgeable – and unfathomable – Pluto on the Ascendant opposition an Aquarius Sun. Plus a lucky and highly active Jupiter tied into a resourceful Cardinal Grand Square. Her Coronation chart of the following year has relatively similar traits with a prominent Jupiter and plenty of Cardinal signs for initiative.

  It’ll be quite a baptism of upheavals for him over the next two years which he won’t find easy with a Scorpio Sun square a 1st house Pluto and a Taurus Moon.  He’s Fixed in a different way to his mother and lacks her ramrod straight devotion to duty and responsibility. His Saturn falls in his 2nd house of personal finances which I have never quite understood since traditionally it means caution around money and he seems to be profligate at a personal level and less than rigorous when it comes to eliciting charitable donations. [Mind you Sarah Ferguson also has Saturn in her 2nd and is a complete klutz when it comes to money, reckless and irresponsible.]

  Tr Uranus is tugging at his Pluto, turning his life upside down this year and early in 2023; with a sense of cutting away from the past as tr Saturn squares his Sun this year as well. Tr Uranus follows behind to oppose his Sun from July 2023 on into 2024 which will involve another set of disruptions. Plus a run of calamities from January 2023 onwards, on and off till late 2024, as tr Pluto squares his Mars/Saturn midpoint and last but not least tr Pluto will square his 10th house Moon from late March 2023, on and off till late 2024, which will bring immense professional and personal pressures and challenges, prompting/forcing him to change.

  But for all that Jupiter will move across his Midheaven from March 2023 onwards for a year which may coincide with his coronation and will bring success in the months following. And tr Saturn is aiming for his peak from late 2026 onwards for several years – so if he overcomes the hurdles he should move steadily ahead after that.

  His relationship chart with the UK is a good deal trickier than his mother’s. There’s Pluto on the Midheaven opposition Mercury square Saturn which does suggest arguments over control and direction and a good deal of stubbornness – plus an affectionate Sun Venus conjunction. His determined Scorpio Sun squares the UK’s 11th house Saturn which suggests he and parliament may be at cross purposes – which was always the fear expressed in Michael Dobbs’ House of Cards sequel To Play the King.  

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  1. Such a moment for delving into astrological patterns isn’t it? It’s as if we can see the wheels and cogs turning through history somehow. A dance to the music of time?

    Mercury was retrograde for the coronations of both Charles 1st (12 Gemini) and Charles 2nd (17 Taurus). For this Accession we have Mars 11 Gemini, and Uranus 18 Taurus. 2022’s Neptune opposes the fixed star Cor Caroli (Charles’ Heart) at 24 Virgo. This bright star in the Hunting Dogs constellation was said to have shone very brightly when Charles II returned to England from exile in 1660, and was named in his honour.

    An astro chord seems to be struck between Charles III and the very different seeming Gemini Charles II. For this Accession, Charles II’s natal Sun, 17 Gemini, squares the Accession’s Sun/Moon opposition, 17 Virgo/Pisces.

    Chiron at 15 Aries has just passed Charles II’s natal Chiron at 13 Aries.
    Charles II’s Nodes are 12 Gemini, square Uranus 11 Virgo, and Jupiter at 11 Pisces.
    Black Moon Lilith is 15 Pisces in Charles II’s natal chart. If the 1630 birth time is right (Rodden rating A), then Charles II natal ascendant is 14 Virgo, with 9 Gemini on the MC.
    Mars at 11 Gemini for the Accession is now aspecting these degrees.

    There’s more, really, but one more thing I noticed is that for the Coronation of Charles I, Pluto was 24 Taurus (18 June 1633, GC). UK Charles Composite Marjorie has posted here has Pluto at 24 Taurus.

    Princess Diana, and therefore her sons, had direct, illegitimate, descent from Charles II. Charles III is descended from Charles I’s sister.

  2. Aim: Charles and Camilla married when mercury was retrograde, and their marriage is obviously enduring and strong. But they already had an established relationship, had known each other for years. It wasn’t as if they had just met and decided to marry. I think starting anything truly new under merc retro can be a wobbly enterprise, at best. At least that’s been my experience over many years dealing with setbacks when embarking on something completely new under a backtracking mercury.

  3. To be honest, and we do know this for fact. Charles’s politics is completely at odds with the current crop of Tories. So conflict was always going to be likely.

  4. Pierre Poilievre is now the leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in Canada.
    Born June 3, 1979 in Calgary Alberta. Ballots tallied on Sept 10, 2022. Keen to know your insight Marjorie.

  5. My immediate impression of the proclamation chart is that it can augur for scandals involving finance or even tensions with Parliament, perhaps involving those issues. Venus in Virgo in the 11th house (rules legislative bodies) squares Mars in Gemini in the 8th, so arguments over resources. Maybe Parliament will clip the wings of the royals, figuratively speaking. Wouldn’t be surprising at all either if Charles’s political views finds him in conflict with them.

    Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces can be idealistic, and in combination with Sun trine Uranus can suggest a progressive bent, without being revolutionary or disruptive.

    • That’s par for the course for English kings named Charles.

      It is a most unfortunate choice of regnal name, given that he could have chosen George or another name.

    • Just the cost of heating all those palaces will be headache enough for both State and Royals. I saw a picture of a banquet in the dining hall at Windsor and it is HUGE. I guess some of the buildings will have to go, but which and how?

  6. What King Charles has in his favour is the experience, counsel and close spiritual, emotional backing of not only Camilla, but also apparently Princess Anne now. Both of those women are formidable enough. Anne in particular inherited several of Elizabeth II’s best attributes.

    Will be interesting to see how the differing Moon Neptune and Earth Grand Trine play out.

  7. The conjunction with Moon/Neptune is, what, 8 degrees? personally I wouldn’t take that as to harsh a transit. Do you think that it is? I know people use up to 10 degrees.

  8. From your interpretation of the chart Marjorie what I sense is that he realises that he doesn’t have much time to make his mark and modernise the monarchy (and slim it down) in the way he would like to. He has had several decades to think about all of this but may have only 10 or maybe 20 years in which to do it (assuming he remains in good health). Perhaps this sense of urgency is what will lead to tension with family members and a tendency to ride roughshod over relationships. Camilla remarked in an interview that he can be very impatient and I can imagine that could be a stumbling block. Time will tell.

  9. How interesting that King Charles SA NN/SN at 19 degs Can/Cap are now conjunct his mother’s natal Nodes with his SA Moon also conjunct SA NN, which of course coincide with him now taking over the reins and pledging to follow in his mother’s footsteps. Just noticed that.

    • There’s something interesting about Charles’ Ceres too, Jennifer again referencing his mother’s legacy, since natally Pluto conjuncts Ceres in Leo in his first house, also at 19 degrees. I notice transit Ceres is at 9 degrees of Leo, has recently passed over his ascendant and he is about to have a Ceres return. The Moon/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius at the time of his mother’s passing opposed his natal Ceres. I’m also not surprised to see his Ceres in an angular house, since he is passionate about ecological issues as well as running his organic Highgrove Farm in Gloucestershire.

      • Yes, astrology is the map for sure it seems if we can fully understand our charts, progressed and SA. It is as if it’s all there.

        Marjorie responded in her previous post to a comment that

        ‘North Node in Cancer – the lesson is to learn to be a giver and care for others needs. Has a tendency to be private and self-protective about personal matters. ……..’

        The baton now has passed to him to do same for the nation and his family (SA NN/Moon); already publically offering the olive branch to Harry and Meghan.

          • OMG, wow, talk about continuity, the UK/King Charles composite NN is 22 degs Aries conjunct The Queen’s SA SN at 24 degs Aries at her passing. It was all meant to be right now.

            Not sure why I’ve homed in on the nodes so much today

  10. I’m no astrologer but am fascinated by astrology interpretations . I can’t imagine that after such a long successful reign
    that Charles can be anything like as popular as his Mother, the Queen was . It’s like if you were great at sport/ anything in life, its extremely rare that the son or daughter are as good or popular- with the public- as the parent.

    • An English journalist has begun recording the reaction of the public to the demise of the Queen. So far he has found that those under 40, were far less emotionally involved with the Royal Family. I don’t feel that Charles reign will have that much impact on the developing world. I wish he and Camilla well, they are just doing what circumstances have called them to do, and I am sure they are both well aware of the boots they will be asked to fill for those who are concerned.

  11. Kathy: My thoughts precisely. This whole transition is taking place during a merc retro. Plus the children of the Prince and Princess of Wales started a new school in the days leading up to…… Can’t help but wonder how lasting all of this will be.
    Very fluid in every respect. I put a lot of stock in mercury retrograde, having experienced its about-turns all too often. Nothing started or agreed-upon has ever lasted. No exceptions.

    • Julie: Well my first marriage was merc retro and lasted 12 years. My second marriage was also merc retrograde and we just celebrated our 11th anniversary. So, some MR marriages can last. :).

    • Mmm, I’m not so sure I agree. My husband and I were married on a Mercury retrograde and after 31 years of marriage, we’re still going strong.

  12. Good post. I wonder, however, how significant the proclamation is. He became king the instant Queen Elizabeth died. If we wanted to use another chart to mark his reign, perhaps his coronation is more appropriate? As I recall, Elizabeth I had John Dee determine the time for her own coronation, lending weight to the importance of that event. I’d love to see a research project comparing these different charts for different monarchs to see if there’s a trend towards one event being the important one.

      • The most appropriate chart for a British sovereign is always a bit of a puzzle.

        Both De Jure and De Facto the new reign begins the instant the old monarch dies ( ie on the principle that on this day the king/queen was alive and dead) so the death chart for one might arguably be regarded as the one marking the ascension of the new ruler to the throne. The idea presumably being that while the occupant of the throne might be mortal the actual institution and the associated royal authority which underpins the government and the rule of law by necessity is not.

        Coronations fulfil a role of giving “heavens mandate” to the new reign. There is some evidence that from the medieval period through to the beginning of the Enlightenment coronation dates were often chosen for symbolic reasons and that astrology may have played a part in the process. In fact the origins of the ceremony can be traced back to the coronation of King Edgar in 973 at Bath which was carefully orchestrated by St Dunstan who laid down much of the ritual to be used. The ceremonies also have links to those used to crown Frankish Kings and later Holy Roman Emperors.

        Depending on how secure a grip a sovereign had on the throne a monarch might get crowned almost immediately or wait for a most favourable date for the ceremony. Generally the weaker or more tenuous the grasp on power the more likely a coronation was to be rushed. William the Conqueror, Richard III and Henry VII who all effectively usurped the crown all had coronations a few months after they seized the throne. Henry III who had a long but troubled reign was crowned twice. Edward VIII abdicated before his Coronation could be held at all. To complicate matters further Edward IV and Henry VI both had two separate reigns each as English monarch but we’re only crowned King of England once each.

        Modern coronations usually take a year to organise so I don’t think Charles is likely to be formally crowned until 2023.

        • Nice recap, Hugh.

          The Queen’s coronation took 16mths to organise – Feb 1952 – June 1953. But I’m doubtful they’ll wait until 2024 and it’s probably easier to organise things these days with modern communications and flights. But security will obviously be tight with many world leaders present.

          March 2023 sees Saturn move into Pisces, followed soon after by Pluto into Aquarius. The latter retrogrades back into Capricorn in June. I would expect the astrology to crown King Charles while Pluto is in Capricorn and I’m sure they will aim for a summer or autumn coronation to have a shot at decent weather.

          Notably Jupiter moves into Taurus in mid-May so will be crossing Charles moon (0Tau) and NN (4Tau) at this time. Even more so, he has his 4th nodal return taking place during April-May. There is a new moon at 28 Taurus on Friday 19 May when Jupiter has just moved into Taurus with Neptune at 27Pisces. It would be on Charles IC opposite his Saturn and I wonder if that might be the time the heavens pick.

    • Yesterdays announcement of a public holiday on the day of the funeral will be unsettling for those with pre existing travel plans. Typical mercury retrograde disruption.

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