Kate Cambridge – a Duchess with class

The Duchess of Cambridge sails serenely on, wreathed in smiles, always elegant, a fulfilled mother and wife, morphing effortlessly into the challenging role of future consort. Yet she has a beyond-difficult chart.

  Born 9 January 1982 7pm (from memory) Berkshire, she has a sociable and ambitious 5th house Capricorn Sun which opposes a friendly and family-oriented 11th house Cancer Moon. So she was born at the time of the Full Moon, usually an indication of temperamentally incompatible parents which leaves the offspring constantly pulled between their head and their heart, unable to decide what they want.

  However in her case the Full Moon is pulled together by a formidable collection of Mars, Saturn, Pluto in Libra. That would leave precious little leeway for young Kate to express or even know what either her head or her heart wanted for herself. Her mother Carole from all accounts was hellbent on producing perfect daughters and ones who would have a chance of elevation through a marriage of rank and money.

 Carole Middleton is a Sun Aquarius with a beyond-stubborn Pluto opposition Mercury square Saturn in Scorpio. But she and Kate do get on well with Carole’s Sun conjunct Kate’s Venus, Carole’s Jupiter conjunct Kate’s Moon and opposition her Sun and their relationship chart isn’t too alarming.

  There’s no doubt a backbone of reinforced steel is needed to withstand a Royal lifestyle and the capability of suppressing personal needs in favour of public smiles – which Kate’s Venus Mercury in Aquarius square Jupiter in Scorpio is custom built for.  So a stamina-building, selfless childhood was probably a necessity.

  She’s moving into a hard-working and responsible fourteen years ahead with tr Saturn rising above her Descendant, hitting her eight year peak from 2028 onwards. Even before then Jupiter moving across her Midheaven from June 2023 for a year will see her glowing with confidence and attracting praise and success. She’s out of what has been an exceptionally tough few years with first tr Uranus in Aries and then tr Pluto in Capricorn hammering at her Mars, Sun, Moon, Saturn and Pluto and marriage significator Sun/Moon midpoint since 2012/13 – starting with the birth of Prince George. The last and final push is on till early this December with tr Pluto square her Pluto – and after that it will be less pressured.

 Though she is running into her midlife crisis (38 to 42) with the Neptune square Neptune at the moment and tr Uranus opposing her Uranus in 2026. In her case this may be more significant, since my experience of women with Sun Pluto hard aspects, is that often they don’t come into their own and empower themselves until into their forties. They pull away from their younger submissive selves and take control. So a different facet of Kate may emerge.

  Though what may pull against that marginally is her Progressed Mars going retrograde in January 2024 which often coincides with a time when there is less ability or motivation to be assertive. It can accompany a setback or a drop in vitality but could also be the walls of the monarchy closing in on her as she buckles down for the marathon ahead.

  She will have to look after her health with Pluto moving through her 6th and crossing her Mercury and Venus ahead.  

  There is a great deal more to her than meets the eye and indeed possibly more in her than she is conscious of since she learned early on to bury a good deal of her individuality.

 In marrying Prince William she found a partner with a similar emotional background since his Cancer Moon squares Mars and his Mars is conjunct Saturn is conjunct Pluto. Their relationship would go through a few trials with the disruptive tr Uranus square tr Pluto of last decade but that has now cleared. Though neither are easy personalities.

  Her relationship with Meghan Markle is not going to improve, indeed the tensions will intensify with tr Pluto square the composite Sun in 2023/24 and tr Uranus will cause major upset as it hard aspects the volcanic Moon Mars square Venus Uranus in 2024/25.   

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  1. Just a thought, according to the “AstroSense” website her birth time is actually 11.33pm giving her a Libra ascendant, I’d actually find this very believable, (as opposed to the 7pm story which conveniently appeared in the media a few years ago) – I would wonder whether it’s worth looking at this as an alternative possible birth time when next looking at her chart, in case it makes sense?

  2. I may be stabbing around in the dark here, but Katherine’s natal chart has certain similarities with that of Catherine of Aragon. Both charts have all their planets below the horizon apart from the Moon, both have Pluto in Libra and Neptune in Sagittarius, both have Black Moon Lilith conjunct Neptune, both have a line-up of Pluto, Saturn, Mars, though Aragon has Mars/Saturn in Sagittarius and Kate, in Libra. Both women are Capricorn Suns with Venus in Aquarius and both have Uranus in Sagittarius.

    Catherine of Aragon was deeply loved by the people and was given rulership of the kingdom when in 1513, Henry was away waging war with France, she was then just 27. She was far from the passive figurehead one would perhaps expect for women at the time and took an active role in defending the kingdom, it was said at the time that she was ‘in her element’ when dealing with the troublesome Scottish King, James for example. So I think there was so much more to Catherine of Aragon than the spurned wife who was unable to provide a male heir, so much more to her than just the devout Catholic who suffered endless miscarriages. Especially when you see all that adventurous, higher learning Sagittarius in her chart. So I think too, with Princess Katherine of Wales that we are yet to see her full potential. As a Capricorn, resonating with the National astrology, I feel she will become as beloved as Henry VIII’s loyal first wife.

    Catherine of Aragon’s tomb is in Cambridgeshire itself, in Peterborough Cathedral. Her symbol was the pomegranate and visitors today still lay flowers and pomegranates as a tribute to her. She was truly loved by the people.

        • You’re welcome…but I realize I should have said something like, “Trust a Virgo!” to dig up some great info like that! Always enjoy your comments along with some of the other ‘regulars’ on Marjorie’s site. I enjoy reading the comments as much as I enjoy reading Marjorie’s articles!

          • You learn so much here I agree. My astro knowledge is considerably deeper since finding Marjorie’s site and learning from reading the comments too.

            I’m sorry to say my Sun sign is cringey, people-pleasing Libra – thank goodness for my Virgo rising!

          • I thought you might have Virgo Rising because that’s what I have too, and didn’t Marjorie say she had Virgo Rising a while back? I’m sure the Libra Sun and Virgo Rising combo is not all bad and I’ll bet your manners are impeccable, which I count as a positive with so much rudeness in the world these days! I have a Cancer Sun and I always say if you put Cancer and Virgo together you get a domestic servant, lol. The housework never ends! Nice chatting!

  3. I always though kate ascendant was in pisces? She has a dreamy look about her. Leo ascendant very outgoing and really live being in the spotlight!

  4. The sun moon Saturn T~square seems most instructive – doesn’t give up easily – stays course ~ probably incredibly stubborn. Pluto Saturn mars in 3rd house interesting on communication front contrasts with Venus mercury in 6th perhaps this suggests a working front. Pluto is wide orb so perhaps not so problematic in terms of power dynamics.

    What stands out for me is the super challenging time she had with George – went to live with her parents with Pluto on top of her sun. Her empathy and concern and understanding of how effective early years intervention is in solving so many childhood wounds seems to be result. Suggests difficult early personal experiences.

    Moving from sun with risks and fun to emotional concern for the collective with 11th house. Suggests she had a lot of growing up to do in marriage. Saturn squares took a long time to be integrated and personal expression in the world so look for championing better understanding of childhood development.

  5. Kate was also born within an hour of a total lunar eclipse while Prince William was born on a partial solar eclipse seemingly marking them for distinction. I believe it was astrologer Bill Meridian who noted that monarchs born on an eclipse are often the last rulers in a royal lineage.

  6. I find the circumstances she grew up with to seem absolutely exceptional and just about perfect for someone who was destined to become an accidental royal. Really, it’s practically ideal on so many levels. Catherine is enveloped in a strong knit family guided by an energetic mother. Both of her parents are still together. She shares a strong bond with her sister. Financially Middletons have always been doing well, securing the best education for the children and after school activities such as sailing and skiing, all of which contributed to their goal of upward mobility. The fact that they spend so much time together and even live within minutes from each other says something. Kate has always had her family to rely on, even now. Unlike Meghan who alienated herself from her relatives, Kate was never just joining the royal family as some kind of poor orphan. In many ways William, the royal, joined her family, something that offered Kate a strong identity – she was never standing alone in the world. In short, she is one lucky girl.

    • Did Meghan intentionally alienate herself from her relatives? If you have opportunistic relatives like hers wouldn’t you want to get away from them? As for her in-laws, again would you put up with silence & complicity in the media’s abuse of you? Meghan is totally justified in wanting to stay away from all that negativity. We shouldn’t be encouraging people to put up with oppression. A balance of duty vs individual needs sure, but not all duty nor all selfish needs.

  7. surely the QEII’s love of horses will merit her a equine escort – who bridge the worlds – to escort her where she is going in spirit

    • That would be fitting.
      In a year filled with Taurus (Queen Elizabeth II) and Scorpio (King Charles III) eclipses, endings and begginnings were inevitable. The King has big shoes to fill.

  8. Very interesting . Life isn’t a bed of roses and she learnt that at a young age , probably why
    she’s popular and shows humility even though she’s a royal

  9. Excellent analysis. She may have learned a lot about selflessness and dedication, also thinking about the long run, from the Queen. Being a Capricorn may put her in a better position to sense the evolving role of the monarchy than her husband. She may be better than the royal family and is keenly aware of the future roles and challenges of her offspring, I’m sure.
    She may turn out to be Britain’s last queen, but I believe she will be a great and steadying one and the people will be grateful.

  10. I first read Kate and Meghan’s chart and thought wow, there is some unfinished business there. Kate has several conjunctions in her Natal Chart. It is not as easy as people think having many conjunctions in the chart. I actually think her Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the third, gives her a very good judge of character. As she is a Capricorn Sun conjunct her South Node; which in an esoteric chart, could mean an old soul. Also Mercury in Aquarius indicates a quick mind and Venus a love of the unusual. Kate is a very good photographer and this would give her the edge, which she appears to have. As she has set the vanguard in her pictures. Her Chiron in the tenth and sextile to her Moon, also pulling in the energy of her north node, is also in a position of healing the country. I think she is a person on her time and was born to do this job.

    • @Helen, apparently, according to BBC, both Kate and Meghan remain “behind” when most of the Royal Family is in Balmoral For Kate, the reasonis first day of school of the children, but Meghan, because she maybe “shouldn’t be there”. I suppose children have been in Europe with Harry and Meghan, though. The framing is interesting, the least.

      Even if the Queen makes it, the implications are momentous for British Monarchy and Kate. Australia and Canada will likely at least vote on passage to Republic once the Queen passes. And I’d say there is no way Monarchy will survive there with Charles as the King.

      I don’t know if this is enough for Charles to pass succession. But my feeling is this is, indeed, the plan.

  11. Kate has really come in to her own since Harry & Meghan left. That drama seems to have somehow elevated Kate, perhaps the contrast with duty vs selfishness, it seems like she has stepped up. Kate also seems to be looking much more stylish, she was always a little frumpy, dressing to hide, but now shes starting to dazzle.

  12. what’s synastry of diana with kate and with meghan? what the synastries shows about the relationships of diana with her daughter-in-laws?

  13. It seems that the Queen’s health has taken a sudden turn to worse overnight, with Clarence House now communicating everybody next in line of succession has been summoned to Balmoral. This would mean she might have to step to a even more public role very soon.

    • Yes Solaia. I see BBC has scrapped their schedule following reports that the Queen’s children and grandchildren have all travelled to HMQ’s beloved Balmoral to be with her. The end of an era.

  14. Her chart difficulties appear to have been replicated in Prince George’s chart; across the Cancer Capricorn axis, with really challenging aspects from Saturn and Pluto.

  15. Maybe you could point out what sacrifices she has made.
    I have yet to see her take on any charity or interest that is for the public good and doesn’t relate to her own personal life. Plenty to do with the arts which is her main interest anyway

      • Cue Monty Python …

        “Mental health.”
        “Yes but apart from mental health, what has Kate Middleton ever sacrificed for?”
        “Mental health and children’s charities.”
        “Yes but apart from mental health and children’s charities …”

    • It seems to me that is the best way to do charity. Involve yourself in things that interest you. You will give yourself fully to the cause, you expect less back.

      Why do you think sacrifice needs to come into it?

    • Try being in the limelight. It is a difficult thing to do. As you are immediately judged and can see people judging you. I lectured and could see, written on my groups faces, what they thought about me. Also you learn to be yourself as you can never please some people. Her photography has been applauded, she is a good mother and she heads her charities with a goodwill. The Royals pull in a lot of money for charities. The Crown Estate does, as well. A lot of people do not seem realise how much money the Royal Estates makes for this country.

    • @Belle, I think this has more to do with both William and her thinking their family is now “ready”, and her not being pregnant all the time. Apparently, she had very difficult pregnancies. Also, I think Pluto passage to her Sun and Moon – it seems she has an overbearing mother, as well. I think after this passed, she became much more emotionally selfresilient.

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