Qatar World Cup – sugarcoating abuses

Qatar heading for the controversial World Cup in November has been lambasted by the family of a UK businessman who allegedly committed suicide after being tortured in a secret detention centre. They released a statement saying: “Qatar is throwing millions at creating a veneer of respectability, which in reality hides a wholly unchanged, barbaric regime. The footballing world should take a long, hard look at where it places its trust”. Ironically Marc Bennett, the dead man, had been proud of his work in preparing for the World Cup through his Qatar Airways job.

  There have already been major concerns about the country’s human rights record especially in regard to migrant workers, living in poor conditions and working in stifling heat, building stadiums and hotels for the event. The Qataris have also been dogged by allegations of bribery and corruption in their bid to host the World Cup.

  More than 1.2 million international visitors are expected in the wealthy resource-rich Gulf State in November for the event.

 David Beckham has come under fire from former team mates for agreeing to a  £10million deal to become an ambassador for the country over the decade, which has resulted in him being the face of the 2022 World Cup. Eric Cantona suggested he isn’t  aware of ‘what has happened there’.

 Beckham, 2 May 1975 6.17 am London (biography) is an acquisitive Taurus with a publicity-attracting Mars square Neptune; and an unyielding and super-confident Jupiter opposition Pluto square Saturn. If his birth time is accurate tr Pluto is conjunct his Midheaven this year and moving into his 10th which can begin with a change, often damaging, to reputation, followed by several years wandering trying to find a direction.  He has a raft of unhelpful transits to midpoint in 2023/24 with plans dissolving under his feet.

 Relocating his chart to Qatar puts Jupiter in his 10th and Mars conjunct his Midheaven so he no doubt though it would bring him glory but it also puts Pluto in his 4th and Saturn in his 1st which will damp down the flame of his enthusiasm, pour cold water on his image and make him feel trapped.

 The World Cup kicks off at 7pm on 20 November 22 with a showy, high-flying, super-optimistic Jupiter Neptune in the 10th which can promise more than it delivers and is associated with scandals and gossip. It is trine the Sun and sextile an 8th house Pluto as well as square a 12th house Mars. With Mars trine an 8th house Saturn trine Moon. The heavy hand of the state security apparatus will be kept firmly hidden with an 8th and 12th emphasis but will be there as an underpinning. The Saturn square Uranus will make for high-tension and sudden jolts.

  Qatar became independent on 1 September 1971 at 12am and has a 4th house Sun Venus in Virgo as well as a domestically-controlling Pluto in the 4th sextile Jupiter Neptune – echoing the World Cup chart. What makes for a harsher, ideological bent is an chilly Air Grand Trine of Mars in Aquarius trine Saturn trine Uranus.

 No doubt the World Cup will do what it was intended to do and leave the country richer or at least with a morale boost since tr Pluto is sextile the Jupiter in 2023.

  The Qataris own goodly chunks of London and are regrettably well in with King Charles who accepted bags of cash from the former PM for one of his charities.

  I never understand why people flock to Dubai and the like on holiday or for second homes; or take jobs there, no doubt hoping to earn a chunk. When it goes awry it can have exceptionally damaging consequences.

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  1. Thanks Marjorie. As a football fan, I’ve long thought this particular World Cup in Qatar is a depressing proposition. What happened to Marc Bennett (and countless, nameless others) is awful, and the family statement about the footballing world is spot on. And not just the footballing world either.

    It’s interesting to look at FIFA’s founding chart for 21 May, 1904 (ADB). FIFA are responsible for organising this dubious event. Their Mercury, 18 Taurus, is conjunct Venus 17 Taurus (money from games?), square Saturn at 20 Aquarius, and possibly there’s a t-square with the theatrical Leo Moon (19), depending on timings.
    We’ve been discussing the potential effects of the Mars-Uranus-Nodes conjunction at 18 Taurus this summer. It activates FIFA’s chart very neatly – and could be described as a sporting (Mars) revolution (Uranus) for the people (nodes). Some of that might be the rise in the popularity of women’s football this summer. Something FIFA has not encouraged for decades, but have had to accept now. Partly, I think, because they hear “kerching”….astrologically because Mars and Uranus shook up the Venus/Mercury – the women’s game…

    However, I don’t think the Saturn-Uranus square has finished its work, nor has the MUN conjunction’s ripple effect completed it’s manifestations. FIFA have their Saturn return now, and may have to rethink a few things along the way as Saturn and Uranus transit their founding chart.
    As you say –
    “The Saturn square Uranus will make for high-tension and sudden jolts.” The World Cup chart/event could jolt FIFA’s complacency about what lies beneath this tournament. Maybe.

    The World Cup chart also has sporting Jupiter at 28 Pisces, square FIFA’s Uranus at 29 Sagittarius (more Jupiter), opposing Qatar’s Pluto at 28 Virgo. Not sure what to make of this pattern, but it doesn’t look very stable.

    • Indeed … women’s football kerching. There’s a whole new set of TV rights and football kit to be sold off. FIFA taking control of the game before they set up their own association or whatever.

      That reminds me of something I noted when Uranus first moved into Taurus in 2018. Previous time around – 1935-42 coincided with women becoming more financially liberated. Prior to WWII, they typically worked in domestic service then married and had children, looked after the home. Post war, having shown they could work in the factories while men were off fighting, they began to be employed in the workforce. Think a version of that is happening again with female Dr Who, women refereeing, commentating on men’s sports etc.

      • Interesting what you say about Uranus in Taurus GD. The sign Taurus is connected with FIFA’s Mercury Venus, and the World Cup, as I’ve noted, and also the first recorded women’s football match. Although, women had been playing football for fun for much longer, it just wasn’t formalised. That first match is dated 9th May, 1881. It has the most astonishing stellium in Taurus. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron. Uranus is in ‘maidenly’ Virgo. Nodes in Sagittarius, and Mars in Pisces, like David Beckham.
        Re women working, I have to disagree with you there! It’s a much lengthier and more diverse history than most of us believe. The misconception is due in part to how things were recorded in the census etc, and class perceptions. I won’t go into it here, but have studied this at some depth. Married women had many businesses and occupations, but to a certain extent, as time went on, it was considered shameful when the man wasn’t able to provide enough for the family. The whole ‘angel in the house’ thing is basically Victorian fake news!

  2. I certainly hope that by 2120, cancel culture has died a death. I don’t agree with ‘cancelling’ people for their views. We must allow voices to be heard in a free society, even those opinions we don’t like otherwise we foster a culture where people aren’t allowed to speak. A dangerous road to go down.

    • @Angie, usually the people screaming loudest about “cancel culture” are the ones doing their utmost to suppress the views of their adversaries (think Trump and his allies and the right-wing generally).

      Free speech for me, but not for thee.

    • @Angie, I don’t know if you’ve followed this at all, but the only people “cancelled” due to Qatar World Cup are hundreds, if not thousands of migrant workers who’ve died on construction sites. Yes, the official toll is “only” some 70 deaths, of which around half due to heart attacks etc., but these people are working long shifts with temperatures reaching up to 50 C in the Sun, obviously precarious situation. It’s telling that in recent athletics events in Doha long distance events outside air conditioned (!) arena have started before sunrise, and yet seen top athletes not finishing.

      So, I am, as a long time football fan, definitely boycotting this event, that was result of very well reported corruption that has lead to punishments, anyway.

  3. Sadly despotic and apartheid regimes around the world are regarded as friends by the West, certainly UK Politicians who cannot insert themselves into the fundaments of these countries quickly enough if there’s money to be made. Also how can well known high street chains sell you a tee shirt for two pounds? Because kids in Bangladesh or Philippines are working as slaves on a dollar a day. So maybe we consumers should learn for ourselves who is working in this way and to boycott them? Money talks and all that…

    • Absolutely.. slavery is not a 150-200 year historical problem. It happens right to the day, and people worldwide benefit from it(except those unfortunate to be subject to slavery) . My concern is there are very few serious protests against today’s perpetuators, but a lot of focus on historical injustice. May be, the teens of 2120 will protest and speak about the injustices of 2020s, and cancel people who they perceived to benefit from it, say, DB, as he was an ambassador of a middle Eastern despotic country.

  4. In addition to BLM like protests which highlight the historical abuse of power, there need to be protests and action taken against current slavery – in the likes of places in Middle East, China etc.
    But the problem is – this needs real action, and real sacrifices of the present. As against nice march through the city streets and toppling of statues etc.

    • @Sounh, it’s really telling of your own indifference and prejudice that you think nothing has been done to combat modern day slavery and blame younger generation protesters of not caring.

      Because there really has been large scale “action” and protests on these issues since the turn of Millenium “No Global” movement. And many of us who, despite not taking the streets back in the day, were made aware of the issue, have been “woke” consumers ever since, raised our children now often in their young adult years accordingly, and are now in position to influence practices within companies or even legislation.

      For instance, in my industry, much of the revenue in Europe comes from public tenders, and tender specifications now increasingly include sustainability aspects such as preferring products with a provenience from countries explicitly banning slavery and forced labour.

      But this is how it goes, it always seem to people whose world view is based on self interest until the moment consequences hit them telling altruists how “we” must start tackling an issue or even blaming them of not tackling the issues. It seems inconceivable to many that true altruists generally speaking can make changes on their behavior for common good without being hit by the issue themselves. And they can act in many fronts – people doing most for human rights tend to do a lot for nature, too, and vice versa. But I’ve seen this only in the past few months with people hit by unusual flooding/drought caused by climate change, energy crisis caused by sudden disruption of Russian gas flow, or supply chain issues caused by Chinese Covid-19 policies, Brexit, firing personnel on transportation hubs and then discovering they won’t return, and what not…

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