Anne Sacoolas – the mills of justice grind slow

Anne Sacoolas appeared in a UK court by videolink from the US to face a charge of causing the death of 19 year old motorcyclist Harry Dunn by dangerous driving in a road crash outside the US military base in Northamptonshire in December 2019. She originally had diplomatic immunity asserted on her behalf by the US administration and left the UK 19 days later. At this hearing she was granted unconditional bail and the case will next be heard at the Old Bailey on 27 October when she would be required to appear in person though that might change.

  She was born 28 August 1977 in South Carolina and is a Virgo Sun likely opposition a Pisces Moon and square Neptune in Sagittarius; her Mercury in Virgo is also square Neptune and she has an enthusiastic, go-getting Mars in late Gemini conjunct Jupiter in Cancer.

  When the accident occurred tr Neptune was opposition her Mercury so she would be distracted. What lies ahead does not look too cheerful for her with losses through till early this December; forced changes from March 2023 for two years from Pluto on her Saturn/Uranus midpoint; followed by a panicky tr Neptune square her Mars in 2023/24; as well as some catastrophic midpoints. And tr Saturn opposition her Sun as well as an emotionally pressured tr Pluto opposition her Venus; and then tr Neptune and Saturn square her Jupiter in 2025/26 to further dampen her confidence.

  She does have some good luck in 2023 and no doubt it will roll on through endless appeals if there is a conviction.

  Harry Dunn, 22 March 2000, was a Sun Aries trine Pluto, sextile Neptune; with a charming Venus square Pluto; and oddly enough like her an out-of-sign Mars Jupiter conjunction. And a leadership Leo North Node – he would have made something of his life.  

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  1. Gnarly Dude, I didn’t know the information about the ‘blank’ day for her mobile phone. That does put it in a different light.

  2. I feel terribly sorry for all involved. All that Neptune energy can indicate a ‘head in the clouds’ sort of person who’s easily distracted. We lived near a US air base when I was a child and there were several absolutely terrible accidents involving American servicemen or their wives. Driving in the states (straight roads, slow speed limits, automatic transmission) is a doddle compared to the UK which is opposite on all counts PLUS drives on the left. She has a ‘kind’ chart and may indeed have been influenced to leave by her husband and the powers that be in US military. She was culpable in agreeing but probably out of her mind with guilt and sorrow. No one wants to hurt a child. She wasn’t drunk. A horrid tragedy for all concerned.

    • Indeed Anne, it sad for all involved. But I wonder if you’ve really thought about this case?

      – At 19, Harry was no longer a child – but of course is someone’s son.

      – Sacoolas may have been encouraged to bolt but she has had three years to think matters through and return to the UK. Even on Friday, she appeared via videolink.

      – The prosecution are alleging she was using her mobile which makes it less of an accident and more of a wilful, disregard for the laws around driving and using a phone. Their case is based on the phone records showing calls the day before, calls the days after yet supposedly none at all on the day of the accident. Without a baseline of her phone usage, it’s difficult to know whether she does have days without calls. We will wait to see what comes out in court.

      Ultimately she knows she’s caused death by driving on the wrong side of the road which is why she’s run. The question is whether it really was an unfortunate accident. I would imagine the airforce base is near deserted roads so it would be easy to be on autopilot and go on the wrong – that can happen to any of us in a foreign country. But if she was using her mobile, so soon after leaving a carpark where she was stationary then it’s unforgiveable. Especially if she didn’t have handsfree.

    • @Annie, this happens a lot in Italy close to NATO bases housing American troops. I have a friend in Vicenza and many connections to Pisa, and this was a regular conversation topic. Especially in the late 1990’s , when Italians themselves had seemingly relaxed attitude on DUI. But while for Italians, drinking and driving usually meant couple of classes of wine or beer or two, Americans interpreted not being stopped by police on random controls as a permission to get completely blasted. And even these days, there was an incident near Vicenza base in just a couple of weeks ago (might have been a month), where a drunken service woman hit and killed a pedestrian passing the street on pedestrian passage.

  3. Good update – thanks Marjorie.

    Transiting Saturn will be hitting her moon in the next year or two – depending on its exact position. Quite possibly an incarceration coming up.

    But for now, having her midlife Saturn half-return and reaping its rewards.

  4. A case of how running away from your responsibilities makes everything worse for everyone involved. I am so glad there was no one around she could blame or carry the can for her, because that’s the usual behaviour with this kind of “entitled” individual.
    Her NN in Libra has tried to tell her to co-operate with the law but instead she’s used that NN energy to try to hide behind her husband. Venus in the 9th H in early Leo will soon be affected by a long Pluto opposition too. I also wonder about her marriage.

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