Princess Mako – shameful treatment in Japan

The Japanese Royal Family, who make the Brit bunch look like a walk in the park, are doing little to relieve the pressure on Princess Mako, the Emperor’s niece, in her bid for freedom in marrying a commoner. The wedding due on October 26th has been delayed since 2018 largely because her intended, a Japanese lawyer with a career in the US, Kei Komuro, has been under attack for his mother’s financial affairs. It’s a nonsense scandal but has deluged tabloid disapproval on his and their head. According to Mako’s psychiatrist she is now suffering complex PTSD after years of negative coverage.

  Mako is the third generation of women in the imperial family to have suffered mental health problems. Her aunt, Empress Masako, 57, withdrew from public duties and was diagnosed with adjustment disorder after intense pressure to have a son. The former empress, Michiko, 86, suffered a nervous breakdown after alleged bullying by her mother-in-law, Empress Kojun, the latter a steely Pisces square Pluto; with a fearsomely chilly Air Grand Trine of Mars trine Pluto trine Mercury.  

  Princess Mako, 23 October 1991 11.41 pm Tokyo, has a shockingly difficult chart with her Taurus Moon on the Midheaven opposition Mars in Scorpio conjunct a late Libra Sun square a 6th house Saturn – that that is one cruel childhood – scary, angry, suppressed.

 Her fiancée Kei Komuro, born only 18 days after her, is also a Sun Libra with his Mars in Libra conjunct her Sun; and his Virgo Moon Jupiter Venus conjunction chiming with her Jupiter Venus and her Taurus Moon.

   The relationship chart has a veneer of good feeling with a composite Jupiter Venus trine Uranus. But the Saturn square Mars hints at rough edges and a lop-sided partnership with one having to sacrifice a good deal to maintain cooperation.

    There is nothing easy about the wedding chart if it does go ahead – with a hostile, trapped Mars square Pluto and a discouraging Sun square Saturn.  And the relationship chart is facing mountainous problems ahead with a frustrated, blocked tr Pluto square Mars in 2022/23, followed by a discouraging tr Pluto conjunct the composite Saturn in 2023/24. Which is also mirrored in both their individual charts, especially hers with tr Pluto conjunct her Saturn in 2023/24 and then square her Mars the following year.

   Poor kids, they can’t even escape to the relative freedom of the US without having the demons of the past haunting them. See previous post 9 July 2018.

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  1. Have you looked at Aiko, Princess Toshi’s chart as well, Marjorie? (According to Astrotheme): Moon/Saturn in Gemini opposite Sun/Mercury in Sagittarius in the seventh house, Saturn opposition Pluto in the seventh house as well. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Venus in Scorpio also in the seventh square Mars in Aquarius. This really does not look a happy prospect for cutting loose from that family, or marriage.

  2. From what I’ve read Japan is a very conformist society. The nail that sticks up gets hammered down. That’s great when it comes to say everybody to wear a mask for covid; but not so much when your individualism really isn’t going to affect anyone else beyond their sensibilities.

    I guess this is why you end up telling people in difficult relationships to go “No Contact” with the toxic parties. Difficult though if the media are stirring the pot outside of that. And she’d have to give up that gilded life which looks tough given her chart. But if you love someone …

    • Yoko is Aqua Sun, Sag moon, Uranus in Aries … not difficult for her to express her individuality and freedom. Actually probably more difficult for her to get along with the expectations of society and others.

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