Dita von Teese – defying convention

Making a joke out of strip tease has been a serious business for Heather Sweet, a small town Michigan gal, who morphed into Dita von Teese, burlesque dancer extraordinaire. She grew up fascinated by the old, Golden Age-era Hollywood films, trained as a ballet dancer, indulged her fetish for lingerie by selling it in a store before moving on to become a stripper. Her career has been varied with her famous stage routines winning her the ‘Queen of the Burlesque’ title, as well as appearing in softcore and hardcore porn films, and as a bondage model as well as bit parts in mainstream TV, well-received films, music videos and fashion modelling.  

  There’s now a streaming film Night of Teese, going out tonight with guest performers male burlesque artist Jett Adore, hula-hoop virtuoso Marawa and the not-so-young Dirty Martini and Perle Noire.

  Heather was born 28 September 1972 in Rochester, MI, and has an intense chart with a Libra Sun conjunct Pluto and Mars in late Virgo square Jupiter. The Jupiter Pluto will give her confidence which a suppressed Sun, Mars, Pluto would otherwise have lacked. Mars Pluto with her Mars square Saturn as well will also boost her interest in bondage.

She’s got a highlighted Venus in flamboyant Leo on the focal point of a trine of Saturn (Moon) in Gemini trine Uranus – innovative, showy, emotionally cool.

  Clearly smart with a sense of humour, she’s made the best out of a difficult chart which could have sent her off down a very different track into dangerous territory.

 She was admittedly with Marilyn Manson at one point for seven years, married for one, but it fell apart due to his drug-taking and infidelity.

 That connection fed into her attraction for high-risk situations with his Pluto conjunct her Mars and his Uranus Jupiter conjunct her Sun Pluto. But it was always a volatile match with a composite no-compromise Mars Uranus conjunction and a blow hot, blow cold composite Venus Saturn opposition Jupiter Sun.

7 thoughts on “Dita von Teese – defying convention

  1. thanks for taking the time to touch in on Dita von Teese’s chart, Marjorie!
    It’s just nice to dip into something completely different sometimes…
    my goodness about your newest post on the Queen and Prince Andrew.

    As I mentioned in the Q&A, there is something of the opera in this new burlesque. Over the top, all the senses involved…. when you have a strongly Plutonian chart, and Mercury conj Uranus (could be in the 8th, actually.. .like it is for Gwyneth P. I believe)… and then Venus in Leo!!!….. What a delight that she found a way to express herself!

    A few years ago I had the privilege of taking a course with Betty Martin, DC on The Wheel of Consent. Head to her website.. she has a free page with an explanation and some exercises. She, and many of the participants, were sex therapists and involved in all manner of alternative ways. And I was deeply impressed with the integrity and care in delving into these more Plutonian places. Pluto rules our deepest instincts… and certainly sexuality and power.

    We need people to guide us in these realms.. in whatever is their way to do that.
    This is not for everyone.. but for those of us with some of these more difficult charts, it is both a relief and a delight to witness a genuine… and even heartfelt and playful!!…. expression.

    and GnarlyDude!.. how fun to see that Gwyneth is just a day’s difference!!…. there is a look on her that just let’s you know there is more going on in there! And if you read her bio, she, too, was deeply influenced by her Mother and has chosen some rather edgy film roles to explore.

    anyways… Dita von Teese just makes me smile!

    all the best,

  2. Noting born day after Gwyneth Paltrow – all planet/signs same including both Gemini moons. Yet seem very different. Other than fame don’t see any underlying themes.

    • Paltrow also ‘defys convention’ through her controversial Goop lifestyle brand, tapping into intimacy/sex through items like her ‘This smells like my vagina’ candle, her Jade egg, vibrators, etc. So I guess they have a different slant on the same focus? Underlying theme?

      • Yes, good spot. (Perhaps not unsurprisingly) I’m not a follower of Paltrow but I believe the sexual ‘focus’ has been a recent development? I only really know her as Brad Pitt’s girlfriend in Seven, plus the kookie children-naming and conscious-uncoupling stuff of her marriage to the Coldplay guy (ie the stuff that hits headlines). Certainly something uranian/convention-defying in there.

        • Not a follower either. Just that the candle and other items, as well as some wacky ideas she has about alternative healing, etc, have hit headlines too when she launched them.

          Interesting that Dita Sun is in 10th House with Sag Asc and Paltrow has Sun in 8th with Pisces Asc . Do those placements reflect how we see them use the same theme?

          • It’s a midday chart suggesting unknown time of birth. But your underlying point is correct – the stuff in the 10th will be there for all the world to see; the 8th is hidden.

            So even not knowing Dita’s houses I’d expect she has key planets in something like the 10th, or maybe the performing 5th. Paltrow’s may have progressed into more visible or outgoing houses – 9th is house of publishing for example – hence the recent move to putting all this stuff on Tv/books/webs or whatever it is she does.

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