Prince/ss Michael of Kent – bound together by status

Prince Michael of Kent, the Queen’s first cousin, now 80, recently announced his retirement, with questionmarks over his many Russian dealings. He is strikingly similar in looks to his great uncle, the murdered Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, which has opened many doors to him in Moscow. His wife, Marie-Christine, dubbed ‘pushy’ by Princess Anne has been stalwartly at his side in public since their wedding in 1978 despite stories of relationships for both outside the marriage. They still live in Kensington Palace despite being ‘non-working’ royals with the Queen footing the bill for a market rent after a furore some years back.

 Prince Michael, 4 July 1942 7.35pm Iver, England, was born seven weeks after his father Prince George was killed in a plane crash; his mother had Greek and Russian royal parents.

  He has a lucky 8th house Sun Jupiter in Cancer, so despite his constant tales of being short of funds, there is plenty of evidence of good fortune from forebears in that placing. His Aries Moon sits on his IC, tying him into his roots and family. His Venus, Saturn (Uranus) conjunct his Descendant hint at a complex and unconventional marriage which required considerable effort.  His much-travelled 9th house Mars is in an ultra-determined conjunction to Pluto. Relocating his chart to Moscow puts his Mars Pluto in the financial 8th house suggesting a fair amount of secret business wheelings and dealings.

  Princess Michael of Kent, 15 January 1945, Czech Republic, has always made a fuss about her German, Hungarian, Austrian noble ancestors, but was brought up in a suburb in Australia. Over the years she has tripped into various scandals, blundering comments and allegations of racism. She’s a Sun Capricorn with a confident trine to Jupiter; with Mars Mercury in Capricorn in a hard-edged opposition to Saturn in Cancer square Neptune in Libra.

  It’s an odd match with her Saturn conjunct his Jupiter Sun and her Mars in opposition; with her Neptune opposition is Moon and her Saturn and Mars square his Moon as well. Her Jupiter is conjunct his Neptune so he’d offer a tantalising prospect to fulfil her expansive dreams of the life she’d like. Her Aquarius Moon probably opposes his Mars. Not well designed to rub along amicably on a day to day basis.

  There is a frisson of affection in their composite chart with Sun Venus opposition Mars. But what dominates it as it does on the wedding chart is a power-couple Jupiter Pluto. This is a combination, when pulling together, which promises social punch, prestige and aggrandisement.

  The wedding chart, 30 June 1978 Vienna, has a Sun Jupiter square Pluto so couldn’t more clearly hint where the marriage was heading.   

  No great conclusions except to wonder at how the aristos and some of the Royals live.   

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  1. Lady Colin Campbell, who dislikes the woman, has said somewhere on her pod casts that Princess Michael could work a room better than anyone in society she had ever met. Perhaps she should have been a politician – though her father’s Nazi past would have brought about her downfall.

    As for finances – there are plenty of trust funds within the Royal Family which are not subject to public scrutiny.

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