Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban – enough pluses

Nicole Kidman has surprised many being still together with country singer Keith Urban after sixteen years. He got clean from his  old rock n’ roll druggie lifestyle when they got together and has managed to stay upright since, with two children now in the family home. She says he doesn’t involve himself much in her career which is clearly how she likes it.

  She was born 20 June 1967 3.15pm Honolulu, Hawaii when her student parents were there studying though they returned to Australia when she was young. Her intense and secretive 8th house Gemini Sun is widely square Uranus Pluto in Virgo which in turn squares her Sagittarius Moon. She will have been used to a constantly changing, high-tension lifestyle so would not want too battened down a partner. She has a hard-working Saturn in self-reliant Aries in a disciplined, edgy opposition to Mars; with a successful, lucky and charming Jupiter Venus in Leo straddling her Midheaven. Her Moon is in an attention-demanding, inspirational Fire Grand Trine to Saturn and her Midheaven, Jupiter, Venus in Leo.

  Quite a mix of hard and soft, inward and outward looking.

 Keith Urban, 27 October 1967, Whangarei, NZ, maybe 12.05 am, was born four months later so has the same outer planet placings. His Scorpio Sun is conjunct her South Node, which suggests an important connection; and his Leo Moon is conjunct her Jupiter, Midheaven, Venus for an affectionate, easy going bond. Two Fire Moons will tend to have similar reactions and appreciate an adventurous lifestyle; and her 8th house Sun fits his Scorpio Sun.

  It doesn’t leap out as a match made in astrological heaven. But their relationship chart has an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction which will help. There’s a showbizzy Mars Neptune which fits though there will be undertones of career competitiveness. A helpfully placed Jupiter will smooth round a few rough edges.

  Their wedding chart from 25 June 2006 has the same curious mix of stress and good luck with a bad-tempered Mars Saturn which squares Jupiter; and Jupiter trines the Sun and Uranus.  But it is an advance on her wedding to Tom Cruise, 24 December 1990 which had a ruthless, over-controlling, scary Mars opposition Pluto and a high-tension and disruptive Sun Uranus and Uranus Neptune Venus plus Saturn – not auspicious for the marriage and it all followed.

  Cruise’ Cancer Sun squared her Saturn opposition Mars with his Saturn opposition her Venus – that was never going to work.

  In recent years she has successfully moved into TV with David E Kelley’s Big Little Lies and Nine Perfect Strangers doing well, in which she starred and her company produced. She’s got a long way ahead career wise.   

10 thoughts on “Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban – enough pluses

  1. Oops, sorry, I went too fast. Thanks for correcting, “A” Fan!
    Still, with 5 planets in Virgo, the idea of hard work, responsibility and practicality in the relationship is also present with Keith Urban. But surely sweeter with Sun/ Venus…

  2. In 1990s, Nicole was known be very possessive and jealous of Cruise and made scenes in sets of his movies… I wonder if Mars opposition Pluto showed that

  3. I wish you write more about Cruise-kidman synastry & composite. Until this day , Nicole likes says how heartbroken and shocked she was when he wanted divorce her. Their synastry & composite shows if she was more into him? Or even obsessed with him or too dependent of him (and his affection)?

  4. Thank you Marjorie.
    He has no planets in air, so I guess she fills a need that is difficult to satisfy any other way.
    That’s probably why he described her in a song as « a maniac in bed » (Scorpio ASC with ruler Pluto conjunct his Venus…) « but a brainiac in her head » ( her Gemini Sun) 
    Their wedding chart looks very serious and goal-oriented, with 6 Capricorn planets + North Node.
    Theirs is a love that has endured and they probably both worked hard to make it a success.

  5. I’m actually curious about Jupiter square the Nodes.
    Any insights on that anyone… given the one view of a planet squaring the Nodes.

    a “good luck” planet (in simplest terms), but in a square to the purpose?
    I know of 2 people with this and I still can’t nail it down!!


  6. Her South Node conjunct his Sun is important, but doesn’t that also mean that he feels she pulls him backwards, not forwards?

    She also has Jupiter square the Nodes, worth pointing out.

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