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  1. Italy’s government seems to be collapsing. The 18 Taurus Mars-Uranus-Nodes conjunction (and just the Uranus Nodes too) is implicated – interesting, if also very worrying. Their debts are enormous.

    Italy, March 17th, 1861: Mars 18 Taurus, Jupiter 18 Leo. There’s a Pisces stellium as well, with tr Neptune there and almost the Neptune return.
    Italy, July 2nd, 1871: Pluto, 19 Taurus
    Italy, June 10th, 1946: Ascendant 19 Scorpio

  2. CNN reported that Ivana Trump has died. Age 73, so young!


    • From BBC: Melania Trump hits back at Ivana ‘first lady’ jibe


      Helps to round out the bantering.

  3. Hi Marjorie
    There’s a new documentary exploring the very odd relationship between Leslie Wexler, owner of Victoria’s Secret, and Jeffrey Epstein. It would be interesting to what brought them together and why he was so generous with Epstein.

  4. Any thoughts on the upcoming Mars/Uranus Coonjunction in Taurus on 1 August next Marjorie
    just after the New Moon in Leo on 28 July next?
    Thank you in advance if you comment.

  5. I wonder if you could take a look at former chief of staff to Trump, Mark Meadows. He seems to be at the core of the Jan. 6 insurrection. He is currently refusing to testify under subpoena claiming “longstanding testimonial immunity for senior advisors to the President.”. However given recent testimony by senior staff. It seems hard to believe he would resign to be the fall guy, as Trump would certainly turn on him, as the walls seem to be closing in. Astrotheme seems to have his birth info

  6. Jeff Bridges? Getting sparkling reviews for The Old Man on Disney/Hulu and being treated for cancer. Thank you if you comment.

  7. Any chance of a chart for Andrea Jenkyns – the recently appointed Education Minister who ‘flipped the bird’ and shouted at bystanders outside no 11. The behaviour was simply lewd and not a good example for children.

    To me she is a female ‘Walter Mitty’ character – though evidently beguiling to the men who can’t see through her as she works her way up the greasy political pole. Neptune is seemingly causing as much delusion in such women as it is in the men at the top.

    Date of birth: 16 June 1974

    • Another Gemini and another Mars in bombastic Leo – not quite a mini Trump but similar. Boris’s scorched earth exit –

      • Thank you Marjorie. I know too much about her (next constituency) and can’t say lest I bring your website into disrepute. An almost mini Trump sums it up well.

        I can say she had a fairground/ show background travelling throughout Yorkshire as a child. Left school with no academic qualifications and made her way selling glamour lingerie for a TV ‘Dragon’. Apparently managed two degrees (in Economics and Political Science) in her late 30s when most well educated people would struggle with one!!

        It is extraordinary how these Gemini sun / Mars in bombastic Leo succeed where others fail. Time will tell but scorched earth exit? No one else was prepared to sell their souls.

  8. Hi Marjorie, could you have a look at the brave young lady from the Netflix documentary Girl in the picture please? Thank you.

  9. Doug Ford became premier of Ontario for the second time on June 24 at about noon in Toronto. His first term was a rocky one, what comments could you make for this term? What about the possibility of him being Prime Minister in say 3-4 years time?

  10. Cam (or Cameron) Norrie has done so well at Wimbledon. What are his future prospects? Hopefully he will manage to be more consistent in future tournaments than poor Emma who appears to have become distracted.

  11. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are celebrating their sweet 16 together.
    In spite of all odds, their marriage seems to be a success : he’s ditched the rock and roll lifestyle and is more or less totally sober these days, and she has been very open about her fabulous relationship with him recently.
    Would you care to have a look at this blessed couple’s astrology, Marjorie ?

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