Prince Harry – sailing high on a cloud of make believe ++ inheriting his great- grandpa’s rage and instability?

Yet another Prince Harry bizarre intervention to ripple Royal calm and irritate family members in its delusional arrogance. He does have a way, whether deliberate or unconscious (or Netflix-prompted), of gatecrashing key events and upstaging the main players. This latest spat would be best ignored except there is an astrological nugget buried in there.

  His risible claim that he was there to ‘protect’ the Queen and ensure she had the right people around her was initially thought to be a sideswipe at his father and brother. But Camilla Tominey in the Telegraph pointed out it could as easily be the ‘men in grey suits’ – the Royal courtiers who evinced such paranoid alarm in Diana, mendaciously stoked up by Martin Bashir to elicit his Panorama interview.

 Harry appears to have it in for Sir Edward Young, the Queen’s Private Secretary and a member of the household since 2004, whom he apparently blamed for disinviting him to a meeting with HMQ during the Megxit furore. Though it could as easily have been the Queen ducking behind protocol in order to avoid a confrontation, given that William was at that point ready to burst a blood vessel over his anger at his brother’s dereliction of duty in bolting.

  Angela Kelly, the Queen’s fashion designer and dresser, also a fixture for 20 years in the household, was another Royal-servant hot spot on the run- up to the wedding over a tiara argument. Meghan picked one not on the acceptable list and Harry kicked up when told she couldn’t have her choice. Given that the Queen is meticulous in her choice of jewellery and its associations, it is beyond unlikely that Angela Kelly was doing other than conveying her boss’s instructions.

  What is striking is how much at odds and in similar ways the errant Harry and Meghan are with their respective adversaries.

 Angela Kelly, 4 November 1957, is a fiercely determined Scorpio Sun square Uranus, with her Uranus conjunct Meghan’s Leo Sun; her Saturn square Meghan’s Venus and her Mars conjunct Meghan’s Pluto – not a cooperative combo, for sure. Their relationship chart has a power-struggling composite Sun, Pluto, Mercury conjunction; and a chilly Venus Saturn. The rancour still lingers there with more pushing and pulling from tr Pluto trine the composite Sun, Pluto, Mercury over this year and next.

  Edward Young, 24 October 1966, has his Scorpio Sun conjunct Harry’s Pluto, his Uranus conjunct Harry’s Sun with his Saturn opposition; and his Pluto Uranus square Harry’s Mars – very combustible. Plus Young’s Neptune is opposition Harry’s Moon so he’ll be tricky to pin down.

  The relationship chart there is equally stark with a composite power-struggling Sun Pluto Mercury Jupiter in a chained-together square to Saturn. Saturn is also in a high-irritation square to Mars.

  That relationship also appears to be still igniting ire ongoing with tr Pluto square the Mars this year and Mars/Uranus in 2023.

  Not only does Diana appear to have infected Harry with her paranoid fears, she’s also bequeathed to him her vengeful inability to let go real or imagined hurts and slights.

 Relations between Harry and Prince Charles and William show no signs of easing for several years ahead. The relationship chart with Charles has this month’s Taurus Solar Eclipse conjunct the composite Moon for a family upset with the confused Neptune also in the line of fire. Into 2023 tr Pluto is conjunct the composite Midheaven for two years which could be terminal for their relationship.

  With William there is a dispiriting and discouraging slog for three years ahead.

  There is a legitimate worry about Harry’s state of mind and no amount of Californian Goop-speak will make up for losing his roots, his old Army buddies and, possibly in future, drifting away from Invictus towards techno-money trees which would lose interest were he to become Mr Windsor.

Add ON: Pondering on Harry’s temperament. Given that he has an 8th house Sun = direct link to grandparents/ancestors, the Queen’s father King George V1 might be a clue. He was renowned for tipping into inarticulate and unpredictable rages, due to his dysfunctional upbringing, tyrannical father and cold mother, causing lack of self-confidence and a stammer. Throughout his life he was subject to “sudden outbursts of temper, fits of introspective gloom and deep melancholy.” Prince Philip evidently remarked that he thought he was mad, recalling an incident when King George had attacked a rhododendron bush with a pruning knife during a fit of rage.

  George V1’s chart is certainly an eye-opener with a stressed, potentially chaotic Neptune Pluto in the 8th opposition a Sagittarius Sun and Mercury; with an intense Scorpio Moon conjunct Uranus and Saturn Venus also in Scorpio. While he and Harry aren’t clones, there are similarities with a Sagittarius Scorpio mix and fixed sign Moons. It would make sense of Harry’s ‘quirks’. A form of intergenerational trauma.

See previous post April 15th below.

34 thoughts on “Prince Harry – sailing high on a cloud of make believe ++ inheriting his great- grandpa’s rage and instability?

  1. I read that those who reincarnate, always end up back with the same people, though the relationships might be different. And that they often allow more than a few years breathing space before being reborn. I wonder if astrology can predict the sort of person you might become in the next life

    I don’t necessarily believe any of it, but it is fun to sort of imagine what sort of person Donald Trump might come back as.

    By the way, can anyone explain to me explain why the Royals still give photos of themselves as gifts when going on offi ial tours,? Edward and Sophie have, this 2022 not 1952. They surely need to do better!

    • I keep thinking I shouldn’t add more to this particular blog but then my fingers start itching. I simply want to enlighten not proselytize – though sometimes it is a fine line.

      It might be worth you reading about the bardo states. Essentially theories of reincarnation posit a constant cycle of varyng states of consciousness (for want of a more apt word). Different Eastern religions have a different number but the minimum is usually six: the first bardo begins when we take birth and endures as long as we live; the second is the bardo of dreams; the third is the bardo of concentration or meditation; the fourth occurs at the moment of death; the fifth is known as the bardo of the luminosity of the true nature; the sixth is called the bardo of transmigration or karmic becoming.

      Between ‘dying’ and ‘becoming’ (gestation!), there is apparently a period when we are both still in contact with our previous life but at the same time can see or envisage our future life – though if unaware and undeveloped we sleep through the whole lot. It should be noted that for Buddhists, the period between death and gestation is usually around 49 days; for early Christians it was 40 days (before ascension) and for Jews it was 42 days. For some the period is longer and for others it is shorter.

      So yes this would imply we could be drawn back to those we knew – perhaps to resolve issues which remained unresolved. This could however be with enemies as well as friends or relatives, or with particular countries as well as situations.

      I am of the opinion that the Draconian birth charts as well as the natal birth charts are from the period of transition between different bardo states. However there is no way of proving it. It is interesting to speculate as to whether a chart at the point of death would be a predictor of the natal chart at rebirth – but no one would know precisely when or where that would be (other than the very highly evolved who can purportedly predict their own future rebirths). One suggestion might be that the position of the Sun moves back one or two signs (9 months plus the 6/7 weeks transition period) but then some babies are born prematurely!

      • Liz, It is a fine line and I am seriously allergic to proselytising. General discussion is fine but not true believer spiels.

        • Thank you Marjorie. I rely on you to keep my comments in check.

          Reincarnation does though seems to be a popular theme these days.

          • Liz, i smiled deeply when i read your response when an idea popped in my head that if you can link it to an astrology then … hmmm? Draconic chart/astrology perhaps?? Just a thought cause they say it leans more to the soul . Soul /Reincarnation ( I have no clue but … hey interesting thought)?!!

  2. That’s an interesting add-on because it got me thinking about Queen Victoria’s fiery Mars in Aries which trines a fiery Uranus in Sagittarius, a signature she shares with Harry with his Mars/Uranus in Sagittarius. She was notorious for her explosive temper tantrums and irritable mood and her marriage to Albert was beset by terrible rows, so much so that Albert feared she may have inherited the madness of George III. George V happens to have a fiery Mars in Leo square Venus/Pluto in Taurus. George VI also has a fiery Mars in Sagittarius which, like Harry’s conjuncts Uranus (in the last decan of Scorpio). Even Edward VIII carries this pattern with his Mars in Aries square his Sun in Cancer — he also shares an Aries Mars conjunct North Node with Queen Victoria. Astrologically, it seems to indicate an inherited fiery, Martian energy which is not channelled constructively but erupts in ill thought out, hot-headed behaviour.

    When it comes to Mars, it turns out that Harry is not so very different from his father in that respect — Charles has a fiery Mars in Sagittarius too and it also aspects Uranus, in Charles’s case it makes an opposition to Uranus in Gemini. I’ve actually seen this in my own extended family — sons who rebel against their fathers who they experienced as tyrannical, and who turn out to have similar characteristics and are in fact more like each other than either would like to admit. But yes, Marjorie — I wonder if all of that inherited, undealt-with rage is reflected in Harry’s 8th house Sun in Virgo square Mars.

      • Thank you Sarah. Yes William’s Sun/Mars is interesting too. Sarah Ferguson also has this aspect conjunct in Libra.

        The Royals are great to study because of their accurate birth charts. There’s another pattern from Queen Victoria which I associate with the hereditary haemophilia which appears to be connected to Neptune either in the 8th house and/or Mars/Neptune/Pluto/12th house. Victoria’s son Leopold, Duke of Albany for instance has Mars in Aries (like his mother) and Neptune in Pisces both in the 8th. Tsarevich Alexei has Neptune and Pluto in the 8th. You can see it being passed down through the 3 children of Victoria who carried the gene and to their grandchildren.

  3. I recommend this article in the Guardian this week “Everyone knows the Queen hates a fuss – except, strangely, her most loyal defenders” by Marina Hyde. She has great insights into the Prince Harry story…here is a quote -“Like all truly patriotic Britons, I hugely enjoy how mad Prince Harry makes some people. Mad in both the British and American senses of the word. More than two years after he stepped back from royal duties to become yet another boring Californian, seemingly every utterance of Harry’s induces proper steam-out-of-the-ears stuff in a whole demographic of British people who insist they never want to hear another word from him – yet absolutely refuse to simply stop reading about him.”

  4. “Prince Harry – sailing high on a cloud of make believe ++ inheriting his grandfather’s rage and instability?”

    King George VI was the great grandfather of Harry. Just saying!

    The grandparents of Harry were of course Prince Philip and Earl Spencer (Diana’s father) neither of whom were considered unstable.

  5. The Queen also made sure she was photographed at Sandringham on her birthday with her dresser Angela Kelly who Harry had the tiara argument with. An ‘insider’ said apart from Meghan wanting the emerald tiara promised to Eugenie she and Harry also arrived without prior arrangement with her hairdresser (flown in from America) demanding the wedding tiara for hair practice. Such valuables are apparently kept well locked up and can’t be produced on a whim. Now I’m turning into a royal gossip when I should just ignore their childishness!

    • To continue the gossip, I understand Meghan treated other household staff of the Queen, as well as household staff of William and Kate, as if they were at her command. The bridesmaid incident at a dress fitting session apparently resulted from Meghan’s high handed manner with the nanny, in front of the children. Kate felt obliged to remind Meghan the nanny worked for her (Kate). If I was to choose which of the two royal ladies was most upset, I would choose Kate.

      The nanny is a very important person in aristocratic and royal circles. Maybe too much so in some cases. The head nanny of Edward VIII and George VI was believed to have been quite sadistic with the boys and their emotional difficulties were (at least in part) a result of the early childhood abuse at her hands. The distant mother (Queen Mary) and dogmatic father (George V) left the children almost entirely in the nanny’s charge and only saw them for brief periods twice a day.

      There must be a moral in there somewhere.

  6. Well I believe our relatives who have passed on are with us, but it is not something I would communicate to the world. I think he was implying that the Queen cannot trust the ‘grey suits’ around her and said he was her confidant. I think that is the very well behaved Philip -like Princess Anne.

    • In a way our relatives are with us Delia but we have to look deep into our religious beliefs to explain it. As I indicated below, I believe in reincarnation but that has to be accompanied by a belief in a supreme oneness personified in many forms and natures – call it God, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Essence, Brahman, the Ultimate Reality, the Ocean of Being, the Great Spirit or what you will………..

      We emerge from that supreme oneness when we are ‘born’ and merge with it again when we ‘die’ but are never totally disconnected from it. Hindus describe it in simple terms as being like a pot of water in the sea. The water comes from the sea, and when the pot breaks, the water flows back into the sea.

      I only mention this because the members of the Royal Family are deeply religious. Charles in particular is interested in all faiths and all religious philosophies. Healing, both spiritual and physical, is at the core of their existence. To some extent, reducing them to a fractious family is wholly unfair – but that is life as most of us know it and the immaturity of Harry and Meghan (as displayed in every interview) is bringing out the worst in us all.

      Thank you Marjorie for moving on to healing in your next ‘blog’.

  7. Seeing Harry’s comments about “protecting The Queen” and “checking she has the right people around her” plus those about “Diana guiding him” have really opened a new window into his paranoia for me. It’s one thing to defend MM who runs to him with every slight against her; but there is nothing to suggest The Queen is having problems beyond some health concerns. Where on earth did he get this from?

    Of course, part of the problem is he is now out of the Royal loop. Stuck 8 times zones away, he isn’t party to the day-to-day ongoings. But not only is he physically distanced, I would lay money that the Royals tread very carefully on any subject they discuss with him. The comments on Oprah where he or MM revealed how one of the Royals speculated about the colour of the baby’s skin were a betrayal of trust. While his brain knows this on some level, he can’t consciously make the connection of what’s changed or why, so it manifests as misdirected paranoia.

    Unfortunately I cannot think MM does anything to help improve his mental health. It’s to her benefit, for him to stay dysfunctional and distanced.

    Transiting Neptune opposite his Virgo Sun is going to leave him even more susceptible to the wrong influences. The tough times will continue to roll for him with Uranus hitting his IC, moon, node and other placements. That said, I hope they can awaken him to what he really needs to do because if he doesn’t get it all addressed in the next decade or so, there’ll be too much baggage to come back from.

  8. The latest off the planet Harry reminds me of a person who has been introduced to some magic mushrooms to enhance their spirituality or someone his putting them in his breakfast! It is all “I can see the light and man I am good”! Could the Venus/Saturn midpoint on Pluto make Harry more ruthless? I alternate between wanting to mince him and feeling sorry for him. On the bright side there will Royal biographers having a field day about Harry’s behaviour. I wonder if Meghan will be taking out lawsuits for the rest of her life.

    • New this season on Netflix – “Meghan takes out yet another lawsuit”.

      Join this wacky Californian gal as she sues anyone and everyone who crosses her path! Watch open-mouthed as she sues her hapless husband for beating her at Monopoly ! She’s quite a gal! Hey – anyone would think she was Royal! We also get bonus material and meet other people she’s sued who couldn’t pay and get to come and take out her trash weekly!

      You’ll never watch the Kardashians again!

      Meghan No-Mercy is the new game in town! See it only on Netflix (what do you mean you’ve cancelled your subscription because the content was tripe?)

  9. Belle, sorry, but it is not “silliness” or necessarily “psychosis,” to believe that our ancestors may help (or harm) us, having had several such experiences myself. I assure you that I am of sound mind and financially self-supporting.

  10. Well, I don’t know if it is deliberate or just good old Jungian synchronicity, but the Queen’s birthday photograph on the BBC news today shows her standing between and holding the two halter reins of two beautiful white heavy horses, looking pretty well protected I’d say. It’s actually a rather touching scene, and it holds the symbolism that the Queen has arrived at the profound gateway or a threshold (which awaits us all) after a long, long rein and decades of service.

    • Yes, VF – what symbolism. A rather lovely picture I thought. And knowing how the Queen enjoys sending visual ‘messages’ with her choices of colour and jewellery, it has been very carefully thought through. There’s this in the King James version of the Bible, for instance:

      “And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.”

      The White Horse on the hillside at Uffington is ancient, and white horses are there in so many world mythologies they’re an incredibly potent symbol of both life and death. The Moon is in Sagittarius today too.

      • Moon in Sag? Fantastic, Jane! And the white horse symbolism is deeply ingrained into our collective consciousness. Curiously in contrast I also recall that when Harry announced the birth of his first child, he stood between two stabled black horses!

  11. I really fear for Harry’s mental stability following his latest interview. His paranoia seems to be increasing and he is possibly losing touch with reality a little? I feel very sorry for him to have lost his mother at a vulnerable age and in such a public way but he seems to have a rather unhealthy obsession with her especially in relation to the press who he believes responsible for her death. He “feels her presence in everything he does especially in the last two years”. This is the period that he has been isolated from his family and friends and everything that was once dear to him.
    The security for himself and his family has become another obsession, again linked with his fear of history repeating itself. I hope he will find the right support to try and work through all this. I’m far from condoning his behaviour. I’m as upset as the next person by his constant attacks on his family and attention seeking but think he needs help.

  12. Marjorie, speaking as an American, we all love HMTQ, most of us are fine with PC and his remarriage after nearly two decades, and we believe the Cambridges are wonderful representatives for your country. It’s hard to understand why the Sussex titles have not been stripped, after their repeated lies and provocations. I am wondering if there is a Parliamentary chart that might speak to this question. Have so enjoyed your posts lately, and thank you for the interpretations of the Ukraine conflict and Putin as well.

    • “t’s hard to understand why the Sussex titles have not been stripped, after their repeated lies and provocations.”
      Possibly to avoid irking the couple further. M & H (especially H) has a deep understanding and information on the monarchy, that him loose fully might be worse than what it is now. i feel there will be a point in time when it makes no difference. The palace will act then,

  13. Thanks Marjorie. The compelling accuracy of royal natal charts overcomes my irritation with my interest in them! I was astonished by Harry’s remarks about “protecting” the Queen actually. He lives so far away, for a start. I agree it’s reminiscent of Princess Diana’s concerns about malign shadowy forces. And yet, at the same time, he’s obsessed with ‘security’ – although close protection officers, and M15/6 are always in the shadows.

    I notice that Harry’s Saturn (Father?) at 12 Scorpio is in line for the April 10 Taurus eclipse opposition. The October Solar eclipse is conjunct his Pluto (0 Scorpio), and the November 8th Lunar eclipse is on his IC. There’s also that intriguing line-up of Mars, Uranus and the NN all at 18 Taurus at the end of July, beginning of August. A kind of ‘earthquake’ for his ideas and feelings about his home, ancestry, and roots? As the North Node also crosses his Moon this summer, it looks like a very sensitive time for his inner world, and his choices of associates and advisors. And, perhaps, his ideas about his mother, and how she’s shaped his life path so far?

    Meghan, meanwhile, will have the May Lunar eclipse conjunct her Scorpio Uranus. Saturn is squaring that too. A turbulent time ahead, as you say.

  14. I understand he must get pressed in these interviews to say something but we’ve all been in situations where you are pushed to say something to satisfy the other party, and still manage to be sensible. Seems he only opens his mouth to change feet at the moment.

    • Yes I thought some of his comments were very troubling, and per Marjorie ‘legitimate worry about Harry’s state of mind’

      Hopefully it is just foot-in-mouth silliness, rather than his actual true beliefs on HMQ & his mother’s ghost helping him, which would be heading towards psychosis. Although this is of course speculation on my part, he may just be a perfectly healthy idiot!

      • I agree with you Belle. I am now reining back my comments due to concerns that Harry’s paranoia and lack of self awareness could lead to a complete breakdown.

        Archie is now 2 years old and it seems quite normal for Harry to remember, and call upon, the relationship he had with his own mother when parenting his son. This is all however in his own mind, his own memory, and only dangerous if he acts as if is mother was somehow ‘out there’ watching over him and controlling him.

        As a practicing Buddhist, I believe in reincarnation. It means Diana would now, in her new guise, be 23/24 years old. I am told it is helpful to send positive thoughts, in our minds, to those we have loved and lost to help them in their new life. Actually we should send positive thoughts to everyone who has passed on, enemies as well as friends, but that is a difficult ask sometimes.

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