Prince Andrew – the Queen’s Achilles heel

The Queen rarely makes a misjudgment when it comes to protecting the survival of the monarchy. Allowing Prince Andrew to accompany her to Prince Philip’s memorial and effectively take centre stage was one. Evidently he insisted on travelling with her by car since he lives close and given she was using a side entrance to avoid a long walk that might have seemed a way of sliding him in away from the other Royals and guests. But it was assumed the dean would walk with her from the door. Brass-necked as ever, Andrew, who appears to lack shame, humility or common sense, continued by her side to the front.

  Officials are now shuddering in horror at the prospect of mission creep as Andrew is clearly refusing to accept his public life is over or grasping how his presence damages the monarchy.

  What was always strange and unnerving about his chart was the strong presence of undeserved Jupiterian confidence and good luck over the next three years, admittedly alongside a good many setbacks, losses and frustration.

  Exactly as of now he has his Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Pisces Sun; and 2023 to 2025 he has two strong Jupiter midpoints giving him a boost.

  On the negative side he has tr Pluto conjunct his Mars Venus in Capricorn now, on and off till late 2023, which will be trapped, scary and infuriating. Plus a calamitous tr Uranus opposition is Mars/Pluto and two other midpoints late May to mid June, November and March 2023.  By 2023 tr Saturn in Pisces will make a discouraging conjunction to his Sun and a blocked opposition to his Pluto on and off all year; with tr Saturn through his 8th early 2023 to 2025 which will throw him back on his own resources and he will feel under-supported.

  His Progressed Moon is also moving through his 8th house from a few months back staying till late 2023 which is discouraging, hidden, challenging, a time often of emotional turmoil. Plus Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his 8th house Mercury in six months and Progressed Mars also conjunct his Mercury two years hence – which may bring more secrets, financial and emotional, out into the open.

  His closeness to the Queen has always been a mystery but he plays the connection for all its worth, visiting her frequently since he knows she’s his lifeline.  The Queen’s Taurus Sun is conjunct his Midheaven and his Moon is conjunct her MC; her Moon is conjunct his Ascendant and his Venus Mars sits just below her Ascendant – so there are strong connections. But her Saturn is conjunct his Moon and his wayward Uranus hits her stalwartly conscientious Fixed T Square hinting at problems lurking. Their relationship chart is highly Neptunian with a composite  Sun opposition Neptune Moon so riddled with illusions and delusions. Tr Uranus opposition his Scorpio Moon in 2024 may cut some of the ties that bind.

  Prince Charles’ relationship with him is full of sibling rivalry and competitiveness with a composite Sun Mars conjunction and a oneupmanship Jupiter Pluto.  But it is Prince William who truly dislikes him and will probably call the shots moving ahead.

  Their relationship chart has a hostile, suspicious, unsupportive composite Mars, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter sextile Pluto inconjunct the composite Sun on the point of a Yod. That will catch all of the changeover outer planets in the next few years. Tr Pluto in Aquarius will square the composite Sun in 2023/24; tr Neptune will conjunct the composite Venus and opposition Pluto in 2024/25. And the tr Saturn Neptune in Aries as well as tr Uranus in Gemini will all rattle that irreconcilable Saturn, Neptune, Mars through till 2027.

  Princess Anne doesn’t look too enamoured of Andrew either over the next three years so she may pitch in a few pithy thoughts.

  I suppose we should all be used to galloping narcissists by now who feel no shame and never admit guilt since it is a signature of the age. And I am fascinated, having caught up belatedly with his teddy bear fetish which extended well into adult life, about what that represents – apart from the obvious, of an individual of stunted emotional development who never grew up. Which would fit the sex offender profile. His Venus Mars does have a questionable side in terms of sexual behaviour and in Capricorn can be arrogant. His pleasure (and money) seeking 9th Harmonic is marked and hard-hearted; as is his troubled 18H.

  Andrew’s Pluto opposition Sun plus a Scorpio Moon will make it difficult for him to let go. His overly-dependent Virgo Node in the bullish 2nd house will make him desperate and obdurate but his only road to salvation is a complete rebirth, sloughing off the old persona and making his own way without relying on the efforts of others. Which on present evidence appears more than unlikely.

What a tragedy for the Queen given how she sacrificed her life to duty but in her declining years is allowing sentiment to unpick her decades of service. He should be banished to the Castle of Mey or further north (sorry Scotland).

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  1. They’re all trying to respin themselves this past week or so and failing badly.

    Prince Andrew “supporting the Queen” at his father’s memorial and his deleted posts about how the Falklands left him a “changed man”.

    For more cringe, Rishi Sunak comparing himself to Will Smith because his wife has been scrutinised for profiting from Russian business interests.

    And if that’s not toe-curling enough – Boris Johnson comparing brexit to the struggle facing Ukraine, for God’s sake.

    It’s so transparent you can see how thick they think we all are, and how please they are with themselves, that they have their fingers on the pulse of public mood!
    “Oh, the public have sympathy for soldiers/war zones/Will Smith (!), whatever….., I’ll find some twisted way to link it to myself.”

    Next week, Tony Blair:
    “Bruce Willis struggling to communicate is like me being blamed for Iraq”

  2. She is very old and has recently lost her husband. I dislike Andrew as much as the next person, but when someone is at the end of their life and fragile, I tend to cut people some slack.
    He has been her son for a very long time. I dont see it as the same as being ok with his behaviour.
    But there are some very cruel pitiless people about, people who have neither humanity nor wisdom nor a moral compass.
    For example the Lefts version of Piers Morgan, Owen Jones…

  3. Well, here we are on April Fool’s Day, and there’s this from Sky News today:

    “Prince Andrew and his ex-wife have been named in a High Court ruling on a case featuring an elderly Turkish woman and a Turkish businessman.

    A judge has been told that “substantial funds” were paid to the Duke and Duchess of York.”

    The April 30th solar eclipse opposite Andrew’s Neptune (ruler of his 8th house) seems to be making it’s presence felt early. It’s interesting to see, too, that Sarah Ferguson, Andrew’s ex-not-ex wife has Mercury at 9 Scorpio, conjunct Neptune at 6 Scorpio in her 12th house. Mercury rules her Gemini 8th house.

    The Universe seems to be working overtime.

    • Thank you for those details, Jane. I saw that neŵs yesterday. Nearly posted but decided against out of fear of being accused of being spiteful again! I am certainly guilty of schadenfreude. Isn’t it interesting all that 8th house stuff being triggered in that gruesome couple’s natal charts?

      • Oh I don’t think it’s “spiteful” at all, VF! I think it’s fascinating to see astrology in action, as it seems to be here. I almost feel sorry for them, in a way – there’s something so infinitely gullible about both of them, all mixed up with a sense of entitlement and lack of what we might call discernment. A little bit Pinnochio if you know what I mean? On the other hand, for crying out loud, how much more is there to come?!

        • Thank you Jane. You’re right, they are to be pitied for their inability to ever learn from anything. It’s hard for me to be objective, having been a victim of two violent crimes at the hands of older men in my mid teens and living a hellish existence of shame, inability to tell anyone and a ton of self-blame thereafter.

          • VF – I’m so very sorry to hear that. I know myself how hard it is to tell anyone about those kinds of crimes. And how the after-effects resonate through our lives. Healing, peace and beauty can bloom later, but the scars most certainly remain.

          • I’m also sorry to hear of your traumatic experiences. It is a stain on society that so many women, children, and members of the LGBTQ+ community are victims of sexual abuse. I hope that finding a place in the astrological community where you regularly give so much has brought some healing. But I know it’s a lifelong, never-ending process. Thanks for your regular contributions to this site which I enjoy.

          • Thank you for your very kind words, Jane and Laurien. There are unfortunately few women I’ve known in life who haven’t endured some kind of experience. xx

          • I agree, it’s that bad. I live along what has come to be known as The Highway of Tears because so many women and girls, mostly Indigenous, have gone missing or been murdered along its path. I am just reading an excellent book on the subject called The Highway of Tears by Jessica McDiarmid. Difficult reading but well done. Our society really needs to confront these hard facts and offer more support and healing to women who have experienced abuse like yourself. Wish you all the best.

    • Fascinating! Thank you for sharing. I read this so many years ago that I hope I am correct in attributing it to mundane astrologer Bill Meridian as I can’t seem to find a reference in his book on eclipses. The rule of thumb is that solar eclipses can be felt at least a month in advance and for up to a year afterwards and lunar eclipses up to six weeks before and after although I’m sure I’ve seen effects earlier for both. They cast a long shadow forward and backward especially if they are strong eclipses. The upcoming solar eclipse is described as partial but deep by astronomers and the lunar eclipse is total so I think both will have strong effects, especially since the solar eclipse is conjunct Uranus and one day after a Pluto station.

    • There’s also rumblings about Kazakhstan money laundering oligarchs and he was certainly heavily involved there. I have a feeling there’s a court case coming up that may tie him in tangentially. All his 8th house stuff with Mercury there being elbowed was always going to bring financial murk into the open never mind the other stuff.

      • Thanks Marjorie – the Castle of Mey beckons!
        Also, I see that the 22 degrees Mars-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius this week is conjunct the Queen’s Jupiter/Mars conjunction, opposing Neptune. Charles’ Sun is 22 Scorpio, Anne’s Sun 22 Leo. Sarah, Duchess of York’s Chiron is 22 Aquarius. Quite uncomfortable, or even accident-prone, times for each of them to say the least.

  4. Perhaps the Queen loves him, and perhaps he loves her, ever thought about that? Who was in the room when the incident with Virginia took place? Is this vendetta going to the grave with our Queen, when the world is being destroyed by war after war. Perhaps he loves his mother, and perhaps she loves him…even Jesus said ‘let him who is free of sin cast the first stone’.

    • I too have some sympathy for Andrew. Virginia seemingly offered herself on a plate (or for money from Maxwell) and must take part responsibility for whatever happened. The seventeen year old girls of my acquaintance would never stoop to such behaviour.

      That being said, middle aged men should know better than to get involved in these kind of relationships. He has paid the price (in terms of his reputation as well as his money) and must now retreat from public life and lick his wounds.

      • Virginia was just a kid from an abusive background with no positive worldly experience. Have a little sympathy for her, a vulnerable victim, easy pickings.

        • Oh I do. It’s just that all the blame seems to have been put on Andrew.

          The kid from an abusive background has now grown up and is determined to seek revenge. She got hundreds of thousands from Epstein and millions from Andrew. How many other men is she going to sue?

          I’m sure we all know the old joke (relayed by Churchill, amongst others) about the man who came across a young lady at a party and asked her whether she would sleep with him for £150,000. She replied that she’d probably do almost anything for £150,000. The man said, “Well, would you sleep with me for £10?” And she replied, “What kind of a woman do you think I am?” He said, “We’ve already established that. We’re only haggling over the price.”

          • Liz, That really – in the circumstances of her background – is harsh and indicates no understanding of the reality of these kinds of cases.
            Andrew was – theoretically the adult – trawling around the pads of a total sleazeball with evidence writ large that he was into young girls. Senior businessmen have been made to fall on their swords because of their Epstein friendship and you trot out the old time-worn gas lighting blame-the-victim arguments.

          • I apologise if my comments were too harsh but I was brought up to believe we should show compassion to the offender as well as to the victim. In many ways, since the offender is spiritually the worse, he/she needs more spiritual help. Thus for example we should pray for the Russian soldiers carrying out their evil deeds as well as for their Ukrainian victims – if we want greater peace in the world that is.

            Nelson Mandela, above all leaders in the last generation, understood that revenge was not the way forward. So here are a few of his quotes:

            “You will achieve more in this world through acts of mercy than you will through acts of retribution.”

            “Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.”

            “Forgiveness liberates the soul, it removes fear. That’s why it’s such a powerful weapon.”

            “Reconciliation does not mean forgetting or trying to bury the pain of conflict, but that reconciliation means working together to correct the legacy of past injustice.”

            Whilst (in this case) I sympathise with the young Virginia, I feel the mature Virginia is not doing herself any favours by her actions. Throughout her life the Queen has sought reconciliation and forgiveness (even including the IRA members who murdered Philip’s uncle). She is now trying to help her beloved son whilst, I have no doubt, feeling deep compassion for his alleged victims.

          • Holding offenders responsible does not equate in my book to revenge. What would you have had Virginia do? Send Andrew a polite note asking for an apology?
            In my experience the one thing more than any other which abuse victims want is vindication – to be believed and their experiences acknowledged. The second is to stop it happening to any future victims. An admission is, of course, the last thing that typically narcissist offenders (or their gullible supporters) are either willing or capable of giving.
            So money becomes the leverage – look at the RC priests and church and the Boy Scouts – it all got swept under the rug until it started costing them money.
            And sure abuse victims probably do think that life owes them for having had a destroyed childhood. But for most the money is a secondary motive.
            My understanding is she decided to stand up and fight in public when her daughters started growing up and she reckoned she needed to do more.
            None of us are in any position to be sanctimonious about her choices either as a child or an adult. The kinds of experience she lived through earlier on and in the Epstein days leave scars that will never be eradicated.
            Forgiveness may be a Christian imperative but it can easily be used as an evasion of the brutal realities of life and come across as cruelly uncaring about the plight of those who have been sinned against.
            What she has done has benefitted many many victims who have been heartened by her ‘victory’ and more likely to speak out themselves.

          • It is good talk things through.

            I would just clarify that most of the comments are in regard to Andrew’s appearance at his father’s memorial. The Queen demonstrated mercy, forgiveness and reconciliation and that, in my book, is to be applauded.

            I actually follow Tibetan Buddhism rather than Christianity so think in terms of karma and reincarnation. The karma will ripen, the price will have to be paid eventually, one way or another. Epstein is dead, Maxwell is incarcerated, Andrew is broke and his reputation is in tatters. Is that not enough in this lifetime?

            The victims and the perpetrators should now concentrate on their own self liberation and self healing, and that won’t arise through battles for power, dominance and control. There is no ‘victory’ other than victory over oneself. To quote Mendela once more, or rather to recite his favourite poem ‘Invictus’:

            I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul ………………………

            Whatever life, or the stars, throw at us, we can deal with it and overcome it within ourselves.

    • I do feel the Queen is in a difficult position. He is still her son and especially with her Christian faith she undoubtedly feels the need to forgive him for what he has done.

  5. I noticed that the composite Sun for Prince Andrew and Prince William is at 0° Taurus, the same degree as Queen Elizabeth’s Sun. Wondered at the significance but maybe it simply represents the reason for there being a relationship between them at all? Like Jane, I recently realized the upcoming lunar eclipse is on the Queen’s MC and Saturn and wondered what it might foreshadow.

    • Laurien – you prompted me to look at the previous 25 Scorpio Lunar eclipse in 2003. The Queen had keyhole surgery on both knees in 2003. Saturn does, I think, rule the knees through rulership of Capricorn. I don’t have a date for the surgery though. Andrew, meanwhile, who’s whole adult life has been liberally garnished with a variety of scandals and dubious associates, was in the news for spending around £325,000 on flights – many undertaken when a train or car would have been fine to get him to his destination. His nickname back then was ‘Air Miles Andy’.

      • Brilliant! Thanks for sharing that. You probably know this but the Queen’s directed Neptune is passing over her natal Saturn right now too which could be debilitating all on its own without an eclipse hitting that point. Makes sense that Andrew would experience difficulty at the same time since his 25° Scorpio Moon would be hit too. I see his Neptune at 9° Scorpio will be opposed by the upcoming April 30th solar eclipse too so maybe more scandal or just more fallout from the most recent one? Also the Queen’s natal Sun will be opposed by the October 25th solar eclipse at 2° Scorpio, which will also square her progressed/directed Sun at 2° Leo. Very concerning. Thanks Jane! And Marjorie too for a great post.

        • Thanks Laurien, I agree with you – there’s a lot going on. I’m always interested in family groups, and the Royal Family make a good study as their birthtimes are pretty accurate, unlike many other families!
          Re what you write about the eclipses this year – there’s a solar-lunar ripple going through the rest of the family:
          Prince Charles – Moon 0 Taurus; North Node 3 Taurus; Sun 22 Scorpio
          Princess Anne – Mars 2 Scorpio; BML 23 Taurus; Sun 22 Leo
          Prince Edward – Moon 9 Aquarius; Venus 3 Taurus; Saturn 28 Aquarius

          Prince William – Venus and Chiron 25 Taurus; Jupiter 0 Scorpio
          Harry, Duke of Sussex – Pluto 0 Scorpio; MC 17 Scorpio, Saturn 12 Scorpio (November lunar 15 Taurus)

          United Kingdom 1801 – Mars 11 Taurus; Jupiter 1 Leo

          I’ve never made up my mind about what orb to use with eclipses, but certainly 1-2 degrees off exact seems to work. Events have different effects on different members of a group or family anyway. Of course there’s everything else to think about with these charts, but they’re connected in interesting ways and the eclipses will stimulate everyone’s natal charts one way or another.

          • That’s fascinating, Jane! So a big year for the Royal Family as a whole. I admit I am not a big Royal watcher but try to follow what’s happening in the Queen’s chart since she is the head of state here in Canada. I am not really rigid on orbs myself but find up to 5° works for eclipses. Thanks for the great info!

  6. About Charles, is it possible health problems prevent him being King? I remember the ceremony when he became Prince of Wales. So long ago.

  7. He can do no wrong in her eyes, even when she knows he has! Apple of her eye. Her husband would have put paid to this public appearance. I believe he controlled a lot. Sadly Philip has gone. She also is said to be very fond of Edward. He would be better for these occasions.

  8. My late mother, born 1919, used to call Andrew the Make Up baby, this was because he was the outcome of that period when Philip and The Queen had problems and she sent him on an overseas trip to decide what he wanted. Andrew appesred on his return. It may also explain why he felt so entitled at yesterdays memorial service?

    • Interesting bit of context there.

      Noting Andrew has his Leo Uranus close to her Leo moon. Suggesting this new round of motherhood was a surprise but also may explain Philip being sent overseas as she wanted some independence. As I recall, Philip’s Neptune was close to her moon; so a Uranus transit to it would want some space.

      • Others, too, speculated on their problems, but not all of the rumours were aimed in Philip’s direction…..others will remember this no doubt…….

  9. “Tr Uranus opposition his Scorpio Moon in 2024 may cut some of the ties that bind.”
    What a jarring sight it was to see Andrew supporting the Queen at the service. I’d imagine the rest of the wider family were also pretty upset about it, and more determined than ever to keep him in the background once the Queen is no longer with us. A real mistake, but the Queen is quite vulnerable now, and as Marjorie notes, the relationship is awash with Neptune.

    I did notice that the forthcoming mega Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio (May 15) will be conjunct the Queen’s Saturn, and Andrew’s Moon, which is in the fourth house of family roots. That looks like a sensitive moment for Andrew and his mother (plus other women in his life), perhaps beginning to make it’s influence felt in April.
    The Mars/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius this April is conjunct the Queen’s Mars/Jupiter in Aquarius. If Mars/Jupiter represents her “favourite” son, then Saturn’s icy Aquarian winds could blow in some reality checks.

    Finally, I’m also curious about the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, also in April, which is conjunct Andrew’s South Node in Pisces in his 8th house. Confusion reigns? If those nodes represent service (Virgo) and sacrifice (Pisces), he seems to have failed so far to embrace their themes. Jupiter/Neptune suggests delusions, or some further big fishy scandal around 8th house themes such as sex, or other people’s money. Surely not! As Marjorie observes, a complete rebirth is needed, and the Universe has offered plenty of signposts. So far, they’ve been ignored.

    • I’ve said it before … but I recall back in the 80s/90s when I knew nothing more about astrology than I read in the papers … astrologers said Charles was born with a chart that said he’d never become King. I’m not sure why and can’t see anything obvious other than he has most of his planets in the lower houses suggesting someone who is more private. But I’m not sure that would be it.

      Have to say, non-astrologically, I’m not sure The Queen will be around past the end of this year. Seems to have been having constant health problems this past year. And to lose Philip must be worse than devastating. I’m sure she’s hanging in there for the Jubilee celebrations. I hope I’m wrong.

      • I recall that too GD. It was around the same time, late 80s my mother was studying astrology and the tutor had told this to the class. I wish I had enquired further.

        I thought the Queen looked small and frail yesterday and so alone, mourning her lifelong partner. It was a striking and sad moment, perhaps reflecting the current Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces, to see the Queen express emotions and shed tears.

      • I too vaguely recall this. Back in 1991 I was just beginning to learn astrology (and we never stop learning), but I got the feeling not that Charles would never be King – more likely he would be the last monarch. Admittedly, I was starting my craft and nothing is set in stone.

  10. People who live a life of service to others — like the Queen — are so much more emotionally healthy and whole than the never-satisfied people who feel bottomless entitlement — like Andrew, Harry and Meghan. It’s too bad that the Queen spoiled Andrew rotten. She probably blames herself for that, while Andrew pushes and scratches and demands his way forward. MONEY from Royal coffers or lack of it will be the best way to shut down this greedy pedophile. I’m waiting for Charles and especially William to do that!

  11. On the psychology of Andrew’s teddy bear collection; It’s not really surprising that a man raised in such an emotionally repressed family would become so irrationally attached to such onjects of comf.. In a way, Andrew is just a symptom of the overall dysfunction of the family.

  12. I’m sure there will be more revelations around the Epstein connection following the Queen’s demise — Charles and William are said to be livid about Andrew’s appearance at the memorial service. The Neptunian relationship with his mother hints at manipulation. He is said to be able to charm her and has done ever since he was a child by adopting a kind of romantic Prince Charming act when in her presence, bowing and kissing her hand as if he was courting a beautiful fairy princess. Unhealthy. The quite frankly creepy revelations about his teddy bear collection, how he would explode at servants in an infantile narcissistic rage if they weren’t arranged in a specific order really takes on quite sinister meaning when you consider how he was spoiled and indulged as a child and still, now in late middle age has never quite grown into an adult man. Btw, one of the lower expressions of the Venus/Mars conjunction ime is sexual and financial entitlement.

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