Bruce Willis – sadness at his bowing out

Bruce Willis, the Die Hard star, once the world’s highest paid actor, is stepping back from his career after revealing he suffers from aphasia, which creates problems with speaking and thinking. It is sometimes an after effect of a stroke though in his case it is described in the media as a degenerative brain condition. There has been speculation in recent years about his ability to remember lines and perform.

  Many of his recent roles have been in straight to video releases earning him his own category in the Razzies – see previous post: February 10 2022.

  Born 19 March 1955 6.32pm Idar-Oberstein, Germany, he does have a complex, lucky, talented and enduring chart with a creative Water Grand Trine of a Pisces Sun trine Jupiter Uranus in Cancer trine Saturn. His Saturn opposes an 8th house Mars square Venus opposition Pluto making a formidably stubborn Fixed Grand Cross.

   There have been indications on his chart in recent years of upsets and devastation with his Solar Arc Saturn opposition his Uranus and his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Neptune three years ago – they would cause consternation. Plus his Progressed Mars was square his Sun around the same time which usually brings a shocking collision of sorts. That may have been when the reality set in,

  None of these above would necessarily have pointed to health issues. Though admittedly Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Neptune two and a half years ago would accompany great confusion.  That continues this year and next with tr Pluto square his Neptune.

  When two major configurations in a chart collide by Solar Arc it always accompanies a life-changing period of crisis.

  Tr Saturn is heading for his 6th house of health at the end of this year for a two year  stay; and the tr Saturn square tr Uranus is also starting a three year rocky road round his Fixed Grand Cross.

  Great shame.  His movies aren’t quite my genre but he appears to be exceptionally well thought of.

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  1. The Razzies have now rescinded the Worst Actor Award, saying it is ‘not appropriate’ as the actor’s performance may have been affected by a medical condition.
    At least they were quick off the mark to show a little decency.

  2. In addition to a connection to acting, Mercury-Neptune aspects often show up in the charts of people with memory disorders. There is an out of sign trine between those planets in Bruce Willis’s natal chart. But I think more telling is his natal Mercury at 2PI23 (cognition, ruler of the chart) located on the hidden side of his Placidus 6th cusp (health) and exactly on the Solstice Point (Antiscia, reflection point) of his natal Neptune at 27LI38, which rules the 6th (health) and 7th (“attacks” the Ascendant).

  3. The Sixth Sense is a beautiful movie and it shows Willis’ ability to connect with children, that really is what makes the movie so special and such a long-standing hit, it should have won awards. He must be a great dad.

    And I have several Virgo rising friends like Willis, and using the Whole Sign house system they have had Saturn in the sixth since 2020, and all of them have had major illnesses. Tough time for them, and then Pluto entering their sixth in 2023. (I had doubted how big the sixth is in the realm of illness, but no more — wait I am also seeing Saturn in the sixth in Koch? Maybe I have something wrong).

  4. I wonder whether he was piling on the direct-to-video films over the past couple of years – either for the extra income knowing he would have to retire, or as a response to trying to stop or ignore the aphasia.

    Don’t recall ever hearing of anyone having both a Grand Trine and a Grand Cross. The universe really has to shove the fixed signs to get us out of our ruts but GT and GC are a closed system and hard to break down.

    Many good films back in the day, dating back to his TV breakthrough in Moonlighting. Sad to see him retire.

    • @GnarlyDude, LA Times had an article on this, apparently it was common industry knowledge he was struggling with lines. Apparently, he used auricular for his lines at a theatrical production in 2015, but I remember reading a Hollywood “blind item” on a A-list star who capability to read lines as early as 2014. Back then, common guesses were Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood, who would have made sense agewise. But I think this was when Bruce Willis’ aphasia was first discovered, and the discovery was a shock to him and those close to him. Prognosis for these type of conditions are hard to make, and Willis obviously hanged on longer than expected.

      And yes, great that you mentioned “Moonlighting”. The first couple of season were groundbreaking TV, and I loved the show.

  5. Oh yes… loved The Sixth Sense, too.

    I know very little about Medical astrology…. however.. I am struck by the SA grand cross currently in place with one corner right on top of his natal Mercury at 2 Pisces in the 6th house. Add to that the transit Uranus has recently passed over his SA Mercury .. in his natal 8th.

    Has a destiny feel to me… a certain “moment” has come.

    Such an intriguingly sensitive chart!

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