Prince Andrew – refusing to take a hint ++ Virginia Guiffre ++ Ghislaine Maxwell

 Prince Andrew is depressingly still present and sticking his head above the parapet with teaser stories in the media about attempts to overturn the Virginia Guiffre settlement, leaning on King Charles to restore his Royal duties and hints that Camilla has invited Sarah Ferguson back into the family fold.

  Andrew’s chart though heavily pressured always did have a worrying amount of  undeserved Jupiterian uplift running till late 2024.

  What has sparked his interest about a rerun with Guiffre is her withdrawal of a defamation suit against lawyer Alan Dershowitz, another Epstein buddy. It was a quid pro quo for Dershowitz’s dismissal of his lawsuit against her. But she said afterwards: “I was shocked to read that Alan Dershowitz is claiming that our mutual dismissal of our lawsuits against each other somehow ‘exonerated’ him.” “ He has now admitted there was no perjury, no extortion plot, and that rather than making up what I said, I honestly believed the charges I made against him.” “I did not, and would never, ‘exonerate’ Mr. Dershowitz.”

  Prince Andrew has the deeply frustrating tr Pluto conjunct his Mars Venus throughout this year. With a jolting tr Uranus square this Yod focal point Uranus late April and early May – across the coronation – which will attempt to propel him onto a different track. Tr Saturn is also conjunct his Pisces Sun and opposition his Pluto from late March with the blocked tr Saturn opposition Pluto across the Coronation itself. Mid March to early April look disaster-prone. And he has tr Neptune square his Solar Arc Midheaven from mid May onwards for a year suggesting indecision and dither over his future direction.’ However he does have tr Jupiter moving across his Midheaven and 10th from late April onwards till April 2025 which is usually high profile and successful. Plus he has two Jupiter midpoints keeping his confidence afloat through 2023 to late 2025.

  What may scupper him is his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his 4th house Neptune in eighteen months which will be devastating on the family front and it coincides with tr Uranus opposing his Scorpio Moon from June 2024 onwards into 2025 which will be disruptive domestically and in the family.

  Sarah Ferguson, the nearly ex-wife, his only real support in recent times, is downbeat this year with tr Saturn opposition her Pluto over the Coronation and beyond with phases of confusion and panic. With 2025 being her nadir as well with Solar Arc Mars conjunct her financial Saturn and Solar Arc Uranus conjunct her Mars – which will be cataclysmic and disruptive.

  Neither Andrew nor Sara’s relationship charts with the senior Royals including Princess Anne look to be anything other than heavily stressed, jolted and jangled this year and next. Andrew and William will never get on.

  It may be the Daily Mail is flying a kite on behalf of the Andrew household to test the waters but it won’t hold. No matter what the Guiffre/Dershowitz settlement represents, Andrew was best buddies with a sex-trafficking, child abuser – so he said/she said doesn’t really come into it. Never mind his nefarious financial dealings elsewhere.

   Regrettably there are hints that Charles has inherited his mother’s disinclination to grasp family conflicts head on. But unless they wish to destroy the monarchy Andrew needs to be buried.

  Spare thought about the Montecito mutts –  their stratospheric book sales and record-breaking Netflix viewing figures are running concurrently with a savage dip in their popularity ratings. Maybe the public just enjoy gladiator sports where the jouster is squashed? Or is it revelling in a humiliation-feste?

ADD ON: Virginia Guiffre is looking stressed at the moment and in the coming year with the news that Prince Andrew may resurrect his settlement.  Her chart in many ways goes in lock step with his – she has a Mars in late Cancer square Saturn Pluto in Libra which is under heavy pressure from tr Pluto hard aspects till late 2023 – frustrating, trapped and scary. And tr Uranus will make one final jolting square to her Leo Sun in late this March/early April. Her Venus/Mars midpoint catches the tr Uranus square at the same time as Andrew gets tr Uranus square his Yod Uranus late April/early May – which will be highly unsettling.

  Their relationship chart also highlights that late April/early May as a moment of disruption with more to follow after mid year. Overall the chemistry between them will be under assault with tr Pluto square the composite Mars, now and again late in 2023.

  As ever the astrology won’t reflect guilt or innocence. The pro-Andrew lobby will argue he was pushed into a speedy settlement to remove scandal before the Queen’s Jubilee. The anti-Andrew lobby will equally point to his refusal to be interviewed in the FBI investigation; his uncontested friendship with Epstein and Maxwell whom he invited into the inner Royal circle. And as a general point – that sex offenders tend to be relentless to a staggering degree when it comes to denying their guilt and very often succeed in the legal arena.   

Add On 2: Ghislaine Maxwell has been supporting Prince Andrew’s cause in an interview though given she has shown no remorse for her own actions and will be seen to be bolstering her own chances of an appeal, her word may not go for much. Indeed it could backfire on Andrew. They may have been playmates in a variety of senses with her Venus in Sagittarius conjunct her Mars Sun in Capricorn all falling close to his 5th house playboy Jupiter in Sagittarius. But all other cross aspects are negative her Saturn conjunct his Mars Venus, which isn’t just blocking, it is unkind, if not downright cruel. And worse her Uranus conjunct his Pluto and opposition his Sun so she has the capability of upending his life. And her extravagant Leo Moon and North Node are conjunct his Yod focal point Uranus. Like a wasp to a jam jar she was attracted to his status, wealth and connections.

  Their relationship chart hints at jolts this month, gloom through this year and massive pressure in 2024/25 with tr Pluto conjunct the composite Sun which would normally lead to a terminal split.

The prospect of Andrew challenging the settlement made with Virginia Guiffre according to The Times has been dismissed by many lawyers. Mark Stephens, an expert in defamation management, who has talked with Dershowitz says “The bottom line here is Andrew hasn’t got a prayer of undoing this settlement.” He said only extreme circumstances can challenge this kind of contract. “. . . the chances of it being reopened are vanishing to infinitesimally small. And I don’t think that this will be troubling Virginia Giuffre or her lawyers or anyone else.”

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  1. Prince Andrew may or may not have had sex with Virginia Guiffre. The photo may or not be a fake. But he’s definitely complicit in knowing what they were doing and not taking action to stop it.
    Between 1982/85 Prince Andrew met and became friends with Ghislaine Maxwell. They were certainly close, possibly intimate friends by late 1990’s and 2000’s, with her running in and out of the palace at will. By this time Epstein had entered GM’s life and PA is known to used his private plane.
    Everyone who’s been in one of Epstein’s houses or planes says that it was obvious something deeply dodgy was going on, so PA cannot deny knowing what they were up to. The RF should have done something about him years ago and Fergie, who is also implicated. One can only suppose that it didn’t suit them to.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. Horrible, but so interesting astrologically. If it is true VG gave the original photo to the FBI in 2011, that coincides with Neptune’s entry into Pisces – which could symbolise a scandalous photo, or film, or even a ‘fake’ one. Early mutable degrees, such as Andrew’s Sun in Pisces, Sarah Ferguson’s 1 Sagittarius Jupiter, and VG’s 1 Sagittarius Jupiter, are all energised by the December 2011 Solar Eclipse 2 Sagittarius, and the one at 0 degrees of gossipy Gemini the following May, 2012.

    VG, Sarah F, and Andrew were all having Saturn in Libra transits at that time too. Virginia’s must have been quite intense, since it was her Saturn Return, conjunct Pluto in Libra, and square her Mars in Cancer. Obviously, this affected Andrew’s Venus/Mars conjunction in Capricorn as well. Now they’ve all been experiencing a Pluto transit to those planets – raking up the past, and bringing in the Pluto detectives?

    I think it’s curious that Sarah F’s Venus in Virgo is exactly conjunct Virginia’s Venus. Also that their Jupiters are conjunct in Sagittarius, and their Cardinal Mars in Libra and Cancer aspect Andrew’s own Venus/Mars in Capricorn. VG’s natal Pluto looms over this, is she some kind of nemesis? It prompts me to think that, assuming Andrew did meet Virginia, the social and sexual planetary energy would have felt ‘familiar’ to him at some level, since it mirrored Sarah’s. Now here comes Saturn in Pisces to transit those degrees that were visited by Neptune in 2011/12. Followed by the Aries Lunar Nodes this summer, visiting the late Cardinal degrees they all share. The feeling of ‘karma’ or destiny is quite striking in this drama.

    • ‘I think it’s curious that Sarah F’s Venus in Virgo is exactly conjunct Virginia’s Venus.’

      As you say, there’s all sorts of weird astrological synastries going on with the Yorks and Virginia, Jane including the fact that Beatrice’s Sun is at the same degree of Leo (16) as that of Virginia. Do you recall that Andrew claimed he was at a Pizza restaurant celebrating Beatrice’s birthday at the time he allegedly was dancing with Virginia at ‘Tramps’ nightclub?

      • Ha! Thanks VF for the reminder! Yes, the mysterious pizza birthday party…..Although, clearly, it would be possible to attend a children’s party in the afternoon or early evening, even in Woking, and be at a nightclub later on in London. Always strange, though, that no parents or staff seem to remember this event. Having been a waitress myself, I still recall the famous people I served, and mostly what season it was if not the dates….it isn’t something you forget easily. I think the party was for one of Beatrice’s school friends – again, it should be easy to find out who was in her class at school, and who’s birthday it was? I realise this may have been kept secret to protect whoever was there, but still.

        What’s of astro interest there is the ‘alleged’ date of the notorious photo – 10th March, 2001. There’s Saturn, 25 Taurus, square Uranus, and Mercury, at 22 Aquarius. Saturn has now just crossed that 22 Aquarius, and recently conjuncted tr Venus at 24 Aquarius. And there’s Andrew’s Moon 25 Scorpio, and Virginia’s Moon 26 Leo.

        Something more subtle, connected with Andrew’s life path and, er, ‘lessons’, may have been going on back in 2001 as well. The transiting Nodes were 13 Cancer/Capricorn that day. A’s Saturn is 14 Capricorn. A Lunar Eclipse at 13 Capricorn happened in July 2001. Also, Chiron in March 2001 was 28 Sagittarius, conjunct Andrew’s own Jupiter. Black Moon Lilith at 11 Aquarius aspects Andrew and Ghislaine’s composite Mercury, right on Virginia’s descendant and close to her own BML. I think this all says quite a lot about what was (allegedly) going on.

    • I recall a story on this last year. If memory serves – the attorneys thought that Meghan would have heard family discussions and under oath (and as a US citizen !) in a US court would be obliged to repeat them. I think there was a rebuttal from somewhere that she had not been present at any discussions about Andrew. (Probably too busy filming her exit for a future Netflix doc – Sorry couldn’t resist that).

    • Well there’s a photograph of all three of them together so there’s proof they did meet
      But then the Daily Hate is hardly reliable.
      Have just spent a very depressing afternoon with a relative who believes every word and spews the hate back out.

      • SD – sorry to say this, but I believe the photo in question is an ‘unverified copy’. As part of the legal process in the civil case the original photo was requested but not provided. I believe VG’s lawyers confirmed she had lost the original. It’s a copy of a copy or something like that which is why there is endless speculation (or allegation) that it could be a fake.

          • Thanks. I read up a little more and from press reports (yes I know!) VG said she gave the original to the FBI in 2011 at their request. Some reports say she was given a copy of what the FBI took which she has since lost, hence the ‘copy of a copy’ situation. As the photo is the sole evidence of their meeting, I wonder why the FBI haven’t confirmed or denied possession. Interesting.

        • A friend of mine whose hobby is photography said the technology to fake this picture, did not exist
          back then.

          It is typical of Ghislaine and Andrew to use such desperate tactics in attempting to discredit

          Both of them are beyond redemption.

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