Madonna – never scared to bank on outrage

Tasteless, vulgar, sexually provocative at an age where it looks tacky and 17 years passed her last hit, Madonna’s fortieth anniversary tour had the appearance of a desperate cry for attention from a has been. Until she had the last laugh with the tickets selling out in minutes with 600,000 bought in one day. 23 concerts have been added to the 37 dates already announced for The Celebration Tour thanks to massive fan demand. The tour of North America and Europe, kicking off on July 1st and finishing 1 December, is 98% sold out.

  Never underestimate the public taste for shock.

 She was born 16 August 1958 in Bay City, MI, maybe 7.05 am, and what is floating her boat this year is her Solar Arc Sun conjunct her Jupiter all year, peaking mid year onwards. Tr Pluto opposing her Venus will ratchet up her emotional/seductive appeal between now and June and again in 2024.

Not everything will go entirely to plan with tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Neptune midpoint mid June to late July which Ebertin describes as ‘plans unreasonable beyond measure.’ Though she has a minorly buoyant Jupiter/Pluto at the same time. August will see an upsetting tr Uranus square her Sun.  August and September also look confused and fraught on the relationship front – which is understandable with that kind of tour since working relationship tensions will run very high. Late September and October will be downbeat.

  Tr Saturn will also oppose her Pluto and Mercury on and off through these months which will also be downbeat.

  But her SA Sun on Jupiter will keep her buoyant even with aggravation behind the scenes. Though she may find the physical strain of that much performing too much given her previous creaks and groans – it will be a punishing schedule. 

27 thoughts on “Madonna – never scared to bank on outrage

  1. I went to see Nureyev when he was in his fading days and it was embarrassing. But he said he did it for himself not for the audience. He clearly couldn’t conceive of a life where he was not dancing. Shirley Bassey said much the same when she gave up regular performing – that there was a void she which only being on stage could fill.
    Most creative types are the same and to a degree so are the super-ambitious. Maggie Thatcher was never going to retire and take up gardening. I suspect the Queen was much the same – apart from her promise to serve her whole life long – she couldn’t envisage a life of not working.
    The driving ambition and, in the case of performers, the need for an audience is a way of avoiding falling into a black depression.

    • It was a steaming hot night at the Coliseum London when Nureyev leapt onto the stage in his inimitable way. The man behind me heaved a massive sigh, breathing his last.
      Almost equally impressive was the way he was manœuvred across the audience and out of there in what seemed seconds. What a way to go!

    • Interesting to consider that if you’re an athlete or sports star, you don’t get the same option. When Father Time catches up with you, you have to retire and move on to the next thing which is usually coaching. If the sport is popular, they can move into TV punditry these days.

      Many athletes go through depression and loss of purpose in trying to find what to do next. Some unretire, only to find after a year or two that it wasn’t going to happen.

      There are some who will continue to play their sport at their local club into old age but it depends on the sport. Many ex-pro golfers and tennis players will play until old age. Footballers, cricketers and rugby players may still want to be part of a club and the social life. Runners will still go out for a run but not necessarily compete in races.

      My astrological view, whatever the role, is that the passage of Saturn is all about starting off as a lowly apprentice, working your way up to your peak then moving into supporting roles where your wisdom can be handed down to the younger generations. This doesn’t preclude anyone continuing to perform at their chosen work and of course that’s easier when it’s a more cerebral activity.

  2. She had amazing albums, especially Ray of Light. But everything since the 2010s is a turn off to me, especially because she panders to certain subcultures that wants to be young forever.

  3. *** Revised comment ***

    I’m mainly a fan of Jazz (all subgenres), Reggae, R&B, traditional pop, oldies, Classical, Latin, and World music. However, I do enjoy listening to some of Madonna’s music too…she has put put some cool music over the years.

    That being said, I’ve never been a fan of her “shock and awe” antics. For example, I thought it was extremely disrespectful and sacrilegious to Catholicism when Madonna did a concert in Italy back in 1990 where she got on a bed and began simulating masterbation and orgasms with a very large Catholic Crucifix hanging in the background.

    I have a very liberal attitude about men and women who work in the sex industry and I’ve never had a problem with entertainers who like to exude or emphasize sexuality in their performances (if that’s their thing, then go for it. As long as they’re adults). However, I don’t approve of using sexuality to demean someone or their religion. So, Madonna took things too far during that time.

    Other than that, I do commend Madonna for her social and human rights activism and humanitarianism. For example, she adopted a number of children from Malawi, she’s tried to bring awareness to the ongoing discrimination of the ethnic Roma Gypsies in Europe, and she’s promoted and supported progressive politics here in the U.S.

    I also admire Madonna for redefining age and gender. Madonna has helped inspire many people in today’s world. She’s been a role model to many women, in particular, and she’s living proof that you don’t have to be young and look like a Barbie doll to be successful in life. Madonna has inspired many women to realize that you can be sexy, vibrant, assertive, a “bad ass,” and enjoy life at any age.

    All in all, I wish Madonna the best of luck in her future endeavors. I hope she continues with her activism and humanitarianism too.

    • Chris, have you seen her lately with the plastic surgery? I don’t disagree with you points with the adoptions and gender awareness but what’s wrong with ageing gracefully. She doesn’t look like the same person.

  4. True again, VF. I saw him as oldie in 2009, having loved him when younger, and he was terrific. More charismatic than ever. An old time great, better than I remembered and so touching, this old, elegant man as he growled out his songs, holding his hat to his heart. Very expressive, very theatrical, moved you to the roots of your heart. Marvellous.
    Saw Joan Baez around the same time. She was terrific too, even singing acapella her voice held true. Very nice and easy in her skin and voice. I expect Madonna to hold true to form as well, whatever that form is – hopefully she won’t be showing too much of it, but I wouldn’t hold your breath!

    • Sorry this is in response to VF’s remarks to Laurel. Be quite fun though, if Madonna somehow incorporates her iconic (!) Gautier conical bra tops into her costume!! Perhaps her bondage gear will hold them up.

  5. Yes, but all the other older rockers/pop stars are also doing tours, like Rolling Stones or Aerosmith, and they’re older than she is. Why hate Madonna? (Maybe it’s planets on the Asc that attracts people to feel this way?)

    But is her tour actually sold out? In her last tour, stadiums were filled by only half, her tickets were not selling.

  6. I think ageism or not, i would not care if I was in Madonna’s situation, money and all. I am not hung up on her age or behaviour even if it is less than tasteful by a long shot. Our perception is the croix of the matter. Whether we agree or not she is doing her thing on her terms? I will never know if she is right with herself in her soul with those 12th house planets but she seems to be still living her legacy of shocking. It seems to be a given that at 62 you go sit in a quiet space, relax and don’t rock any boats otherwise you may drown. Good for her to push that envelope and prove that if you want to be a delinquent older person go for it. Whether she can still sing live, do stage shows etc and keep up doesn’t matter cause she is still entertaining for better or worse. It’s never over till it’s over.

    Bad taste Madonna do your thing. LOL

  7. I find her Venus/Neptune square quite interesting. As this square may make partners/ friends difficult to distinguish between and confusing sex with friendships. Or just make the need to connect with everyone. Sexuality will be difficult to set boundaries and she has certainly shown that she will not conform. Maybe this is why she is so explicit in her dancing and music? Uranian love appears to be externalised and with Venus/Leo/11th house connection, there would be a need to be loved by groups and be unconventional. Perhaps this Tour may be even more shocking? As Neptune breaks down boundaries and she loves to shock. Transiting Pluto will connect with both Venus and Neptune this year and could make her even more provocative.

  8. Good for her! Madonna knows how to shock and she also knows how to move with the times. I doubt very much she needs the money but I don’t doubt she loves and craves attention. I’m not a fan per se but she has made some good music over the years and better than most of the other modern rubbish out there today. The fact that she’s a sell out, speaks for itself.

  9. Why should I want to see anyone whose voice can’t possibly be as good as it once was. Or someone who is deluded enough to think that she can get away with the tacky costumes and dance moves that are likely to bring on that hip replacement. I would respect her more for promoting young talent.

    There are very few singers that can give good performances after a certain age. Unfortunately too many either need the money or need to get their sight and hearing checked.

    • I tend to agree Linda. My cousin went to see Paul McCartney not so long ago. He had recorded some of the concert on his phone (he was near the front) and when he showed it to us it was awful. McCartney was out of tune (clearly deaf), struggling to remember the words and dancing like a drunk. The band just played on (had the impression this was normal for them). My cousin however was over the moon. He hadn’t noticed, it seemed fine to him and he was thrilled to have seen Paul McCartney live. I guess for many people that’s what it’s about. Seeing their hero in person. The rest is secondary. I agree with you that these aging rock stars could be doing more to promote young talent instead of trying to fool themselves that they can hold back the sands of time.

  10. I’m not surprised she’s sold out her tour. She has a very good back catalogue of songs and she can actually sing – no need for autotune or any of that. If I were inclined, I would certainly go see her. Actually I had a copy of The Immaculate Collection which was her 1990 Greatest Hits album.

    I knew she was Leo-Virgo heavy in her planets as well as the Uranus square Mars being a driver for her act. But I’d never noticed the Saturn trine Sun which explains why she is regarded as one of the hardest working in the business (along with the virgo stuff).

    That Saturn in Sag along with Mars in 9th – I guess that’s why there’s always been a religious aspect to her act. As well as all the stuff about Kaballah.

    I also now spot the Libra north node in 2nd. I think it ultimately says that for her to find her self-worth and self-esteem she needs to make relationships work. This is why I perceive her act as a way of trying to cover up her insecurities but the older she gets and keeps trying to use it, the more obvious it becomes what she is trying to cover them up.

    The trouble is relationships look incredibly difficult for her with the planets she has around her ascendant. The Piscean descendant probably picks the wrong partner and trusts the wrong people; as does the Leo Venus square Neptune Scorpio and then the Aries 8th house tries to dominate – but a relationship will only be successful with *shared* goals and values and plenty of give and take.

    • Just thinking further on the insecurity … she has Virgo Pluto conjunct Leo Sun in 12th both close to the Virgo ascendant and moon. So her moon will be very quick to pick up what is going on around her, but being a Virgo moon she will struggle to process it other than by trying to do something. The Pluto will see the worst in the world around her, it will see life as a threat so I think she uses her sexuality as a mask to shock other people. To try and get control of the situation by knocking them off balance with the taboo stuff.

      When you read about her life outside of pop, she is reportedly interested by astrology and kaballah, yoga and so on. All very 9th house / Sag type areas. Yet she doesn’t seem to have developed any emotional insight across her lifetime. She’s still acting in her 60s how she did in her 20s. The Saturn in the 4th house suggests it is hard for her to look inwards and find what matters to her and develop herself. The Libra 2nd house / node / jupiter / neptune holding her back as I wrote above.

      But also she has Gemini midheaven so there is a part of her which will always try to remain looking young to the outside world.

  11. Laurel, she is in her early sixties. Which is hardly old… I like Madonna. She has a huge fan club and no one is forced to watch her.

  12. Thank you, Marjorie. Madge has never really appealed to me. I’m not keen on her voice and in any case, I was a goth when she was first around in the 80s!

    But it strikes me that Mick Jagger, who jitters about on stage like a galvanised toad and is 80 this year, rarely comes under criticism for throwing shapes with his pelvis.

    • True VF. ‘Twas ever thus. The ‘public taste for shock’ is a bit harsh. People like to see great stars however old they are, just to be there and to see what they’re like. Madonna was a trail blazer in music, clothes, attitudes – a grand old trouper who worked her socks off. She has earned her status as a major star.
      There are lots of reasons to want to see her: affection for her, for the time she was at her best, the pleasure or meaning her songs have given them, as well as good old nostalgia. There’s nothing better than belting out old favourites along with others who feel the same.

      • Yes, she was a pioneer and deserves credit. She has a massive Gay following too and I’m not at all surprised her shows are sell out. I see quite a few of the Uranus in Leo crowd making a comeback at the moment. Must be Saturn in Aquarius.

        • Interesting that Kate Bush (born 2-3 weeks earlier) came to the fore last year. Wonder if we will see some kind of Michael Jackson revival (not literally although he’s probably frozen in cryostasis somewhere if the truth be known!).

          Noting transiting Saturn was directly opposite Madge’s Sun only a week or so ago.

  13. Funny you should mention a desperate cry for attention-just was thinking that yesterday-the “look at me, look at me” has beens. (Oprah, J-Lo and a few others also) Wish Madonna would go away quietly-.She is waaay to old to act like a seductress!

    • But many stars can be amazing in older age. Take Leonard Cohen for example, he was still performing in his 80s to sell out audiences and his age and experience gave his songs even more poignancy. And as for being seductive, I remember when he performed in London the gushing praise he received online with women in general quite enraptured by his later life attractiveness.

      Sexual magnetism is a quality which is so much more than just the surface of things.

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