Brett Kavanaugh – justice cannot sleep forever ++ Christine Blaisey Ford

Brett Kavanaugh nominated by Trump for the Supreme Court and voted in after an explosive hearing when accusations of sexual misconduct in his Yale college days were swept aside is in for a second going over. A last-minute addition at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival is called “Justice” which probes the allegations and conducts the investigation which the FBI failed to do at the time, talking to other witnesses and victims.  The  documentary is directed by Doug Liman, (Swingers and The Bourne Identity) and produced by Amy Herdy, an ex-journalist and key researcher for the documentaries Allen v. Farrow.

 Rolling Stone Magazine writes: “More than anything Justice feels like a signal flare for future accusers and witnesses of Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual misconduct to come forward. The press was informed that the 83-minute version screened at Sundance was not a final cut —- and their investigation — is not yet finished.”

The Daily Beast says “outrage is stoked by the numerous clips of Kavanaugh refuting these accusations with unconvincing fury and falsehoods.”

“Justice reveals the many lies advanced by the judge in order to both sway public opinion and to give Republicans enough reasonable-doubt cover to vote in favor of his confirmation.”

“The effect is to paint the entire affair as a charade and a rigged game in which accusatory women were unfairly and maliciously put on the defensive, and powerful men were allowed to skate by on suspect evasions and flimsy denials.”

  Kavanaugh, 12 February 1965, is a Sun, Mercury in Aquarius squaring onto (whaddya know?) Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune = at its most negative prone to attracting scandals due to instability, over-optimism leading to an evasion of reality. And that overblown T Square is being assaulted by tr Saturn conjunct his Sun through the middle of this month and moving to his Second (time to grow up and face reality) Saturn Return by May. Tr Uranus is also heading to bring him down to earth with a bump as it collides with his Jupiter Neptune in April/May this year and early 2024. Add onto that tr Neptune opposing his Mars in Virgo from mid April this year, on and off till March 2024 which is usually accompanied by failure and sagging morale, it won’t be his shining hour.

  His relationship with SCOTUS and Chief John Roberts look fraught this year though I don’t think there is any mechanism for removing errant members? Surely there must be?

   One to watch.   

Add On: A reader wrote in to suggest the astrology around the time of Christine Blaisey Ford’s alleged assault hinted she was happy and carefree – and thus her accusation was a liberal set up. Sigh. What are people so desperate to brush inconvenient truths under the carpet?

  It evidently happened in the summer of 1982 when there was a ruthless bullying and brutal transiting Saturn, Mars, Pluto conjunction of which tr Saturn was possibly conjunct her Solar Arc Mars. Plus tr Neptune and her Solar Arc Neptune were both undermining her Sun/Venus midpoint. And tr Neptune was moving to square her Mars for a panicky aftermath in the year following. Not absolute proof but certainly a strong indication.

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  1. Clarence Thomas and his insurrectionist wife Ginni are also due for some scrutiny. Newsweek reported that G. Thomas “appears to be cleared,” but several other news outlets reported that no Justices, and no spouses of Justices, were even interviewed. So unclear how that sort os “clearance” works.

  2. Whether or not BK is investigated further by the FBI, his presence on the Supreme Court will further degrade its credibility. This comes on the heels of the failed investigation into the leak of Alito’s draft opinion to overturn Roe v Wade, and reports that Alito leaked a previous ruling. All of this, as well as likely more punches to the Court’s credibility as an institution, is timed perfectly with Pluto nearing the end of its passage through Capricorn, as well as the USA Pluto return.

  3. If he were indicted for a crime, he could technically retain his seat, but retention would become untenable and he might face pressure from Roberts to resign—although that seems less likely right now, as his replacement would be chosen by a Democratic president, and the Republicans went to such great lengths to corruptly engineer a cast-iron conservative majority.

    If he were convicted, it might be possible to remove him. That’s quite a long shot, though, and given the statute of limitations on any assaults committed during his college days, probably the best we can hope for is civil lawsuits.

    Still, if this lights a fire under the FBI, provides some vindication for Kavanaugh’s unfortunate victims, and shines a light on how he got where he is (e.g., Who paid his massive gambling debts before he was elevated to the Supreme Court?), it’s all to the good.

  4. I would have thought he will have big problems in the coming year with Uranus transiting his Jupiter opp Neptune and squaring his sun. Uranus tends to disrupt by bringing out secrets.

    • ?? It was a film review.

      On the ivermectin story:
      “A number of prominent news outlets couldn’t resist a report last week from Oklahoma City-based TV station KFOR with the headline: “Patients overdosing on ivermectin backing up rural Oklahoma hospitals, ambulances.”

      “The Hill, the New York Daily News, the Guardian, Rolling Stone, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and bit hard. Here’s how Rolling Stone headlined its follow-up on Sept. 3: “Gunshot Victims Left Waiting as Horse Dewormer Overdoses Overwhelm Oklahoma Hospitals, Doctor Says.”

      “But the same story on Wednesday night featured this headline: “One Hospital Denies Oklahoma Doctor’s Story of Ivermectin Overdoses Causing ER Delays for Gunshot Victims.” Which is to say, the “story” collapsed.”

    • Unfortunately impeachment is unlikely with this Republican House and a closely divided Senate. The same voting standards apply as for presidential impeachments.

      The only recent case involving a near-impeachment of a Supreme Court justice was Able Fortas. President Lyndon Johnson — I think — proposed elevating him to Chief Justice when a scandal emerged about him. He resigned rather than face impeachment.

      But I’m totally delighted this lying scumbag predator Kavanaugh will get new scrutiny.

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