Prince Andrew & Harry – moves and Moon matters

Prince Harry out and Prince Andrew in – Frogxit or Frogmarch. That is a surprise as King Charles shows a steely determination in pushing through his slimmed-down monarchy plans. Yowls of victimised outrage have emerged from the Harry camp who appeared to think they could get away with mud-slinging and trash-talking their family without any kickback. They can give it but not take it.

   Prince Andrew, minus a chatty PR and biographer, is said to be sulking and resisting mightily any prospect of being dislodged from his 30 room Royal Lodge abode into a five bedroom ‘cottage’.

  Both he and Harry have 4th house Moons in Fixed signs so they are more firmly rooted than most. Prince Andrew in particular with a Scorpio Moon is likely to hang on tenaciously and that is in addition to a controlling, possessive Sun opposition Pluto; with his socially ambitious Venus Mars in Capricorn feeling the humiliation of a possible downsize keenly.

  His Scorpio Moon was always due for an upheaval from June 2024 onwards with tr Uranus moving into opposition which is a classic move-house transit. Though it could come sooner. With tr Uranus opposition Mars/Pluto mid this March to early April he’ll be facing a disastrous crisis. Then tr Uranus is square his Yod focal point Uranus in late April/early May which will flip or jolt his life onto a different track. With a downbeat tr Saturn conjunct his Sun later this month and opposition his Pluto in late April as well across the Coronation. He’ll respond with his usually bull-necked confidence till late March and later in the year but he looks hemmed in all ways. His Venus Mars in Capricorn are trapped by a tr Pluto conjunction all year and his financial 8th house is not in good shape. Tr Saturn moving through his 8th throughout 2024 will throw him back on his own resources financially and emotionally, making him feel the world is a less generous place for him.  Plus he has Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his 4th house Neptune in 2024 which will feel devastating where domestic matters are concerned.

  His North Node is, of course, in his 2nd house, which is a hint that his preferred method of taking the easy way out and depending on others isn’t good for his spiritual development. Standing on his own two feet is required.

  His not-quite-ex-wife Sarah of York who presently lives at the Royal Lodge in a platonic, separate-wing arrangement we are led to believe, will have to move but her children, both with rich husbands, helpfully appear to have bought her a multi-million pound London pad. If her birth time of 9.03am is sound then she will be due to move in early 2024 with tr Saturn moving into her 4th. She’s running into a financially fraught few years with her Solar Arc Mars about to conjunct her 2nd house Saturn later this year into 2024. And she’s also head for a nervy, agitated, major jolt from Solar Arc Uranus conjunct her Mars in late 2024/25.

  Prince Harry has a 4th house Taurus Moon which is up there with Scorpio in not being inclined to budge easily.  Tr Uranus will be conjunct his Moon from the middle of this June onwards to jolt him into a change, like it or not; and before then will cross his IC into his 4th from April which is another classic house-relocation transit.

He also has an 8th house Sun which has a Scorpio feel and is not inclined to let go. Plus a Taurus North Node which most often involves individuals in long running wrangles over money and property until they acquire a Buddha-like detachment.  He does look emotionally upset at the moment with his Solar Arc Uranus square his Venus and a trapped/stuck Progressed Moon conjunct his Pluto mid June onwards for a few weeks; with his Progressed Sun also conjunct his Pluto this year. He’s stuck every which several ways.

  Tr Neptune square his Midheaven this year hints at a lack of direction and undermining circumstances around career matter; with radical changes of future plans come late 2024 as his Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct his 11th house Uranus.

  Poor soul. He has brought it all down on his own head but I do feel sorry for him. He was doing magnificently with Invictus before he stumbled into this flustercluck.

  Andrew needs despatched to outer Uzbekistan and told not to come back.

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  1. A monarch’s will is always kept private when everything is left to the succeeding monarch. It is down to King Charles how he chooses to bestow his mother’s estate, because it is actually his property.

    Though I am sure he will try to follow through with her wishes. It is really how he interprets those wishes. Also it might be in his interests to wait and see, the best way to achieve it.

    Given Harry’s mental health issues and drug addiction and Andrew’s habit of spending money that is meant for something else, it is understandable that he might not want to pay it all upfront. Then again he can choose to keep it all. It is in his family’s interest to be on good terms with him.

    This is something that Harry and Meghan seem incapable of learning.

  2. It seems Harry and Meghan have been offered an apartment in Buckingham Palace for their v infrequent visits to the U.K. and don’t have to move out of Frogmore Cottage until after the Coronation so will be able to stay there then if they decide to accept Charles’ invitation.
    If Andrew decides Frogmore is too much of a downgrade for him maybe it should be converted back into smaller cottages as before for royal staff who generally don’t earn very much.
    He must leave the 30 room Royal Lodge! The Queen was far too indulgent where he was concerned.
    RF own a lot of property so maybe there’s something in the Outer Hebrides that might suit..

  3. The FT has articles today for anyone interested and who can get behind the paywall outlining the long shadow cast by Epstein even three years after his death, which appear to have embroiled JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank and Barclays Bank.
    JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank are being sued by victims of Epstein, who accuse the lenders of aiding sex trafficking, by turning a blind eye to suspicious withdrawals and payments from Epstein’s accounts. The suit against JPMorgan highlights how the bank chose to keep on Epstein as a client, even after he was convicted and imprisoned in Florida in 2008.
    Numerous high profile financial figures such as Apollo’s Leon Black and ex-Barclays chief executive Jes Staley have been forced to step down due to their ties to the late paedophile.
    Last week JP Morgan and Barclays Bank were dragged further into the scandal when US Virgin Island authorities made public bankers’ emails as part of a lawsuit alleging that JPMorgan facilitated sex trafficking at Epstein’s island compound. The US bank calls the lawsuit “meritless”. Barclays declined to comment.
    What an unholy mix of money and perverted sex. The grosser end of Capricorn.

  4. The sale of ‘Sunninghill Park’, the Queen’s wedding gift to Andrew and Sarah in 1986, has some interesting astrology – both lunar and Saturnian. The house was sold in November 2007 for £15 million, three million pounds more than the asking price of £12 million. It was purchased by Timur Kulibayev, an oligarch from Kazakhstan. Subsequently, there’s been much speculation in the media about this, unsurprisingly. The house remained empty, and was demolished eventually.

    In November, 2007, Saturn was 6 Virgo. It entered Virgo in September, opposing Andrew’s Sun, and moving on to conjunct his 5 Virgo Pluto. The Moon’s Nodes travelled from 7 Pisces in September to 1 Pisces by the end of November, maybe adding some ‘fateful’ or ‘karmic’ connections and considerations into Andrew’s life?
    Also in September, there was a Solar eclipse at 18 Virgo, opposing Andrew’s Mercury at 17 Pisces. A Lunar eclipse at 4 Pisces had opposed his Virgo Pluto at the end of August 2007. Another Lunar eclipse, at 1 Virgo, would oppose his Sun in February 2008.

    Meanwhile, tr Pluto in Sagittarius approached his 28 Sagittarius Jupiter – so symbolising a mega-wealthy individual. Perhaps the Lunar eclipse opposing natal Pluto that summer had set the scene, and Andrew may have been obsessed with the sale at that time. There are Moon/Mother echoes too. We’ll never know what the Queen thought about the sale of her gift.

    Saturn, Lord of Time and Karma, is now about to oppose that 2007 Saturn in Virgo era. Be interesting to see what might emerge. 2007 is also a meaningful year in the Epstein story.

    • Wow Jane, you are so great at connecting the astrological dots between events and persons. This is amazingly insightful to say the least. Such food for thought in terms of us connecting our own dots with events. Hats off to you!!!!
      Thanks for sharing

      • Happy you enjoy my pattern making and exploring Jennifer! Despite studying astrology for a long time, since I was 15, I am still amazed by how many meaningful patterns crop up – almost when I’m least expecting to discover them. For me, the most exciting thing is how there’s so much to find, and so much to learn. Marjorie really has made such a wonderful place for us to do both.

        • If you don’t mind saying Jane, do you have a strong Pallas asteroid? That’s said to be the pattern maker. (Although I think Sag/Pisces placements can be good connectors too)

          I too enjoy your nerding! 😀 And I say that in a good way

          • Well, Pallas Rx is in the 10th, exactly trine my Sun in the 2nd. It squares Chiron – which is possibly a sign of my dyslexia, and all the struggles that might represent. But the love of patterns is also connected with dyslexia, and one of its very positive manifestations I feel. The patterns and shapes of both music and astrology make me happy. As does an open road feeling with knowledge – it is exhilarating to me to see no end to that journey. I do also have a Sagittarius Moon – you’re spot on!

    • @Jane Prince Andrew’s house sale has echoes in Prince Harry’s purchase of his Montecito home from Russian businessman Sergey Grishin in June 2020. He paid $14.65m, which was exceptional, given that similar houses there were selling for around $20m at that time.

  5. Great post Marjorie! I think Charles moving Andrew in is a brilliant slap in the face and a very clear message. Frogmore wasn’t grand enough for those two as they did not want it as they constantly moaned on about it.If nothing else it will give them something else to moan on about and play victim a bit more.Putting Andrew needs before Harry shows how just how hurt Charles must be.However Andrew really should be in some where that have bars on but Charles problem promised his mother to look after him.

  6. As an American, I have heard nothing about how significant inheritances may have been from HMTQ to Andrew especially but also Harry. Had assumed she would have left her “favorite son” enough to do major maintenance on Royal Lodge, with generous leftovers. “Flustercluck” was much appreciated Marjorie and, in fact, has already entered our family slang…

    • The details of the Queen’s will are not publically available. I’d guess Charles would not be taking these steps if his heinous brother really had nothing. That would be unwise, considering some of A’s dubious past associates and what he might therefore be tempted to consider to raise an income. But, as Marjorie notes, he will find that ‘the world is a less generous place’. Plus, the life lessons of his Virgo/Pisces Nodes may at last be considered – in September 2024 and March 2025 there are eclipses across that nodal axis. Will he finally realise that the notions of personal ‘sacrifice’ and ‘service’ really do matter in his life?

  7. Thank you for this fascinating post. Prince Andrew’s Scorpio Moon and Pisces Sun explains that “car crash” interview for me. As a 4th house Neptune/Moon midpoint is trine the an 8th house Mercury in Pisces – a wriggling fish! The Virgo Pluto sextile Neptune in Scorpio, also adds mud to a very Watery chart, which could make it very difficult for clarity. Also, this charts Fire Ascendant and MC, along with an Air Descendant and IC is blown around when dealing with status, partners and family. There maybe a Capricorn stellium led by Saturn, yet with all this charts water, this could add to a feeling of being bogged down not appreciated. Uranus on the Ascendant would tend to go against formalities, unfortunately without too much clarity in the chart. Perhaps a Scorpio fixed Moon would dig in for survival?

  8. I forgot to mention the the King is not giving Andrew a grant anymore, so he really has no money except possibly his naval pension, which from his point of view is quite modest. The Queen really didn’t practice tough love where he was concerned.

  9. Andrew can claim all he likes about having a 75 year lease on Royal Lodge, but the conditions of the lease are that he maintains the property.

    Given that one side of the property has a bad mould problem and that the roof, which is thatch needs to be replaced. This is a health issue, so I doubt that anyone is living there at the moment.

    Andrew received a £249,000 grant each year. £160,000 per year was supposed to be used to maintain the property. I am not sure if this was part of the first figure or given to him by the Queen. Either way, it does not look that it has been spent on Royal Lodge other than cleaners and gardeners.

    It begs the question as to how he and Fergie could afford that Swiss house, given that the £7,000,000 he spent on tarting up Royal Lodge came from the sale of his first home which I believe was called Sunningdale. That was a gift given by the Queen, so it wasn’t a grace and favour cottage like Royal Lodge, Adelaide Cottage or Frogmore Cottage.

    Incidentally, given the size of the place and Royal Lodge is huge, Andrew only pays £250 per week to live there. This is supposed to be because the cost of maintaining it is huge and reflects the true market value, thus he rents it for a song. All right for some!

    Anyway it seems that when William and Kate were looking for a place to live in Windsor, they liked it but Andrew refused point blank. I bet that was before the mould problem presented itself. I expect that it will be fixed and a new roof laid in time. But given Andrew’s present finances, it won’t be him that does it.

    As for Harry his main problem is that without a property to own or lease in the UK, he will find himself for tax purposes domiciled in the USA, he has for the purposes of convenience claiming to be domiciled in the UK, which meant he has not had to pay any income tax in America. Meghan does, but let face it he needs to sort out his problems quickly. If I were him I would apply to the Spencer side to see if they have any spare cottages going. Because I kind of doubt he has many friends left to ask that favour.

  10. This is a fascinating and quite a profound move by Charlie. The book Spare may have been a final straw, but I don’t think it is particularly central to his restructuring of the RF because of the time that takes – and I think there is more to come. By allowing the current Frogmore lease to expire he is effectively doing 2 things.
    1/ Enabling Harry (whether he wants to or not) to completely step away from his dependence on the institution and fully achieve the independence he talks about so much. In Jan 2023 the law changed to expand the pool of Counsellors of State (who have limited powers to act on behalf of the monarch in certain circumstances). This means Harry, who was one of only 4 people eligible to be CoS, is no longer needed. CoS must be UK domiciled, and Frogmore was used to support Harry’s domiciliary status, which is also important for tax status. So Harry can now choose his own domicile arrangements, if he wants to stay eligible as CoS, and how to manage his own tax affairs without any reliance on the institution he so despises. His security status is up to the govt, and will be decided by the current court case. Until then, Harry can still benefit from royal protection if he has anyone to stay with on the royal estates, he still gets police protection if needed and can continue to fund his own security. So now he only has family, and not institution – something he says he always wanted.
    2/ The soon-to-be vacant Frogmore Cottage also enables Charlie to move forward with what appear to be plans to downsize Andrew as part of his long planned cost cutting and streamlining. It looks like Andrew may put up a bit of a fight but literally no-one in the UK cares about that (or him). No wonder Eugenie/Beatrice just bought a flat for Fergie.
    As for the refurb costs, in the UK leasehold improvements revert to the lease owner, unless they can be removed without damage. So yes, H&M should remove whatever is appropriate before they finally vacate.

  11. ‘Frogmarch’ fits to a T. 🙂
    I dont know why there is such an outrage when Harry said, when asked in one of his publicity tour interviews, that he had no plans to move back to the UK.

  12. Thank You Marjorie. Will Andrew ever face ANY consequences for his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and his fondness for teen girls? I was hoping since her Majesty passed, and she for some reason protected him, that he would finally end up in a court of law.

    • Not an Andrew supporter at all, but there needs to be enough evidence to charge him in a criminal or civil court of law. In terms of consequences, he was removed as Trade Envoy over a decade ago, he’s since been stripped of royal titles, forced to retire, and lost his reputation globally. He is a pariah. So while many will only be satisfied with a guilty verdict (already pronounced by the media) I think yes, there have been consequences. What is noticeable is that there seem to have been little to no consequences for the high profile and far more powerful American associates of Epstein, and the world remains fixated on Andrew to their benefit.

      • There is a complicated thing going on which I have barely skimmed involving Jes Saley and Jaimie Dimon, bankers who may have facilitated Epstein’s financial goings on.
        Agree others should be pilloried as well since it was blindingly obvious what Epstein was and they still went along. Clinton, Gates etc

        • Yes, Yanette and Marjorie, I also agree. There are powerful individuals most of us have never heard of who were involved, and they have managed to stay in the shadows. Andrew makes a good Piscean sacrificial figure – his relative fame, royal status, and so on. Not to justify his choices, but the whole thing is bigger and darker – we’ve only seen the tip of the Pluto in Capricorn iceberg.

  13. Thanks Marjorie for the laughs, even though I spilled my coffee.

    I’m intrigued by the line “Taurus North Node which most often involves individuals in long running wrangles over money and property until they acquire a Buddha-like detachment.”

    I’m in the same boat with NN at 28º Taurus.

  14. Whatever the family dynamics this is really really poor decision making and will not help the cause of the monarchy.
    Removing Harry and Meghan to make room for a sex offender is so obviously a crass idea.
    That may of course be the bias in reporting but Charles should have seen that coming. Who is advising him? Camilla ?

      • I doubt most people know where Andrew stays now but Frogmore is known and associated with Windsor and the Queen.
        A clumsy move in my view

        • The term is being used quite a lot, yet from the Law perspective he has not been convicted. I see both sides of the argument, yet knowing what it feels like to know someone, in the past, who then committed a very nasty sex offence, you realise you can know someone as a friend, yet not know them at all. Besides, I wonder why those whose job it was to protect him, for many years, said nothing. There is no logic to this at all.

    • I have a Capricorn Moon on a Sagittarius Descendant – Law and Order. I feel it fair to point out that Sexual activity is legal in the UK from the age of 16. There has been no legal document issued in the UK stating “sex offender”. As in the eyes of the UK law, it is “not” an offence to have consented sex with a sixteen year old. No mater how absurd our Laws are, as in every other “Avenue of Life” 18 is considered an Adult, even I believe marriage now.

      • I’m not sure what the situation is with sex trafficking teenagers – which is what Epstein was charged with and I think Maxwell.

        • I fully understand where most people are coming from. In the above post the words were quite specific. My Capricorn Moon conjunct a Sagittarius Descendant leapt to the defence of innocent until proven guilty. A friend of mine, whom I lost touch with, was put in prison for sex offences a decade after. None of the rest of the group had any idea, he did those things. In today’s world people are being labelled by association. Everyone is assuming that those around Maxwell/Epstein were either complicit, or knew everything about them. I am just attempting to be fair.

          • Hmm Innocent till proven guilty but you ask your mum to pay out 12 million pounds so you can avoid a trial

          • Also the use of sex offender is the tone the press have done and will take in the coverage .
            Having met sex offenders in my professional life, Andrew is more of your entitled middle aged man

          • Silver Darling – what a thorny topic Andrew is. To your comments re £12m settlement for a civil suit. The settlement amount has not been disclosed, and there is plenty of speculation it was a lot less than that. It is very common for civil suits to be settled out of court because even if the evidence isn’t very strong, it’s still cheaper to settle. And there was a lot of pressure via the press for Andrew to settle before the Jubilee. So it’s not that clear cut and I don’t know if we’ll ever get the real truth. I do think Andrew is greedy enough, arrogant enough and stupid enough to be a prize mark and fall guy.

  15. I’m very much enjoying this post! Thanks for Frogxit, flustercluck, and Andrew’s proposed trip to Uzbekistan…..

    And the whole ‘cottage’ thing about Frogmore….it’s a good-sized house! Or are the UK’s cities just packed with ‘cottages’?

    This prompted me to look up when Frogmore was built. What’s interesting from an astrological point of view is that Queen Charlotte had it built in 1801. I don’t have a month for completion, but 1801 begins with the UK Union chart. In the September of that year, Saturn enters Virgo. Frogmore and its surrounds are reputedly haunted too. And then, there’s this:

    “Across from the cottage is a private royal burial ground for royals and their family. There’s a Royal Mausoleum, which holds the bodies of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Victoria’s mother, former King Edward VIII, and his wife Wallis Simpson are buried nearby. There’s ALSO a small chapel, St. George’s, which holds no fewer than 10 kings dating back to 1492, and other royals like Princess Margaret.” (Marie Claire magazine, 2019).

    Interesting symbolism I feel.

    • Frogmore Cottage was actually five cottages which got knocked into one place. You can sort of see it in the picture.

      Was it Frogmore that Harry slated in his Spare autobiography? If so that makes it doubly hilarious that it’s now been offered to Andrew.

      Apparently the “eviction” discussion began as Harry’s autobiography was published. I’m sure Charles has come to his wits’ end trying to get Harry to see reason and sense over the past few years.

      For all his personal faults and the criticisms of him over the years, I feel Charles has barely set a foot wrong since ascending to the throne. Maybe that long wait was worth it.

      • I think it might have been Nottingham Cottage that was ‘small’, where Harry lived when single. Frogmore was a grace and favour gift from the Queen when H&M got married. They spent 2 million doing it up! Some of that may have been structural renovations, surely, and not just the yoga studio, nursery, and orangeries? However, going on what Mr and Mrs Johnson spent tarting up the Downing Street flat, it is possible to spend more than I can begin to imagine on some ‘improvements’…..

        I read they have until the Coronation in May to clear any lingering ‘stuff’ there. So they could stay there for that, pack up remaining odds and ends, and say farewell to the froggies and ghosts in May. Plenty of Pisces, Saturn in Pisces, and Neptune in that scenario.

        Charles seems to be handling his family ructions very well, I agree GD. We, mostly, all have less grand variants of ongoing family tensions – particularly when there’s a big event such as a wedding, anniversary, or funeral. Dealing with Andrew and Harry with their fixed Moons cannot be easy.

        • Whilst reading your second paragraph about the “Coronation and lingering stuff” , a picture formed in my head of the Sussex’s attending the Coronation with rucksacks on their backs, ready to leave just after!

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