Matt Hancock – outed by his rescuer

A hapless politician seeks to rehabilitate his damaged reputation by writing a puff memoir of his days overseeing the UK pandemic response. The journalist he picked as co-writer has form for pulling deep, dark secrets out of the closet (see wiki) and despite a confidentiality contract has released 100,000 of his What’s App messages to the Daily Telegraph, claiming a public interest defence.  Oops. Mistake. It has raked up again all the anger about the lockdown and given a peep into government thinking or the lack of it at the time.

  Isabel Oakeshott, 12 June 1974, has had a high profile journalistic career with the Sunday Times and then Daily Mail, writing an unauthorized biography of David Cameron which contained the infamous ‘sex with a dead pig’ story which could not be substantiated. She is a Brexiteer, co-wrote a book with Aaron Banks and is reportedly close to the Reform Party leader.

 She has a communicative Gemini Sun trine Uranus and in an over-confident square to Jupiter. Her Mars in flamboyant Leo is trine Neptune and sextile Pluto – attracting her to publicity and giving her exalted ambition as well as fierce determination. Her Mercury in Cancer conjunct Saturn is also square Pluto and trine Jupiter – Mercury Pluto and Saturn is good for research though there will be a tendency to dig for dirt and be dogmatic.

   Matt Hancock was Health Secretary overseeing amongst other things the controversial procurement of PPE until his passionate office affair was shown to have breached distancing regulations and he departed. He was born 2 October 1978 and is a New Moon, Mercury, Pluto in Libra with a clutch of Mars, Uranus, Venus in Scorpio which is an uneasy combination of light and shade, Air and Water.

  Tr Uranus is opposing his Uranus and soon Venus as all of his Covid muddle and mayhem is exposed – dragging others in the Boris government into jeopardy as well. He’s yowling foul but the damage is done. His midpoints are lining up to provide more whirlpools, swamps and sinkholes throughout this year.

  Isabel Oakeshott’s Pluto is conjunct his Sun, Mercury giving her the urge to control him. Her Sun opposes his Neptune as she pins down his evasions. Her Mars in fiery Leo is conjunct his Jupiter and squares his Mars in Scorpio – so his secrets did not stay that way for long.

     The whole thing is tawdry but at least it has pulled back the veil and dragged political incompetence out into the open.

[An Astro-oddity which I have not explored at all but is intriguing – Matt Hancock’s 10th harmonic, prominent in individuals with a habit of shooting themselves in the foot and sabotaging their good fortune – bears remarkable similarities to Isabel Oakeshott’s chart. Almost as if his unconscious need to reverse himself picked exactly the right person to do it.]

  I’m sure the Greeks had a word for it – tragic flaw hardly connects to Matt Hancock since he is not exactly heroic. But the fates and karma were surely hard at work in this entanglement.  

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  1. If you want to see another example of Hancock’s unconscious need to reverse himself, check his choice of lawyer. He’s just made a (career ending?) huge embarrassing mistake on GB news, being arrogant and belligerent about something he had messed up himself. At least he apologises at the end though. Car crash saga

  2. Also from the FT. Delicious swipe from Henry Mance: “Oakeshott has a track record: one of her previous sources went to jail; she is a lockdown sceptic and the partner of Richard Tice, leader of a pro-Brexit party that wants to “destroy” the Conservatives. There are people who cannot read and write who would have been more appropriate ghostwriters for Hancock.”

  3. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

    This is a perfect summary of Matt Hancock’s fall and decline. Serves him right.

  4. Hancock certainly lacks the attributes of a tragic hero with a fatal flaw, he’s more of a comedic figure in a satyr play. I hope his ex wife will have the last laugh.

  5. “I’m sure the Greeks had a word for it – tragic flaw hardly connects to Matt Hancock since he is not exactly heroic. But the fates and karma were surely hard at work in this entanglement.”

    Are you thinking of hamartia?

  6. Thanks Marjorie. What a nest of vipers. I noticed that Matt Hancock has exactly the same Nodes as Prince Andrew, 26 Virgo. Interesting they are both in the news this week, with tr Neptune about to reach their ‘karmic’ South Node in April. Also, further ahead, there are the Lunar Eclipses of September 2024, and March 2025 at 25 Pisces and 23 Virgo respectively. The saying ‘old sins cast long shadows’ might be relevant then.

    • Jane. I have found that Neptune on South node means the re writing of history. And, never accepting any blame at all therefore re writing history. It’s always playing the victim.
      Old sins cast long shadows, love that.

      • That’s interesting, I’m sure he/they will try to rewrite history! But perhaps rewriting WhatsApp messages will prove to be a challenge……

  7. Thanks for this Marjorie, I was going to ask you to do their charts!. Isabel definitely has form, she wrote a book about the Hard Boys of Brexit, the Vote Leave outfit main protagonists (she is a “brexiteer” as she calls herself) only to come out a few months later to say that wigmore and banks have links to russia and putin (this is public info that has been declared in court) . She implied the even though everyone else was “clean”, according to her, there is strong evidence the brexit project, at least in part, was cheered (if not more) by the Kremlin. I think it’s hilarious that Hancock chose her to ghost write his memoir as she has very strong political links (her boyfriend is Richard Tice, leader of the far right party Reform) and is already known for “betraying her sources in the public interest”. This act of self harm clearly looks karmic. I am interested in the timing, why now, why the telegraph?. There is an indication that the coming covid enquiry is going to bring up a lot of murky stuff and she has an anti lockdown libertarian agenda she is trying to push by selecting texts to push a narrative that the lockdowns were harmful (as if that was the worst thing about the governments covid response…killing care home residents, ppe scandals, etc notwithstanding). Dont know if you know much about her but Carole Cadwalladr might be an interesting chart to look at too.

  8. Hi Marjorie, what a grim pair. Houses would be helpful here. I suppose Pluto must be connecting with Oakeshott’s Mars about now, I wonder how that ultra-intense energy and power/control or even violence will manifest itself? Can’t see it playing out in court but who knows. The self same Pluto nudging BJ’s moon is a popcorn worthy event too IMO.

    • Here’s some breaking news on twitter from Pippa Crerar

      “BREAKING: Boris Johnson will give evidence to the privileges committee inquiry on whether he misled the Commons over partygate week commencing March 20.”

      Pluto entering Aquarius on 23rd March?

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