Prince Albert – trouble in paradise

Prince Albert of Monaco is claiming that a shadowy group is seeking to undermine his tiny, ultra-rich country with bogus corruption allegations. The accusations centre on property developments, involving some of his closest allies. Recently he changed five of most senior advisers, in an apparent attempt to counter criticism that he had allowed property companies to take control of his country. He said the allegations surfaced after he tried to introduce more transparency into property dealings.

  Whatever emerges from the fog of claims and denials, he is in possibly the worst year of his reign. His Pisces Sun is sinking under a swampy conjunction from Neptune all year. And worse tr Pluto labouring through his hidden, financial 8th house from last month conjunct his Mars through this year and next – is trapped, scary, high-risk and impossible to avoid – financially and emotionally in crisis. Plus a calamitous tr Uranus opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint from late April to early May this year and repeating in January 2023. As if that wasn’t enough tr Neptune will move to square his Saturn from late this May, on and off into 2023, which will induce extreme uncertainty if not paranoia.

  Tr Saturn has reached his midheaven this year and will be moving through his 10th until 2026 which for some can be successful and a consolidation of the preparation of previous years. But for others it is when chickens come home to roost and mistakes have to be faced. Saturnine justice.

  His Progressed Moon is also poised to move into his 12th house within months to stay for two years plus which is a time of endings, clearing out old baggage and old attitudes and can be discouraging.

  His marriage, of course, has been in trouble for some time with the sad Princess Charlene away with health problems for a year. French magazines report that she has not moved back into the palace with her husband and children, preferring the calm of a house in the hills.

  Their relationship will not improve with the harsh composite Saturn Mars conjunction in their relationship chart catching the tr Pluto square until late 2024 and Uranian hitches, glitches and jolts right through till 2026.

  It may be that she has already made the split in her mind since her Sun/Moon midpoint has been under assault from the transiting Saturn square tr Uranus last year and this. His Sun/Moon midpoint is catching the tr Saturn conjunction this year and the tr Uranus square next, so he’s lagging slightly behind, as if often the case.

   She’s in an impossible bind since bolting would mean leaving her children behind. They will be his lifeline for the future and he won’t let go. Without heirs Monaco would revert to France.

  His Coronation, 12 July 2005, when he formally took over, brushing aside paternity claims and swearing he’d clean up Monaco’s money-laundering and corruption image, took place with less than auspicious aspects in place. Saturn was conjunct Sun square Mars and Mars was in a can-have-criminal-associations trine to Pluto, with Venus in Leo opposition Neptune.

 The tr Saturn square tr Uranus is jolting the showy, illusory Venus Mercury opposition Neptune this year into 2023; tr Neptune is in a disempowering square to Pluto this year; and tr Pluto is in a discouraging, deprived opposition to Saturn in 2023/24. With his popularity sagging further in 2024 with Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the Venus.

Monaco is a sovereign city state which sits on 2 square kilometres of ground, with under 40,000 inhabitants, many millionaires, there as tax exiles. Claustrophobic and truly depressing.

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8 thoughts on “Prince Albert – trouble in paradise

  1. Why do women marry men like Albert who show everyone who they are but for some reason women always ignore the obvious warning signals.

  2. Looked up poor Princess Charlene – another Aquarian dealing with Saturn in her sign for some time.
    Visited Monaco once, was surprised to see how sterile it is considering it’s embedded in an Europe rich with history.

    Makes one wonder how Princess Grace managed…

  3. It seems a bit of a mess. I hope she is able to live her life as she wants. Another thing is that there is a lot of Russian oligarch money there as well.

  4. But the Grimaldi family insisted a few years ago that no illegitimate children be allowed to come to the throne unless the child’s parents later married and legitimized the child. These laws were changed in 2002.

  5. Monaco is quite a suffocating place. It is hell if you visit it after the Grand Prix and I wouldn’t recommend it for asthmatics, as the fumes lingers for a few weeks. It will be interesting to see what Pluto does when it transits their composite Part of Fortune and squares their Moon. Money, family and Rulership will be brought into question, perhaps he will put one of his Children on the Throne? The dynamics of the family will certainly change. Neptune is close to their Jupiter/Sun midpoint, with Neptune trining their Chiron. It is as if they have never really defined their marriage and it is a constant thorn with both of them. Mars/Saturn conjunction with the Mars/North Node midpoint near Saturn must be a struggle between duty and frustration.

  6. “She’s in an impossible bind since bolting would mean leaving her children behind. They will be his lifeline for the future and he won’t let go. Without heirs Monaco would revert to France.”

    Doesn’t he have other illegitimate children anyway?

    And even if Charlene takes the children with her, don’t they remain heirs?

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