Portugal – in the same boat as elsewhere

Portugal is gradually moving out of confinement with a 70% vaccination rate. But the newly re-elected President Rebelo de Sousa’s 2nd Term chart, 9 March 2021, is limp and lacklustre with a Sun Neptune in Pisces conjunction which doesn’t augur well for a firm and decisive hand on the tiller ahead.

  The Bank of Portugal, 15 November 1975, isn’t showing red flags at the moment but will be dragged down by arguments in 2022 and running into a major blockage by 2023.

This coincides with a panicky tr Neptune square the 8th house (financial) Pluto in 2023/24 on the Portugal 5 October 1910 9am chart. The Solar Arc Pluto will also square the highly-strung Neptune opposition Uranus then which suggests devastation and confusion – and could be connected to a natural disaster as well as perhaps economic problems. There will be several years of tough slog and hardship thereafter.

  On the Portugal 25 April 1974 5.15pm chart, there are upheavals, divisions and disruption from tr Pluto square the Uranus opposition Mercury this year. Again it will be 2023/24 which are the most discouraging with the two years after that not much better.

 On de Sousa’s personal chart, 12 December 1948, a Sun Sagittarius trine Pluto, he looks gloomy, uncertain and tossed about by events this year with a mixed 2022 having its upbeat moments as well as major headaches; and worse in 2023/24.

 Antonio Costa, the PM, is not in his easiest phase having a Cancer Sun opposition Saturn which are catching the tr Pluto hard aspects this year and next, so a considerable and depressing slog.

 The other two political front runners – Santos looks energised and successful this December; and Rio is not in good shape having his Leo Sun and Uranus battered by the tr Saturn square tr Uranus into early 2022; and an unhappy phase ahead through 2023/24/25.

PS: I need to look back but although some of the above may be local it does rather fit a general pattern of quite a considerable general disturbance as Pluto moves into Aquarius followed by Neptune and Uranus shifting sign.  

2 thoughts on “Portugal – in the same boat as elsewhere

  1. Thanks Marjorie. Much appreciated for this.
    There’s a ‘small’ party – ‘Chega’ (enough in English) – which has been growing in tone. It is characterized as being between the right-wing and far-right of the political spectrum (Wikipedia source). It was included in the Portuguese electoral and political parties in April 9th 2019 but no time unfortunately. Its lider, Andre Ventura, is very good at rattling the population against minorities and there’s been a sharp rise of incidents against Portuguese-African, Portuguese-Romani and many others since his appearance. A lot of splitting just like in a lot of other places.
    Although I always believed we – Portuguese – to be a rather peaceful and friendly population it’s visible we’re not immune to the great currents and discourses especially if in financially and social hardship.
    I was wandering if there’s any signs of how long and how much damage he will continue to cause especially after reading your post.

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