Justin Trudeau – paying the price of a hasty decision

Justin Trudeau may be regretting his decision to call a snap election on September 20th. It was intended to swap his minority government for a majority one on the back of vaccine-related optimism but he has slid smartly in a downward direction. His image as a golden boy of politics has been tarnished since 2015 by ethics scandals, unkept promises and blackface images.

  He was born 25 December 1971 9.27pm Ottawa, and has a Capricorn Sun square Mars opposition Pluto, so a forceful temperament. His Jupiter is in an opportunistic and adventuring square to his Mars in Pisces on the cusp of his 8th; and he has an imaginative, neurotic, not always decisive Neptune opposition Saturn.  His Solar Arc Midheaven is squaring his Uranus exactly over the election which does sound like a change of career direction; with two discouraging/bad tempered Saturn transits to Mercury midpoints; and a devastating and confused tr Pluto conjunction with his Solar Arc Neptune.

  Erin O’Toole,22 January 1973 Montreal, Conservative Party, is doing well at the moment in the polls and has a sprinkling of Jupiters around with tr Jupiter square his Solar Arc Pluto over the election; and confidently upbeat tr Pluto conjunct his Mercury/Jupiter in December with real success through 2022/23 from tr Pluto conjunct his Sun/Jupiter midpoint. He is a Sun Aquarius sextile Neptune and trine Pluto; with a hard-edged Saturn opposition Mars; and an adventurous, lucky Jupiter square Uranus.

 Jagmeet Singh, the other front runner, 2 January 1979 Scarborough, ON, is an uber-determined Sun Mars in Capricorn square Pluto. He has mixed fortunes at the election with a disastrous tr Uranus opposition his Mars/Saturn midpoint at the same time as a successful tr Pluto conjunct his Sun/Jupiter midpoint. He’s looking in better spirits in October, upbeat in December and forging ahead in 2022.  

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  1. Justin won again in Canada – a minority government again but there are small changes a foot in Alberta – a big relief actually as the conservatives were playing games – re the vaccines and whether they had been vaccinated – this is no time to encourage non vaxers- almost 70% of Canadians are fully vaccinated and rates are climbing –

  2. Hello PC thank you for your comment. I haven’t read much from the Tyee but have been watching O’Toole’s transformation and am left wondering who he is. To me he’s changed his values from what they used to be when he was part of the Harper Government and what he actually said during his leadership run. I’m baffled by him and that’s why I found the Tyee article interesting. But your point is well taken. I usually don’t vote Liberal but this time I’m leaning that way because of their child care and realistic climate policies.

  3. Tati, the government of Quebec inherited a mess in health care from its incompetent Liberal predecessors.

    I should have known Trudeau would be in trouble since transiting Saturn is conjunct his Venus. The worst time for him will be mid-decade, so if he hangs on as Leader of the Opposition he will be crushed in the next election. Many conservative early Aquarians are empowered this year by Jupiter and Saturn transits and Pluto nearing their Sun. In the US they include Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Amy Comey Barrett and Kevin McCarthy. In Canada, that would be Erin O’Toole who should be in power as long as Justin. Expect him to be more hostile to China as Canada commemorated this weekend 1000 days of detention for two Canadian hostages in that country. O’Toole, a former military officer, will likely lead the charge for a Western boycott of the Winter Olympics in Beijing in February.

    The Aquarian Age has been much over-idealized. Aquarius is often conservative and enduring; it is a stubborn fixed sign and its co-ruler is Saturn. O’Toole has Saturn in the first house. He is made for tough times, while Justin, a child of privilege, is definitely not.

    • Andre- with due respect your post made me smile – looking at the health disaster in Alberta – all run by really incompetent PCS= SO much so they might have to send ill people to other provinces – not to mention their bad behaviour to their own medical people doctors and nurses.. In Ontarios even before pandemic there were big cuts by Premier Ford – It is amazing the province is ok right now but many have been lost and the nursing home disaster is still there with PCS on the board making lots of $$$
      And don’t you love it that the PC candidates will not even say they are vaccinated in order to get the crazy no vaxers vote !
      And in my experience sometimes Saturn conjunct Venus can be very helpful –

      anyway we will see monday

  4. Aah, but there are things like coalitions that can help smaller parties take a bigger slice of the pie. The Conservatives under Cameron wouldn’t have survived being in power without a coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

    • That is essentially what Canada accomplishes by creating a minority government. I have always liked these governments. We had one just be dissolved… by the head guy, Justin.. because at the end of the day… someone in a coalition is still the leader… and they can .. at least here in Canada… sniff the air, see a potential opportunity to get a majority vote… and go for it. Again.. in our First Past the Post system.

      And don’t get me started on our based on the Brits Canadian governance. We still mostly operate on a kind of “this is how it’s done” understanding.. rather than actual laws. All very murky. Stephen Harper knew exactly how to play the system to his advantage. As is happening in the USA. As is happening in Britain.

      All we have to do is look to the recent Texas law banning abortions… and the Supreme Court approving!!
      Or the rigging of voting regions.

      Sorry to be in this side of things…. I just see us heading straight for a big reckoning with what IS democracy anyways?…. Any way to look at THAT astrologically, Marjorie? A birth date for democracy?

  5. Any democracy involves politicians granting favours to other politicians to gain support for their pet causes. It is how acts of Parliament and laws get made. However, as there is a large enough population base for those of African descent to have their voices heard. And if the traditional parties won’t take your concerns on board, then you could create your own party. If you want the system to change, then you should take them on at their own game. Wishing you the best of luck!

    • Hello from Canada,

      “create your own party”… and “take them on at their own game”…..

      If there is anything Pluto in Capricorn is showing it is the futility of trying to do this!

      The game is rigged. We have a “first past the post” system for elections.
      In Canada, we have regularly had 3 main parties.. Conservative, Liberal and NDP. We also now have the Greens (who have tried for years to do what you just asked people of African descent to do!!!) and the Bloc Québécois. As long as we have FPP rather than proportional representation, any smaller more special interest parties never stand a chance. In fact… I hate to say it… but they do split the more liberal vote. This works well for the Conservatives. Hence the recent minority Liberal government and Trudeau’s gamble to try to make it a majority. More of the old games at play.

      I had a friend who was a Catholic priest. He tried to change the structure from within.
      That didn’t work either!

      And “creating another party” certainly doesn’t seem to be an option in the USA either!!

      It is the old structures that need to die, need a deep overhaul.. something.
      We humans certainly have the ability to do this, but those in power do not want to lose it.
      Hence all the troubles in the world now.

      and Marjorie… I thank-you for your contributions that relate to Canada!! Much appreciated!

      • Ending First Past the Post elections was one of Justin’s broken promises! This is one of the reasons his popularity with many younger voters has gone down.

        • Yes indeed…. that decision by Justin Trudeau… and the Liberal party advisors… was such a betrayal. However…. if not him as the next Prime Minister, who? Erin O’Toole?? That is the only other possibility.
          And so.. we are back to “strategic voting”, which is not democracy.

  6. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau committed at least one, wounding, blatant act of racism which Canada’s media let him get away with — presumably out of embarrassment for him and/or not wanting to worsen the social divisiveness of his action.

    His very first act as prime minister in 2015 was to create a cabinet of 30 which didn’t include a single Black Liberal MP (out of a population of one million Black Canadians) or a single East Asian-Canadian Liberal MP (out of a population of over three million) yet he BRAGGED, “I have more Sikhs in my cabinet than the prime minister of India!”: four cabinet ministers from a population of just 550,000.

    A comparison of the qualifications of Bardish Chagger and Celina Caesar-Chavannes proves that Trudeau is guilty of anti-Black discrimination in the workplace. Chagger, a Sikh, had the modest qualifications of a Bachelor of Science and work experience of being an assistant to an MP and then the manager of cultural events in a community centre. Caesar-Chavannes, who is Black, has a BSc, an MBA in health care management, and experience of as an international research consultant and as a lecturer on the need to include marginalized populations in clinical research. She was named Business Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012 by the Toronto Region Board of Trade. She also served on the governing council of the University of Toronto. Yet Justin Trudeau snubbed her.

    Five years ago, I was working in an Ontario government office where staff take turns serving at an Information desk. I was horrified and depressed to learn from a Black co-worker that she would sometimes sit at that desk and have clients talk past her to white or Asian staff standing behind her — as if they would know answers better than the invisible Black woman in front of them! THAT is what Justin Trudeau did to a million Black Canadians!

    All this is nothing against Sikh-Canadians. I know very fine people who happen to be orthodox Sikhs. But like any group of human beings, there will be bad apples in the bunch. I fear that tribally selfish Sikhs within the Trudeau government are responsible for instituting a measurable favouritism towards would-be immigrants from the homeland of Sikhs. As the “Toronto Star” revealed in 2020, there is a program to fast-track students from India ONLY — not even South Asians from Muslim countries of Bangladesh and Pakistan — to Canadian post-secondary institutions which is provides a huge advantage towards them getting accepted as refugees. Douglas Todd of the “Vancouver Sun” provided this insight into the disproportionate power of Sikhs in politics: https://vancouversun.com/opinion/columnists/douglas-todd-why-sikhs-are-so-powerful-in-canadian-politics.

    I once said to a very nice, 20-something orthodox Sikh in the New Democratic Party of Ontario, “I am concerned for the cause of social harmony when (white) politicians target “ethnic groups” (visible minority groups especially Indo-Canadians) for votes”. He responded, “Oh, I know these people (from his community). They’ve corrupted Stephen Harper (the prime minister before Trudeau). They’re wealthy in their own country and are used to getting there way… sponsoring relatives of relatives of relatives (to Canada via serial, nepotistic, “family reunification” immigration policies.

    I will be voting strategically for the left-wing, federal New Democrats to oust my Liberal MP and hopefully help bring an end of Justin Trudeau’s racist government by bringing the Conservatives to power instead. The New Democrats’ leader, by the way, is a much-respected, very likeable if often politically wrong-headed (in my view) orthodox Sikh.

      • Interesting point about the orthodox Sikhs in politics Cathy. Sometime around 1998 or so, I remember there were ongoing debates about sitting at tables or on the floor for the communal meals at Gurdwaras in an around Vancouver. It turned out to be a wedge issue, taking out moderates in leadership positions. Not long after that, the more orthodox appeared and replaced most of the moderates on the political side of things as well.
        Ujjal Dosanjh, BC’s former premier and later federal cabinet minister has often cautioned against self segregation and self made ethnic silos.

        The last election I was presented with three canvassers at my door, bright liberal red turbans (even for the young woman) and full beards and kirpans for the t-shirt wearing young men. I took a moment to realize what they were there for.
        No point really , just my stream of consciousness that was prompted by some of what you wrote.

  7. REPLY TO LINDA – From the beginning of Covid Justin Trudeau would come outside his home every morning to talk to the Canadian people on CBC and give updates – and letting people know new initiatives to help them in a time of crisis. At one point his wife was in isolation due to having covid, and he was taking care of their children. The heads of Health Canada would also come on and give updates and recommendations. His hair grew long and his beard had grey. That said if you changed the channel to the USA – you got the Trump team – which often was a nightmare. Of course no one is perfect but he made some correct calls. Today the highest infection rate in Canada is in ALWAYS Conservative/OIL Alberta – in fact Alberta is now reporting the highest number of COVID-19 cases per capita in all of Canada and the United States, and is similar to the situation in Texas and Florida – Alberta I think has about 10-15 % of the Canadian Population – but almost 40 % of the cases right now I think.
    The Premier of Alberta and the Conservative Party are all for OIL – and against climate change. In fact the last conservative Prime Minister Harper – tried to silence Canada’s scientists by many methods – Trudeau is a believer in science and took off the gags. Harper is also well known for an article he wrote on Pierre Trudeau’s illness and death which was one of the nastiest pieces one can remember – similar to Trump on John McCain – I could go on – but will stop here. Trudeau is basically a good person trying to help his country – in a progressive manner.

  8. Seems as if Trudeau’s handsomeness–unique in a group of world leaders–has played against him. Before his first election there was an assumption that a man so handsome couldn’t also have brains. Nonsensical, when you think of his heritage that equips him for leadership like no one else. His father may have had flaws, but was enough of a visionary and driving force to be considered the father of modern Canada. His maternal grandfather (a little younger than his Dad) was a member of parliament and war hero. He has a quiet style that masks that Capricorn determination. His chart indicates he was born to lead. Hope he hasn’t made a misstep in calling an election at this sensitive time. He’s a bit of a showman, but nothing compared to his flamboyant father. He is a good and well-intentioned man.

  9. It is a failing, and I admit it. But I am always suspicious of really good-looking politicians. Somehow, there is the suspicion that he was elected purely on his appearance. I wonder what Csnadians think.

  10. Thanks Marjorie. I noticed that this year’s eclipses all connect with Justin Trudeau’s chart.
    May Lunar – conjunct Neptune, June Solar – opposes Jupiter, November Lunar – conjunct MC, and December Solar – conjunct Mercury. He was just starting out in 2002 when these eclipse degrees were last activated. He started an engineering degree which he quit in 2004, and chaired a youth volunteering programme. That all fits well with the idea of volunteering (Neptune), new directions (MC), and education (Jupiter and Mercury). Be interesting to see what emerges this time round.

  11. I don’t know why elections get people so prickly and over-reactive. Of course Trudeau is ego-centric. He has his Capricorn Sun on the point of a T Square to a Mars Pluto opposition no less. He may obscure his driving ambition behind that Neptune Saturn compassionate mush but see the post below on Joe Biden. What you see on the surface isn’t always what you get down the line.
    I have no skin in the Canadian political game and the only reason I picked that photo was because it was there. I’ve no idea what inclinations that paper has but finding copyright free pics (ie. don’t cost money) isn’t always easy so I go for front pages or amazon books.

    • I think part of the reason is that astrology is assumed by the thin-skinned as all-or-nothing. If the astrologer doesn’t present what the audience wants to read, then you’re crucified. Many readers don;t want to read about emotional overtones or nuances from the astrologer. Probably bcuz they know more than you abt the candidates? Simply cannot wait until the 2024 US elections roll in.

  12. Marjorie

    I am always impressed by your coverage of political events, here less positively than on other occasions. Trudeau is no egomaniac, far from it, and his strategic design in calling an election is sound. John Horgan, the premier of British Columbia used it successfully in the last provincial election. Neither Mr. O’Toole or Mr. Singh will be able to make a majority as Trudeau might, but if another minority government is created, that is not a disaster for Canada. We have done very well with them in the past. I am heartened that our PM called for compassion for those who might choose violence, and pleased that Mr. O’Toole is running a ‘positive’ campaign. Your name calling of our leader is untoward, and unwelcome. It’s time to elevate the tone of the dialogue, we’ve had enough of disparagement and exaggeration on this continent.

  13. It is fascinating to watch Erin O’Toole who was far right wing and won his leadership with that focus. Check out this article for those who are interested in some more analysis on his reinvention.


    As a policy wonk I am more interested in results than personalities. Scientist and climate experts are supporting the Liberal climate plan because the carbon tax gets results quickly and has a proven track record. The Conservative Climate plan according to experts encourages people to increase their carbon consumption with credits awarded and the government in control of what people can buy with their credits. Not proven to work. The Liberal child care policies are preferred by child care experts as well they will create more spaces affordably. While the Conservative plan is to give tax credits which means that people have to spend the money upfront before they get anything back. The conservative plan is not ten dollars a day. And with a lack of space they will create no new ones. I know women who have been waiting for decades for universal child care.

    • Be fair Carole. Most people are far right, when viewed from the perspective of the Tyee. The article had little of substance on O’Toole. Moistly taint by association stuff. More partisan than wonk, in my opinion.

  14. Thank you, Marjorie! I can easily see the Conservatives form a minority or even majority government with the NDP forming the official Opposition — and the Liberals relegated once again to third party status.

    • I see now that my comments are not being posted – wow and only posting anti Justin –

      The Anti vaxers are a serious problem – but for some reason

      I should have known with the Toronto Sun post – like the BR daily mail

      Pluto will be conjunct O’toole mercury and sun – and that I see as a problem for Canada if he gets into power –

  15. the Trudeau campaign is being stalked by anti vaxers – they are also in downtown Toronto – protesting small business owners who promote vaccinations – Some attending these events are from the conservative party but O’toole is trying to ban them – good luck.
    These people are deluded and have increased the numbers all by themselves
    Luckily most Canadians know better and our vaccination rate is one of the best – better than the usa with Thanks to the PM and health Canada.
    I wonder how Pluto conjunct his mercury and sun will play out – not a pretty picture …along with uranus squaring his moon coming up

  16. The protestors at Truedeau’s rally were made up of anti-vexers – the same people who come to my neighbourhood and protest outside a restaurant ib downtown Toronto- as the owner believes in in the vaccines.To be blunt – they are horrible . They do not want vaccine passports but the passports are coming. This is the reason the covid numbers are up in canada – which has one the highest vaccinated numbers in the world is thanks to Justin – The conservatives have not been helpful on this – and now Alberta counts for almost one half of the cases – and is like florida.
    Not mention the conservatives in ontario who have over the past years – cut health care. I have a friend who works in a hospital so I know. The “competent” government in Quebec was a disaster regarding the nursing – homes same as Ontario.
    I do not trust the Conservatives at all – in this regard. I agree the debate will tell –

  17. Thank you, Marjorie. The campaign started badly for Justin, who did a good job during the pandemic although certain decisions were controversial and he has spent other people’s money with abandon much like his father.The Conservatives have caught up with him, but it would still be a great shock if he were to lose. The coming televised debates between party leaders will make the difference as usually happens. A bad sign was that he had to cancel a campaign rally last week because of a level of anger from demonstrators he says he has never seen. Quebec would be mostly happy at his loss because the Conservatives have greater respect for its autonomy. A competent and moderate centre-right government is what we now have in Quebec. Maybe that would be good for the rest of the country.

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