Germany – all systems change or is it?

Germany is heading for momentous elections in late September which will see Angela Merkel’s exit as Chancellor.  Pundits have been confounded with the recent surge up the polls of Olaf Scholz of the leftwing SPD, though he is more popular than his hard-left party. Armin Laschet of Merkel’s CDU party has had a gaffe-ridden campaign and slid badly; as has Annalena Baerbock of the Greens.

  Germany was always in for a profound change with tr Pluto opposing the 10th house Uranus this year, back in exact aspect this December; followed in 2022 by tr Uranus conjunct the 8th house Pluto which will bring an even more profound and deep-rooted gear shift.

  I must admit to being surprised by Scholz’s striking success in recent weeks since he has had tr Neptune square his Gemini Sun and square his Saturn, both exactly from late July through this month and that influence runs on into early September – which would normally be undermining. Though he does admittedly have his Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Saturn and opposition his Sun which would give him a lift. He was born 14 June 1958 and has a Gemini Sun trine Jupiter and opposition Saturn.

  There may well be a lengthy period of coalition wrangling after the election and Scholz’s October looks crisis and disaster-ridden but he’ll be into a more successful streak in December.

  Armin Laschet, 18 February 1961, a Sun Aquarius opposition Uranus with Jupiter Saturn in Capricorn, does have tr Jupiter in a lucky-break opposition his Uranus over the election exactly and conjunct his Sun by late December both of which are minor but upbeat; with tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter Saturn through December as well. So maybe just maybe he’ll pull up from his present position.

 Annalena Baerbock, 15 December 1980, is an idealistic Sun Neptune in Sagittarius sextile Pluto, with a determined Mars square Pluto as well as Jupiter Saturn in Libra – a mix of soft and hard.

  She’s had a lacklustre tr Neptune square her Sun Neptune earlier this year in June and July and it returns in 2022. But tr Jupiter is exactly trine her Pluto at the election and conjunct her Solar Arc Mars in late December – which again are minor influences but she may get some compensation out of the post-election wheeling and dealing.

None have Merkel’s magic touch with Germany with her Jupiter conjunct the Germany Midheaven; and their relationship chart having a successful Jupiter Pluto and enthusiastic Venus Mars.

Scholz’s chart is a bad fit with Germany with a truly difficult relationship chart linking Mars Pluto Saturn and the Sun – so if on an outside chance he got in he would not be popular. Ditto Baerbock. Aschet is a so-so mix with some merits, some anxiety and maybe a resigned sense of being stuck with him.

  As ever, elections are a tricky guesstimate.    

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  1. Just for information, as I’ve lived in Germany for 10 years, I can tell you that the SPD are middle of the road and absolutely not ‘hard-left’ (Merkel’s CDU would never have formed a coalition with them if they had been). The SPD are ‘social democrats’ so centrists really. There is a more leftwing party, called Die Linke (The Left) in English, which espouses what it says on the tin. Janine Wissler and Dieter Bartsch are joint leaders. The party has seats in parliament and were formed just over a decade ago. They, along with the FDP and the AfD have formed the opposition.
    Scholz, the leader of the SPD has been Finance Minister for the government, which is always a coalition in Germany, for obvious historical reasons.

    • I can;t answer for the accuracy of this but it was where it came from –

      “Mr Scholz may be the SPD candidate for chancellor, but he is not party leader. And while he has positioned himself as a Merkellian centrist who can be trusted with Germany’s finances, his party has been taken over by a Momentum-style hard-Left movement. At the Berlin rally this week, it was all smiles as Mr Scholz stood side-by-side with Kevin Kühnert, but in reality they are bitter rivals fighting for control of the party. It was the 32-year-old Mr Kühnert who orchestrated the hard-Left takeover of the SPD two years ago, almost destroying Mr Scholz’s career in the process.”

      • Thanks for link Marjorie and I can only say that the Telegraph must be living in some kind of exaggerated fantasy because the SPD has even less internal democracy than the Labour party and if you said to anyone German that they’d been ‘taken over’ by the hard left they would just laugh at you. Perhaps it says more about the politics of the Telegraph that they have concocted such a florid distortion.

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