Pope Francis – his papacy at the end of the road?

Pope Francis has cancelled engagements after being hospitalized with a bout of pneumonia and breathing problems. Now 86 and facing internal dissension in the Vatican he must be wondering whether taking the Pope Benedict route to resigning might not be a relief.

  His election chart, 13 March 2013 7.06pm, is heading into a road block with the Solar Arc Mars closing the square to the 4th house Pluto within weeks. Tr Uranus will also oppose the North Node at 18 Scorpio late April into early May; and there’s an energy-sinking tr Neptune conjunct the Sun/Mars midpoint from May on and off into 2024. Which sounds as if his time in office is running to a close.

  His own personal chart, 17 December 1936 9 pm Buenos Aires, Argentina, has tr Pluto square the zero degree Taurus Midheaven exactly now till mid June and again in 2024 which would sound like a forced change of direction. Plus tr Neptune is square his 6th house Sagittarius Sun mid March to early next month and on and off to January 2024, which will pull his energy down.  Plus his Solar Arc Midheaven is conjunct his Pluto round about now.

  All of which would suggest a winding down of his papacy. It is a shame since his heart always seemed to be in the right place though sweeping the Augean stables of the Vatican clean of muck was one labour of Hercules he could not quite complete.

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7 thoughts on “Pope Francis – his papacy at the end of the road?

  1. He did the most important thing which is open the Vatican Bank up for audit-never done before.A lot of ‘hate’ stems from this.

  2. He is supposed to be the last pope according to the Malachi prophecy, which compared him to St Peter, who was the first. This prophecy is said to date from the Middle Ages and in a single cryptic phrase captured what was supposed to be the essence of each papacy. A famous one, Labore Soli or the labour of the Sun, fittingly described John Paul II to many. The phrase for Benedict XVI was also evocative.
    Francis is the first Jesuit Pope, a Catholic order known for a strong and sometimes dark influence on world history. He is the first South American Pope. Today he repudiated the doctrine of discovery which served as the basis in the racist international law in effect at the time of the European invasion and horrific human rights abuses in the Americas and Australia. This doctrine was proclaimed by a Spanish pope of the infamous Borgia family in 1494, two years after Columbus landed on a Caribbean island and began killing, mutilating and enslaving the native population. The doctrine of discovery is the legal basis to this day of the existence of the US, Canada and Australia, among many others. This lapsed Catholic believes Francis is one of the greatest all-time popes who did clean a great deal of the Augean stables, whatever happens to him next.

    • I read this myself. Apparently Pope Francis has attempted to reconcile and repair Indigenous relations – not just here in Canada, but he actually also apologized to the Native people of Bolivia back in 2015 before he ever came to the great white north. While there’s a long way to go in repairing the damage done, what a legacy to leave behind if in fact his days are numbered. Much respect

  3. Just wondering here if anyone knows the prophesy regarding the last pope – I thought it was that this pope would be the last or next to last one?

  4. His chart makes me think of the eclipse suspending the wedding of C & C.
    Looking at coronation date, could this possibly have the same pointers.?

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