Pete Duel – another shooting star died young

Inner – birth chart, middle progressions at death, outer transits at death

Pete Duel, an American actor best known for the 1970 TV western comedy ‘Alias Smith and Jones’ was according to Quentin Tarantino one of the inspirations behind the character Rick Dalton, a washed up actor played by Di Caprio in ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’. Duel was found shot on New Year’s Eve 1971, reportedly suicide though as ever conspiracy theories pointed to murder.

  He had evidently been depressed about his excess drinking which had led to a road accident with a DUI court case pending and had talked about suicide early on in his adult life. Tarantino described him as an undiagnosed bi-polar.

  He was born 24 February 1940 7.59 am Penfield, New York with a creative, hidden 12 house Sun Pisces and an exuberant Jupiter Venus in Aries on his Ascendant. His Saturn in forced-to-be-self-reliant Aries was conjunct Mars in Taurus with both square Pluto – which would give rise to intense frustrations. He did have a dark streak.

  When he died there was a transiting Pluto opposition Mars which would resonate with his deeper angst. His Progressed Moon was opposition his Progressed Mars and his Progressed Saturn was square his Progressed Pluto. All of which would contribute to a mood of black melancholy.  Tr Neptune was also square his Moon which wouldn’t clarify his thinking.

  The astrology won’t give definitive answers but it looks less of a brutal assault than was showing on the Hendrix chart, more a descent into deep gloom.

4 thoughts on “Pete Duel – another shooting star died young

  1. I too recall how good he he was in the original Alias Smith and Jones series and how his death left a distinct mark on my memory. Odd since it is now over half a century since he died. Maybe these things make more of an impression when you are a teenager.

  2. Thank you Marjorie! I too had a crush on him when I was young. Whether you believe he committed suicide or was murdered, a great talent was lost.

  3. I recall very vividly the day Pete died. A few days later, when I returned to school many of the girls were crying.
    He was incredibly popular with both male and female viewers, through his good looks and easy-going charm.

    Pete has been in eternal sleep for fifty years. How time has flown.

  4. Thankyou for looking into his chart. Myself and my school best friend were madly in love with Pete Duel, watching Alias Smith and Jones avidly, and were so shocked when he died. That sounds like quite a cross he had to carry, that energy – I’m so sorry he felt such darkness and despair. RIP.

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