Pele – a much beloved sporting icon

The death of Brazilian footballer Pele, known as The King, has brought an outpouring of grief and adulation. He was regarded in his own country as a demi-god and Brazil’s iconic monuments, Christ the Redeemer and the Maracana were lit up on the news of his passing. He is thought of as the greatest footballer of all time and scored a record 1,281 goals in 1,363 career appearances. He was the only man to have won the World Cup three times – in 1958, 1962 and 1970. He married three times – the last when he was 75 – and had many affairs, producing at least seven children by different mothers.

  Born 21 October 1940 3am Tres Coracoes, Brazil (birth certificate) into a poor family with a footballer father he started playing professionally from his mid teens.

  He had a Libra Sun (oddly enough quite an athletic sign) in his financial 2nd house trine a public-career 10th house Moon Gemini. What gave his chart weight was an exact Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Taurus in a determined square to Pluto with his Pluto also square his Sun. His Mars was in Libra (same as Kylian Mbappe) and in Pele’s case was conjunct his North Node in Libra, tying him into the zeitgeist.  He also had a prominent Neptune in his 1st house in an inventive trine to Uranus in the international 9th house, square his Moon and sextile his Mercury.

  His global super-star 22nd Harmonic was notable. He died at 3.27pm in Sao Paulo, Brazil on the 29th December when the transiting Node had just crossed over his Jupiter. In certain cases Jupiter Saturn conjunctions have a capacity for giving the individual an iconic status out in society as Jupiter’s expansive, zeus-like energy combines with Saturn’s ability to ground the vision and make it real. John Lennon was born earlier that October.

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  1. RIP Pele.

    Even for those of us who are not great football followers as such, he was an inspiration and a wonder to watch the skills he brought to football. He made us want to watch football more to see who could emulate or pass his skills. Much loved. Much love.

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