Andrew Tate – harnessing hatred for profit

Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer and alt-right-influencer who describes himself as the “king of toxic masculinity” and has been banned from Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube for his misogynistic commentary still depressingly remains one of the most searched people on the planet. He has now crossed swords with Greta Thunberg who takes no hostages when it comes to slamming back at jibes. He taunted her about his 33 cars and their enormous emissions to which she replied “Yes, please do enlighten me. Email me at”

  He was born on 1 December 1986 in the US, came to the UK with his mother when his parents divorced, became a chess prodigy, took up kickboxing with notable success and then became a social nuisance with his provocative, attention-grabbing me-macho-male brand and ran financial scams as a sideline.

 He has a New Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn square a super-charged Mars Jupiter in Pisces. Sagittarius is renowned for being outspoken and Saturn in Sagittarius can be self-righteous. Saturn square Mars is angry and Saturn Sun Moon has problems with self-esteem, emotional as well as talent-wise. Plus he has a sharp-tongued Mercury in Scorpio is an over confident square to Jupiter – and a manipulative Venus Pluto in Scorpio.

  Greta Thunberg is well-equipped to submerge his teenage grandstanding with her unyielding Pluto in Sagittarius opposition Saturn hitting his wayward Uranus.  And her can-be-vengeful Mars in Scorpio is conjunct his Mercury.

  As a human being he is irrelevant but what he represents in the culture is worrisome – an upsurge of immature, violent anti-everything-that-is-not-me hatred.   

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  1. I absolutely hate Andrew Tate. He is such a disgusting subhuman. Not only is Andrew Tate an idiot, a misogynist, and a right-wing nutjob, he’s an enemy of the environment and he’s also an enemy of Ukraine.

    I only saw one video of him spreading conspiracy theories about NATO, Ukraine, and praising that subhuman Vladimir Putin. That made me detest Andrew Tate alone. However, upon discovering that he was trafficking women and forcing them to make pornography…that made me hate him even more.

    I really, really hope Karma does her worst to Andrew Tate.

  2. The internet is full of tedious provocateurs of all ideological persuasions. The desire to monetise content means many participants are driven to adopt more and more extreme positions in an attempt to turn a buck. In addition it encourages a constant churn of topics which people are encouraged to get “outraged” about. The dreary culture wars all seem to produce a lot of heat and not much light. What is in very short supply is serious discussion about solving real world problems. Instead, there is constant online “voguing” where striking poses and winning cheap points in online debates is regarded as more important than actually achieving anything concrete apart perhaps from coining a dime or two for the participants. I am not sure what is driving this astrologically but the ingress of Pluto into the technology sign of Aquarius is surely going to impact this situation for good or I’ll.

    With regard to Tate that Sun/Saturn conjunction is often associated to problems or restrictions in early life often associated with either controlling or absent fathers. It is often associated with underlying depression and lack of self worth. No surprise to find a divorce and being uprooted from his original home environment in his back story. Greta Thunbergs Pluto Saturn opposition is also associated with teenage disillusionment and a belief that authority figures are working against you.This can lead to belligerence for belligerence sake. It is sad that so many of these online gladiators spats seem to involve damaged people goaded into parading their insecurities for the entertainment of a goggling public. The only saving grace of difficult Saturn placements is that the passage of time might bring at least some understanding in later life.

    • Here’s my theory about what is causing this focus on looks over substance. It’s to do with Neptune then Saturn and Uranus moving into Capricorn in the late 80s. The millennial generation know they want to be someone and make a difference but because their charts immediately start in Capricorn, they don’t know have a clue what it is. Capricorn is meant to be where you take all you learned through the experiences of previous signs and honing it. Instead they’re introjected by society i.e. they look at what everybody else is doing and try to be it without any underlying skills.

  3. Love that Greta girl and looks like there could be real sleaze behind Tate’s little internet empire. His home has been searched regarding trafficking. His brother is being investigated. I have watched Tate, he is a confused, insecure individual. I never mess with people with Mars in Scorpio.

    • @Delia, I’ve mentioned this before, but a young person I know is 3 days younger than Greta, so main difference on his and her charts are Moon and axis. He now seems/is mostly chill, but those of us who remember him growing up also know about his “Greta Death Stare”. He is also currently conscripted, and while he mostly takes the experience as something just to be dealt with, he completed his NCO training top of the class and nearly perfect score. Also got attention from Commander of his branch and actual Commander of whole Armed Forces of a NATO country during a joint exercise “doing his thing” (higher ups had 100 per cent placed him where he was to give good impression).

      So yes, I wouldn’t definitely mess with anyone who has this astrology…

    • Mars in Scorpio women can have an instinctual ability to sense weakness and insecurity in men – you’re right not to mess with us!

  4. Well, news reports now tell Tate has been arrested in Romania on human trafficking charges after he was located by the authorities thanks to a pizza box of a local chain.

    • @ Solia, when you first posted this I thought you were pranking because I had not seen it in the news yet.
      A pizza box???
      Where have I heard about pizza and sex trafficking before?
      I don’t follow this jerk so I wonder if he spread the false conspiracy theory about Comet Pizza having a basement where they trafficked children.

    • I see some busy bee has updated the info on his kickboxing record on his Wiki page: Date: 2022-12-27, Opponent: Greta Thunberg, Result: Loss.

    • Alejandra Caraballo is responsible for the pizza box hoax, as well as the hoax that the Club Q shooter was anti-LGBT, and the NC power station attack was about drag queens.

      It’s often helpful to examine the source of information in order to know when you can take it with a pinch of salt. The heat of the moment aside, spreading falsehoods tends not to aid an argument or future credibility.

    • @Jackie, well, for what it’s worth, Greta isn’t in custody of Romanian authorities for human trafficking, so maybe fine tune that radar a little bit. ‍♀️

  5. I first saw him the other day also and I thought he was just angry, loud and not that smart. He’s probably the most searched because people want to see car wrecks. They want to be entertained. I think its best to let these characters have the stage and then the vast majority of people will just burn through the cheap entertainment. I trust humanity to find its way. Censorship is far more consequential out of the question in my opinion, but I have Uranus/Mercury conjunct in good ol’ Scorpio. Young men who aren’t having sex are angry and guys like Andrew Tate give that anger a release.
    The very rare ones pick up a gun.

    • @Brigitte, I’m actually thinking about whether people not having sex should be angry, or if we should, as a society, start being more accepting of people a significant portion of human population being if not asexual, at least having a lower sex drive. Because I feel lot of the anger is misplaced.

      But I think Pluto in Aquarius will see development here, I see birth rate dropping faster than expected and in places not expected.

      • I would think Pluto in Aquarius is already changing a lot of things. First, these things will probably look ugly, like we’re seeing. The internet has changed everyone, everything and everywhere. Aquarius rules technology & community. I think we’re already witnessing the wrecking ball to the social norms. I agree about the birth rate dropping.

        I’m 44, never married and no kids. Venus/Uranus conjunct in Scorpio. I’m thinking with Pluto in Aquarius, the masses will more reflect those of us with heavy Uranian influences. I hope so! Its been lonely being the weirdo these past 4 decades. lol

  6. I saw footage of this guy the other day. And honestly I felt like his need to be seen, was stronger than his conviction in anything he had to say. His clearly talented Dad was a heavy hitter in chess and as a pilot, and broke new ground as a POC doing so. This guy has realised how to get clicks and impact (negatively) and is following through.

    He still got taken to task by a teenage girl though! I have many sisters – and no one can insult like a teenage girl. It gets brutal!

    • @Sue R, I can see this happening. I had a Libra Sun coworker with Scorpio Pluto/Venus. Had some pretty worrisome views on sex he *loved* sharing with younger female coworkers. Not me, I think he was scared of me. Later on, read about someone sharing first, middle, and last name AND year of birth with this coworker being found guilty of grooming and raping (technically, not, since we do not have statutory rape) a 14-15 year old at the time. Lots of evidence through Facebook Messenger, and I did notice he was always active at one point.

      Tate did, it seem, move from the UK to Romania under rape allegations and has since been suspected of human trafficking. Which is truly not far fetched, Romania has a shady reputation for harbouring traffickers.

    • Yes, and it’s interesting that all of this has blown up under a Mercury/Venus/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. The planets have spoken – I don’t think Tate can blame the Matrix for that!

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