Paul Alexander – a Pluto success story

An inspirational life has ended at 78 as Paul Alexander, “the man in the iron lung”, who contracted polio when he was six, leaving him paralysed from the neck down, has died. He went on to earn a law degree, practice law, become a campaigner for disability rights and publish a memoir, written by tapping the letters on a keyboard with a pen glued to a stick clenched between his teeth. After years, he eventually learned to breathe by himself, having been promised a puppy if he did, so that he was able to leave the lung for short periods of time. Ventilators replaced the lung but he kept living in the cylinder because, he said, he was used to it.

  A polio vaccine developed in the 1950s saw a dramatic fall in cases – from around 350,000 worldwide in 1988 to just 30 confirmed cases in 2022.

  He was homeschooled and went out with friends who took him in his wheelchair to the local cinema and diner; eventually attended college and law school.

Later he formed a platonic, but essential, relationship with his caregiver Kathy Gaines. He said latterly: “I wanted to accomplish the things I was told I couldn’t accomplish and to achieve the dreams I dreamed. You can truly do anything. You just have to set your mind to it, and work hard.”

  Born 30 January 1946 in Dallas, Texas, no birth time, he did have a robust chart with an Air Grand Trine of a Sun Venus in Aquarius trine Uranus trine Neptune – custom built as a thinker and communicator. Formed into a talented and influential Kite by Sun Venus opposition Pluto, making determined Pluto the driving planet. He had a Capricorn Moon which may have opposed a tenacious Mars Saturn conjunction in Cancer. Ebertin describes Mars Saturn as – energetic people able to overcome the greatest difficulty.

  His get-it-together and build-a-life 5th harmonic was strong, as was his victim/healer 12H, his breakthrough 13H, and strongest of all was his leaving-a-legacy 17H.

7 thoughts on “Paul Alexander – a Pluto success story

  1. Here is Paul Alexander’s rectified chart….
    This chart is also similar to President Theodore Roosevelt’s chart. He also contracted Polio.
    Again, Virgo Asc with Uranus upon it; ruler Mercury in Aquarius upon his 6th cusp;
    Sun in Aquarius squares natal Neptune; Uranus trines natal Neptune. Again Neptune
    is a chief afflictor. Aquarius rules neurological diseases.

  2. Truly an inspiration. According to his obituary in the New York Times, when he was sent home from the hospital in an iron lung in 1952 at age 6, he wasn’t expected to live, but his supportive family and his own cheerful determination enabled him to beat the odds. It took him a year to teach himself how to breathe unassisted in order to “earn” the puppy, but he did it.

    In interviews and his memoir, he was honest about his difficulties and challenges, but didn’t wallow; overall, he seemed to love his life and be grateful for it and for the many people in it. He accomplished so much against unimaginable odds, and touched so many lives in a positive way. RIP to a shining spirit.

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