Sam Bankman Fried – a Solar Arc Force 9 tempest ++ accurate birth chart

Wunderkind of the crypto currency universe Sam Bankman-Fried is about to be sentenced next week on what is described as a colossal fraud and could be facing a forty to fifty year jail stretch.

  This is just an astro-quickie with all details in previous post November 14 2022.

 What is intriguing is a collision of his Solar Arcs with his natal chart which invariably accompanies a major life crisis.  Born 6 March 1992 in California he is a visionary and inventive Sun Pisces trine Pluto, sextile Uranus Neptune; with a manipulative Venus square Pluto as well as a Mars Saturn conjunction in Aquarius widely square his Pluto. Controlling, influential, with an inventive streak as well as hard-edged and chillingly single minded.

  His Solar Arc Mars Saturn are now about to conjunct his Sun for a massive setback. With his Solar Arc Sun square his high-wire Uranus Neptune conjunction. And his Solar Arc Neptune Uranus approaching the square to his Pluto. A perfect astrological storm that does not augur well.

Solar Arcs colliding with major configurations in a chart are worth looking out for.

ADD ON: Accurate birth time/date from birth certificate now puts him as born on 5 March 1992 at 9.51am Stanford, CA.

  His Sun and Moon (not conjunct) are in his 11th house with his Moon conjunct Mercury in Aries. His hard-edged, unsentimental Mars Saturn Venus conjunction are in his career 10th – giving him a charming veneer covering over ruthless ambition. His Pluto in Scorpio was in his 6th house nearly on the cusp of his 7th trine his Sun and Moon, and sextile Uranus Neptune in Capricorn as well as square Venus, Mars, Saturn. That is some Pluto – if in the 6th relentless about getting his own way at work. If in the 7th would impose his will on others. Pluto Venus is manipulative. Pluto square Saturn Mars is cold-hearted and merciless.

 His Solar Arc Pluto has just moved into his 8th house of joint finances to stay for the next 22 years. Tr Saturn is making him serious/discouraged about his long term plans as it heads to his 11th and aiming to conjunct his Sun Moon for a prune-back of optimism and confidence; along with transiting Neptune in an undermining, confusing conjunction to his Moon,

Odd enough his Solar Arc Midheaven is exactly opposition his Jupiter which may have amplified his extremist tendencies. What seems more apt is his Progressed Mars  moving to conjunct his SA Midheaven over coming months which does suggest a collision of sorts. The Solar Arcs detailed above still hold even with a day’s difference since they cover a span of several years.   If his birth time is accurate, it is surprising that tr Pluto conjunct his Midheaven did not show up – which won’t come until 2027/28 which is usually the fall-from-grace influence. With worse to follow as tr Pluto then crosses his Mars, Saturn and Venus through into the next decade which will be punishing.

9 thoughts on “Sam Bankman Fried – a Solar Arc Force 9 tempest ++ accurate birth chart

  1. Thanks, Marjorie.

    SBF’s Sun-Jupiter opposition makes me think of a lifelong humility-hubris balancing act involving risk, ethics, excess. Seems especially significant that a T Jupiter station on his Moon marked the critical time in Nov. 2022 when his business collapsed.

  2. Marjorie, the birth date and time you’re using for SBF is incorrect according to astrodatabank which gives a chart with an AA rating (birth certificate) – March 5, 1992 at 9:51AM. Maybe his info was updated since you originally looked it up.

    I’d be interested in your thoughts on this chart which seems so appropriate (Pisces Sun and Moon; Taurus ASC; extraordinarily accented Aquarius MC). Aries is on the 12th House suggesting the risk of self-undoing, perhaps a realization he will personally admit/accept as that SA Mars=Sun gets in orb.

    • Thanks will look tomorrow and adjust. Normally I try to check when I pull charts out of file since it does happen – but must have forgotten.

  3. Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, eldest daughter of Prince Albert II of Monaco was born on 4 March 1992 in Palm Springs USA. I wonder is this of interest to Marjorie to do a write up on? Jazmin has periodically being in the news(Daily Mail) the past 2 years as she pursued a career as singer and actor in US.

  4. M: Thanks for pointing out the importance of solar arcs. I must admit that I am rather remiss in my focus towards them; I will have to do better in the future.

    • Another technique that is very interesting, but was a little obstruse for me or I just didn’t have enough time to dedicate to it, are primary directions. For example, Karen Hamaker, and some Dutch people who were not her students, use the Win vam Dam directions, even though astronomically I think I’ve read they make no sense. But some say they found them to work.

      There are a few books written about them, if I remember, and they seem to be very good predictors.

  5. Thanks Marjorie. Solar Arcs are so fascinating, I’m still learning about them. I’ve had a difficult, stressful time with something outside my personal control in recent years, and there’s SA Saturn one degree or so off my natal Moon for the date it began. Things are improving in recent weeks, as SA Saturn moves to over one degree away. At last!

    Looked up a major relationship upheaval in the past as well. Amazing to see SA Saturn again, on Mars. Mars makes many aspects natally, and is also in my fifth house. SA Moon was in the natal seventh house, which also seems significant.

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