Netanyahu & Hamas – neither want peace

Pressure is mounting on Israel for a ceasefire in Gaza with the USA for the first time  fielding a resolution at the UN. In the UK David Cameron, the Foreign Secretary, has been sharply critical about aid into Gaza being blocked and there have been protests and blockades at UK arms factories which supply weaponry to Israel.

  A crucial problem is that both Netanyahu and Hamas seem to have an interest in prolonging the war. Netanyahu to protect his position and Hamas hopes continuing loss of life will erode international support for Israel. 

  Netanyahu, 21 October 1949 10.15am has his Libra Moon catching this April’s Solar Eclipse exactly which will test the foundations on which he has built his life and shake him to the core and bring his public image under scrutiny. Criticism is likely to be sustained. He’s running into a major calamity late April to mid May with tr Uranus square his Mars/Pluto midpoint; but his greatest test will come from mid July to early September when tr Pluto is opposition his Mars/Uranus midpoint and tr Uranus squares his Mars in Leo.

   The chart for the Hamas attack, 7 October 2023 6.30am does show late April/early May as critical with a significant jolt. It may be stretching a point but it could be a deliberate disturbance aimed at ending the stalemate. Certainly the Progressed Moon hitting an exact square to Mars and then opposition the Pluto through April/May/June which hardly suggest a peaceful ceasefire.

   Anthony Blinken, US Secretary of State,  is meeting with Netanyahu today, which seems unlikely to go well since tr Saturn is exactly square their composite Mars for a fractious mood. Blinken, 16 April 1962 2.56 am New York, is coming to prominence over this dispute which fits with his Aries Sun in the 10th relocated to Israel – and notably his pro-active Mars is exactly on the Midheaven there.  His relationship with Netanyahu is gridlocked at the best of times and heading for a major disruption but not until July/August this year.

  David Cameron, recently hauled out of seclusion by Sunak,  is also coming into his own over the Israel/Gaza conflict as it puts his Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven there. His relationship with Netanyahu which is hostile at best is in the deep freeze now with tr Saturn opposition the composite Moon now and heading for a major blow out come August.

   And so it rolls on.

5 thoughts on “Netanyahu & Hamas – neither want peace

  1. Israel should take what Hamas is offering. They don’t want peace. They will go ahead with or without Hamas. It’s irrelevant.

    • I believe Israel does not want the people of Gaza to survive – Hamas or not. He also want the land which holds riches. Hamas was the aim(but he helped form them!) but so much death especially of children cannot be justified. Ceasefire is imperative.

  2. Interesting coverage Marjorie. It is queer business this, the way it seems to have sprung from seemingly nowhere. It is going on and on too which is hard to understand. A lot of money can be made by the arms sales. I didn’t know the UK had any weapons factories. That is a new one for me. I can’t see Israel’s way forward in the world after this large loss of life. And so much damage. My only idea is that it looks somewhat like end of South Africa? A solution like that where Israel just opens the borders and becomes a multi-cultural and multi-faith country who all live together? Is that too Happy Ever After though? For the life of me, that South Africa end of apartheid is the only way forward I can see for Israel – Their reputation is damaged beyond any rescue in my view. However, South Africa became, or has become, a very dangerous country, I understand. I haven’t been, but I’ve heard of carjackings and lawlessness. Many other countries also seem to wish that the British or French were back because the local governments are corrupt and life is worse than before. This Palestine Israel event makes little logical sense in my view.

  3. Thanks Marjorie for this update. It’s always helpful to see the astrology, even when we’re looking at such a hideous, tangled situation. I see you say re Blinken –

    “His relationship with Netanyahu is gridlocked at the best of times and heading for a major disruption but not until July/August this year.”

    I can see the Uranus/Mars/Algol July line-up powering up there, with Netanyahu’s 26 Mars in Leo, Blinken’s Uranus 26 Leo, and the Hamas Attack Venus 28 Leo, and BML 25 Leo. Other, unrelated, charts you’ve posted this year will also be electrified by that configuration – so perhaps more than one event may be involved? There’s also the possibility that Uranus/Mars/Algol is a significant marker point, rather like the Uranus/Mars/Nodes line-up of July/August 2022? I remember how the effects of that manifested over quite a long period of time in a somewhat Taurean fashion….

    I noticed, too, that the October Solar Eclipse in Libra will be conjunct the Hamas Attack ascendant and Sun. It aligns with Netanyahu’s natal Mercury in his 10th house, and Saturn will be beginning to exert pressure on his MC/IC at 22 Pisces/Virgo (bye-bye?). In September, the Lunar Eclipse in Pisces (25) is conjunct Hamas Attack’s Neptune, Blinken’s 27 Pisces Mars, and his relocation MC, as well as close to Netanyahu’s IC.

    I’m wondering whether this might point to a significant moment for change in the early autumn. It will be such a sensitive time anyway, coming up to the attack’s anniversary with those eclipses intensifying the prevailing atmosphere. In the US, the Election pressure will be bubbling away – further pressure on Anthony Blinken for other reasons around that time as well? Ditto David Cameron, assuming an October election date in the UK.

  4. What might be interesting to add into this mix would be Senator Chuck Shumer and his speech on March 14. He spoke and speaks for many Jewish Americans, and many Americans in all, who are deeply concerned about the current conflict and loss of life in Gaza.
    If I can find out the exact time of Shumers speech I’ll post it here.

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