Moscow attack – catching Putin unawares ++ roots of Islamist anti-Russia hostility

The hundred-headed hydra that is ISIS has apparently struck again with 133 dead in an attack on a Moscow concert. Some reports pointed a finger at Ukraine, others at a Putin false flag attack to bolster his position (which seems unlikely) while Isis-K, a regional affiliate of the Islamic State (Isis) wider movement has claimed credit. Based in Afghanistan and central Asia, it has become increasingly focused on Russia, which it sees as equivalent to the US in its “hatred” for Islam, after Russia’s 2015 intervention in Syria in support of the Assad regime.

  The original Isis chart, 15 October 2006, has a Sun, Mars, Venus in Libra with all three catching the April Solar Eclipse by conjunction. When Isis was supposedly crushed in March 2019 tr Pluto and tr Saturn were square those three Libra planets – so it looks a feasible chart. Tr Uranus will oppose the Jupiter for a stroke of luck through this April, though that will be followed by a high-tension disruptive tr Uranus square the Saturn late April to mid May.

 The relationship charts with Isis 2006 and both Russian country charts are starkly hostile. With Russia 1917 there is a ruthless, brutal composite Mars Pluto being triggered this year by tr Pluto in trine; and this year and next by tr Neptune and tr Saturn in opposition the Mars Pluto.  The relationship chart with Russia December 1991 is equally aggravated and destructive with a composite Saturn, Mars, Sun and it is moving through devastating confusion exactly now and on till late 2025.

 Isis-K was formally announced on 26 January 2015 on the revolutionary Uranus square Pluto.

 It is Russia’s worst terrorist outrage in 20 years and has been described as “the Kremlin’s worst nightmare: a jihadist attack originating from central Asia at the very time that it is focused on Ukraine. With Vladimir Putin having staked his legitimacy on his role as the tough defender of the Motherland, his inability to prevent such an attack inevitably weakens him.”  Isis-K was behind the bombing of the St Petersburg metro in 2017, which left 15 dead, as well as a string of smaller and often unsuccessful attacks. Most recently, it tried to launch an armed attack on a synagogue in the Kaluga region southwest of Moscow this month, which was foiled by the Federal Security Service (FSB).

  What is significant is the Russia 8 November 1917 2.12 am Leningrad chart which has a 12th house Mars at 2 degrees Virgo which is being opposed exactly at the moment (to within four minutes of a degree) by the Solar Arc Sun suggesting a shock/collision; with an even greater violent setback sometime in the next 10 months or slightly beyond from Solar Arc Saturn square the Mars. And more explosive, insecure-making disruptions in 2026/27 as tr Uranus in Gemini squares the Mars. Being 12th house it could well point to action by subversive groups.

Add On:  Background on ISIS hostility to Russia

Russian military campaigns in Syria, Dagestan and Chechnia and Wagner Group actions in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger (as well as Mozambique and many other places) have positioned Russia as an enemy of these militant Islamists. 

The Russian war with the Islamists goes way back to the breakup of the Soviet Union, which sparked several civil wars across former Soviet republics including Tajikistan. The commander of the Tajikistan police special forces defected to ISIS in 2015.

  The intent is, as always, to goad the Russians into a disproportionate response against Muslims with the intent of further radicalising the sizable Russian Muslim minority – which will soon make up a third of Russia’s population.

5 thoughts on “Moscow attack – catching Putin unawares ++ roots of Islamist anti-Russia hostility

  1. I never celebrate the deaths of innocent people (especially when children are involved). However, at the same time, it’s very difficult for me to have much empathy for Russian society (as a whole) – not after decades of the Russian Military inflicting human rights abuses upon the Circassians, Chechens, Ingushetians, Georgians, Syrians, Crimean Tatars, and now the Ukrainians. This tragedy was certainly no coincidence.

  2. Of slightly chilling interest –

    From the Guardian website, 24 March:

    “Three of the four men detained by Russian security forces for the attack at a Moscow concert hall on Friday night are thought to be Tajik nationals or of Tajik origin. Video clips of the interrogation of four alleged attackers detained by Russian security forces showed at least one speaking Tajik.”

    Tajikstan’s full independence from the former Soviet Union took place on 9 September, 1991. The chart has Mars at 5 Libra, with the Lunar Eclipse right on it. Saturn is 0 Aquarius.

    “Intelligence shared in a recent United Nations report into the activities of IS reveals that over the last 12 months, the group’s local affiliate in Afghanistan had succeeded in recruiting leading militants from Jamaat Ansarullah, a veteran Tajikistan extremist Islamist group, as well as others in central Asia” (Guardian again)

    Worth noting that the United Nations’ ascendant is 20 Aries. April’s Solar Eclipse approaches.

  3. Thanks, Marjorie. This feels like a turning point for Russia. The ISIS ‘06 chart’s NN in Pisces will get hit by the September Lunar eclipse to within a degree and squaring its Pluto in Sag, at the same time as it hits the Russia 1917 Solar Arc Nadir. As you say, these latest events may not work out well for Putin. The Russian people, no doubt feeling uncertain, following the death of Navalny, the fixed election and now this attack must be asking themselves how this could happen, Russia having been warned of an attack on ‘a large gathering in Moscow’ by both the US and UK embassies. A tragic loss of life.

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